Korriban – Quest by Quest Story Guide (Class & Planet)

Korriban is the starter planet for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor.

LORE - Korriban

Summary: Korriban is the ancestral homeworld of the Sith Empire.

Korriban is a world of dark secrets and hidden power. It is the ancestral homeworld of the Sith and the location of their Academy. The first Dark Lords arose here more than 3000 years ago when exiled Jedi subjugated the native Sith species and forged the original Sith empire. As Sith Lords rose and fell, great tombs filled with traps, monsters and relics were erected to contain both their mortal remains and their living spirits.

Abandoned for centuries, Korriban was the first world recaptured by the Empire at the outset of the Great Galactic War 32 years previously. The Sith consider it sacred and only they may come and go freely, although tomb robbers still sneak in, paid handsomely to smuggle Sith relics off-world.

Even now, the long-dead Sith whisper restlessly in their graves, corrupting the land with evil.

LORE - Sith Academy

Summary: The Sith Academy kills most of its students, but produces powerful Sith.

The Sith Academy is a pyramid shaped building constructed amidst the ancient tombs of Korriban. Force-sensitives from across the Empire compete for the privilige of training to become Sith here, but only the strongest are selected and most of those perish in the struggle.

Training is brutal and dehumanizing, and emphasizes both ruthless adherance to personal ambition and loyalty to the greater Empire. Recent losses have compelled the Empire to train force-sensitive aliens and slaves, a controversial development.

The building itself contains training rooms, archives of forbidden knowledge and significantly the central meeting place of the Dark Council, the Empire’s ruling body comprising the 12 most powerful Sith Lords. It is rumoured that the Sith Emperor himself has a sanctum here, though no-one has seen him on Korriban for many years.

LORE - Ajunta Pall

Summary: Ajunta Pall was the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

3350 years ago, Ajunta Pall was a Jedi Knight who pursued the forbidden knowledge of shaping life with the force. Turning to the dark side, he and his followers waged war against the Jedi in a conflict known as the Hundred-Year Darkness until their defeat and exile in deep space. When they discovered the remote world of Korriban, they subjugated the native Sith species, and Ajunta Pall became the very first Dark Lord of the Sith.

Arm Yourself | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: You are a powerful Sith acolyte newly arrived at the Sith Academy on Korriban. On the orders of Overseer Tremel, you enter the Tomb of Ajunta Pall and retrieve an ancient war-blade. Back at the Academy, you encounter Vemrin, a jealous rival.

You, a promising Sith acolyte, have been summoned to the ancient Sith tomb-world of Korriban unexpectedly for accelerated training by Tremel, an experienced overseer at the Sith Academy. In return for elevating your position, Tremel expects your loyalty and assistance. He warns you that his favouritism has already earned you the enmity of an ambitious acolyte named Vemrin. For your first trial as an acolyte he bids you enter the Tomb of Ajunta Pall and recover an ancient war-blade to replace your practice sword. On your way to the tomb, you hone your skills on the vicious k’lor’slugs infesting the Valley of the Dark Lords (Reclaiming the Valley | Bonus Quest).

You move through the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, facing k’lor’slugs and tomb robbers until you reach the armory chamber where the ancient war-blade resides. You equip the blade (Blade of the Ancients | Bonus Quest).
As you leave the tomb, Ajunta Pall’s ancient droids activate and attack you. You destroy them (Ajunta’s Ancient Army | Bonus Quest) and also test your new blade on the nearby k’lor’slugs (Test Your New Blade | Bonus Quest).

Upon returning to the Academy with your newly acquired blade, you are waylaid by acolyte Vemrin and his henchman Dolgis. He believes Overseer Tremel is planning to use you against him and threatens you but stops short of attacking. You return to Tremel and express pleasure with your new blade.

Of Mind and Matter | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You arrive on Korriban in chains; a slave forced to train as a candidate to become the Apprentice of Sith Lord Zash. You visit the Tomb of Ajunta Pall and commune with a hermit named Spindrall who teaches you the Sith code.

It is law in the Empire that all force-sensitives be trained as Sith. You, a slave, are brought to the ancient Sith tomb-world of Korriban to begin. Upon arrival, you and several other acolytes are met by the brutal Overseer Harkun, who holds all slaves, aliens and non-Imperials in the utmost contempt. He informs you that his job is to find the strongest among you for Sith Lord Zash, who is seeking a new apprentice.

In the nearby Tomb of Ajunta Pall lives a hermit named Spindrall who Zash holds in high esteem as a prophet. You must find him and be tested, as Zash and Harkun did as before you. A kind hearted fellow trainee called Kory tries to begin a friendship with you before you leave.

The Valley of the Dark Lords, where lie the tombs of the ancient Sith, is infested with vicious K’lor’slugs. To prove your power to Harkun, you destroy many K’lor’slug foragers (Cleansing the Valley | Bonus Quest) and, inside the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, several K’lor’slug Cripplers (Prove your Worth | Bonus Quest).

Fighting your way past k’lor’slugs and tomb robbers you make your way to the Sacrificial Chamber in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall. Here, Spindrall forces you to fight his acolytes to the death before teaching you the Sith Code and instructing you to use fear to fuel your anger. If you discover who has power over your masters, he says, you have power over them in turn. He later has one of his acolytes, Shinos, send you a gift with the message, “For the one who will shape fates both future and ancient.”

K'lor'slug Infestation | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You blow up a k’lor’slug egg chamber in the tomb of Ajunta Pall.

Sergeant Cormun of the Fifth Infantry company, Korriban regiment, asks for your time inside the excavated Tomb of Ajunta Pall. He believes you can help him, build ties with the military and show off to your overseer at the same time. Three squads of his men have already died trying to eradicate the vicious and fast-breeding k’lor’slugs inside the tomb. Before being forced back, they placed explosives in the k’lor’slug egg chambers but were unable to detonate them. You travel deeper into the tomb, killing k’lor’slugs until you reach the detonator and use the explosives to destroy the breeding chambers, earning Cormun’s thanks.

Imperial Edict | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You kill tomb looters and recover Sith artifacts.

On a dead body in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall you find a datapad containing Imperial Edict 936, offering payment in exchange for killing mercenary tomb looters inside and recovering Sith artefacts. You progress deeper into the tomb, fighting through the tomb robbers and taking the relics before reporting your success to Sergeant Rikel at the medical centre near the Sith Academy. He understands his men are dead but thanks you for completing their mission.

Judge and Executioner | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: Overseer Tremel has accelerated your training so you can deal with Acolyte Vemrin, who he dislikes. For your next trial you judge some prisoners in the Academy jail.

Tremel explains that you are his means to destroy Vemrin who has caught the eye of a very powerful Sith Lord, Darth Baras, who has marked him as a possible apprentice. Tremel is a Sith traditionalist who believes that granting the mixed-blood Vemrin so much power would be disastrous for the Empire. Tremel also introduces you to his daughter, Eskella, an advanced student. She grumbles that it took her six months to earn a war-blade similar to the one you immediately acquired, and is concerned about Tremel’s plots. He assures you that her loyalty is nonetheless secure.

For your next trial, he sends you to the Academy jail. You are to interrogate the prisoners, decide their fates and be judged for your choices. Jailer Knash introduces you to the prisoners. The first, a female human named Solentz, is a hired assassin who was caught trying to kill an Imperial spy. She claims to have been hired anonymously, and to have had no knowledge of her target’s allegiance. You can execute her or re-employ her for the Empire. This is the action that Tremel approves of as a valuable resource should not be wasted.

The second prisoner, Devotek, is a lifelong Sith soldier who made a mistake that cost a thousand Imperial lives. He asks to be allowed to fight you so that he can die honourably. You can agree, leave him be or simply execute him in cold blood. This is the choice Tremel approves of, reasoning that when something is used up it should be discarded without a second thought.

Finally you come to Brehg, an alien accused of supplying forged documents to Republic agents. He has maintained his innocence throughout severe torture. Knash tells you that although Brehg has served time for forgery in the past, the evidence against him is circumstantial and it is possible he is innocent. You can leave him in jail, set him free or send him back to be tortured even more. This is the choice that Tremel approves of, as it sends a strong message that no stone will be left unturned.

A Fighting Chance | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You visit your class trainer, Lord Samus.

Returning to the Academy after meeting the hermit, Spindrall, you meet Assistant Overseer Markan in the entrance hall who sends you to train with Lord Samus in the Academy archive.

The Plight of the Acolyte | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: Your brutal overseer, Harkun, introduces his favoured candidate to be Zash’s apprentice. You go to the academy jail and interrogate a prisoner.

Upon your return, Harkun kills the kind-hearted apprentice Kory for failing to gain Spindrall’s approval. He then introduces the newest member of your group, a pure blood Sith acolyte named Ffon Althe who found himself thrown in the slaves pits after his family were wiped out in feuds on Dromund Kaas. Harkun tells you Ffon is destined to become Zash’s apprentice and that none of you can hope to match him. After some verbal sparring he tells you that Lord Zash has set you a special trial and to report to Inquisitor Zyn in the Academy jails.

Zyn wants you to extract information from an acolyte, Alif, who witnessed a murder. Murders between apprentices are disallowed in the Academy but a blind-eye is often turned. In this case a powerful Darth has demanded to know who killed his apprentice. You have the option of torturing Alif for the information or offering him protection in exchange for it. He reveals that the murderer is Esorr Kayin, apprentice to a Dark Council member and therefore unlikely to be punished, and he fears that Esorr will kill him.

However you get the information, you can persuade Inquisitor Zyn to protect Alif, even to the point of getting him off-world and apprenticed to a Darth on Dromund Kaas. If you do this, he is confused with your strange way of doing things but won’t question your success. Later, you receive a message from Lord Necus, master of the murdered apprentice, thanking you for proving Essor Kayin’s involvement and suggesting that he will pay. You return to Harkun.

Purity | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You help a pureblood Sith Lord root out those with inpure blood.

Inside the Sith Academy, the pure-blooded Sith Lord Abaron believes that generations of mingling with slaves and alien races is dangerously thinning pure Sith bloodlines. Although he believes alien students are a temporary aberration (explaining why he allows you to assist if you are one), he is concerned about those in power.

He gives you a holocron that can detect blood purity and sends you to scan Academy overseers. When you return he despairs at the lack of Sith blood in the Academy; only one overseer possesses the red marks of the true Sith. He vows to bring the situation to the attention of the Dark Council, where he will advise purges and enslavement of those with the thinnest blood, and the uplifting of the pure.

Jailbreak | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You play the role of a defector and free a Jedi prisoner so he can spread misinformation upon his return to the Republic. Possibly you tell him the entire plot.

Inquisitor Urinth in the Sith Academy tells you that a Jedi, Quorian Dorjis was recently captured trying to enter the Academy as a spy. Drugs and sorcery were used to implant false memories in his mind and now his escape must be staged so that he can return to the Jedi and spread disinformation. Urinth feels that you are young and new enough to seem plausible as a Jedi sympathizer, so you visit Dorjis and convince him that you want to help him. He wonders why but asks you to retrieve his equipment from an urn inside the Tomb of Tulak Hord where he stashed it before his capture.

In the Ruined Atrium you find the urn, but tomb looters have stolen much of the equipment. You kill scavengers in the area and recover Dorjis’ lightsaber and datalog. Dorjis believes he can slip out of the Academy once the guards change shift, unaware that his escape will be staged. He thanks you for helping and expresses concern for your well-being. At this point you can reveal the entire plot to him, gaining his appreciation and his confusion. Either way, he tells you that he regrets that you were not trained as a Jedi.

The Blood Legacy | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You engage in an ancient Sith ritual and learn something of your destiny.

In the Sith Academy you find Overseer Ragate. She tells you that she is a keeper of the old ways, that you have potential and strength but must be tested beyond your masters’ trials. She offers to induct you in the rite of blood and bone, a test of strength performed by acolytes for thousands of years. In the chambers behind her are a colony of shyracks, razor-taloned monsters, and an altar of skulls to the academy’s failures.

At her behest, you gather a skull, fighting off the shyracks (Ritual Cleansing | Bonus Quest), and dip it in a blood pool in the antechamber, symbolically accepting death by stealing your mortality and drowning it in the fluid of life.

After killing a vicious creature called the bloodfiend that suddenly erupts from the pool, you return to Ragate so that she may read your nature and your future in the bloodstains. If you have already completed your final trial as an acolyte she tells you nothing further. Otherwise if you are an inquisitor she tells you to beware the shadow-killer, who can be bound but never controlled. If you are a warrior she tells you that the key to your success is a small sorry creature that can be moulded in your image.

Allegiance | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You weed out traitors among the Sith acolytes.

In the Valley of the Dark Lords, Inquisitor Arzanon, head of Academy security, bids you test your loyalty to the Sith by eliminating known traitors; acolytes who plan to undermine the Sith order and replace it with their own weak-minded heresies. If you are alien he is especially distrustful of your loyalty, saying you can never truly become Sith. Either way he gives you an ID scanner and you move through the Valley scanning acolytes and executing traitors until you have slain enough to prove your loyalty. Arzanon gives you a badge marking you as a defender of the empire and his aide bids you remain vigilant.

LORE - Korriban's Lower Wilds

Summary: The Lower Wilds on Korriban is an area haunted by dark side corruption.

Korriban’s Lower Wilds is a place thick with dark side corruption stemming from an unknown source. What begins as ringing ears and a cold unease can eventually cripple and dominate even an unprepared Sith Lord. Many weaker minds go mad here in a matter of hours. The source of this corruption is unknown, with possible explanations ranging from unquiet spirits lingering in their tombs to a buried Sith artifact of immense dark side power.

LORE - Marka Ragnos

Summary: Marka Ragnos is a long dead Sith Lord, the greatest of his era.

Marka Ragnos was one of the most powerful and devious Lords of the original Sith Empire which flourished in isolation between 3350 and 1350 years ago before being discovered and dismantled by the Republic during the Great Hyperspace War.

Considered the greatest Sith of his age, Ragnos took the mantle of Dark Lord after defeating another powerful Sith, Simus, in single combat. He ruthlessly pitted his enemies against one another and ruled the Sith for more than a century.

WARRIOR LORE - The Beast of Marka Ragnos

Summary: The Beast of Marka Ragnos is an enourmous sithspawn created to guard his legacy.

It is rumoured that Marka Ragnos warped his personal Sithspawn beast through nightly beatings until it became a creature of pure hate and anguish. Starved and then fed only blood, it is said to to be filled with an unquenchable thirst for more. No-one has seen it and lived in many centuries, but the strongest Sith can feel its unnerving presence within Ragnos’s tomb, where it continues to guard his legacy.

Slaying the Beast | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: You deal with Vemrin’s henchman Dolgis, and complete your next trial by killing a legendary beast in the tomb of Marka Ragnos.

Whatever you decide with the prisoners, Tremel sets you a new trial: you are to slay the Beast of Marka Ragnos, a powerful sithspawn that has lurked in his tomb for millenia. He warns you that the creature is ‘doom itself’ and to hold nothing back. Before leaving the academy you are ambushed by Vemrin’s henchman Dolgis, sent by Vemrin to kill you. You defeat him and may either kill or spare him as you wish. If you spare him you can also shake him down for credits.

You take a taxi to Korriban’s Lower Wilds, a place thick with dark side corruption. Many go mad here within hours and you must kill many insane troopers (Clearing the Camps | Bonus Quest) to reach the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. Fighting your way through acolyte deserters who have taken up residence in the tomb (Destroying the Deserters | Bonus Quest), you reach an antechamber containing an ancient Sith carving and meditate to draw out the beast of Marka Ragnos. In epic combat you slay it, sending shock-waves through the force.

A Little Knowledge | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: Overseer Harkun sets his favourite, Ffon Althe, easy tasks while sending you to retrieve a holocron from the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. You become the first to succeed in over 1000 years.

Hakun informs you that one apprentice, Niloc, has already vanished and that Ffon Althe has completed his first trial. Though he continues to mock you, he admits that Zash is pleased with your progress. In a blatant display of favouritism, Harkun sets Ffon a simple translation task while telling you to recover an ancient holocron sealed in a stone monument within the monster-infested Tomb of Marka Ragnos. No-one has figured out how to free the holocron for over 1000 years.

You take a taxi to the lower wilds, an area of Korriban incredibly strong in the corrupting power of the dark side. After clearing the wilds of crazed, berserk and psychotic Imperial troops (Clearing the Camps | Bonus Quest), you enter the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. Some acolyte deserters have taken refuge in the tomb and you kill them as you go (Reward Failure Accordingly | Bonus Quest).

Reaching the Monument Chamber you vent your hatred on some shyrack screechers (Silence the Screechers | Bonus Quest). Your first attempts to open the sealed monument are unsuccessful and draw beasts to attack you. After defeating them you shoot lightning at the seal in frustration and it opens, granting you the holocron, which you return with to Harkun.

Dark Science | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You help the mad Sith scientist Lord Renning conduct experiments on tuk’ata. Possibly you help his apprentice betray him.

At the outdoor Wilds Laboratory, Lord Renning is conducting experiments on tuk’ata, the hound-like creatures infesting Korriban’s tombs. He is convinced the tuk’ata are a pure expression of dark side energy, expressive of the will of the force. His number one mutant specimen has escaped and he wants you to track it down and return with its brain for study. His apprentice, Malora, views Renning as a mad scientist and wants to leave his service. She asks you to bring the brain to her first so she can alter it to discredit his work.

On her directions you track the beast all the way to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos and gather a plump k’lor’slug to use as bait to lure it out. When it appears, you kill it and take its brain. If you bring the brain to Lord Renning, you can choose to inform him of Malora’s treachery, leading to her torture.

If you return the brain to Malora, she adds a chemical that makes it appear Renning is falsifying his research, planning to inform the right people. You then return the brain to Renning and pocket two rewards. If you help Malora, she sends you a message thanking you; the overseers are beginning to talk behind Renning’s back.

Experimental Needs | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You kill tuk’ata for marrow samples and return them to Lord Varacen.

In the Lower Wilds Outskirts Base, Acolyte Krevan tells you a Lord Varacen is paying credits for tuk’ata bone marrow samples. Apparently he’s conducting some kind of experiment for Lord Renning who is studying the tuk’ata as a possible manifestation of the dark side’s will. You kill some tuk’ata and return the samplers to Varacen at the Wilds Laboratory.

Lost Supplies | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You recover some lost supplies.

Exploring the Lower Wilds, you find a datapad with a holo-recording from a Sentry Tavon who explains that some research supplies have been rendered inaccessible when the men guarding them went mad. You kill all of the crazed, berserk and psychotic troopers in the area (Clearing the Camps | Bonus Quest) and loot code cylinders that open an abandoned supply crate. You then return the supplies to Sergeant Garus near the Academy. He is grateful as some of the chemicals take months to manufacture and promises to mention your name to his commander.

A New Master | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: Darth Baras, one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Empire, meets with you and, on his orders, you kill Overseer Tremel.

Tremel informs you that Darth Baras, drawn by the dark side tremors created on the death of the beast of Marka Ragnos, is on his way to inspect you. He warns you that Baras is a calculating master of deception who will be predisposed to judge you harshly because Tremel forced you into the Academy ahead of schedule. He tells you that you are the last chance to stop Vemrin and to always take Baras seriously.

Outside Baras’ chambers you encounter a group of four human acolytes lead by Phyne and Teeno who offer to kill Vemrin for you. You may agree, decline or test them in combat whereupon you beat them so easily they decide to leave the Academy. However, you can still manipulate them into attacking Vemrin if you wish. If they do so, many of them are killed and Phyne writes you from the Academy infirmary promising to use her rage and pain as fuel for her training. If you warn them off, Phyne writes to tell you she saw Tremel slaughter 6 acolytes easily and feed them to a tukata, thanking you for making her aware of her limitations.

Darth Baras is already meeting with Vemrin and another acolyte, Klemral. They realise you have survived Dolgis but are dismissed by Baras after an exchange of threats. Baras is offended at your accelerated rise, believing that you barely understand what it means to be Sith. He tests your (lack of) knowledge and experience with questions and expresses a lack of faith in your abilities and development. He grants you immunity from punishment and tells you to kill Tremel and return with his hand. Not having a choice and realising that serving Baras would be a major step up, you agree.

Tremel admits that Baras has outplayed him by forcing him to kill you and destroy his own plans or die. Reluctantly, he fights you. Although you defeat him, you have the option of killing him. He considers your strength a testment to his plan and dies satisfied. However, you can also convince him to fake his death by cutting off his hand and escaping.

Baras is pleased to know (or think) that you have killed Tremel and gives you the ring from his hand to keep as a trophy of your victory. Baras asks how it felt to kill your mentor. He explains that by breaking the chains that bound you to Tremel and his fate, you have accepted the Sith code that passion and strength lead to victory and freedom.

WARRIOR LORE - Darth Baras

Summary: Darth Baras is a devious and calculating Sith Lord who controls a vast network of spies.

Darth Baras is one of the most powerful men in the Sith Empire. Though not on the Dark Council, he possesses a vast intelligence network that stretches throughout the Empire and as far into the Republic as the Jedi Order itself.

Once trained by the Dark Council member Darth Vengean, 10 years ago Baras represented the Sith Empire at the signing of the treaty of Coruscant and he once attempted unsuccessfully to turn Satele Shan, future grandmaster of the Jedi to the dark side. A man of great foresight; deliberate, calculated action and powerful knowledge, some see Darth Baras as the future of the Empire.

LORE - Tulak Hord

Summary: Tulak Hord was an ancient Sith Lord known for creating powerful cursed artifacts.

Tulak Hord is one of the most mysterious of the ancient Sith who accumulated a vast power base numbering in the hundreds of worlds. The secrets of his knowledge and power are spread throughout the galaxy and have long been sought after by ambitious Sith seeking to follow in his footsteps. He is especially known for his practice of imbuing his possessions with fragments of his dark-side power, cursing them and causing them to drive the weak-willed to delusions of self-destructive grandeur.

The Hate Machine | HEROIC

Summary: You activate an ancient device left by Tulak Hord and recover his teachings.

Ephran Zell has been studying the tomb of Tulak Hord for years and wants your help to solve a mystery within. Tulak Hord built his tomb-maze to a precise specification in order to hold a great machine, the Red Engine, which is a combination vault and library built to hold his secrets. The Academy scholars won’t give credence to the theories of a non-Sith, but Zell tells you that he alone knows how it works and how to fuel it.

He believes it must be fed blood to work and asks you to slay the tomb beasts near it to power it up and bring its secrets back to him. In the Machine Vault, you channel the dark side to activate the engine at which point k’lor’slugs burst forth from the surrounding walls. After killing three waves of slugs including a bloodqueen, the engine breaks to reveal a tablet which you return to Ephran Zell. He tells you the tablet, written in the ancient Sith language, does indeed contain the secrets of Tulak Hord, including the methods he used to build the Red Engine itself. He thanks you and promises that his research will bare fruit.

Notes: Like all Heroic quests, the ending conversation has been removed.

Rogues | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You kill some escaped slaves and their droids in the Tomb of Tulak Hord.

On the body of Apprentice Peyterra in the Antechamber of Tulak Hord’s tomb, you find her last holo-recording. She was killed trying to destroy mining droids which were brought there by escaped slaves who stole weapons from the Academy. You complete her task and destroy the droids, depriving the slaves of their defences and killing many of them (Make an Example | Bonus Quest) in the process. You report your success to Inquisitor Jarobi on the second floor of the Academy, who is already aware of your efforts. He thanks you for destroying the droids who both protected the slaves and threatened to damage the tomb.

Armed and Dangerous | HEROIC

Summary: You kill a mad rogue Sith Lord and his followers.

The mission board near the Korriban departure shuttle tells you that the powerful Sith Lord Sundar has gone mad and roams the Tomb of Tulak Hord. A reward has been offered for his defeat. You enter a columed, sandy area in the tomb called the Buried Fane, where he has surrounded himself with mind-controlled troopers and guard droids and kill him.

Notes: Like all Heroic quests, the ending conversation has been removed.

Sith Arithmetic | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: In competition with other acolytes, you retrieve incriptions from the Tomb of Tulak Hord and Darth Baras allows you alone to take the final trial, enraging Vemrin who vows revenge.

Darth Baras tells you to enter the Tomb of Tulak Hord and compete against Vemrin and the other acolytes to recover a shard from each of three inscriptions within. You fight through the shyracks and k’lor’slugs that infest the tomb and find the inscriptions in the Antechamber, the Machine Vault and the Archives.

Returning to the Academy with the inscription shards from Tulak Hord’s tomb, you meet Acolyte Klemral who has failed in his own task to get some and who ambushes you for yours. You can simply kill him, or you can let him go in which case he plans to leave the Academy and become an acolyte of the Sith hermit Spindrall who lives in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall. If you are especially kind-hearted, you can also give him your own shards to give to Baras.

Vemrin is already in Baras’s chambers when you return. You threaten one another and Baras approves of the tension between you. If you gave Klemral your shards, Baras sees through your deception and asks you to dictate his fate. If you choose to spare Klemrel’s life a second time, Baras sends him to serve under Jailer Knash in the Academy prison, but Knash later tells you that he never reported to his new position.

A final Sith trial remains. Baras, believing you the stronger, will not allow Vemrin to take it and dismisses him. He leaves vowing revenge.


Summary: Vette is Twi’lek treasure hunter and former slave with an upbeat and playful attitude.

Vette is a Twi’lek treasure hunter and former slave. Freed from bondage to a succession of minor crime lords by the legendary pirate Nok Dryan, she travelled the known worlds as a member of his crew before ending up on Nar Shaddaa where she robbed and ruined those who exploited the twi’lek people. Captured playing treasure hunter in the tombs of Korriban, she unfortunately languishes in the Sith Academy jail. She dislikes authority, bullies and suck-ups and believes in protecting the weak and selling treasure for profit.

The Secret of Tulak Hord | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You recover some ancient texts for Lord Zash from the Tomb of Tulak Hord. Lord Zash thinks the holocron you recovered from the Tomb of Naga Sadow might be the key to Hord’s secrets.

Harkun accuses you of bringing back a fake holocron from Marka Ragnos’ tomb and has Ffon execute acolyte Gerr to prove his power over the rest of you. Dismissing the others he mocks you further before setting you a new task on behalf of Lord Zash who wants you to recover a text from the tomb of the mysterious ancient Sith Lord Tulak Hord. The text has been divided between three tablets, one in the Antechamber, one in the Machine Vault and one in the Archives. You travel through the Tomb of Tulak Hord, fighting shyracks and k’lor’slugs, and gather his ancient texts for Zash.

When you return to the Academy with the ancient text from the tomb of Tulak Hord, you run into Lord Zash herself who is studying the holocron you retrieved from the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. She tells you it belonged to Tulak Hord and is the key to his long sought-after power. After assuring you that she is intrigued by your successes, she leaves and you return to Overseer Harkun with the tablets.


Summary: Lord Zash is a dangerous gatherer of Sith lore and knowledge.

Lord Zash is a powerful human Sith sorcerer of some prominence in the higher echelons of Sith politics. Especially interested in ancient Sith magic and arcane rituals and an ardent seeker after knowledge, she has become a renowned an expert in manipulating the mystical aspects of the dark side. Seemingly bookish and encouraging, her helpful demeanor nonetheless belies the power and cruelty necessarily to advance among the Sith and many have underestimated her at their peril. She currently serves as a supervisor of Sith training at the Academy on Korriban.

Martial Law | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You survive an ambush by two fellow acolytes, sent by Harkun who thinks you are doing too well.

Harkun refuses to believe you ever met with Zash and dismiesses your retrieval of the tablets. Ffon wonders aloud why they don’t just kill you. Stressing that it is a reflection on your poor skills, Harkun sends you to train with the Academy masters. In the second floor training facilities you find two of your fellow apprentices, the brothers Balek and Wydr waiting in ambush. Harkun has offered them a deal: if they kill you, they go home. After killing them in self-defence, you return to Harkun.

LORE - Naga Sadow

Summary: Naga Sadow was a famed Sith alchemist.

Naga Sadow was a legendary Sith alchemist and last ruler of the old Sith Empire who took it to the brink of victory over the Republic 1350 years ago before his spectacular defeat led to the near total eradication of the Sith. Only a few survivors fled into deep space, eventually blossoming into the Empire’s current incarnation.

The Final Trial | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: Baras teams you up with a captured Twi’lek tomb robber named Vette and sends you to recover a lightsaber from the Tomb of Naga Sadow. With Vette’s help, you succeed, finally killing Acolyte Vemrin in the process.

Baras sends you to the tomb of Naga Sadow to find a hidden Sith lightsaber. The lightsaber resides in a secret section of the tomb and only a Twi’lek tomb robber and now prisoner, knows how to enter it.

Baras warns you that setting foot in the Tomb of Naga Sadow is to breathe in death itself. You visit Vette in the jail and she agrees to aid you (either willingly or under threat and torture), and you both head to the ancient tomb of Sith Legend Naga Sadow. Vette becomes your companion at this point.

The rules against acolytes killing one another are waived during this trial, and you kill many of your competition (Eliminating the Competition | Bonus Quest). Moving still deeper into the tomb, you fight past Naga Sadow’s ancient sentry droids (Naga Sadow’s Honor Guard | Bonus Quest) and activate four hidden switches; one on a statue, one in an urn, one in a coffin and one in a suit of armour. As Vette prepares to re-open the secret entrance to the reliquary, you are ambushed by Vemrin. Believing himself the rightful apprentice to Darth Baras, he attempts to redeem himself by killing you and claiming the lightsaber for himself. If you spared Klemral earlier, he appears and tries to assist you before Vemrin kills him. After Vemrin refuses to accept mercy or defeat, you kill him, and Vette opens the secret entrance.

Finally inside the reliquary, you open a sarcophagus and take the ancient lightsaber still clutched by its long dead occupant (A Fitting Weapon | Bonus Quest).
This unleashes a small army of animated Sith statues which you destroy (Sadow’s Servants | Bonus Quest).

Returning to the academy, you are accosted by Overseer Tremel’s daughter Eskella. Eskella is angry with you for killing her father or, if you took only his hand, angry with you for sparing him and exposing his cowardice. If you killed Tremel you have no choice but to kill her and the two acolytes with her. If you spared him, you also have the option of talking her down and allowing her to leave. If you choose the latter, she eventually finds her father and attempts to kill him to remove his shame, forcing him to kill her for which he later expresses regret.

A Map for the Future (cont.) | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: Harkun sends you to the Tomb of Naga Sadow to retrieve an ancient map for Zash. While there, you awaken and recruit the deshade Khem Val, who was once the servant of Tulak Hord. Lord Zash makes you her new apprentice.

Harkun refuses to believe you met with Zash, and tells you that you and Ffon are the last remaining acolytes. For your final challenge he sends you to the Tomb of Naga Sadow. Zash wants a mysterious map recovered from within. Harkun tells you that to get the map you require the aid of an ancient, force-resistant assassin known as a Dashade who sleeps in the tomb and that Ffon has a head start. Zash appears and explains that her translation of Tulak Hord’s text allows her to give you an advantage. Over Harkun’s protests, she tells you exactly how to free the Dashade.

Following Zash’s instructions, you collect four rods from within the tomb of Naga Sadow: the Rod of Hate, of Fury, of Wrath and of Despair, fighting your way through rival acolytes sent to obtain the map as you go (Crush Your Rivals | Bonus Quest). Entering a vast cavern where the Dashade resides in suspended animation, you place the four rods on four altars, destroying Naga Sadow’s ancient guardian droids in the process (Naga Sadow’s Wardens | Bonus Quest).

As you meditate on a central platform, lightning envelops you and you channel it to awaken the Dashade, Khem Val, from his ancient slumber. Val tells you he is Tulak Hord’s faithful servant, who stood alongside him at the conquest of Dromund Kaas. He is shocked to awaken in a time when his master is dead and all-but forgotten. Ravernous from his long imprisonment, he attacks you.

You defeat him and according to the rule that binds him, he agrees to serve you, pledging to grow in strength until he can strike you down. He becomes your companion at this point. You fight your way into the hidden map chamber together, killing a Terentatek mauler (The Final Obstacle | Bonus Quest) to recover it.

You arrive at the Academy with both the map and Khem Val just as Ffon is telling Harkun they are impossible to recover. Harkun tries to give the map to Ffon so that he can present it to Zash, but Zash arrives and kills Ffon on the spot to punish Harkun for his deception. Lord Zash accepts you as her new apprentice and you bid farewell to Harkun.


Summary: Khem Val is a powerful force-resistant assassin who enjoys eating Jedi and once served a Sith Lord named Tulak Hord.

The Dashades are the survivors of the planet Urkopp, destroyed in the Great Sith War a millenia ago. Very few of them are left and those that are are famed for their inherent resistance to the Force. Sith Lords lucky enough to encounter one have often used them as assassins to dispose of both Jedi and rival Sith.

Khem Val was the greatest of the Deshades when he entered into the service of Tulak Hord centuries ago. He once devoured over a thousand Jedi at Yn and the Battle of Chabosh. Servant and master bonded during their long years of conquest and destruction, and before he died, Hord suspended his faithful assassin in stasis on Korriban, waiting for one powerful enough to free him.

Grave Robbing | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You recover the body of a fallen apprentice and return it to his father.

Outside the Tomb of Naga Sadow, Sentry Yashia tells you that a friendly acolyte was killed in the tomb. His father Naman Fal is a Sith honour-guard stationed in the Academy. She asks if you’d be willing to retrieve the acolyte’s body and inform his father. You find the body barely inside the entrance to the tomb and take it to Naman Fal who expresses shame and disappointment in his son and asks you what happened.

If you tell him the truth that his son barely made it past the entrance, he tells you he will keep the bones to remind him of his shame and to focus his anger. For telling him the bitter truth, he gives you a key that will open a special pillar back in the tomb wherein he stashed certain items for his son to retrieve. If you lie and tell him that his son made it far into the tomb, he will have him buried with honour and thanks you for bringing him peace.

Creeping Hunter | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You either assist or hamper the efforts of a strange dark side being to grow more powerful.

Inside the Tomb of Naga Sadow you are confronted by a strange humanoid being named Seh-run who says that it lived in the Academy feasting on vermin until overseer Prithor found it and began to feed it ‘special meals’ that made it stronger. Eventually the overseer stopped and sent it away to starve. It wants you to procure more special meat from Prithor so it can continue to gain strength.

You visit Prithor in the Academy beast pens who tells you that Seh-run helped him survive his acolyte trials by travelling to places he could not and relaying what it saw and heard. He created the ‘special meals’ out of the corpses of dead acolytes to help it, but misjudged how strong it would grow in the dark side as a result and sent it away before it attacked the living. As it draws on the force to heal itself it can’t be destroyed directly, but Prithor has a toxin that will strip it of power if mixed with the meal you take it, leaving it to slowly starve.

He tells it it has no loyalty to anyone including you and urges you to poison it before it starts hunting acolytes. You can take his poison or convince him to give you a regular meal and help Seh-run grow stronger. If you return with the poison, Seh-run eats it before cursing you. If you return with a regular ‘special meal’, it tells you it will now be strong enough to hunt Sith and that it will think of you when next it feeds.

Leaving Korriban | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: Baras tells you to report to his main quarters on Dromund Kaas and gives you a shuttle pass.

Darth Baras is pleased with your progress and your victory over Vemrin. He tells you he engineered the final confrontation between you to test his two strongest acolytes in battle. Whoever won would become his right hand. With all doubt removed, he tells you that you have potential to become one of the strongest Sith in the galaxy and that together you will strike fear into the Empire’s enemies.

He is leaving for the Imperial Capital world of Dromund Kaas to convene with the Emperor and directs you to meet him there, giving you a shuttle pass. As a parting gift he allows you to keep Vette in your service. You board a shuttle to the Imperial Fleet.

Go to Dromund Kaas | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: Zash tells you to meet her on Dromund Kaas. Before leaving, you are attacked by servants of one of her rivals, Darth Skotia.

In her chambers, Zash congratulates you and explains that Sith like you and her are masters of secrets rather than brute force warriors. She tells you to meet her on Dromund Kaas, the Imperial Capital world to talk about the map you discovered away from prying ears. As you leave Zash’s chambers you are accosted by Apprentice Ortosin who tells you that his master, Darth Skotia dislikes whatever Zash is up to and has sent him and his friends to kill you before you leave Korriban. You defeat them and take a shuttle to the Imperial Fleet.

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