SWTOR Secrets of the Enclave Story

The Secrets of the Enclave Story was released as part of the Dark Descent which was update 6.3 in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Spoilers! This page contains text conversation choices for the Secrets of the Enclave Dantooine flashpoint and quest. There will be spoilers for the planet of Ossus, Onderon, Mek-Sha and the Corellia Flashpoint on both Imperial and Republic side.

The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire still rages throughout the galaxy. The formidable enemies grapple for an advantage. Meanwhile, Darth Malgus, the powerful Sith Lord who could tip the balance of victory, has been missing since the battle of the Meridian Complex on Corellia. Malgus’s plans are a mystery, until Master Gnost-Dural and Lord Rivix arrive on Odessen with critical news….


These videos do not show every option, but shows my preferred choices during my Republic and Imperial playthrough. You can view the other options in the text versions below.




Hylo Visz Meeting

Hylo Visz: Hey, Commander. Don’t know if you were expecting him, but Darth Rivix is here.

Player: Rivix? He’s here, now?

Hylo Visz: Here and dying to meet with you: alone. He was very… insistent about that part.

Hylo Visz: I made him wait in the operations room. Said you’d meet him when you had the chance, but he said it couldn’t wait.

Option: I’ll see him now.
Player: All right. I’ll go there immediately.

Option: He can wait.
Player: I have many important meetings today. Let him know that I can’t drop everything at his word. / Sith always think what they’ve got going on is top priority. Tell him I’ll get there eventually.

Hylo Visz: I can do that… I just hope he doesn’t zap the messenger.

Darth Rivix Meeting

Darth Rivix: Commander. It’s a pleasure to see you again. / Lord Wrath. My mighty ally… / Darth [Imperius / Nox / Occlus]. My wise ally… / It’s wonderful to see you, Hunter. / Greetings, Keeper. I hope you are well.

Choice: Kept Rivix waiting.

Darth Rivix: It was so kind of you to find time in your busy schedule to meet with me

Option: This is last minute.
Player: Your visit was unexpected. I had to make several adjustments.

Option: This is last minute.
Player: You showed up without any warning. I had to clear my schedule for you.

Darth Rivix: I’m sure you did…

Option: Is everything all right?
Player: Are you feeling all right, Rivix? You seem a bit… out of sorts.

Choice: Saw Rivix immediately.

Darth Rivix: I must say how thoroughly I enjoy my visits, seeing operations run so smoothly under your capable leadership…

Option: What’s wrong?
Player: You okay? The flattery is more… intense than usual.

Darth Rivix: Ah, yes. Well…

Option: I thought this was urgent.
Player: Hylo said you wanted to see me immediately.

Darth Rivix: I did say that, didn’t I?

Option: Just get on with the meeting.
Player: I don’t have time to waste on empty pleasantries. If you have urgent business, then let’s get on with it.

Option: Just get to the point.
Player: Don’t waste my time. If this is important, then let’s go.

Darth Rivix: Then we shall jump right in.


Darth Rivix: My sincerest apologies for the theatrics. I have news to share that could not wait for a formal invitation.

Aryn Leneer (hologram recording): Of course I’m sure. I’d know that maniac anywhere. I could feel his presence before he even set foot on Dantooine.

Aryn Leneer (hologram recording): The longer you sit around, questioning what I saw, the more time he has to get away with whatever he’s doing in those ruins.

Darth Rivix: Our Intelligence officers have truly outdone themselves this time.

Imperial Agent Class Only

Player: Intelligence officers? Why was I not informed about this operation?

Darth Rivix: Apologies, Keeper, but time is against us. I thought it best to quickly procure the information and inform you afterward.

Player: What was that?

Darth Rivix: A secret meeting with Jedi leadership: or what’s left of them.

Darth Rivix: This woman, Aryn Leneer, claims she saw Darth Malgus enter the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

Darth Rivix: He was missing for so long, but it seems our errant dark lord has finally decided to show his face. In doing so, he has… deeply disappointed our Emperor.

Option: What about Malgus’s “leash?”
Player: Where has Malgus been? Don’t you have measures in place to recall him?

Darth Rivix: We did, once. But it’s clear that those precautionary measures are no longer functioning.

Option: Why is Acina / Vowran angry?
Player: What do you mean? Malgus isn’t acting under Acina’s / Vowran’s orders?

Darth Rivix: Whatever fool’s errand Malgus is chasing on Dantooine, Empress Acina / Emperor Vowrawn certainly did not sanction it and any attempt to recall Malgus has utterly failed.

Option: You failed at your job.
Player: All this time, no one could track down Malgus? How could you let this happen?

Darth Rivix: I take no pride in this situation, I assure you. But let’s remember who we’re dealing with, shall we? Malgus has never been one to make things simple.

Darth Rivix: Given the circumstances, the Imperial Reclamation Service proposed sending an entire excavation unit to search the ruins and apprehend Malgus.

Darth Rivix: But the Empress / Emperor does not want Malgus’s newfound “freedom” to become widespread knowledge. So, I suggested a more… covert approach.

Player: And you need me for this “covert approach.”

Darth Rivix: Precisely, my friend. A small task force: you, me, and a very powerful ally: would be more than capable of investigating what Malgus was up to in those Jedi ruins.

Option: I completely agree.
Player: A mission like this is exactly what the Hand was created to do.

Option: You’re right on the mark.
Player: This does sound like something that’s right up the Hand’s alley.

Option: Powerful ally?
Player: Are you going to tell me who this “powerful ally” is?

Darth Rivix: Even better, I’ll show you.

Option: I don’t want your allies.
Player: I don’t like this. If you want help, it should be someone from my ranks / This doesn’t sit right with me. If you need people, I’ve got a whole crew to choose from.

Darth Rivix: I understand your hesitation, but it will be difficult to argue there’s anyone better-suited for this task.

Darth Krovos

Darth Krovos walks in.

Darth Rivix: Darth Krovos, your timing is as impeccable as ever.

Darth Krovos: I apologize that I couldn’t be here sooner. Logistics is field-testing new kolto packs and wanted my approval before they begin. / I apologize that I couldn’t be here sooner, but our forces are facing heavy resistance in the Tapani sector. I had to implement some creative measures to bolster them.

Darth Krovos: I trust you’ve been briefed on the situation? We should depart before our window of opportunity closes.

Player: You’re going to Dantooine with us?

Darth Krovos: I’m sure I don’t need to explain how dire the consequences would be if Darth Malgus has somehow gone rogue, again. The severity of this mission requires my direct involvement.

Option: I appreciate it.
Player: I’m happy to have an extra pair of capable hands.

Darth Krovos: And I’m happy to provide them.

Option: [Flirt] Lucky me.
Player: I’ve always wanted to work closer with you, Krovos. Maybe I should be thanking Malgus.

Darth Krovos: I wouldn’t go that far.

Option: Remember who’s in charge.
Player: I can’t stop you from coming along, but you’d do well to stay out of my way.

Option: Stay out of the way.
Player: Just remember who’s in charge, and don’t get in my way.

Darth Krovos: My only priority is finding Malgus. As long as our objectives align, there should be no issue.

Option (Saboteur): [Contact Jonas Balkar]
Player: You go ahead. I need to tell my people where I’m going.

Darth Rivix: I understand. I do, however, humbly ask that you keep things subtle. Remember, we don’t want this news to spread too widely.

Darth Krovos: We’ve waited long enough. If we don’t get to Dantooine quickly, we’ll lose Malgus’s trail. I’ll meet you both at the shuttle.

Player: Darth Krovos? Isn’t the Hand meant to be working outside the Dark Council’s influence?

Darth Rivix: Krovos is not like the others on the Council. She is steadfast in her commitment to strengthening the Empire. Not to mention her considerable combat skills.

Darth Rivix: At any rate, we don’t have the luxury of being choosy with our allies. Unless we seize this opportunity now, we undoubtedly risk Republic interference later.

Darth Rivix: Our shuttle is waiting. After you.

Saboteur Holocall

Jonas Balkar (holocall): Well, hello there. And to what do I owe the pleasure of this little surprise?

Option: I’ve got news, Jonas.
Player: There’s something you need to know.

Jonas Balkar (holocall): I’m all ears.

Option: [Flirt] Just saying “hello.”
Player: Maybe I just wanted to check in on my favorite spy, see how things were going, if he’s free for dinner anytime soon…

Jonas Balkar (holocall): Aren’t I just the luckiest guy in the galaxy? But I get the feeling there might be more to this call…

Option: Spare me the small talk.
Player: I don’t have time for the feigned compliments, Jonas.

Option: Cut it out.
Player: Cut the flattery, Balkar. I don’t have time for it.

Player: Darth Malgus was on Dantooine: he might still be. The Jedi know, and now the Empire knows. I’m accompanying two high-ranking Sith to follow Malgus’s trail.

Jonas Balkar (holocall): No wonder you reached out, with news like that…

Jonas Balkar (holocall): Let me handle it from here. You do what you do best, keep an eye on those Sith, and I’ll let Master Sal-Deron know what’s going on.

Jonas Balkar (holocall): Thank you, Commander.

Flying to Dantooine

Darth Rivix: We’re nearing our destination. A few more minutes, and we’ll be planetside on Dantooine.

Player: How are you planning to get us down without attracting the Republic’s attention?

Darth Rivix: Ah, you must remember, Dantooine isn’t exactly a bustling metropolis world.

Darth Rivix: Their government lacks organization, and when it comes to officially-sanctioned travel… let’s just say it won’t be difficult for a small shuttle like ours to sneak in, unnoticed.

Darth Krovos: It is imperative that we do not draw attention to ourselves during this mission, Rivix. I hope you remember that.

Darth Rivix: Of course I do. We should have no trouble reaching the enclave ruins. No trouble at all.

Dantooine Landing


Player: Weren’t you saying something about “no trouble?” / “No trouble at all,” huh?

Darth Rivix: Blast! Our window was small, but I was sure we would be the first to arrive!

Darth Krovos: It takes the Republic military ages to agree on anything, let alone act. I can’t believe they’ve mobilized such a show of force so quickly.


Option: We need a new plan.

Player: Walking through the front door isn’t going to be an option for us. Suggestions?

Option: Now what?

Player: Believe it or not, they’ve beaten us. So what do we do now?

Option: [Saboteur] Take notes.

Player: They’ve got their act together. More than I can say for the Empire…

Option: [Saboteur] They’re efficient.

Player: Maybe if the Empire focused less on backstabbing and conspiracy, we could mobilize just as quickly.

Option: This is your fault.

Player: You both waited too long, and now the Republic’s gotten the better of us.

Darth Krovos: Regardless of where the blame lies, senseless finger-pointing doesn’t get us closer to Malgus. We need to think of a new plan of attack.

Darth Rivix: Well, since walking right past those Republic soldiers and possibly scaring off our quarry is clearly out of the question, might I suggest an alternate route?

Darth Rivix: Years ago, many people here scavenged what they could from the enclave ruins to make a living. Their leaders didn’t exactly approve, so they built access tunnels in secret.

Darth Rivix: We’ll undoubtedly meet resistance from patrols, but if we find one, our chances of infiltrating the ruins would be much higher than a direct assault.

Darth Krovos: And hopefully, we’ll retain at least some of this mission’s secrecy.

Option: I like this plan.

Player: It sounds like a great plan. Well done.

Darth Rivix: I’m glad you approve, considering we don’t have much of a choice…

Option: It’s something.

Player: What other choice do we have?

Darth Krovos: None, I’m afraid.

Option: I hate it.

Player: Is that really the best you could come up with?

Darth Rivix: Unfortunately, given the circumstances, the best I could come up with is our only option.

Player: Then let’s go, before the Republic sends more reinforcements.


Darth Rivix: How in blazes did these creatures get here?

Player: What was that thing? I’ve never seen anything like it.

Darth Rivix: A graul. They’re not uncommon, but seeing one underground and at this size… it’s completely out of the ordinary. Not to mention its little friends.

Medical Droid: Oh, at last! At last!

Medical Droid: Someone has finally come to help me!

Option: Stand down, everyone.

Player: Everyone lower your weapons. It’s just a droid.

Medical Droid: Yes, yes! I am just a droid, with no intention of harming you. You have my word!

Option: Identify yourself.

Player: Tell us who you are, droid.

Option: Stop right there.

Player: That’s far enough. Don’t come any closer.

Option: Stop right there.

Player: Don’t take another step. Not unless you want to get blasted down to your bolts.

Medical Droid: No, please! I… I mean you no harm, truly!

Medical Droid: I am a member of the Imperial Medical Corps. Designation TL-30.

Darth Krovos: What are you doing down here, droid?

Medical Droid: Darth Malgus brought me here, ma’am.

Player: Did you say Darth Malgus?

Medical Droid: Yes, I did. I was tasked with tending to Lord Malgus, after the battle of the Meridian Complex.

Medical Droid: Though his wounds were severe, he escaped our medical facility. I was his hostage.

Medical Droid: But he could not have survived on his own. I kept him alive while he considered his next move. Then he brought me here.

Player: Where is Malgus now?

Medical Droid: I… I do not know, sir / ma’am.

Medical Droid: I followed Lord Malgus deep into these tunnels. But we reached a crossroads, and he continued on from there – alone.

Medical Droid: He did not return. I had no choice but to find my own way out of these tunnels, but that great beast attacked me!

Medical Droid: And you made short work of it! Please – help me escape this horrible place!

Darth Krovos: We’re not taking her with us. She’s barely functional. She’ll slow us down.

Medical Droid: No! I don’t want to go with you. I want to get out of here!

Medical Droid: All I need is a quick repair, just enough to get me moving again. With the tunnels clear, I can manage on my own!

The choice is to destroy the droid and take its core, or repair the droid and make a copy and let it go free, or repair the droid then destroy it then take the core.

Option: [Repair] A favor for a favor. / You owe me now. 

Player: I’ll help you, but you must help me find Darth Malgus. +50

Medical Droid: Oh, thank you! Of course, whatever you need, it is yours!

Repairs are made.

Medical Droid: Much better. Here, the data in my memory banks can show you where Darth Malgus went – until he abandoned me.

Medical Droid: It will show you the path he took at the crossroads. I can give you a copy.

Option (After repairing): I’ll make a copy.

Player: Krovos, Rivix – scout ahead. Make sure there’s nothing waiting for us. I’ll meet you two when I’ve finished transferring the data.

Darth Krovos: Noted. Be quick.

Medical Droid: I believe that’s everything.

Option (After repairing): [Saboteur] Transmit this data.

Player: Now I need you to transmit everything in your memory banks to Lana Beniko, on Odessen. Tell her it’s for our friend Jonas.

Player: And don’t speak of this to anyone. / And keep your mouth shut about this.

Medical Droid: Anything you say. I could not turn down any request from my savior!

Option (After repairing): [Destroy TL-30] Actually…

Player: On second thought, I don’t need a copy. +50

Medical Droid: You don’t? But I thought…

Player: I’ll just take the original.

Option (after making a copy): Thank you. / Finally.

Player: I hope so. Thank you for your help. / Good. It took long enough.

Player: If you get out of here, look for an Imperial shuttle outside the enclave perimeter and wait there.

Medical Droid: I will, I will! I hope you find Lord Malgus and… well, it goes against my base protocols to say this, but… I hope you hurt him!

Option: [Destroy] You’re dead weight.

Player: We have enough obstacles to contend with.  / We don’t need a junk heap following us around. +50

Medical Droid: Oh no! No, please! I can help –

Option, if you destroy the droid

Darth Rivix: I wonder… if she followed Malgus for as long as she says…

Player: What are you thinking?

Darth Rivix: Copy the data from her memory core. She likely recorded everything she saw in this enclave – up until you destroyed her, of course.

Darth Krovos: The two of us will scout ahead. Meet us when you’ve extracted the information we need.

Darth Rivix: All finished, then?

Player: I have a record of Malgus’s every move in this place. We just have to figure out where he went after he left the droid.

Darth Rivix: Excellent – a new piece of the puzzle.

Darth Krovos: I would be remiss if I did not ask… but what if Malgus is still here? What do you plan to do with him?

Option: Kill him.

Player: I’m tired of dealing with Malgus. I’m ready to end him, once and for all.

Darth Krovos: I don’t think that’s the wisest course of action.

Option: Bring him back.

Player: Malgus still has his uses. We’ll bring him back to the Empire, if we can.

Darth Krovos: I am heartened by how clearly you see the situation.

Darth Krovos: Whatever Malgus is going through… I am sure it is only temporary. I know he still desires to serve the Empire.

Darth Krovos: The strength and power he offers are mighty weapons. It would be foolish to throw them away over an error in judgment.

Player: What would you do, Lord Rivix, were you in my place?

Player: What would you do, Rivix, if our places were swapped?

Darth Rivix: My duty is to support the Hand, which means supporting you. Whatever your opinion is, I defer to it.

Darth Krovos: Unsurprising. But we’ve idled long enough. Let’s continue.

Captain Meinar

Captain Meinar: Hold on. Someone’s here.

Captain Meinar: Stop right there! Don’t take another step.

Captain Meinar: You’re outnumbered, and we know how to take down Sith.

Captain Meinar: Put down your weapons and surrender, Imps. Unless you want to leave here in pieces.

Option: No one has to get hurt.

Player: This doesn’t have to get bloody. Drop your weapons, let us pass, and forget you saw us.

Option: I’m lost!

Player: Oh, my apologies, sir! I seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Captain Meinar: Very funny. Really.

Captain Meinar: This is the end of the line for you. We won’t let any Imps get in the way of our mission here.

Option: [Attack] Bad choice of words.

Player: I’m not the one who’s going to be in pieces.

Captain Meinar: For the Republic!

Captain Meinar is defeated in battle.

Player: Where do these tunnels lead? Tell us.

Master Leeha Narezz: Meinar…? Wait – I know you…

Master Leeha Narezz: Where is Captain Meinar? Let me speak to him. Now!

Option: I need information first.

Player: I’ll let him go, but only if you tell me what you’ve found here.

Option: His fate is in your hands.

Player: He’s here – and alive. The same can’t be said for the rest of these soldiers.

Player: Tell me what you’re doing here, and what you’ve learned. Or this man joins the others.

Captain Meinar: No! Master Narezz, don’t tell them anything. Please!

Master Leeha Narezz: I would never. I’m sorry, Captain…

Option: [Hang up] Enough of this.

Player: You don’t give the orders here, Jedi.

Darth Rivix: How unfortunate for you.

Rivix starts force-choking Captain Meinar.

Option: Kill him.

Player: He’s useless. Get rid of him. +100

Darth Rivix: As you command.

Option: [Say nothing].

Rivix kills Captain Meinar.

Option: Rivix, let him go.

Player: Enough, Rivix. Let him go. +100

Player: I told you to stop!

Darth Rivix: My sincerest apologies. I don’t know what happened – he must have been too weak to withstand anything further.

Option (if you tod Rivix to stop): Be careful.

Player: If that’s true, then maybe you should to try harder to control yourself.

Option (if you told Rivix to stop): If you say so.

Player: Fine. I’m not about to argue with you over this.

Option (if you told Rivix to stop): You’re on thin ice.

Player: Don’t ever go against my orders again. Do you understand?

Darth Rivix: I will do my very best, I assure you.

Player: Let’s figure out our next move.

Darth Krovos: The droid said something about Malgus abandoning her at a crossroads…

Darth Rivix: Yes, she did… can you check her recordings?

Player: This is it. This is the place.

Darth Krovos: So we follow the same path as Malgus took in this recording.

Player: What if Malgus knows he’s being followed? What if he manipulated this recording?

Player: What if Malgus laid a false trail? He’s tricky enough to pull something like that.

Darth Rivix: A valid concern. But unfortunately, unless we want to return empty-handed, our only option is to follow where this recording leads.

Darth Krovos: Rivix is right. We’ve come this far…

Player: Then we’ll keep going. Just keep your guard up.

Master Leeha Narezz

Darth Krovos: This is the only way forward…

Darth Rivix: Whoever built this door clearly didn’t want anyone snooping around in here.

Darth Krovos: But someone got in anyway. Recently, from the look of these lightsaber marks.

Player: Then we should see what’s inside.

Player: Turn around. Don’t try to escape.

Master Leeha Narezz: Or what? You’ll kill me, like you killed my friends?

Darth Rivix: I can feel the anger radiating from her… and look what she did to her own people!

Darth Rivix: Well done, Master Jedi. Well done, indeed.

Master Leeha Narezz: How dare you? I didn’t do this!

Master Leeha Narezz: I found them like this. I guess Darth Malgus couldn’t show any mercy to the rest of my team. Just like you…

Player: How do you know this was Malgus?

Master Leeha Narezz: Don’t play games with me! You’re Imperials, you know this was Malgus. Tell me what he was doing here, and tell me where the relic is. I know he took it!

Darth Krovos: We don’t know any more than you do, Jedi.

Master Leeha Narezz: Don’t! Do not try to manipulate me!

Master Leeha Narezz: You Sith… constantly outdoing yourselves when it comes to deceit. I’ve seen so many dark things, and it still shocks me!

Darth Krovos: Wait… something is wrong. Ignore the Jedi’s whimpering – we should leave, now.

Master Leeha Narezz: You’re not going anywhere! A transparent ploy like that won’t stop me… I’ve faced the worst the Empire has to offer, and I returned to the light.

Master Leeha Narezz: Once you’re out of the way, I’ll track down Malgus myself.

Option: Listen to Krovos.

Player: If Lord Krovos says we need to leave, then we’re getting out of here.

Option: Don’t be foolish.

Player: Don’t do something you’ll regret. I’m giving you a chance to escape. Don’t waste it!

Option: You’re digging your own grave.

Player: Leave, now – or you won’t leave these ruins alive.

Master Leeha Narezz: I’ll take my chances.

Master Leeha Narezz: This is it… after everything I’ve overcome…

Option: It didn’t have to be this way.

Player: I offered you a way out. Why didn’t you take it?

Master Leeha Narezz: Considering who you work for, can you blame me for being skeptical?

Option: It’s your own fault.

Player: You shouldn’t have tried to stop me.

Option: You had it coming.

Player: This is what happens when people cross me.

Option: I’ll enjoy this.

Player: There’s something so satisfying about killing Jedi… +100

Master Leeha Narezz: You’re disgusting.

Master Leeha Narezz: Just… get on with it.

Krovos’ Vision

Darth Krovos: Stop! Something is happening…

Darth Malgus (vision): Of all the people I expected to follow me into these ruins… you, Lord Krovos, were not one of them.

Darth Krovos: What’s happening? How are you doing this?

Darth Malgus (vision): Everything you see is your own doing. The bonds we’ve forged in battle bind us together. They allow you to see this echo of my presence.

Darth Malgus (vision): This place… all the violence and betrayal it has seen disturbs the Force. Movement through these ruins is imprinted – especially if it’s born of pain and anger. Those with enough power can sense it.

Darth Malgus (vision): You may have deceived your two allies during this foolish expedition, but I know you have felt my presence all along. Don’t deny it.

Darth Krovos: I wasn’t going to.

Darth Krovos: I want to bring you back to the Empire. You are a pillar of strength among the Sith, and we will need you to defeat the Republic once and for all.

Darth Malgus (vision): Perhaps. But you should know, I have removed the final tool that bound me to the Emperor’s will.

Darth Malgus (vision): Perhaps. But you should know, I have removed the final tool that bound me to the Empress’s will.

Darth Malgus (vision): I have done what so many Sith pretend to do, but never really achieve… I have broken my chains.

Darth Malgus (vision): I will never again have a master. I will never let another rule over me. I will never return to the Empire.

Darth Krovos: I don’t think you have a choice. The entire galaxy will hunt you down. Take your chances with us.

Darth Malgus (vision): Do you think it’s a coincidence that both the Republic and the Empire sent agents to Dantooine? Think, Krovos, use that strategic mind of yours…

Darth Malgus (vision): I knew none of you could resist running to the Alliance Commander for help. And I knew he could not resist coming after me. Even if it meant walking right into my trap.

Darth Malgus (vision): I knew none of you could resist running to the Alliance Commander for help. And I knew she could not resist coming after me. Even if it meant walking right into my trap.

Darth Malgus (vision): It does not please me to see you suffer the same fate as these fools. If only you hadn’t followed them here… You could have been a capable ally in what’s to come.

Player: Krovos…? Krovos! What’s happening?

Darth Krovos: Go, go! Malgus set a trap!

Darth Rivix: What? How do you –

Player: Go, both of you!

Player: Run for it!

Option: [Let Master Narezz go]

Leeha runs away. +100

Option: [Kill Master Narezz]

Leeha does not run away. +100

Player: Head for the shuttle, quickly! / Get back to the shuttle, now!


The player walks in on Darth Rivix speaking privately with the current Emperor.

Darth Rivix: Yes, Empress / Emperor. It seems our worst fears have come true – forgive the dramatics.

Emperor Vowrawn / Empress Acina: There is no need to apologize. I understand full well the seriousness of what’s happened. / Come now, Rivix. There’s no need to apologize for adding a bit of drama. If only to make this situation more bearable…

Darth Rivix: Indeed, my lord. Regretfully, Darth Krovos has confirmed our suspicions. Malgus has successfully removed all of the mechanisms we used to ensure his compliance.

Empress Acina / Emperor Vowrawn: Most unfortunate. What are our next steps? Did you locate the tome he stole from the library on Ossus? / And you found nothing else? What of the tome he stole from the Ossus library?

Darth Rivix: We haven’t located it, my lord. And what’s worse, it seems Malgus added another relic to his collection. If the containment case we found on Dantooine is any indication…

Empress Acina: / Emperor Vowrawn: How could this have happened? I trust that you comprehend the difficulty of the path before you, Lord Rivix. I do hope you are up to the task. / Well… that is terribly disappointing news, Lord Rivix. You certainly have your work cut out for you. I shall let you return to you it.

Darth Rivix: I believe I am, Empress Acina. I shall update you again soon. For the Empire… / Thank you, Emperor Vowrawn. We shall speak again soon. For the Empire…

The player makes themselves known.

Player: Rivix…

Darth Rivix: Oh, my apologies! The briefing doesn’t start for a few more minutes, I thought…

Option: What were you talking about?

Player: Did you start without me? I heard you say something about Dantooine.

Option: Don’t let me interrupt!

Player: No, I should be the one apologizing, barging in on my own briefing room like that… Forgive me. / No, I should be saying sorry to you, barging in on my own briefing room like that… Shame on me.

Option: You thought wrong.

Player: I’m early. Is that a problem?

Darth Rivix: None whatsoever.

Darth Rivix: My sincerest apologies, but Empress Acina / Emperor Vowrawn was growing rather impatient for an update.

Player: What were you talking about? Something about a missing tome? This is the first I’m hearing of it.

Darth Rivix: Yes. When the Empire attacked the Jedi colony on Ossus, we compiled an extensive catalog of the books found in the ancient library.

Darth Rivix: After the assault on the colony, when the dust had settled, we discovered that one of the tomes was missing.

Option: I see why you didn’t tell me.

Player: I understand why you kept this quiet. If you weren’t sure who stole the book, you didn’t want to let your suspect know you were looking for them.

Darth Rivix: That was one of the motivating factors…

Darth Rivix: Precisely. I knew you would understand.

Option: You’re sure it was Malgus?

Player: Why do you assume Malgus took it? Anyone could have.

Darth Rivix: I wasn’t sure at first, but he was alone in that library for some time, and everyone else we suspected was searched.

Option: Don’t hide things from me.

Player: If I’m expected to be a part of the Hand, then I want respect from the other members. / I don’t want something this important kept from me, ever again. Understand?

Option: Don’t hide things from me.

Player: You want me to be part of the Hand, then I want respect from everyone else. / Something like this happens again, I better not hear you left me out. Got it?

Darth Rivix: You must understand – there are concerns about some of the intel the Republic has been privy to. As a result, I’ve endeavored to keep most things close to the chest.

Darth Rivix: Yes. Completely.

Darth Rivix: Going forward, I’ll do my best to inform you of important information, the second I know it. The stakes are too high now to justify keeping you in the dark.

Player: What was this book he stole? And do you have any idea what he took from the Dantooine Enclave?

Darth Rivix: I don’t know exactly what Malgus took from Ossus – there was so much chaos, and the library was already in such disarray when the Empire arrived.

Darth Rivix: As for what was being kept down in the enclave ruins, that is anyone’s guess.

Player: So what’s the Hand’s next move?

Darth Rivix: I’ll arrange for agents to identify the relics that Malgus chose to take. They’re our only keys to unlocking his plans.

Darth Rivix: I’ll also recommend that Darth Krovos deploy soldiers to investigate any Sith and Jedi ruins that Malgus might potentially target.

Option: Good work.

Player: For as little as we have to work with, that sounds like an excellent plan, Rivix.

Darth Rivix: I do my best.

Option: [Flirt] Don’t forget about me.

Player: That’s a lot to keep track of. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll be seeing less of you.

Darth Rivix: Quite the opposite. In fact, I can guarantee that you and I will be spending more quality time together.

Option: Don’t leave me out again.

Player: I expect constant updates on each of these fronts.

Darth Rivix: And you will have them.

Option: Don’t leave me out again.

Player: You better keep me in the loop for all this.

Darth Rivix: I assure you, I will.

Darth Rivix: We may have come away empty-handed this time, but you will be the first to know when I discover Malgus’s next move.

Darth Rivix: And the Hand of the Empire will be ready for him…


The mails you receive for this quest are located in a different guide page.

SWTOR Secrets of the Enclave Mails


Hylo Visz Meeting

Hylo Visz: Commander – just got an interesting message from Master Gnost-Dural.

Player: What did he say?

Hylo Visz: Just that he wants a meeting, right away. With you – and only you. Preferably in the most secure space we’ve got.

Option: That’s concerning.

Player: That doesn’t sound good.

Hylo Visz: No kidding.

Option: That’s not like him…

Player: I wonder what happened. Gnost-Dural isn’t usually so secretive.

Hylo Visz: Yeah, surprised me, too.

Option: Can it wait?

Player: I’m very busy, and I don’t appreciate being put on the spot like this.

Hylo Visz: Well, whatever’s going on, it’s obviously a big deal.

Player: All right, get the operations room prepared. I’ll wait for Gnost-Dural there.

Hylo Visz: Will do, Commander.


Master Gnost-Dural: Hello again, my friend. Please, forgive me for putting this all together on such short notice, but it was too important to wait.

Arn Peralun: Glad to see things are going so well around here!

Option: Arn!

Player: It’s great to see you, Arn.

Arn Peralun: Same to you. It’s been awhile.

Option: Where’s Tau?

Player: Arn. I’m surprised you’re here without Tau.

Arn Peralun: She wanted to be here, but she was called away at the last second to assist some civilians on Balmorra. She said to keep an eye on me. / She’s on Balmorra… Part of an assignment. I don’t really know the details.

Player: Is your training going well? / How’s the Jedi training going?

Arn Peralun: It’s fantastic. I’m learning so much… I think I’ve finally hit my stride. / It’s fine. I’m making progress.

Option: Ugh… You?

Player: I thought it would be just the two of us, Gnost-Dural.

Arn Peralun: Wow. Nice to see you, too.

Master Gnost-Dural

Master Gnost-Dural: We really should get on with the meeting. We don’t have a second to waste.

Option: You seem shaken.

Player: Is everything all right? It’s like you’ve seen a ghost…

Master Gnost-Dural: An apt observation. But it wasn’t me who saw the ghost.

Option: What about General Daeruun?

Player: If we’re discussing Task Force Nova business, shouldn’t we wait for General Daeruun?

Master Gnost-Dural: He’s occupied elsewhere, but I’ve let him know everything that I’m about to tell you.

Option: I agree – hurry up.

Player: Agreed. I have other things to take care of, you know.

Master Gnost-Dural: Noted, but what we’re about to discuss takes precedence over any other Task Force Nova responsibilities.

Aryn Leneer

Master Gnost-Dural: This is Aryn Leneer.

Master Gnost-Dural: Master Satele connected us. She had interesting news to share.

Option: Nice to meet you.

Player: Welcome to Odessen.

Aryn Leneer: Thank you. I wish I were visiting under better circumstances.

Option: I’ve heard of you!

Player: The Aryn Leneer? You faced Malgus at the Sacking of Coruscant and lived to tell about it.

Player: It’s an honor to meet you. / I’m kind of star-struck.

Aryn Leneer: How many times have you walked away from Malgus? We could start a club.

Player: I’ll bring the drinks! / I’ll bring snacks! I make a mean Blumfruit cooler…

Option: Then get on with it.

Player: Is this “interesting news” the reason you’re interrupting my day?

Aryn Leneer: Obviously.

Master Gnost-Dural: Aryn lives on Dantooine. There’s an abandoned Jedi Enclave there with an untold number of ancient relics and artifacts. It would spell disaster if they fell into the wrong hands.

Master Gnost-Dural: Unfortunately for us, Darth Malgus just walked right into those ruins.

Player: Malgus? Are you sure? Nobody’s seen him since the Meridian Complex.

Aryn Leneer: I’m sure. I sensed Malgus before he even set foot on our soil. And I saw him – I followed him right into the enclave.

Arn Peralun: Is Malgus still on Dantooine?

Aryn Leneer: I couldn’t tell you. I didn’t hang around there for long. Something felt very… different about him. There was no way I could face him on my own.

Aryn Leneer: I’m not ashamed to admit I’m not the fighter I once was. But Malgus… it’s like he’s just as powerful as the last time I saw him. More powerful, even.

Aryn Leneer: Someone more capable needed to know what was happening. So I ran before he could figure out I was following him. Packed up my family, and went straight to Master Satele.

Option: Thank you.

Player: You were brave to follow him for as long as you did. Good work.

Option: That’s quite a story.

Player: Dantooine is the last place I expected Malgus to show his face.

Option: That’s quite a story.

Player: Well, I didn’t expect “dark lord of the Sith infiltrates ancient Jedi ruins” to be on my agenda today.

Option: You’re a coward.

Player: You had Malgus. He was right there. Why didn’t you stop him?

Aryn Leneer: Are you serious? If I’d gotten myself killed, no one would even know that he had been to Dantooine.

Arn Peralun: It doesn’t matter what anyone should’ve done.

Arn Peralun: We need to figure out why Malgus chose Dantooine, and for what. Master Gnost-Dural? How do we handle this?

Master Gnost-Dural: General Daeruun is on standby. He’s ready to deploy military reinforcements, if necessary.

Master Gnost-Dural: But he and I agree that we should keep this quiet. We don’t want to cause a panic on Dantooine – or let the Empire get wind of what’s happened.

Player: What are you suggesting?

Master Gnost-Dural: Search the enclave and find out what Malgus was doing there. Arn has studied those ruins before – he can back you up.

Aryn Leneer: Were you listening to anything I just said? It’ll take more than two Jedi / the two of you to bring Malgus down!

Master Gnost-Dural: When these two faced Malgus on Corellia, they nearly defeated him for good. If Malgus is still in those ruins, they’ll be ready for him.

Option: We’ve got this.

Player: Arn and I can handle this.

Arn Peralun: Absolutely. / Right…

Option: What do you think, Arn?

Player: Are you sure about this, Arn? Can you handle it?

Arn Peralun: We have to do something. And I can’t let you just go in there alone. / It doesn’t matter. Someone has to go with you…

Option: She might be right.

Player: I don’t know if Arn is ready for this.

Arn Peralun: Don’t worry. I’m ready. / Thanks a lot…

Master Gnost-Dural: I have complete confidence in Arn’s abilities. I wouldn’t be so quick to doubt him.

Aryn Leneer: If you’re determined to do this by yourself, at least let me get you to Dantooine and point you in the right direction once we’ve landed.

Aryn Leneer: I’ll be waiting by the shuttle.

Master Gnost-Dural: I’m glad she’s offered to help. She knows Dantooine – and Malgus. And she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure her family’s safety.

Master Gnost-Dural: But remember: Aryn Leneer was once a Jedi, but she is no longer part of the Order. Her only responsibility should be getting you there and back safely.

Player: I’ll keep that in mind.

Arn Peralun: We should get going. We wait too long, and I doubt there’ll be anything to find in the enclave.


Option: [Contact NR-02]

Player: I’m right behind you. I just need to let my people know where I’ll be.

Arn Peralun: Got it. Meet you at the shuttle.

NR-02: Hello, Commander. I was not aware we had any scheduled meetings.

Option: Sorry for the short notice.

Player: We didn’t, but if I don’t call now, I won’t get another chance.

Option: Am I interrupting something?

Player: Were you busy?

NR-02: At any given moment, I am handling fifty-eight agents infiltrating the Republic and overseeing two hundred and twelve intelligence operations.

NR-02: I am always busy.

Player: Well, one of your fifty-eight agents has information that you need to know. Now.

Option: Just listen.

Player: I don’t have much time, so I need you to listen up.

Player: Darth Malgus was on Dantooine. In the Jedi Enclave ruins. I don’t know if he’s still there, but the Republic is sending me to investigate.

NR-02: Do not fear, Commander. Imperial intelligence officers recently received intel that matches what you’ve said. We will be deploying our own mission shortly.

NR-02: I will, however, relay your report to Lord Xarion. He will greatly appreciate the fact that you were so forthcoming.

Flying to Dantooine

Aryn Leneer: We’re almost to Dantooine. Shouldn’t be much longer.

Player: You said that you could “sense” Malgus, even before he landed. How is that possible?

Aryn Leneer: The day he and I fought on Coruscant, I could feel his rage and disgust with every attack. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before… it was suffocating.

Player: You fought Darth Malgus?

Aryn Leneer: A long time ago.

Aryn Leneer: It’s not something you forget. I’d know his presence anywhere.

Arn Peralun: I know what you mean…

Aryn Leneer: And it’s not something I ever wanted to feel again. But here we are.

Aryn Leneer: I’m sure Master Gnost-Dural told you about my past. I can’t say I’m happy to be involved in Jedi business again, but if that’s what it takes to keep my family safe…

Player: I understand.

Aryn Leneer: Setting us down away from the ruins. Don’t want to draw any unwanted attention…

Dantooine Landing

Player: What were you saying about “unwanted attention?”

Arn Peralun: Unbelievable! How in blazes did the Empire find out about this?

Aryn Leneer: By doing something shameless, I’m sure.

Option: This doesn’t change anything.

Player: Stick to the plan. Empire or no, we need to get in there and look for Malgus’s trail.

Option: What now?

Player: We obviously need to do things differently than we planned.

Option: [Saboteur] They beat us.

Player: Being ruthless works. If the Republic didn’t debate every decision, we might’ve gotten here first.

Option: This is your fault.

Player: Don’t blame the Empire. You should have done something sooner.

Aryn Leneer: I went straight to the Jedi once my family was safe. What else was I supposed to do?

Arn Peralun: There’s no time to point fingers – we need a new plan.

Arn Peralun: I don’t think walking through the front door is going to work.

Aryn Leneer: I can show you a way in.

Player: Are you sure?

Aryn Leneer: Of course I’m sure. You still want to do this quietly?

Aryn Leneer: A lot of people salvage things from the enclave ruins to get by. It’s not a very well-kept secret, and the government frowns on it.

Aryn Leneer: The scavengers built hidden access tunnels. We find one, we get in – hopefully without too much resistance.

Option: Let’s do it.

Player: Then that’s what we’ll do. Let’s move.

Arn Peralun: We’re right behind you.

Option: I’m glad you’re here.

Player: It’s a good thing you’re here. I appreciate the backup.

Aryn Leneer: Yeah. You’re welcome.

Option: This isn’t a good idea.

Player: Gnost-Dural said you were only getting us here and back home. How do I know you can hold your own?

Aryn Leneer: Don’t worry about me. You’ve got a job to do, and this is how you’ll get it done.

Arn Peralun: It’s not like we have much choice.

Player: Fine. Let’s go.


Arn Peralun: What was that thing?

Aryn Leneer: A graul. Biggest one I’ve ever seen…

Player: What’s wrong?

Aryn Leneer: When I followed Malgus down here, I walked right through these tunnels without any problems.

Aryn Leneer: Sure, I saw a few creatures here and there, but they left me alone. They didn’t attack like this.

Aryn Leneer: Whatever Malgus has done in here… it sure seems like he’s gotten everything riled up.

Option: That’s not good.

Player: I don’t like the sound of that…

Arn Peralun: Me, neither.

Option: Malgus did this?

Player: Why would Malgus stir these things up while he’s in the ruins?

Aryn Leneer: I’m not sure he meant to.

Option: That’s a stretch.

Player: They’re attacking us, like animals do. I doubt Malgus had anything to do with it.

Aryn Leneer: I wouldn’t be so sure.

Aryn Leneer: The Force feels so… unnatural here. These halls have seen so much pain and suffering – it echoes through the Force.

Aryn Leneer: It wouldn’t surprise me if Malgus did something to tip the balance.

Option: What do you mean?

Player: What happened here?

Option: “Pain and suffering?”

Player: Did you say “pain and suffering?”

Aryn Leneer: That’s putting it mildly.

Option: You’re exaggerating.

Player: This was a Jedi Enclave. It can’t be that bad. / It’s an abandoned Jedi temple – nothing more than a bunch of old rocks. How bad could it be?

Aryn Leneer: I don’t exaggerate.

Aryn Leneer: Betrayal. Murder. The Sith were ruthless when they destroyed the enclave. So many senseless deaths…

Arn Peralun: She’s right. And things weren’t exactly ideal before the Sith came.

Arn Peralun: The Jedi here could alter a person’s memories if they thought someone was susceptible to dark side corruption. They could wipe minds altogether… maybe worse.

Arn Peralun: No one knows what these Jedi were fully capable of. Not even Master Gnost-Dural.

Option: That’s horrible.

Player: I can’t believe they would do that…

Arn Peralun: I don’t think anyone’s proud of it.

Option: I don’t believe they did that.

Player: There’s no way these Jedi were capable of something like that.

Arn Peralun: They were. The records back it up.

Option: Interesting…

Player: It’s too bad we can’t learn more from them. The Republic could use tactics like that.

Arn Peralun: Then we’d be no better than the Empire.

Aryn Leneer: Alright, enough. We’re wasting time.

Aryn Leneer: We’re on the right track. Let’s keep moving…

Lord Ziliss

Lord Ziliss: If only you understood the error you’ve just made. I almost feel sorry for you…

Option: Stand aside.

Player: Let us through, and you can walk out of here alive.

Lord Ziliss: Ha! Oh, thank you for that. This will be so much fun.

Option: Is that supposed to scare me?

Player: I’ve heard much worse from Sith more dangerous than you.

Lord Ziliss: If they let you walk away, how dangerous could they have been?

Option: Oh, shut up.

Player: Yeah, yeah, save the spooky Sith threats. You think I haven’t heard that one before?

Lord Ziliss: This will be the last time you hear it – or anything at all.

Option: [Attack] You’re dead.

Player: It’s not me you should feel sorry for.

Lord Ziliss: Oh, I’m going to enjoy this.

Lord Ziliss: Your meddling stops here, worm!

Player: If you know where these tunnels lead, tell us.

Lord Ziliss: Ha! Hahaha…

Colonel Barden Golah: Lord Ziliss? Oh. It’s you. When Ziliss said there were “insects,” this is not what I expected.

Colonel Barden Golah: Colonel Golah, Imperial Reclamation Service. As you’re answering a holo frequency that belongs to my team, I can only assume they are all dead.

Option: Regrettably, yes.

Player: I’m sorry. But we’ve captured your Sith friend.

Colonel Barden Golah: So I see.

Option: It had to be done.

Player: We are at war.

Colonel Barden Golah: And right now, we could face a bigger threat than the Republic and Empire’s repetitive bickering.

Colonel Barden Golah: Despite our “war,” I see you’ve spared Lord Ziliss.

Option: I killed them all.

Player: They got in my way, so I put them down.

Option: Sure are.

Player: Deader than a tuskbeast on Kintan.

Colonel Barden Golah: Except for one, I see.

Colonel Barden Golah: What will it take for you to return her to me? Alive.

Option: Answers.

Player: If you tell me what you’re doing here, and everything you’ve learned since you arrived, she’s free to go.

Option: Surrender.

Player: Come to my location and turn yourself in. It’s the only way to save both your lives.

Colonel Barden Golah: I’m not entertaining this foolishness. You’ve wasted enough of my time.

Colonel Barden Golah: Oh, and I’d advise turning back. You won’t find what you’re looking for – it’s too late.

Option: Nothing.

Player: There’s nothing you can offer me. I want you both dead.

Arn Peralun: Her wounds are bad – she won’t make it. Not like she’d help us, anyway…

Option: [Saboteur] I’ll handle her.

Player: You two go ahead. I’ll take care of her. +100

Arn Peralun: You’re sure?

Player: It’s fine.

Option: Let us help you.

Player: You don’t have to die down here. Help us find Malgus. +100

Lord Ziliss: Haha. Death… is far more desirable… worm…

Lord Ziliss kills herself.

Arn Peralun: What a waste.

Option: We’re taking her in. / She’s our prisoner.

Player: It doesn’t matter if she helps us. She’s our prisoner. It doesn’t matter if she helps us. We’re taking her in. It doesn’t matter if she helps us. We’re taking her into custody.

Lord Ziliss: How noble of you, worm… the Republic would be so proud… except…

Lord Ziliss jumps up and attempts to kill the player, but is stopped and killed by Arynn.

Lord Ziliss: Arghh!

Arn Peralun: Cooperation from a Sith was probably too much to hope for.

Option: [Kill her] I’ll finish this.

Player: Then we’d better not leave any loose ends. +100

Lord Ziliss: You’re angry… aren’t you, worm? You’ve come so far… for nothing…


Arn and Arynn leave the room.

Player: If you want to get out of here alive, then listen up, and do exactly what I tell you.

Player: Here’s a kolto pack. It should be enough to get you on your feet and out of the ruins. Wait until we’re gone.

Lord Ziliss: Why… why would I take… anything from you, worm?

Option: Because I’m a friend.

Player: You can insult me all you want, but we’re on the same side. That counts for something.

Option: For the Empire.

Player: The Empire thrives because of strong warriors like you. Don’t waste that power.

Option: You don’t have a choice.

Player: Take this from me, or die in the dark. You choose.

Player: Keep moving. We need to figure out which way to go.

Aryn Leneer: I don’t think I made it this far when I was following Malgus.

Player: Then which way do we go?

Arn Peralun: Should we split up?

Aryn Leneer: No… Just – just give me a minute.

Aryn Leneer: Here. Malgus went this way.

Player: How do you know?

Aryn Leneer: Because I feel his presence most strongly here.

Player: Does that mean he’s nearby?

Aryn Leneer: Not necessarily. Remember what I said about how the terrible things that happened here left echoes in the Force?

Aryn Leneer: Those feelings of pain and trauma are almost like imprints. Anyone who comes through here now – even Malgus – continues to leave those imprints. And I can feel them.

Player: Why don’t I sense them?

Arn Peralun: Why don’t I feel them like you do?

Aryn Leneer: Force empathy. I’ve experienced it for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been… almost overwhelmed by other people’s feelings and emotions.

Aryn Leneer: Little things like time and distance don’t do much to stop it, either.

Player: Does Malgus know this? Could he be manipulating these “imprints,” knowing that you were our only lead?

Aryn Leneer: I don’t know. I’ve haven’t thought about it…

Arn Peralun: Well… All we can do now is follow this tunnel – or turn back.

Player: We go forward. But let’s be careful…

Colonel Barden Golah

Aryn Leneer: Doesn’t look like there’s any other way forward…

Arn Peralun: Look at this door. Whatever the Jedi kept in here, they didn’t want anyone seeing it.

Aryn Leneer: Too bad for them, because judging from these lightsaber burns, someone got inside. Recently.

Player: Then let’s see what’s in here.

Player: Stop right there.

Arn Peralun: Did – did you do this? Weren’t these people on your side?

Colonel Barden Golah: Don’t be stupid. They were dead when I found this room… such a shame.

Colonel Barden Golah: If only Lord Malgus could have found any semblance of concern for the Empire… he might have spared my people.

Player: You think Malgus did this?

Colonel Barden Golah: Don’t tell me you’re surprised!

Colonel Barden Golah: I knew Malgus was looking for something to break the ties that bound him to Empress Acina / Emperor Vowrawn, but I never dreamed he would go this far.

Option: What “ties?”

Player: What do you mean?

Colonel Barden Golah: He was controlled by our Empress / Emperor, compelled to carry out his orders. Malgus wanted to destroy those chains. At any cost.

Colonel Barden Golah: Even if it meant killing loyal servants of the Empire.

Option: We’re talking about Malgus.

Player: If you really believe that, you don’t know Malgus like you think you do.

Colonel Barden Golah: I never claimed to know him well. But I know enough.

Option: You’re a fool.

Player: Sith are ruthless. They destroy anyone who stands in their way. Why would Malgus be any different?

Colonel Barden Golah: Malgus is nothing like the mighty Sith I have served and admired. Noble heroes like those I’ve known seem to be a dying breed.

Colonel Barden Golah: I have seen many strange and terrible things in the Reclamation Service, but one thing is always consistent.

Colonel Barden Golah: Those who wield the Force will go to any lengths for power. The atrocities that happened centuries ago in these very halls are proof of that.

Colonel Barden Golah: Your kind will never be satisfied… and the rest of us will pay the price.

Colonel Barden Golah: People like you and I will pay the price – as people like your friends here climb over us.

Arn Peralun: That’s not true.

Aryn Leneer: Hold on. Something’s not right…

Aryn Leneer: Let’s go before we find out what it is. Forget about him – he’s not who we came for.

Colonel Barden Golah: Haha… I have faced things you couldn’t fathom in your wildest nightmares. Nothing you threaten me with can scare me away from my duty.

Colonel Barden Golah: But if you wish to abandon your foolish efforts… I could be persuaded to give you a head start.

Option: Not a chance.

Player: I have a job to do, and I’m not leaving until it’s finished.

Colonel Barden Golah: Terribly sorry to disappoint.

Option: Start running.

Player: Leave while you can. This is your only warning. / You better get out of here, now. You won’t get another chance.

Colonel Barden Golah: I’m afraid that’s not an option for me. Or for you.

Option: You’re dead.

Player: These ruins will be your final resting place. / When I’m through, you’ll be like everything else down here: dead and forgotten.

Player: A fitting end for an archaeologist.

Colonel Barden Golah: For the Empire!

Golah is defeated in battle.

Colonel Barden Golah: This… this can’t be the end…

Option: It didn’t have to be.

Player: I told you to go, but you wouldn’t listen.

Option: But it is.

Player: You shouldn’t have gotten in my way.

Colonel Barden Golah: True enough.

Option: I’ve been waiting for this…

Player: Enough talk. I’ve wanted to kill you since you interrupted me in the tunnels.

Aryn’s Vision

Aryn Leneer: No!

Player: What’s wrong?

Aryn Leneer: Whatever it was I felt earlier… it’s happening again. If we don’t –

Aryn Leneer: Commander! / Master Jedi? / Colonel! / Commodore?

Darth Malgus (vision): Your friends can’t hear you.

Darth Malgus (vision): If you were truly in the presence of Darth Malgus, you would have been dead before you drew your shameful excuse for a lightsaber.

Aryn Leneer: Why are you doing this? Where is everyone?

Darth Malgus (vision): I am not doing anything. Everything you see is because of you, Aryn Leneer.

Darth Malgus (vision): I remember how the Jedi were awed by your ability to feel emotion through the Force. I never imagined you were powerful enough to glimpse an imprint left behind by someone’s presence.

Aryn Leneer: “Left behind?” Why would you leave something we could use to track you down? Getting sloppy in your old age?

Darth Malgus (vision): Use whatever you like. I hope you succeed in finding me – it will be the last thing you ever accomplish.

Darth Malgus (vision): I have done something no other Sith could achieve – I’ve broken my chains. No one can stop me. Not the Republic, not the Empire… not you.

Aryn Leneer: Maybe I can’t stop you, but you’re not invincible.

Darth Malgus (vision): Perhaps not. But you won’t be able to put your theory to the test.

Darth Malgus (vision): Do you really think you’re the only who saw me come here? There were many who did – I made sure of that.

Darth Malgus (vision): But you were the only one who did what I wanted – you brought the Alliance Commander to these ruins. A shame that your reward is to die with him / her.

Darth Malgus (vision): I would have much preferred to kill you in person. I did give my word.

Player: Leneer! What are you…

Aryn Leneer: Go, now! Or we all die!

Arn Peralun: What are you –

Player: That way, hurry!

Player: Get out of here! Go!

Option: [Let Colonel Golah go]

Colonel Golah escapes. +100

Option: [Kill Colonel Golah]

Player: +100

Player: We need to get back to the shuttle. Move!


Player: If everyone’s ready, let’s begin. / If you’re all ready, let’s get started.

Player: I wasn’t aware that others would be joining us. / I didn’t know we had guests.

Master Gnost-Dural: Since we’re discussing business that could affect our ability to rebuild the Jedi, I thought it best to invite some of the Order’s most important representatives.

Master Gnost-Dural: Tau is eager to hear about what happened on Dantooine.

Tau Idair: That I am. I’m sure it’s quite a story.

Option: It’s great to see you.

Player: Nice to see you, Tau. I’m glad you could join us.

Tau Idair: I’m happy to be included.

Option: It is interesting.

Player: You’re right. Try to keep an open mind when listening to it.

Option: It’s a doozy.

Player: You might not even believe half of it.

Tau Idair: Don’t worry, I’ve probably heard crazier stories from the old man.

Option: Moving on.

Player: And who are the others?

Master Gnost-Dural: This is Master Sal-Deron. She’s been instrumental in tracking down former Jedi and identifying potential additions to the Order.

Master Sal-Deron: I look forward to working with you. Someone with your particular skills and assets could play a crucial role in many of my plans.

Option: It’s nice to meet you.

Player: I look forward to doing great things with you as well, Master Sal-Deron.

Option: [Flirt] That makes two of us.

Player: Interesting. I was just thinking the same thing about you.

Master Sal-Deron: I’m sure you were…

Option: We’ll see.

Player: I don’t work with just anyone. I’ll need to see what you can do before I get involved with any of your “plans.”

Master Sal-Deron: Caution is understandable, but do try to remember we are on the same side.

Master Gnost-Dural: And this is Master Vinyor Tesh, one of our most diligent stewards of Jedi libraries and archives.

Vinyor Tesh: Before we begin, I must speak plainly. I don’t believe we should include anyone in this meeting who is no longer a part of the Jedi Order.

Vinyor Tesh: Or was never a part of the Order to begin with.

Arn Peralun: You’re kidding, right?

Vinyor Tesh: Absolutely not. We’re here to discuss matters that could change the fate of the Jedi forever.

Arn Peralun: But you wouldn’t even be having this meeting if it weren’t for the two of them. / But you wouldn’t even be having this meeting if Leneer hadn’t helped us. [if player is not a Jedi]

Arn Peralun: We need allies, so with all due respect, Master Vinyor, turning away anyone who’s willing to help us right now would be a big mistake.

Vinyor Tesh: …Fine. They can stay. / She can stay [if player is not a Jedi].

Tau Idair: Arn…

Arn Peralun: This is ridiculous. When did we decide that Master Vinyor is the only one that gets to approve who helps the Jedi?

Tau Idair: I don’t think he’s implying that…

Arn Peralun: Then they stay. / Then she stays.

Option: Well done.

Player: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Arn.

Option: Thank you.

Player: Thanks for sticking up for me. I really appreciate it.

Arn Peralun: I had to say something. We couldn’t have done this operation without you.

Master Gnost-Dural: I completely agree.

Master Gnost-Dural: They aren’t necessarily the words I would have chosen, but I do agree with Arn’s sentiment.

Option: Can we move on?

Player: Anyone else have concerns they’d like to share?

Master Sal-Deron: It doesn’t sound like they do.

Option: That’s enough. / Don’t speak for me.

Player: I think you’ve said enough, Arn. I don’t need you taking up for me, Arn. I can handle myself.

Arn Peralun: Hey, I’m just trying to help. I’m not going to sit quietly and let her get kicked out.

Master Gnost-Dural: We understand.

Master Gnost-Dural: Remember: You are all here because of the part you play in restoring the Jedi, regardless of your rank or title.

Master Gnost-Dural: Now, then. Please tell us what happened in the enclave on Dantooine.

Aryn Leneer: That soldier from the Reclamation Service – Colonel Golah, the one who tried to kill us; he said something about Malgus looking for a way to break his ties to Empress Acina / Emperor Vowrawn.

Aryn Leneer: Whatever Malgus did down there, it worked. He’s not bound to the Empire anymore.

Arn Peralun: Don’t forget the display case we found smashed to bits. I think Malgus might have taken something from the enclave.

Player: And Golah escaped. So everything we know, I’m sure the Empire knows too. / I’d bet every last one of my credits that the Empire knows everything we do.

Master Gnost-Dural: That is troubling. Any one of the relics that were hidden in that enclave would be deadly enough in Darth Malgus’s hands – and now you say he’s untethered…

Master Gnost-Dural: Arn, you and I will comb any records the Jedi still possess about the Dantooine Enclave. We must do everything we can to identify what Malgus took.

Master Gnost-Dural: Master Vinyor, we’ll need your assistance.

Vinyor Tesh: Consider it done. I can start searching files immediately.

Master Gnost-Dural: I’ll also need everything we have about the Ossus library.

Player: Why Ossus?

Master Gnost-Dural: This isn’t the first time Malgus has stolen a relic…

Master Gnost-Dural: On Ossus, after Malgus left me for dead in the library, I saw him flee with something… a tome? I couldn’t be sure.

Master Gnost-Dural: Everything was in such chaos, and we hadn’t finished cataloging the library even before the Empire attacked.

Option: I appreciate you telling me.

Player: I’m glad you mentioned this. Malgus is starting to follow a pattern.

Master Gnost-Dural: My thoughts exactly. At first, I didn’t see the relevance of what happened on Ossus. Sith steal artifacts all the time. But now…

Option: Why didn’t you tell me?

Player: Why didn’t you say anything about this sooner?

Option: You should have told me.

Player: I don’t like important things being kept from me. If I’m going to be part of Task Force Nova, I expect to be treated as an equal.

Master Gnost-Dural: That has always been my intention.

Master Gnost-Dural: Chancellor Rans expressed concern about some of the information that’s fallen into Imperial hands. She suggested I use discretion.

Master Gnost-Dural: At the time, I didn’t understand the gravity of what I saw. Sith stealing artifacts is a common occurrence.

Master Gnost-Dural: But now that a pattern is emerging…

Master Sal-Deron: If Malgus is ransacking Jedi ruins, we should deploy forces to any place we suspect he might go. I’ll speak with General Daeruun immediately.

Player: Thank you, Master Sal-Deron.

Vinyor Tesh: I’ll begin compiling our records on the Dantooine Enclave. I should have something ready as soon as possible, Master Gnost-Dural.

Aryn Leneer: After all that, we’re no closer to knowing where Malgus has gone.

Tau Idair: Don’t worry – that will change soon. In the meantime…

Player: We get ready. And when Malgus decides to show himself again, we’ll be waiting for him…


The mails you receive for this quest are located in a different guide page.

SWTOR Secrets of the Enclave Mails

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