Interlude 3 (Empire)

A Threat Leveled | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: You raid a comm station set up by Nomen Karr to track you. Confronting him over holo, he vows to protect his padawan. Darth Baras sends you to Tatooine and Alderaan to discover her identity and kill those closest to her.

With both of his compromised agents dead, Darth Baras redirects your attention to the matter of Nomen Karr and his padawan. Apparantly your ship is being tracked and Baras has traced the signal to a spaceport near your location. During this conversation you can enrage him so much with impudent behavior that he almost force chokes you to death.

You set course for the Orbital Monitoring Station that is tracking you. It has no affiliation and is covered in a highly sophisticated armour that renders it invisible to scanners.

Boarding the station via the Engineering Deck, you find it defended by Republic Security. You find and kill the security chief and recover the access codes to the rest of the station, which you use to take a turbolift to the Communications Deck, where you erase the enemy intel gathered on you by destroying three sensor consoles including a server filled with data stolen from your ship (Sensor Censor | Bonus Quest).

Entering the Communications Center, you find a comm officer, Hirosho, speaking with Nomen Karr himself over holo. He is distressed that you have found the facility and was never informed you were Sith. Nomen Karr urges you to let his crew live. He is aware that you were sent to silence two of Baras’s spies but believes that he will soon have the proof he needs to expose his entire network. If you mention his padawan, he is surprised by your knowledge but believes you will never discover her identity. You surprise him by letting Hirosho and his crew leave, or shock him by murdering them all, in which case he vows to thwart you in their names.

Either way, he reveals a squad of crack troopers behind you and suggests that the Jedi Council will be lenient with you should you choose to go with them. Of course you refuse. After killing the troopers, Nomen Karr tells you he will be prepared for your next meeting. You leave the station.

Baras sends you Tatooine, where the apprentice was trained, and Alderaan where she was discovered by the Jedi Order. He wants you to discover her identity and to agonize her by killing those close to her on both worlds. You suggest the possibility of turning her to the dark side, and Baras is inteagued, though wary of the delicacy of such a task.

Preparations | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: The Ghost of your ancestor, Kallig, warns you that Zash is plotting some kind of ritual involving you. At his behest, you recover his ancient mask for yourself.

While you sleep aboard your ship, you are visited by the spirit of Aloysius Kallig. He cannot linger long so far from his tomb, but brings you a warning. He has seen Zash plotting something that will harm you. With the aid of new apprentices perhaps ment to replace you, she has been secretly preparing a specific chamber in the Dark Temple for some kind of ritual. He belives she used you to usurp Skotia’s position so that she could do this without suspicion.

As she knows your weaknesses, he fears for you and wishes you to collect the ancient mask he once wore to protct yourself from her attack. The mask is now worn by Lord Khreusis, who maintains a stronghold high above the Valley of the Dark Lords.

You travel all the way to Korriban and take a shuttle from level 3 of the Sith Academy to Lord Khreusis’s private stronghold and fight your way past his initiates and apprentices until you reach his throne room. He is unimpressed with your petty burglary and plans to tell Darth Thanaton to punish you. You can tell him why you want the mask, and he would like to see Zash fall, but tests your strength in combat with his apprentices Seran and Vassek. After you beat them he gives you the mask and wishes you well. If you threaten him directly however, he dismisses his apprentices and fights you personally and you kill him and take it.

Zash contacts you on your ship and claims she has had a dream that Tulak Hord’s completed artifact will grant you unlimited power. The remaining relics are on Tatooine and Alderaan. You pick one of them and set a course.

A Dangerous Auction | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You protect the Great Hunt from exposure by recovering the target list which has been copied by a slicer and offered for sale.

You contact Crystal Markon to report your success on Nar Shaddaa. Instead of Crysta, you are put through to Huntmaster Assistant Lek. He informs you that your next two bounties are on Alderaan and Tatooine. However, before you get started, he requests that you return to Dromund Kaas for a private discussion. Mako informs you this is extremely unusual and against protocol for the Huntmaster’s Assistant to communicate with a contestant.

You travel to the Mandalorian Enclave on Dromund Kaas where Huntmaster Lek delivers some troubling news, a slicer has obtained the Great Hunt target list and plans to auction it to the highest bidder. This would destroy the Great Hunt, and Lek wants you to take care of it quickly and discretely. Of course you would be compensated for your time.

You travel to Hutta, where your journey began, and speak with Juda, Nem’ro the Hutt’s paymaster. She discovered the auction by playing dumb in a meeting with one of Nem’ro’s associates and alerted the Huntmaster. She knows nothing about the slicer, but gives you the details of the meeting that he left for Nem’ro, asking if you can keep her family safe by keeping her name out things.

You head through The Bog outside Jiguuna and enter the safe house doubling as the auction house where you find a bunch of ciminals including a twi’lek Hutt Cartel Slaver, the slicer Bilikin Drell, a swoop gang leader and a man named Razak arguing over price.

You bust up the meeting and kill everyone except Drell, whom you question. It appears Taro Blood’s targets are the only ones not on the list. Presumably Taro Blood or one of his cronies gave him the codes to obtain it. He also tells you that he agreed to split the profits from the sale fifty-fifty with Juda, who is now the only other person alive who knows about the list. You let him go or kill him and slaughter the remaining gangsters (Witness Protection | Bonus Quest) on your way out.

You return to Juda and demand her copy of the list. She claims she made her deal with Bilikin Drell before she discovered the nature of the list. She claims she only did it to pay off her mother’s gambling debts and find some way out of her virtual slavery under Nem’ro and returns the list to you. You can accept her contrition, demand all her credits or, to Mako’s great dissaproval, kill her.

Back on Dromund Kaas, Huntmaster Lek is very relieved to hear what you did but refuses to accept Taro Blood as the culprit, calling your evidence circumstantial. You head to Tatooine or Alderaan.

Shadow of the Dark Lord | AGENT Class Quest

Summary: You retrieve one of Darth Jadus’s advisers for his daughter Darth Zhorrid, who wishes to discover his secrets. Watcher Two tells you that the Eagle is planning further attacks and you head to Tatooine or Alderaan to dismantle more of his network.

You attempt to contact Watcher Two but are re-routed by Imperial Automated Defense Corps unit CR-97 who informs you Darth Zhorrid has placed your ship under lockdown.

Zhorrid herself appears and chastises you for not finding the information she wants on Darth Jadus’s killer. Still as insane as ever she makes wild threats and acknowledges she does not command the same respect on the Dark Council as her father did. To this end she wants you to track down one of Jadus’s key advisors, Vyord Yanol, reasoning that if she can learn his secrets, she can gain some of Jadus’s power.

You return to the surface of Nar Shaddaa, where Yanol is hiding in the Duros Sector slums, and invade his hideout, killing his bodyguards. He is hiding because he believs that Jadus was too brilliant to not have had contingency plans to wreak bloody vengeance on everyone he ever touched, in the event of his death.

You can knock him out and drag him back to your ship to give to Zhorrid, or you can shoot him to deny Zhorrid her prize. After making this choice, you slice into his computer system and find two files labeled “Schematics” and “Research”.

Schematics contains the detailed specifications of the Dominator, Darth Jadus’s flagship. Perhaps Yanol gave this information to the terrorists to plan their bombing.

Research contains cryptic notes dated 16 months ago on ‘Imperial Science Bureau Special Project 62991A’. It simply remarks “Device is not practical. Robust growth fails to counterbalance slow manufacturing (maturation?) process and limited power output. No further research will be conducted.”

Aboard your ship, Keeper passes on a message for Zhorrid to meet her in Darth Jadus’s former chambers on Dromund Kaas. He concurs that Zhorrid is not well lov ed by her fellow Dark Council members. In the Sith Sanctum you find Zhorrid surrounded by corpses and listening to opera. If you have Yanol with you, she sends you away with her favor and promises to call on you again. If you killed him, she is angry but her insanity makes it possible for you to talk her into forgiving you.

You finally report back to Watcher Two who is glad to see you back on duty. The terror network has gone into overdrive after your recent successes. A tranmission has been intercepted from the Eagle himself, It says, “Once the devices are fully functional, I’ll enter the targeting codes myself. Only then will instructions be sent. But all cells are encouraged to prepare sttacks on secondary targets. Once the Eradicators cause chaos in every Imperial stronghold, you must fan the flames, Stand tall above the wreckage. Shape the destruction into a message. That is how we prevail.”

Clearly more attacks are imminent. Watcher Two has leads on two more vital cells, on Tatooine and Alderaan. You pick a destination and go.


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