Captain Phasma SWTOR Outfit and Character Customization

Captain Phasma is the silver-clad Stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren’s right-hand Captain. Although the movie is set thousands of years after Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can still try and recreate her outfit ingame and with the character creator.

Captain Phasma SWTOR Character Customization


Hair – We don’t know exactly what Captain Phasma looks like – so I chose the hair most similar to Gwendoline Christie’s character in Game of Thrones. The light blonde hair color is from Appearance Options: Human Hair Colors 1 which costs 180CC.

Body Type – Captain Phasma is 6’5, and her actor Gwendoline Christie is 6’3 – she’s especially tall for a woman, and even for many men. Try body type 3 – tall and muscular – to recreate her.


Captain Phasma’s Outfit in SWTOR

Captain Phasma has two main components to her outfit: her shiny silver Trooper armor, and her red-lined black cape. There is no outfit in SWTOR that has both of those properties together, so you’ll have to pick and choose!

All these items are available to buy from the GTN from other players with credits, or have a chance of dropping from cartel packs. You might be able to make a better combination using items gained through Flashpoints, Operations, or Warzones. Post your version in the comments below!


Restored Triumvirate Body Armor – Pale Gray and Dark Gray Dye – Frontline Defender Greaves – Galvanized Infantry Helmet

Top – Captain Phasma’s armor is not available in SWTOR, but there are many types of ‘trooper’ armor available. I chose the Restored Triumvirate Body Armor because it is one of the few armors the appear ‘shiny’ – I also dyed it Pale Gray and Dark Gray Dye to make it a more silver color like her armor in the movie.

Mask – SWTOR does not have generic ‘Stormtrooper’ masks in the game, because it is set 3,000 years in the past from the movies. I chose the Galvanized Infantry Helmet because I felt it was closest in shape to Captain Phasma’s helmet. More Trooper Helmets


Drifter Breastplate – Pale Gray and Dark Gray Dye – Galvanized Infantry Helmet

Top – If Captain Phasma’s cape is important to you, try the Drifter Breastplate. With a dye you can bring her armor to roughly the same color, but you lose the shiny effect.