Lane Vizla + Basilisk Droid Quest Guide

Basilisk droids are an incredibly rare type of semi-sentient Mandalorian war droid, that have become all but extinct after the war. In the Lane Vizla and Basilisk Droid Quest, you’ll work on finding and researching about Basilisk droids – and maybe eventually wind up with a little one of your own.

In Lane Vizla’s storyline on Ruhnuk, she mentions the rarity of Basilisk droids, highlighting the lack of knowledge surrounding them. To restore the Basilisk droid found in Clan Ha’rangir’s clutches on Ruhnuk, she requires not only information to repair it but also to understand what makes this unique Basilisk droid special. Unfortunately, there’s no manual or readily available information, as Basilisk droids are so rare that information about them is virtually non-existent at this point. Lane faces an almost insurmountable challenge to restore it for us.

Part 1 – Ruhnuk – Showdown’s Wake

How to Start: After you complete the Ruhnuk storyline, you will automatically get a quest called “Showdown’s Wake” that asks you to answer your holocom. After speaking to Rass, the quest will send you to meet Lane Vizla, who’s hanging out in the tunnel on Ruhnuk in her workshop.

  • Head to the Dilapidated Waterworks tunnels and start killing enemies within the circle. Any Hidden Chain enemy can drop the Hidden Chain Access card you need.
  • Use the blue terminals in the tunnels marked on the map, then return to Lane.
  • Iron Beast Quest: Kill any enemies in the quarry area, every enemy has a random chance of dropping the items you need. After more holocom instructions, she’ll send you to Outpost Delta, to the nortth. She will then send you by holocom back to the quarry to kill a Commander. Make sure to right-click the little blue helmet on the ground after you kill the Commander. Then, left-click the Commander’s datapad from your quest log, or right-click it from your mission inventory, to transmit the data.
  • Scan: To use the macrobinoculars to scan the exccavation site for clues, left-click the Handheld Scanners from your quest log, or right-click it from your mission inventory, to transmit the data. Move your mouse around to look around, and left click glowing yellow-blue objects to scan them. Right-click to zoom out again, and press ESC on your keyboard to exit when you’ve found three. Then head to the nearby tunnel marked on the map and find the three glowing blue little buttons on the crates. This will then lead you to a small sewer tunnel under a walkway on the map.
  • Beacons: You will be sent around the map, look for very small glowing blue rocks to right-click

Part 2 – Small Victories

After you complete the Iron Beast quest on Ruhnuk, finding the small basilisk, you’ll talk to Lane and the quest will end.

The next time you log out and log back in to your character, you’ll have a new holocom message to answer, for the quest “Small Victories”. This is just a very short cutscene to let you know there’s more story in the future.

Part 3 – Ord Mantell

How to Start: You can start the “Chains in the Dark” storyline once you have completed all previous stories, including Ruhnuk and Voss Interpreter’s Retreat / Old Wounds. Once you have, you will automatically get a quest called “Road to Nowhere” in your quest tracker that you can launch, which will eventually lead you to the new area on Ord Mantell called Kessan’s Landing. This is the main story, and you need to start it before you can get the Lane Vizla + Basilisk Droid quests.

To get the Ord Mantell related Lane Vizla and Basilisk Droid story continuation you need to start the Road to Nowhere quest, and the next time you log off your character and log back in, you’ll automatically be granted a quest called “Eyes on the Prize” that you can start by answering your holocom. Once you answer, you will be told to head back to Ruhnuk.

  • Disruptor Array: Make sure to go pick up the disurptor first before you attack the droids. Follow the map/taxis to get there. Then you need to attune it in the bunker on the top level of Ruhnuk’s plateus.
  • Using the Disruptor: You will need to select a Probe droid outside, then click the pink Disruptor array icon in your quest log or right-click it from your Mission Inventory. Then kill the droid. If it is reparing make sure to use the Disruptor or try stunning it. It will drop the item you need.
  • Mek-Sha: Fly to Mek-sha with your ship. The contact is in the Slugfall Harbor cantina.
  • Dantooine: Fly to Dantooine with your ship and find the Rodian near the tractor.  Scan: To use the macrobinoculars to scan the tree, left-click the Handheld Scanners from your quest log, or right-click it from your mission inventory, to transmit the data. Move your mouse around to look around, and left click glowing yellow-blue objects to scan them, including the Sack of Grain and Swoop Bike Part,. Fruit Picking Basket in the branches of the tree. Right-click to zoom out again, and press ESC on your keyboard to exit when you’ve found three.
  • Courier Uniform: Right-click the uniform from your inventory. This will give you seven items you can wear. If you can’t see it after equipping it, make sure to go to your Outfit tab and check “Show Gear as Outfit”
  • Which shipping courier company? Galactic Shipping Enterprises. You’ll have to fight him either way, but it’s more fun to succeed in your deception!
  • Antique Defense Droid fight: This is a funny fight where you will need to Slap, Poke or Kick each of the droids. Each one is sensitive to a specific ability. CTRL+U+U if the abilities do not show up.
  • Priceless Artifact: There’s a silly glowing-blue box you can click on your way out. It has a funny cast bar of “Having Intrusive Thoughts…” if you let the cast bar complete you’ll knock it over like a cat and the Curator will go “Aawwaahghh.”
  • Belsavis: once you leave the Curator’s house, a holocall will pop up. The next part of the quest will send you to Belsavis, to the High Security section.
  • Bonus Quest: There is apparently a quest to take off your uniform before answering your holocom but after exitting the Curator’s house. (I missed it.)
  • Memory Heist – Slice the Monitoring Station: If on Belsavis you try and right-click the blue terminals and nothing happens, you need to collect items from nearby enemies first. Mine dropped from Rattataki Scouts. Then right-click the four blue terminals and avoid the button in the center of the room that teleports you to the beginning of the tunnel.
  • Acquire Serial Keys: Head towards the spinning map marker. As a Republic character I got mine to drop from Sith Destroyers (not the Rattataki), if you are an Imperial character, try attacking the Republic enemies on the ramp. After that run to the quest objective – the door will open when you get close enough even though it looks like there is no door – if you get stuck in the door or it doesnt open, type /stuck, then back up and run into it again.
  • Prison Guard Yellow Twi’lek: The guard will say this is a restricted area.

    • If you want to avoid a fight, choose to [LIE] or if you have it, [FORCE PERSUADE]. You can not bribe her. You can then do the mouse droid puzzle.
    • If you fail, you will simply fight your way through, no mouse droid needed.
  • Mouse Droid: Use your normal WASD keys to move around. You can right-click things like the vents. You can go through a nearby glowing blue circular vent, then there’s another to go through in the next cell.

    You’ll come to a cell with a book glowing blue on the floor called Debris, right-click it to set it on fire. Once it is on fire the guard will walk over, making it so you can drive out and then right-clickthe glowing blue Security terminal near where you started.

    • Aurek: The room with the two vents leading towards eachother.
    • Besh: The room with the guard sweeping the debris you set on fire. He gets locked in. The yellow glow to show the force field might be invisible for you. If you try to re-open it, it will say, [Fire Risk Detected]
    • Cresh: Opens the door to where your quest marker is. Definitely open this one. There is a vent but there are boxes in the way so you can’t get in. Your goal will be to move these boxes somehow.
    • Dorn: Dorn is where the droid is, but you get [Access Denied].
    • Get past the boxes: You have an ability called “Zap”. Use it on the droid near the boxes then run over to the boxes. The droid will send a missile towards you and blow up the boxes. You can then go thru the now accessible blue vent.
    • Removing Memory Core: Once you get to the droid, he will zap you and interrupt you so you can’t take the core. The solution to this puzzle, that many players get stuck on, is to sit on one of the vents with your mouse droid for about ten seconds to Build Pressure, then they will explode and prevent you from being zapped. Many players get stuck on this step.
  • Bring the astromech to the Curator: He is on Ord Mantell where you first met him.
  • Irreplaceable Artifact: There’s another silly glowing-blue box you can click on your way out of the Curator’s office for the final time. Enjoy clicking it for fun.
  • Head back to Lane on Ruhnuk to finish the quest! You won’t get much of a reward, but you’ll be one step closer to rebuilding the little basilisk. You do not get the HK-27 droid, or the Basilisk droid yet, but you do get to keep the Courier uniform.