SWTOR Secrets of the Enclave Mails

After completing the Secret of the Dantooine story line, players will receive mails from the characters involved in their in-game mailbox.

Spoilers! This page contains the mails that come after the Secrets of the Enclave Dantooine flashpoint and quest. There may be spoilers for the planets of Ossus, Onderon, Mek-Sha and the Corellia Flashpoint on both Imperial and Republic side as well.

Mail – From: Shae Vizla – Subject: Heta Kol Update

From: Shae Vizla
Subject: Heta Kol Update

I’ve been heads down looking for Heta Kol’s trail. Good to be back on the hunt, working some old field work muscles again and getting the scent. Been far too long.

I’ve had some time to think about the attack on the Spirit of Vengeance. Heta hurt my people and will answer for that, but she nearly took Jekiah from me. He may be a blasted pain in the neck, but he does good work and the Mandalorians wouldn’t be half as organized without him. He’s a friend who calls me on my osik to my face. I don’t have many of those. So thanks, you had my back. That means something to me.

It’s harder to blend in these days while following the tracks, but I’m making progress. Found out that Kol’s group the Hidden Chain are focused on stacking up credits, resources, weapons – anything that would help during an extended conflict. From what I’ve seen, she’s just getting started.

Heta herself remains hidden but I think I’ve got a way to find her. I’m heading over to Mek-Sha to talk to an old acquaintance of yours: Indigo. That blurrg is probably screaming about how he had nothing to do with the attack on my people.

I’ll send your regards when I find him. -Shae

Mail – From: Rass Ordo – Subject: Checking in

From: Rass Ordo
Subject: Checking in

Just seeing how you’re doing after that whole desperate ship-jumping rescue mission to save my brother. Well, that and making sure the Spirit of Vengeance II didn’t explode.

The important part is that I get to mention how I saved my dear brother’s skin in almost every conversation we have.

This is the best.

Me: So how you doing today, Jek?
Jekiah: Fine.
Me: Good. Y’know, because I had to come and save you from bandits. That was me.
Jekiah: (unprintable cursing) The. Best.

Well, I have to go. We’ve got some tension brewing with two clans and he wants to talk to their leaders. Political stuff.

Anyway, if you need to wreck more ships, you know who to call. -Rass, Space Pirate

Mail (Republic) – From: Aryn Leneer – Subject: The path that lies ahead.

From: Aryn Leneer
Subject: The path that lies ahead.

I had a surprising encounter after we came back from Dantooine. I left the meeting room and saw someone I never expected to see again.

Did you know that T7-O1 once belonged to my master? The last time I saw Teeseven, we were leaving Coruscant, after… after I hunted down Malgus the first time.

That little droid helped me through the hardest moment of my life; I am happy he’s found a safe place where he can continue to help others. My master would have been so grateful to you for giving him a home. I am grateful.

Seeing Teeseven brought back so many memories, but it also made me think about the future – about my future, and what Master Zallow would have wanted for me. And I don’t think he would have wanted me to give up on helping others.

I doubt the Jedi would welcome me back with open arms, but Master Satele has some thoughts on how I could support them. If it were anyone else asking, I would probably say “no.” But she knows what it’s like to lose a master, and what it’s like to reexamine your identity as a Jedi. I think we understand each other more than I thought we did.

So, I’m sure you and I will see each other again. It will be nice to continue working together. -Aryn Leneer

Mail (Republic) – From: Master Vinyor Tesh – Subject: An apology.

From: Master Vinyor Tesh
Subject: An apology.

You and I got off on the wrong foot, and I’m not too proud to apologize for the part I played in that poor first impression. It’s the least I can do, if we’re going to continue on with anything close to a working relationship.

I never intended to invalidate anyone’s efforts or make anyone feel excluded. If anyone was hurt by what I said in that meeting, then I sincerely apologize. I will not, however, apologize for saying what I think is in the best interest of rebuilding the Jedi Order. When the Eternal Empire nearly decimated us all those years ago, they had help. Some of my friends – Jedi who I considered pillars of the order – were exposed by people they trusted. I think it goes without saying that I will be slow to trust those with whom I have no familiarity.

Task Force Nova has a long and difficult road ahead of us, and I will not allow anyone to make our work harder. If that means I have to ruffle a few feathers to keep a potential spy from ruining everything, then so be it. As long as you understand that, then we will get along just fine.

-Master Vinyor Tesh, Task Force Nova

Mail (Imperial) – From: Major Anri – Subject: Heard a rumor

From: Major Anri
Subject: Heard a rumor

Hey there, stranger. I know you’re really busy doing important leader things and all, but I wanted to let you in on a little scuttlebutt that’s been going around the garrison last few days.

Some of my boys are saying Darth Malgus has shown his face again. Told them that Malgus can’t show his face because that big horrid mask is stuck on it. Made them a little nervous to hear me say that, but I thought it might put a stop to the rumor mill before it got too out of control. Don’t know if it actually worked, though.

Can’t say if I believe what they were saying, but I knew if it were true, the powers-that-be wouldn’t be too chuffed to have it spread around. I’ll make sure the loudmouths thank me properly for saving their hides.

Anyway. Just thought you might appreciate the heads up. You let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. Oh, and tell Beniko that I tried that Kalsunor blend she recommended. She might be on to something.

-Major Anri, Raven Squad

Mail (Imperial) – From: Darth Krovos – Subject: Consider my words carefully.

From: Darth Krovos
Subject: Consider my words carefully.

I had not intended to rush off as soon as we set foot back on Odessen, but the demands of war tend to interrupt even the best laid plans. I’m sure Rivix was more than happy to lead the briefing without me. I had hoped to speak further about Malgus and what the Empire should do once we locate him, but I suppose any detailed planning will have to wait.

Until then, I ask that you consider what I said on Dantooine. The Empire, all of us, failed Malgus. We restrained the mightiest Sith in the galaxy, suppressed his power; now we condemn him for breaking his chains. How can we reprimand Malgus for embodying the very tenets of the Sith Code? How could we possibly justify any punishment for this?

I know Malgus will come to his senses. For as long as I have fought beside him, his only desire has been to push the Sith to dominance, and I know that desire still burns furiously within him. Regardless of Malgus’s actions on Dantooine, whatever he’s done, whatever he’s planning, I am certain it is in all of our best interests.

Mail (Imperial) – From: Darth Rivix – Subject: To our continued cooperation.

From: Darth Rivix
Subject: To our continued cooperation.

Once again, please accept my sincerest apologies for failing to inform you about Darth Malgus’s theft on Ossus. I do hope that this minor transgression will not impede upon our partnership.

Additionally, allow me to express my gratitude for your assistance on Dantooine. Although the mission did not go quite as I expected, we still achieved much, thanks to your efforts. You are, as ever, invaluable to the Hand of the Empire and our continued success.

It won’t be long until we find Darth Malgus, and when we do, you shall have every resource the Hand can offer at your disposal. Together, we will return Malgus to his rightful place within the Empire: on a leash.

Mail (Republic Saboteur) – From: ENCRYPTED – Subject:

Subject: (None?)

CODE KEY: ACCEPTED IDENTITY: CONFIRMED MESSAGE DECRYPTED: Darth Xarion was quite pleased to learn that the agent he sent to support the Reclamation Service’s mission to Dantooine escaped unharmed. Although the agent described her savior as an “obnoxious, sanctimonious wart-hornet,” the ever judicious Lord Xarion was able to put the pieces together. He has plans for Lord Ziliss and is grateful for her safe return. Your continued service to the Empire is greatly appreciated. Glory to the Empire, NR-02

Mail (Imperial Saboteur) – From: ERROR: Code J23-O9-N557-A59-S12 – Subject: CoreWorld Capital Wants You!

From: ERROR: Code J23-O9-N557-A59-S12
Subject: CoreWorld Capital Wants You!

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Mail – From: Indigo- Subject: IT WASN’T ME

I think this is a mail that was supposed to be sent out but never was, as Shae Vizla even hints at Indigo’s reply in her own mail. However, I did not receive this mail on any of my characters.

From: Indigo
Subject: IT WASN’T ME

I’m reaching out because we have an understanding. We can do business like professionals. You remember the time Veek had an unfortunate accident, right? I had nothing to do with that attack on the Spirit of Vengeance. Nothing! I know you’re involved in Shae’s business, so I’m telling you straight. I don’t need that red-haired bogwing starting trouble. -Indigo

(Alternative if you did not help Indigo.)

Just so you’re aware, I had nothing to do with that attack on the Spirit of Vengeance. Nothing! I know you’re involved in Shae’s business, so I’m telling you straight. I don’t need that red-haired bogwing starting trouble. -Indigo

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