How to Transfer Servers in SWTOR

Transferring servers in Star Wars: The Old Republic allows you to take one of your existing characters from one server, and move them to another. In this guide, we’ll be going over how to transfer, what comes with you, and what gets left behind. UPDATED March 2024, Update 7.4.1!

There’s many reasons why you might want to transfer servers in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Maybe you’ve met a friend who plays, but you realized you can’t play together because you don’t share a server, or maybe you realized you accidentally picked a server that doesn’t play at the same timezone as you do.

Shae Vizla Transfers

Shae Vizla transfer are opening up starting on March 12, 2024! Shae Vizla is the newest server, in the APAC region, and did not allow transfers before. Because it is special, it has some unique transfer restrictions.

UPDATE: If you meet the criteria stated for free transfers, and are not receiving them, I encourage you to reach out to support. And please be sure to include your account name. You can either follow these steps or email

Hi folks!

I’m back to give you more details on the character transfers to the Shae Vizla server. For this post, my aim is to confirm additional details and answer some questions we have seen floating around.

Starting with the transfer requirements to Shae Vizla:

  • Characters will be required to have 15 million or less credits.
  • If you try to transfer a character that has more than that amount, you will see an error message.
  • The character level minimum is 20. 

For the first 30 days after transfers open, there will be 16 free transfers available to Subscribers who meet the following criteria:

  • Are a current Subscriber
  • Have been a Subscriber since January 2, 2024. 

For the first 90 days after transfers open, all Subscribers will receive a 50% discount (500 CC off) on transfers to the Shae Vizla server.

  • This discount will be applied for Subscribers who use up their free transfers.

We also wanted to clarify additional info for transfers outside what is detailed above:

  • Paid transfers will become available when we open transfers to Shae Vizla.
  • These will still cost 1000 CC per transfer for non-subscribers. This will be the default price after the promotion period ends.
  • The credit and character level requirements detailed above will still apply to these transfers and all future transfers.
  • Requirements may be adjusted in the future.

Thanks all!

How to Transfer

The actual act of transferring a character is very easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Account” on the top right and log in to the website
  3. Choose “CHARACTER TRANSFER” at the top
  4. Choose the server you want to transfer a character from – there are tabs for both North America and Europe servers
  5. Choose the character you want to transfer and click the button at the bottom
  6. Choose the new server you want to send that character to and click the button at the bottom
  7. The website will perform a check of your character. If it says “OKAY” you are good to go! Click “start Transfer”
  8. After a short wait your character will be available on your new server in-game.

Server Transfer Cost

Transferring servers costs 1,000 Cartel Coins or approximately $10.00 USD, or about 2 months worth of subscription free cartel coins. Due to the high cost, it is not recommended to transfers multiple characters or to casually transfer servers. There is no server transfer item in-game – you pay the cost on the website.

Occasionally, there are transfer sales, but not often.

Server Options

The current merged servers are:

  • Star Forge – East Coast
  • Satele Shan – East Coast (but has mostly West Coast players)
  • Darth Malgus – European English
  • The Leviathan – European French
  • Tulak Hord – European German
  • Shae Vizla – Asia-Pacific English

When trying to choose a server to transfer to, you might want to look into that servers official forums and look into guilds you might like to join. Joining a guild greatly increases your chances of doing group content, especially organized operations. Guide on How to Find a Great Guild

Which Server should you transfer to?

Your server in Star Wars: The Old Republic determines who you can play with in the game – if you’re not on the same server as another player, you won’t be able to play together. If you are a new player and are creating your first character, the game will automatically choose a server for your to play on, and may not even show you the selection screen for you to choose a server. Here’s our guide on How to Pick a server!

How to Pick a Server in SWTOR

Prepare to Transfer Checklist


  • Move items or credits you want to take into your inventory or green cargo hold, take them out of:
    • Legacy Bank (items + credits)
    • Materials Bay (crafting materials)
    • Guild Bank (items + credits)
    • GTN Unfinished Listings
    • GTN Unclaimed Purchased Items
    • GTN Unclaimed Sold Credits
    • Mailbox
    • Cartel Stash
    • Any other items or credits on other characters that are unbound or legacy-bound you want to bring with you
    • … otherwise they get left behind, and your Mail is deleted.
  • You can’t take your Currency with you, but you could spend it on items that will come with you before you transfer. Otherwise they just get left behind.
    • Event tokens to buy cosmetic items
    • Tech Fragments, Conquest Commendations, FP-1 Stabilizers, and OP-1 Catalysts to buy gear, either to wear or to disassemble on the new server

What comes with you when you transfer?

When you transfer a character, not everything you might expect to come with you will wind up on the new server, so it’s smart to be aware of what things transfer and what things don’t.

If you want to transfer your legacy but not your main characters, you can create a throwaway character on your old server, then transfer them to your new server. Your legacy will then be on both servers.

Character NameMaybe!
Legacy NameHigher Lvl
Quest ProgressYes
Inventory ItemsYes
Equipped ItemsYes
Character CreditsYes
Personal Cargo Bay items (green bank)Yes
Legacy Bay items and credits (yellow bank)No
Legacy UnlocksYes
Strongholds bought with CreditsNo
Strongholds unlocked via Galactic SeasonsYes
Strongholds bought with Cartel CoinsYes
Stronghold Additional RoomsYes
Decoration PlacementsNo
Guild Items/CreditsNo
Galactic Seasons ProgressNo
PvP Seasons ProgressNo
Cartel CoinsYes
Cartel Market CartNo
Currency in Currency TabNo
Materials Bay crafting itemsNo
GTN Items for SaleNo
GTN Unclaimed Purchased ItemsNo
GTN Unclaimed Unsold itemsNo
Cartel StashNo

What comes with you when you transfer a character:

  • All the items you have equipped
  • All the items in your inventory
  • All the items in your personal bank (green bank)
  • All your current legacy unlocks, achievements and datacrons (a “copy” is made, so both your new server and old server will have the same legacy unlocks, but they are separate copies and won’t stay updated with any new achievements or updates you get)
  • Your stronghold unlocks (the additional rooms you have bought for your strongholds)
  • Your decorations (but they will not be “placed” in your strongholds on your new server)
  • Any stronghold you unlocked with cartel coins or via Galactic Seasons (strongholds initially unlocked with credits will have to be re-unlocked for the same price)
  • Outfits (new Update 7.4.1!)

What DOES NOT come with you when you transfer a character:

  • Your Character name if it is already taken on your new server (you will be forced to rename your character on the new server – you can now have a space in your character name)
  • Mail (it gets deleted)
  • GTN Items (they get deleted)
  • Currency in your Currency tab of your inventory (tokens)
  • Items in your legacy bank (put them in your inventory/cargo hold if you want to take them)
  • Items in your Materials Bay (put them in your inventory/cargo hold if you want to take them)
  • Any items in your guild bank, if you have one(put them in your inventory/cargo hold if you want to take them)
  • The way you decorated your stronghold (it will be empty again, but you do not lose your decoration unlocks)
  • Any achievements or legacy unlocks you gain on your old server after you transfer will not copy over to your new server, and any new achievements or legacy unlocks you earn on your new server will not copy over to your old server. They get copied, but they are not synced.
  • Any progress on Galactic Seasons or PvP seasons track. The tracks are separate per server. You will of course still have anything you unlocked in Collections which are legacy-wide, and by transferring, you’ll have bring a copy of any Seasons achievements you had on the original server.

Transfer Tips

There’s lots of thing you need to keep an eye out for when transferring. Here’s a few more things to look out for before you transfer.

Character Name

The worst thing you might lose is your character name. If someone on your new server already owns your character name, you will be required to change your character name if you transfer.

The good news is you can now also give your character a last name, and the name generator allows you to place up to one space in your name, entirely separate from your legacy name.

If you have a very rare or cherished name, you might want to reconsider transferring that specific character. The best way to check and see if your character name is taken on your new server is to log on to that server and make a new level 1 character with that name. If it’s available, you can then delete that lvl 1 character when you are ready to transfer your character over.

Legacy Name

If you have a legacy name on your first server, and no legacy on your new server, you’ll bring your old legacy and legacy name with you as a copy to your new server.

If you have a legacy already on both the new and old server, if your old server’s legacy level is higher than your new server’s legacy level, your new server’s legacy name will be over-written with your old server’s legacy name. (If your old legacy on Star Forge was level 50 and named ‘Swagwalker’ and your legacy was level 1 and named ‘Meowmix’, then your legacy name and level upon transferring for Star Forge to Shae Vizla, on Shae Vizla would be ‘Swagwalker’ and level 50).

Items and Banks

When transferring, make sure all the items you want to bring with you to the new server are in your character’s inventory or GREEN bank (your Cargo Hold). Anything in your character’s yellow legacy bank, materials bay, cartel stash, or purple guild bank will not transfer with you. Any mails you have, or any items you have on the GTN will be deleted, so make sure to empty those too.

Strongholds & Decorations

If you have a stronghold that you initially purchased with CREDITS, you will need to re-pay the initial unlock cost. For example if you paid 2.5 million credits to unlock the Tatooine stronghold, you will need to re-pay this amount on your new server. Luckily, once it is re-unlocked, you will not need to re-pay for any additional rooms you unlocked – they will simply be available to you after you re-unlock your stronghold. If you paid for your stronghold’s initial unlock with cartel coins, you won’t have to pay to re-unlock it. If you got a stronghold through your legacy / Galactic Seasons, you just need to find the terminal for that stronghold and “pay” 0 credits to re-activate it after you transfer – a copy comes with your legacy.

You do not need to pick up your decorations from your old server either – a copy of every single decoration will come with you to your new server. Unfortunately, your strongholds themselves will be empty and you will have to re-decorate all your strongholds.

Transferring Legacy in SWTOR

When you transfer, you will bring along everything attached to your legacy, including your legacy unlocks and achievements. A copy will be made on your new server, and if you have an existing legacy on that server your two legacies will be merged. If you’d rather start a new character on your new server rather than moving an old one, but don’t want to lose your legacy unlocks, you can always make a level 1 character on your old server and transfer it to your new server and it will bring all your legacy unlocks along.

Transferring Guilds

If you’re considering transferring your entire guild to a new server, the move is a lot more costly but the benefits of having a more populated server often still outweigh the costs.

A guild can not officially transfer – each character in the guild will need to transfer separately. You will also not be able to bring your guild bank, guild stronghold, or guild flagship with you – these will be left behind on your old server.

The items of your guild bank can come with you, just make sure to empty out the guild bank before you transfer. Guilds will really need to weigh the pros and cons of moving, which are stacked on top of the original character restrictions like the possibility of losing your character names – you could even lose your original guild name if you transfer servers and someone has already taken it, though this is rare. In this case, an addendum might be added to your guild name in the form of an @ symbol and your original server name – or at least some original server name, it might even be from a server that doesn’t exist anymore. If you’re willing to choose a new guild name, you can easily fix this with a guild rename unlock from the cartel market.