Update 7.2 Cartel Market Items – Master Orr’s Lightsaber and Armor, Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor), Ri’kan’s Armor and Vibro Axe, Pyke Syndicate Armor, Ceremonial Beskar Blade, and more!

News Date: December 13, 2022 Patch: 7.2 News Source

A bunch of new Cartel Market items were released with update 7.2 in SWTOR!

  • Master Orr’s Lightsaber
  • Master Orr’s Armor Set
  • Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor)
  • Ri’kan’s Armor Set
  • Pyke Syndicate Armor
  • Ceremonial Beskar Blade
  • Ri’kan’s Vibro Axe
  • Power Station Decoration Pack
  • Jundland Cycler Rifle
  • Jundland Cycler Sniper Rifle
  • Snowglobes

Master Orr’s Lightsaber

Cost: 1,200 CC

High fidelity blade and hilt effects, with a nice texture set.

The Art Monetization Director actually built a physical version of this lightsaber in his garage!

Master Orr’s Armor Set

Cost: 1,440 CC

* I was having some issues with jittering/twitching armor on the jacket.

Outer Rim Drifter (Cad Bane’s Armor)

Cost: 2,100 CC

* I was having some issues with jittering/twitching armor on the jacket.

Ri’kan’s Armor Set

Cost: 1,440 CC

Pyke Syndicate Armor

Cost: 1,440 CC

Ceremonial Beskar Blade

Cost: 900 CC

Ri’kan’s Vibro Axe

Cost: 1,100 CC

* Changes color of lightning effect with color crystal.

Power Station Decoration Pack

Cost: 1,380 CC

Jundland Cycler Rifle and Sniper Rifle

Hi there, We are seeing additional reports of players not seeing the The Jundland Cycler Sniper Rifle and/or the Jundland Rifle unlocked in Collections. These weapons were not meant to be implemented with 7.2, so they have been taken down from the Cartel Market. They will be made available in a future update both in the CM as well as Collections. For players who have already purchased these weapons, do not destroy them. However, if you may have because of the confusion of them not being unlocked in Collections, please reach out to Support, so that they may restore that item for you. – Jackie | Community Manager

Cost: 900 CC

Cost: 900 CC


Cost: 100 CC each (four available)