Echoes of Oblivion Story

“You believed you had won… that your achievements outweighed your losses… that your sacrifices meant something, anything.”

The Echoes of Oblivion storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic follows a danger introduced to the player by Kira Carsen and Lord Scourge, and wraps up many storylines from past Old Republic stories and expansions.

This video shows all the cutscenes related to this arc, starting with the re-introduction of Kira and Scourge as well as what they found while they had been gone from the known galaxy. I hope you enjoy this cutscene compilation, it’s the first one I’ve made!


This storyline (and guide) includes major spoilers for….

  • Jedi Knight Class Story
  • Sith Warrior Class Story
  • Jedi Consular Story (minor)
  • Taral V Flashpoint (Republic)
  • Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint (Republic)
  • Boarding Party Flashpoint (Imperial)
  • The Foundry Flashpoint (Imperial)
  • Shadow of Revan Expansion
  • Ziost Planetary Storyline
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion
  • The Nathema Conspiracy Story
  • Onslaught Expansion
  • Revan Novel
  • Knights of the Old Republic video game
  • Knight of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords video game
  • Companion Conversations: Kira
  • Companion Conversations: Scourge

The Echoes of Oblivion wraps up all of these storylines, finally laying many ghosts to rest.

To receive the full lore impact of this intense storyline, you may wish to experience or watch all those other storylines first.



This is the transcript from the video, or what you will see when you turn on Closed Captions that are automatically added by YouTube – they aren’t perfect but they’re pretty close. Sadly they can’t identify which character is talking.

Automated Transcript

what are you talking about

I am lord Scourge

once a loyal servant of the Empire

Kira Carsen Jedi knight not thrilled to be here

all three of us have fought the same enemy

the former Sith emperor Tenebrae

Vitiate Valkorian whatever you wish to call him

we know he was once a part of you and we

both felt his destruction

but he has always been a Master of

deceit we had to be sure that he wasn’t

lingering in your mind hidden waiting to

come out only in the most dire circumstances

no we are sure you try to kill me

and now you expect me to trust you just

like that

I know it’s hard to believe but we’re

all on the same side

we can’t risk saying more here let’s

travel to your base on Odessan

it should be safe for us to talk there

about what

the final gruesome weapon of Tenebrae

we’re here now tell me what this is all


as I told you one vikin space stock

Tenebrae’s last

gruesome weapon he sought immortality

but only his endless spite survives now

I was his most powerful servant once

his wrath that I learned of his true


and plotted his downfall for centuries

ultimately I saw what had to be done

and betrayed my Empire in order to

destroy its creator

that is how I came to fight alongside


we fought the emperor’s servants

constantly for years we even thought

we’d beaten him alongside my Master

and Yavin 4 happened and Valkorian

I received guidance from an old ally

instead of seeking out our enemy in his

current shell

you as it turns out we sought a

different target

Tenebrae hid his original body where no

one could harm it

as long as that body remained in stasis

the galaxy’s greatest evil could never

truly be killed unless we destroyed


the fight against Valkorian would never

really be over

since Valkorian is gone I assume you

succeeded we did

as we later learned we destroyed his

first body just as you

purged the last vestige of his twisted


from your mind that is when his final

weapon was unleashed

a Sith ritual carved into his very flesh

unleashed an ancient plague from every

molecule of his decaying

corpse we were both knocked out cold

comatose for

more than a year Satele Shan was the one

who finally pulled us out of that


and started a new one like you Kira and

I have both been vessels for a portion

of Tenebraes’ power

it acted as a sort of vaccine

but Satele had no such protection nor

did any of her followers

within days they were all laid low

trapped in a nightmarish slumber

in helping us they are knowingly doomed

themselves this ritual what can you tell

me about it

nothing we lost consciousness even as we

felt it taking

shape the infection is worsening there

is a darkness growing among the


we can feel their minds connecting


we’re afraid they might be merging


merging into what another Valkorian

is this plague bringing him back somehow

it’s too early to make that conclusion

whatever it is it is immensely dangerous

we must stop it how

we loaded Satele and all of her

followers onto a transport to keep them


along with a few droids to tend to

them the transport is programmed to fly

a random course through unsettled

sectors of the outer rim

all weeks away from civilization I can

send a signal to alter the course

bring it to another empty system that’s

closer so that we can meet it in a


we board the ship and connect our minds

with yours through the force

together we will face this entity

and purge it from existence and if we

cannot purge it

then we destroy the transport and hope

we’ve ended the old monster’s schemes

forever send the signal

if what you say is true this thing could

be getting stronger by the minute

I’ll send the signal right away it’s

going to take a while for the transport

to come back into range

then we should stay here until it does

if you require

any assistance in the meantime don’t

hesitate to ask

not so fast I’m not fighting the

republic or the Jedi so if that’s what

you want

definitely hesitate to ask ignore her

if necessary I can slay enough of your


for both of us she grows on you


ah we’ve waited too long as it is

something is wrong I’m sure of it

smashing up the place isn’t gonna solve


we’ll find the ship it’s gonna be all


I take it there’s no sign of the

transport with Satele and her followers

nothing it isn’t responding to our


and we’ve already checked the next

scheduled stop

no sign which leaves just about two or

three hundred

systems to search

there must be another way

you need to calm down


go easy on him it’s been hundreds of

years since he felt real emotions

he’s a bit out of practice all we can do

is start searching from the ship’s last

known coordinates

which for us could take forever

so we get an expert

we’ll send T7 out with an escort and all

the probe droids we can find

they’ll cover more ground and sort

through sensor readings faster than we

ever could

T7 works as astromech magic crunches the

probe data to pick up a trail

and we find our missing ship in a matter

of days or weeks instead of years

I can’t think of anyone better for the


that’s everything settled then as soon

as we get coordinates you’ll be the

first to know

don’t worry your furniture’s safe he’ll

calm down in a bit


p7 you found the ship with Satele Shan

and her students

finally great work we need

those coordinates now there isn’t a

moment to spare

fall back we have the coordinates leave

it to us

ah we need to get there now the servants

have found their Master

the servants I can’t believe there are

any of them left

the servants they’re the Sith emperor’s

worst fanatics

they don’t even have names just servant

one servant two

and so on each time we think we’ve

killed the last of them

more always appear we have to get moving

if the servants are involved

this is even worse than we thought I’ll

call in everyone we have

task force nova Darune and no sterol

the whole republic fleet if we need to

no if Tenebrae has truly cheated death

yet again

anyone we take with us is another

potential puppet for him to dominate

we can’t risk taking anyone else they

won’t be able to resist the emperor’s

control like we can

I’ll get a shuttle prepped meet me as

soon as you’re ready

one way or another this ends today

I realize this is something you must do

without me but

I couldn’t let you go without at least

wishing you luck

the way this is unfolding I’m completely


I never dreamed we’d face Valkorian

again and now you must do so without my


I hope you know that if I could I would

be by your side for this

I won’t hold it against you there’s just

too much uncertainty this time

I don’t doubt it just stay safe

good you’re still here I was hoping to

catch you before you took off

what is it Theron I hope there’s room

for one more on that shuttle

because I’m going with you

that’s not a good idea you could get

infected like Satele and her students


I know it’s risky but Satele is in


I have to help whatever the emperor is


I can resist it I was on Ziost

he didn’t control me then sure as hell

won’t let him affect me

now commander

we need to speak with you before you go

whatever you need to say I’m listening

we’re coming with you

we helped you defeat Valkorian before

and we won’t abandon you now

whatever this weapon is that he’s

unleashed I’m sure it won’t have any

power over Arcann and I

this is just as much our responsibility

as it is yours

if there’s the slightest chance

Valkorian could return

we must do what we can to stop him sorry

to interrupt your

send-off but we need to get going we

will accompany you

I’m going to that is

really not a good idea Kira is correct

too many are already infected by

Tenebraes’ weapon

bringing you is too great a risk that’s

not your call to make

the only orders I’m following are the


all right then what do you think

Kira and Scourge are right the more

people we involve in this problem the

more lives are at stake

I’m sorry but there’s no other choice

you need to stay behind this time

this is a mistake I want to help you

as do we you’re going to need us

I can feel it enough if you have a

problem with my reasoning we’ll discuss

it when I’m back

indeed now is not the time or the place

I wish you all good luck and I’ll keep

our forces here on high alert

should you need us just say the word

let’s hope it doesn’t come to that still

it’s good to know we’ve got backup

enough talk

let us depart before we lose the droid

we’re here scanning the transport power


system failures looks like the engines

are out of commission

there’s a ship parked in the hangar bay

but I can’t tell if it’s T7 shuttle or

the servants

there’s our answer we’ll have to go in

through one of the airlocks

but we can’t connect while they’re

shooting at us

I hate to say I was right but it looks

like you could use some help

we’ll talk about ignoring orders when

this is done

leave these fools to us go

locked on and sealed we’re ready to go


what do you think we’ll find in there

nothing good

now it’s the compressor impossible

I checked it not five minutes ago check

it again

what’s going on down there we must leave


doesn’t make sense every time we repair

one system another fails

that must be T7’s handiwork wonder where

he’s hiding let’s find a way to take

these guys down quietly once their boss


no sense

you will not escape the ship will be

your tomb

you were saying

come on

you all right I will be


it’s good to see you too little guy

great work stalling until we could get


so these guys aren’t our only problem

then who else would even know about this

it doesn’t matter anyone who stands

against us

will die must

die I’ll decide who we kill and who we



let’s keep everyone contained then we’ll

worry about who’s killing who

all right I’ll take T7 and make sure the

engines and hyperdrive are permanently

shut down

weapons and shields too just in case we


still ensure that no one who has boarded

the ship can leave

we cannot risk this corruption spreading

we should check all the escape pods

then launch them before anyone can use

them that mystery shuttle in the hangar


T7 can take our shuttle out once we

finish sabotaging everything

agreed stay on comms

that’s an eternal Empire shuttle from


old servants and new vying for scraps

from their once

great Master pathetic

how could any of the Zakuul knights know

about this

perhaps they were closer to their Master

than we knew

I sense no one on board

shield generators are toast we’re taking

the weapons offline now

we’ve launched all the escape pods and

cleared the hangar there may be zekulens

on board

just what we needed we’ll keep our eyes


time to take the bridge I’m ready

scions of Zakuul their leader told me

they would return when it was their time

to die

they must have taken the ship off course

in the first place

but were they trying to hide from us or

the servants

are they allies or enemies the scions

follow their prophecies above all

there’s no way to know whose side

they’re on then we approach with

caution assuming any of them are still


so many lives lost it must end

here and now

reverend the end is closer than ever


but the threat is as dire as we could

have imagined

the ritual inscribed on Tenebraee’s body

the plague that was unleashed is feeding

on its victims minds

Tenebrae is being remade I can feel it

you must intervene before it’s too late

didn’t you die on Yavin you really

seemed dead that time

as long as Tenebrae’s spirit remains so

will mine

he must be obliterated utterly and


that is our plan Kira will lead us in


we will join our minds with Satele’s and

end his blight on the galaxy

forever then go quickly I will aid you

as best I can

Kira the bridge has been secured we’re

all clear too

meeting with the med bay

does Kira know you’ve been working with

Revan I did not mention the specifics

Kira fought his followers on Yavin I

wasn’t sure

she would trust him come the end

is in sight

Heskel’s prophecy at last

we are here you

will not stop this you cannot stop this

you will never win Valkorion’s last

vestige will be saved from your


you were puppets fools we were his true

followers only we knew the true shape of

his power

of his plan you were all puppets

the man you’re so obsessed with never

cared about any of you

why should a god care for the insects

beneath him

his designs were beyond any of us and


will not be stopped he is

Master of the force Master of us

all to stand against such power is to be

destroyed my father manipulated you

just as he manipulated us

deception was his greatest power

we thought we were a family that we knew


we were wrong please let this madness


the end will come only when it serves


if destruction is what you crave

you shall have it I am the weapon of his


none can stand against his power

more deaths to lay at my father’s feet

Master Satele she’s still alive but trad

and sill are dead

and the rest aren’t far from it so much


we have to hurry form a circle quickly

I’ll keep you covered from here just in

case any stragglers are hiding out

baron she’s my mother I’m glad I can

help but

I don’t think I want to see the inside

of her mind

we’re going to join our minds with the

teals to help her fight

focus your minds on her watch her

breathing and try to match it

close your eyes here we go again

close your eyes let my voice guide you

listen follow my voice the force unites

us all

through the force all things are one

follow my voice follow


I can’t sense the others I’m not sure if

they made it in

unexpected guests fascinating

who are you

you don’t recognize me but you’ve come

here on purpose ah

who else could you be

I’ve heard so much about you


most impressive

what the my wayward child

you of all people should know better

than to challenge

my strength also I’ve gathered from this

Jedi’s memories

your minds are resilient to say the


adapting so quickly resisting

so ably we’ve done this whole it’s all a

dream but not really dance before

you don’t remember

this Jedi remembers

though she clearly lacks details you

aren’t who you’re pretending to be

I am and I am not

are you gonna start making sense anytime


I’m on a tight schedule rushing

ignorantly toward your doom

the galaxy never changes this is the

body Scourge and I destroyed

his original body Tenebrae

the ritual carved into him isn’t a

plague it’s an imprint

an echo of who he was back then it has


longer than I’d hoped to recompose


but time has never been in short supply

not for me to be honest

I’ve quite enjoyed the process the

memories this

Jedi and her followers have of me of us

quite amusing


you won’t hurt her or anyone else ever


so confident you clearly don’t know me

as well as you

think the version of me that you knew


too complacent too distracted by mortal


Empires wars even a family

I have seen where that path led

I’m not so easily distracted now

I will succeed where he failed

and thanks to you I have a choice of

interesting bodies to carry me to


you lash out with such conviction

don’t you see how pointless it all is

I control this place all that happens

every motion occurs by my design

and you are no different

you cannot succeed only die


in the fight against you no one is alone

he divided us he knows that together

we are stronger than he can ever hope to


if this really is Satele’s mind it looks

like he’s close to taking over


perhaps but our enemy lies as often as

he kills

we can still win no one person can

destroy this threat

but all of us together we will end him

we’ll find Satele and the others at the

center of all this

come on

I told you

I control all that happens here

I am immortal infinite


everything ends even you

I believe you tried to destroy me once


you failed I saved you

then I will not save you now

fools he thinks you will be lost here


but you have always known the way to

destroy him

together we will find his doom

sateel is stronger than this

duplicate believes she is not the easy

prey he assumes

he gleans the facts of his other lives

from the memories and impressions of


but he has only the knowledge of those

events this Tenebrae possesses none of

the wisdom earned by experiencing them

you seem to know a lot about what’s

going on I know

only what you know do not share in his


he is more vulnerable than he would have

us believe

but he is still the most dangerous being

in the galaxy

if we fail to destroy him here and now

there may never be

another opportunity he is a relic of an

ear long past destroy him

break the chains he uses to instead us


free the galaxy from his manipulations

avenge me

avenge your soul

at last I understand

so desperate for love

for approval

for self-determined each

more powerful than the last and

also easily manipulated

you must have been endlessly


ignore him we’re together

brother sister

I we know brother

we know what that he’s just as deluded

and self-absorbed

as our parents you couldn’t let me be


you are so afraid to let me be what I am

you killed me

I wouldn’t even be here if she hadn’t

dragged me along

dragged you along what do you mean not

one clue what you’re doing as

always lelen please please

please what mother please stop reminding

you of the truth

does it hurt because it pales next to

what you did to me

please listen to me valen I don’t

deserve your forgiveness

but you deserve to hear this I was wrong

he took you and I said nothing he caged


and I stood by he robbed you of the

woman you were destined to be but I

I let it happen others blame you for so


but the fault is mine

how much pain and suffering might not

have happened if I had just fought

harder for you

I could have done more I

should have done more

touching but that’s enough finally

something we agree on

can we focus there’s someone else here

who needs to die

foolish you could never hope

you presume limits to my power there are


you must reach the center go

what could you possibly be thinking

you must realize by now that everything

you do here is

meaningless the Jedi’s mind can no

longer resist me

it crumbles by the second when she

is obliterated only I

will remain watch fight flee bring as

many friends as you

like nothing can stop

me now you’re wrong

I can stop you ah foolish child

look at them your Jedi

and her weak-minded students

barely clinging to life to sanity

they will fall and once again

I will rise


your power is your weakness it blinds


Jedi nonsense precisely

my students and I who are we to resist

your power

you knew you could dominate us all

that you could tear a path through our

minds absorbing our essence

strengthening yourself crashing through

all our defenses one by one

in time your victory was inevitable in


you would claw your way here into the

very core of my being

into the heart of my trap

trap look around you

yes look around me look at my students

each of them shaken to their core by the

death and chaos that you helped create

eager for help guidance strength

had you focused on any one of them you

might have succeeded

but your ego wouldn’t allow it why

settle for one student when you could

assault them all

and why limit yourself to the students

when their Master was close at hand

I never needed to beat you I only had to

let you think you were invincible

until now until every person who knows

your weakness

firsthand could come to face you

until the one person who proved you

could be defeated came here to destroy


once and for all I command the force

that binds the universe

how can a mere soldier hope to challenge


I’ll win the same way I always do as

part of a team

enough you will all learn the true

depths of my power

you think you know me you

will suffer

I cannot be denied

I am immortal

everything you’ve done

everyone you’ve betrayed

everyone you’ve manipulated

everyone you’ve murdered

the force seeks balance always

no no the force

is mine I command it

I am endless

no in the end you’re nothing

welcome back

what is this a victory party

the best I could do on short notice

we destroyed him utterly and forever

the Sith emperor will never rise again

at the end all those people who appeared

around us

who were they they were the consequences

he fled for so many centuries

where is everyone else my son is helping

Kira and Scourge

by taking my surviving students to our

old training grounds on coruscant

Arcann and senya have left for Odessan

perhaps now they will finally know true


the rest darth mar meetra surek

revan I believe they are one with the

force at last

wait how much time has passed that’s not


you have given my son the home he always


he spent so many years searching for the

belonging that I couldn’t give him

he finally has it thank you aaron is a

good man

and a good friend I’m proud to be

working with him

today we defeated the most evil and

destructive being in history

it has been centuries since the galaxy

knew a day without Tenebrae’s dark


today is the first step toward a new


let’s make that future a better one

ah you’re awake shouldn’t need this then

had an eventful day have we

he’s gone mana destroyed

forever I felt it

Kira and Scourge had me pick you up from

the hangar apparently they were the

first to wake from the ritual

you were unconscious for more than an

hour what happened Master Satele wanted

to talk

just catching up or something like that

you’ll have to tell me all about it

but first what heading should I set

epic as long as it’s relaxing

Aryn Leneer I understand you have quite

a story to tell

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