Gree Event PvP Achievements Guide

The Gree Event in Star Wars: The Old Republic has a bunch of player-vs-player achievements that can be a lot of fun to hunt down.

There’s one to defeat ten players by exploding with orb explosions, another to defeat 50 players carrying orbs, one to defeat 100 Imperial players while playing a Republic character, and one to defeat 100 Republic players while playing an Imperial character. If you complete both the orb ones and defeat 100 Imps, you’ll get the “Blue Octagon” legacy title, and if you complete the orb ones and defeat 100 Pubs, you’ll get the “Red Octagon” legacy title.

Each of the achievements has its own unique set of rules about what kills count and what kills don’t. If you’re planning to hunt these down it can be really useful to know what works and what doesn’t.

IMPORTANT BUG: There is a bug that causes you to be able to hit other characters who are on the same faction as you in the PvP instance area. If they are in your group, they are safe, but if they are out of your group, if you hit them with an AOE (not a single target attack) they will take damage and become semi-hostile to you with a red nameplate. You will NOT get any type of achievement credit if you kill a character on your same faction. It’s very strange. There’s also some really strange stuff going on in how the game determines if someone is an enemy or an ally if they are on the same faction as you.

The fastest way to get to the PvP area is to take the teleporter in the main base to the “Southern Terminus”. Note that you can’t switch instances inside the center area of the map, so make sure to switch before you use the teleporter, and you can quicktravel back to the main base if you want to switch back to a PvE instance after you are done. You can switch instances by pressing “M” for map and using the dropdown on the bottom right.

Unfortunately, when you die, you can only “Return to Medcenter” and not revive in place, which makes it take a really long time to run back.

Orb Achievements

To pick up Orbs for the orb achievements, you do need to actively be on the Gree Event quest called {[PvP] Charging the Pylon}, picked up from the main quest hub. If you are doing these achievements with friends, make sure everyone on both sides picks up the orb quest from the quest hub before heading to the pvp area.

The orbs can be found on the ice bridges in the center pvp area, they look like a blue box you can right-click.

Energy Bomb Achievement

Defeat players with the Gree Energy Orb explosion in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum. ✦ 25 Points

  • For the achievement to kill people with an exploding orb, the orb explodes when you die, so you need to die to kill people. You can either die from other people killing you, from typing /stuck while in combat (this works for the achievement!), falling to your death and your orb exploding there, placing the orb into the center pylon, or lastly letting the orbs timer run out.
  • You do not get credit if the blast explosion knocks your enemies off a bridge and they die of fall damage. You only get credit if they die specifically from the damage of the orb exploding.
  • It’s been difficult to gather how much damage the orb does, but the orb seems to do more damage depending on how much gear the hit player is wearing. A player with quite a bit of gear, got hit for about 36% at level 80, a player with so-so gear got hit for 52%, and a player with no gear just died.
  • So if you want to actually kill people with the orb, they need to be low health first. In unplanned pvp, you can kill them to 20% and then type /stuck got guarantee victory, if you are with friends, you can do the same thing, tell your friend to let you kill them down to 20% and then explode your orb – if your stuck timer is out, you can also have them kill you, once they are down to 20% health and your death explosion will kill them with the orb.
  • If you are in a group, and successfully kill an enemy player with your orb exploding, your group will get credit if they are close enough, even if they didn’t do anything. Their achievement will go up by however many people you killed with your orb explosion.
  • If you are working on <Energy Bomb> with a guild or group, have your enemy players all together and not wearing any gear so they die with one hit of the energy bomb, and all your allied players nearby for credit, and have an allied orb explode on all of them for lots of credit.

Line Bisector Achievement

Defeat players while they are carrying Gree Energy Orbs in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum. ✦ 25 Points

  • For the achievement where you need to kill people who are carrying an orb, you ONLY get credit if you are the attacker who gave the killing blow. If you are in a group of 4, only one person of your group of four will get credit, and that will be the person who hit the orb-carrier last. This makes it very un-fun to do as a group or guild.
  • Also for the achievement where you need to kill people who are carrying an orb, killing yourself works. Pick up an orb, then jump of a bridge till you die of fall damage. Note, killing yourself with /stuck while in combat does not work.
  • To effectively solo this achievement, starting from the Republic PvP teleport spot (shown in the picture above) and grabbing the orb on the far bridge in the distance, gives you a convenient place to jump off and die in one fall. Other bridges will also have orbs you can alternate to, but this is the only one that will kill you in one drop.

Defeat Players Achievements

To get these achievements, kill 100 Imperials as a Republic player, and kill 100 Republic characters as an Imperial player.

  • Achievement: Remember Fray!As a Republic character, defeat 10 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum. ✦ 10 Points
  • Achievement: In Memory of the FallenAs a Republic character, defeat 100 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum. ✦ 25 Points
  • Achievement: Ice Cold Revenge As an Imperial character, defeat 10 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum. ✦ 10 Points
  • Achievement: Echoes of VictoryAs an Imperial character, defeat 100 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum. ✦ 25 Points


  • If you are in a group, you can get credit for shared Republic/Imperial 100 kills as long as you are close enough. you don’t even need to hit the target. If you are far away, and your group kills someone, you don’t get credit.
  • Killing people with orbs does count for the general kills achievements as well. Double-dip! This also counts for your group.

Blue Octagon / Red Octagon Achievements

If you complete multiple achievements you get rewarded with a Legacy Title!

Achievement: Blue OctagonDominate the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player. REWARD: Legacy Title: Blue Octagon ✦ 25 Points

  • Energy Bomb (kill players with orbs)
  • Line Bisector (kill orb carriers)
  • Remember Fray! (10 kills)
  • In Memory of the Fallen (100 kills)

Achievement: Red OctagonDominate the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player. REWARD: Legacy Title: Red Octagon ✦ 25 Points

  • Energy Bomb (kill players with orbs)
  • Line Bisector (kill orb carriers)
  • Ice Cold Revenge (10 kills)
  • Echoes of Victory (100 kills)