SWTOR Update 7.2 Showdown on Ruhnuk Guide

News Date: December 13, 2022 Patch: 7.2 News Source

Update 7.2 in Star Wars: The Old Republic is now out! Here’s everything you need to know about the update and all the new things you can check out.

What’s in Update 7.2?

  • Update 7.2 launched December 13, 2022
  • New planet, Ruhnuk
  • New story, “Showdown on Ruhnuk”
  • New daily area on Ruhnuk
    • New story, characters, and missions
    • New Reputation track and rewards
    • Mando Relic Missions aka Treasure Hunts
    • New datacron puzzle
    • New achievements
    • New Worldboss, Kithrawl
  • PvP Revamp
    • Ranked PvP is being removed all together
    • New PvP Seasons and rewards being added for everyone
    • New PvP Arena Map on Onderon
    • Choice when queuing: 4v4 deathmatch Arenas, 8vs8 objective Warzones, or both
    • No more free-to-play PvP caps, unlimited matches
    • Changes to medals
    • Ranked Tokens being removed, spend them before 7.2
  • Gearing changes
    • Updated floor (324) and ceiling (336)
    • New vendors directly selling Flashpoint and Operation gear
    • Currency exchange at vendor
  • Class balancing changes
  • UI/UX Updates
    • New Minimap & Map view, transparent overlay
    • New colorblind mode
    • New tooltips for abilities, docked to mouse
    • Utility bar changes and customization
    • Deconstruct window now includes a Delete window
  • New Cartel Market items
    • Master Orr’s Lightsaber
    • Master Orr’s Armor Set
    • Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor)
    • Ri’kan’s Armor Set
    • Pyke Syndicate Armor
    • Ceremonial Beskar Blade
    • Ri’kan’s Vibro Axe
    • Power Station Decoration Pack
    • Jundland Cycler Rifle
    • Jundland Cycler Sniper Rifle
    • Snowglobes
  • Events
    • Life Day: Dec 13 – Jan 10, 2023 with new rewards
    • Double XP Event: Dec 20 – 27, 2022
    • Bounty Event: Dec 13 – 20, 2022
    • Swoop Event: Dec 27 – Jan 3, 2023
    • Server Transfers 50% off sale: Dec 7 – Jan 9, 2023
    • SWTOR’s 11th Anniversary: Dec 20, 2022
    • Galactic Seasons 3: Oct 20 – Mar 6, 2023
    • PvP Seasons 1: Dec 13 – Mar 6, 2023, first PvP Season
    • Collections / Cartel Market Sale: Details pending.

All of this information came from the developer livestream on November 9, 2022!


Shae Vizla’s pursuit of Heta Kol and her faction of Mandalorians brings players to Heta’s main base of operations on Ruhnuk.

How to Start: To start the new story called Showdown on Ruhnuk, you must have first caught up with all the story leading up to it – you can not skip ahead to the new story. If you are all caught up, the quest will automatically show up in your quest log.

  • Short Stories that come after Spirit of Vengeance you may want to read first: 1) Seeing Red, 2) Bottled Fury, 3) Snare
  • The main story revolves around Mandalorians and Shae Vizla, and can’t be started until you complete all the previous storylines, starting at Ossus / Jedi Under Seige.
  • The daily story area, lead by a new character named Lane Vizla and called Showdown’s Wake, can only be started once you have fully completed the Ruhnuk main storyline and is also automatically picked up.

Length: The main story is roughly an hour and a half, and seems to be vetter received than the previous Manaan storyline.

Differences: This storyline will have a lot of small differences depending on what class you are playing, what choices you have made in the past, as well as what choices you make during the Ruhnuk story.


Ruhnuk is the new planet introduced in update 7.2. Ruhnuk is a dry, arid, plateau based planet full of river valleys that cut through it. You’ll find a lot of water and river valley canyons and lush foliage growing in the area

Daily Area & Reputation Track

Ruhnuk will be bringing a new daily area, story, new characters, reputation track, and secrets to find to the game.

A new Reputation Track named Mandalorian Trat’ade is also being introduced, to keep Heta kol from building her base of operation on Ruhnuk.

There’s also a bunch of new achievements for achievement and secret hunters out there.

We have a full guide about the Ruhnuk Daily Area and Reputation!

Ruhnuk Daily Guide

Relic Hunt

After you finish the main story arc, you will be offered Mandalorian Relic Missions, that are essentially a treasure hunt. Some of Heta Kol’s followers have stolen Mandalorian relics and brought them to Ruhnuk, and once you’ve completed the story, you’ll be charged with hunting down Heta Kol’s followers, defeating them, and capturing the relics. Once you do, you’ll unlock a buff for Ruhnuk that can help you while completing dailies.

We have a full Relic Hunt Guide available if you get stuck!

Relic Hunt on Ruhnuk Guide


There’s a brand new datacron on Ruhnuk! We have a guide about how to get the new Ruhnuk Datacron.

Ruhnuk Datacron Guide

World Boss

A new world boss named Kithrawl, The Flame in Darkness, is hidden in a cave on Ruhnuk.


There are also some fun hidden achievements!

Tineback Tamer Secret Achievement Guide

PvP Revamp

Hinted at earlier in the year, 7.2 brings the big PvP revamp.

Ranked PvP Removed

Ranked PvP is being entirely removed. There will no longer be ranked seasons, ranked tokens, ranked rewards, or ranked play.

If you want to learn more about this decision, I’ve compiled a list of developer answers in this article: Why is Ranked PvP, Ranked Tokens and Leaderboards going away in SWTOR?

Why is Ranked PvP, Ranked Tokens and Leaderboards going away in SWTOR?

Choose 4v4 or 8v8

All PvP is now two queues, either 4v4 or 8v8.

  • You can choose to queue for 4 vs 4 deathmatch arenas, for 8 vs 8 objective warzones, or for both. So if you hate Huttball, you could queue for just Arenas, but you couldn’t queue for all match types except Huttball.
  • You can queue alone, or with your personal group, for either type of match.
  • You can now also queue up with a group of up to 8 for warzones.

PvP Seasons

A new type of rewards track is being added called PvP Seasons, which is similar to Galactic Seasons, and will be available for all players. It is unrelated to the previous Ranked PvP Seasons.

The first PvP Season will run until March 6, 2023, for a total of 12 weeks.

We have a PvP Seasons Guide to get you started!

SWTOR PvP Seasons Guide and Rewards

Free-to-play PvP

Free-to-play, preferred and subscribers all can participate in PvP Seasons and earn all of the rewards.

Non-subscribers will no longer have any restrictions on the number of matches they can play – before, free-to-play players were limited to 10 matches per week unless they were queuing with a subscribed friend. You can play as many PvP matches as you want.

Medals Adjustment

Medals have been given a revamp, and they are now much harder to get.

Onderon Palatial Ruins PvP Map

There will be a new PvP 4v4 Map called the “Onderon Palatial Ruins”. It’s a nice-looking map with a center area with columns, and a pit below ground players can fall into.


There are a lot of gearing changes in 7.2.

  • The new highest item-rating for most tracks is 336, including Hyde & Zeek, and the new floor is 324 for most tracks, except PvP.
  • All players will be able to work on upgrading their gear, except players who have a full purple set from Veteran Mode R-4.
  • There are no changes to R-4 Gearing.
  • There are now vendors you can directly buy Flashpoint and Operation gear from, with their respective currencies, rather than having them drop from bosses.
  • You can now exchange different currencies at the different end-game vendors.

Class Balance Changes

Many classes experienced some changes in update 7.2. You can read the changes in the Combat Styles Patch Notes for 7.2

Patch Notes Update 7.2 – Showdown on Ruhnuk

UI/UX Updates

There was also a large assortment of quality of life updates.

Minimap and Transparent Popout Map View

  • The minimap is now more customizable
  • There is a new popout map view that is transparent and floats on the left of your screen
  • You can still use the old map if you want
  • Fog of War will no longer obscure places you haven’t been yet
  • You can customize which icons show up on your map one-by-one
  • M opens the popout map, Alt+M opens the big map, and you can re-keybind these if you want

Colorblind Mode

Three new colorblind modes are now available in the Graphics settings/preferences for Tritanopia, Protanopia, and Deuteranopia. We have a full Colorblind Mode Guide for players who are colorblind!

SWTOR Colorblind Mode


You now have the option in the Interface Editor to have tooltips show up where your mouse is when you hover over an ability.

Old, tooltips are showing up above the minimap on the far right:

New option, tooltip is where your mouse is:

Utility Bar

The new utility bar on the bottom right and the social bar on the top left can be fully customized with what options you want on it – for example, you could put the clock, groupfinder icon, signal, warzone, etc.


You can now easily delete items. This is especially useful if you are grabbing copies of items from collections to make outfits and need to get rid of them. It will do the appropriate action for that item – if it can be deconstructed, it will deconstruct, if not it will delete.

Cartel Market

A bunch of new items are now on the Cartel Market and in Collections! Preview them all in the New Update 7.2 Cartel Market Items – Master Orr’s Lightsaber and Armor, Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor), Ri’kan’s Armor and Vibro Axe, Pyke Syndicate Armor, Ceremonial Beskar Blade, and more! guide

Update 7.2 Cartel Market Items – Master Orr’s Lightsaber and Armor, Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor), Ri’kan’s Armor and Vibro Axe, Pyke Syndicate Armor, Ceremonial Beskar Blade, and more!

  • Master Orr’s Lightsaber
  • Master Orr’s Armor Set
  • Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor)
  • Ri’kan’s Armor Set
  • Pyke Syndicate Armor
  • Ceremonial Beskar Blade
  • Ri’Kan’s Vibro Axe
  • Power Station Decoration Pack
  • Jundland Cycler Rifle
  • Jundland Cycler Sniper Rifle
  • Snowglobes

Old items have also returned including the Life Day items, and Czerka and Corsec weapons.


Life Day

There’s a bunch of new rewards this year, and the fleet is decorated for Life day – it’s different on Republic and Imperial so check both sides to see the decorations!

See new Lifeday rewards and decorations here!

Dec 13 – Jan 10, 2023

Life Day Event Guide (SWTOR)

Double XP Event

Dec 20 – 27, 2022

Double XP event coming on December 20, 2022!

Bounty Event

Dec 13 – 20, 2022

SWTOR Bounty Contract Event Guide

Swoop Event

Dec 27 – Jan 3, 2023

SWTOR Swoop Event Guide (2022)

Server Transfers 50% off sale

Dec 7 – Jan 9, 2023

Servers Transfers 50% from December 7, 2022 – January 9, 2023!

SWTOR’s 11th Anniversary

Dec 20, 2022

SWTOR Anniversary Event Guide & Free Rewards

Galactic Seasons 3

Oct 20 – Mar 6, 2023

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Guide and Rewards – Season 3, 2022

PvP Seasons 1

Dec 13 – Mar 6, 2023, first PvP Season

SWTOR PvP Seasons Guide and Rewards

Collections / Cartel Market Sale

Details pending.

Collections unlock sale is coming!