How to Transfer Servers in SWTOR

There’s many reasons why you might want to transfer servers in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Maybe you’ve met a friend in real life who plays Star Wars, but realised you can’t play together because you don’t share a server.

The actual act of transferring a character is very easy. Once you’ve prepped your character by removing all items from their legacy bank, mail, and GTN, you will need to log into your account, and then press on your username on the top right, to get to your account page. You’ll then click Character Transfer on the menu on the left, then go through the process of picking your character on your original server and then choosing your new server. After a short wait your character will be available on your new server.

Server Transfer Cost

Transferring servers costs 1,000 Cartel Coins or approximately $10.00 USD, or about 2 months worth of subscription free cartel coins. Due to the high cost, it is not recommended to transfers multiple characters or to casually transfer servers. Thre is no server transfer item – you pay the cost on the website.

2018 Servers

In late 2017, the servers were merged down to five servers. The new servers are:

  • Star Forge – East Coast
  • Satele Shan – East Coast (but has mostly West Coast players)
  • Darth Malgus – European English
  • The Leviathan – European French
  • Tulak Hord – European German

When trying to choose a server to transfer to, you might want to look into that servers official forums and look into guilds you might like to join. Joining a guild greatly increases your chances of doing group content, especially organized operations. Guide on How to Find a Great Guild

Server Merges

UPDATE 2018: Server Transfers are now available at full price between the five new servers, all of which are decently populated. There are no longer any “dead” servers. More info about server merges

What You Lose when Transferring

There’s a lot of things you need to consider when transferring servers. The advantages are great if you are transferring to a more populated server and want more group content, but you will lose a few things.

Character Name

The worst thing you might lose is your character name. If someone on your new server already owns your character name, you will be required to change your character name if you transfer.

The good news is you can now also give your character a last name, and the name generator allows you to place up to one space in your name, entirely separate from your legacy name.

If you have a very rare or cherished name, you might want to reconsider transferring that specific character. The best way to check and see if your character name is taken on your new server is to log on to that server and make a new level 1 character with that name. If it’s available, you can then delete that lvl 1 character when you are ready to transfer your character over.

Items and Banks

When transferring, make sure all the items you want to bring with you to the new server are in your character’s inventory or GREEN bank. Anything in your character’s yellow legacy bank or purple guild bank will not transfer with you. Any mails you have, or any items you have on the GTN will be deleted, so make sure to empty those too.

Sadly, when you transfer characters, you will lose any outfits you created for your character. So if you are considering transferring, make sure to hold onto any pieces of armor you will want to re-stamp into your character’s outfits.


If you have a stronghold that you initially purchased with CREDITS, you will need to re-pay the initial unlock cost. For example if you paid 2.5 million credits to unlock the Tatooine stronghold, you will need to re-pay this amount on your new server. Luckily, once it is re-unlocked, you will not need to re-pay for any additional rooms you unlocked – they will simply be available to you after you re-unlock your stronghold. If you paid for your stronghold’s initial unlock with cartel coins, you won’t have to pay to re-unlock it. You do not need to pick up your decorations from your old server either – a copy of every single decoration will come with you to your new server. Unfortunately, your strongholds themselves will be empty and you will have to re-decorate all your strongholds.

Transferring Legacy in SWTOR

When you transfer, you will bring along everything attached to your legacy, including your legacy unlocks and achievements. A copy will be made on your new server, and if you have an existing legacy on that server your two legacies will be merged. If you’d rather start a new character on your new server rather than moving an old one, but don’t want to lose your legacy unlocks, you can always make a level 1 character on your old server and transfer it to your new server and it will bring all your legacy unlocks along.

Transferring Guilds

If you’re considering transferring your entire guild to a new server, the move is a lot more costly but the benefits of having a more populated server often still outweigh the costs.

A guild can not officially transfer – each character in the guild will need to transfer separately. You will also not be able to bring your guild bank, guild stronghold, or guild flagship with you – these will be left behind on your old server.

The items of your guild bank can come with you, just make sure to empty out the guild bank before you transfer. Guilds will really need to weigh the pros and cons of moving, which are stacked on top of the original character restrictions like the possibility of losing your character names – you could even lose your original guild name if you transfer servers and someone has already taken it, though this is rare. In this case, an addendum might be added to your guild name in the form of an @ symbol and your original server name – or at least some original server name, it might even be from a server that doesn’t exist anymore. If you’re willing to choose a new guild name, you can easily fix this with a guild rename unlock from the cartel market.

From my own personal experience, I can definitely say that moving from a less-populated server to a more populated server has made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the game. ‘

A year ago our entire guild decided to move servers, and it was a very positive experience for all of us. Many of us lost our favourite character names, including me, but we gained a lot of new friends and people to play with on the more populated server. Warzones were popping! Flashpoints were popping! The fleet wasn’t a ghost town and there were people looking to join operations. It was a breathe of fresh air to have other players to actually play the game with, compared to the emptiness of our previous server. If you’re looking to move server,s make sure to contact your friends and ask them if they’re interested in moving over to a new server together. In my ecperience, it’s almost always worth it to move over to a more populated server.

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