How to Earn Credits in SWTOR

There’s an updated version of this guide available for 5.0! How to earn Credits in SWTOR 5.0

There’s many ways to earn credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic – and a lot of cool cosmetic things to spend them on. In this guide, we’ll be covering how to earn credits in SWTOR.

Earning Credits at a Low-Level

As you level, make sure to pick up and sell any items you don’t need. If you get lucky and pick up any blue-bordered or purple-bordered items that aren’t bound to you, you can often sell them on the GTN for more than NPC vendors will buy them for. Don’t forget you can also sell any gear that you don’t need anymore to vendors.

While you’re levelling, you can also pick up the gathering crew skills from the fleet. Slicing, Scavenging, Archaeology and Bioanalysis all let you pick materials up off the ground to sell for pure profit on the GTN. Other players buy even low-level crafting materials to do conquests and to level their crafting skills.

Quest rewards scale with level and most of your credits will be earned once you hit max-level – you shouldn’t be worrying too much about earning credits until you have at least one character levelled all the way. Don’t forget if you are preferred or free-to-play your credits will be capped and go into an escrow until you are subscribed.


A very easy way to earn credits is to do Heroics. Heroics are repeatable quests that can be done once a week, and there’s even a terminal on the fleet where you can easily pick them up from. Doing Heroics as a group of four and doing the bonus objectives will get you bonus credits. If you are level 61, you’ll also get supply crates which can be turned in on Odessan after you complete Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter 9. Some of the heroics are faster than others – here’s a guide – and don’t forget that you can quick travel to heroic quests using the shuttle icon beside the quest name in your tracked quest list.


If you aren’t interested in Heroics, PvP and Galactic Starfighter can actually be quite lucrative. Make sure to complete the dailies and weeklies as they give bonus credits on top of completing matches. The best way to earn credits through PvP and GSF is to complete dailies and weeklies – then sell the rare purple and blue crafting materials you receive as a reward on the GTN.

If you like doing a little bit of everything, especially warzones, competing your weekly personal conquest can net you some major credits. You get a chunk of credits just for completing it, but you also get some crafting decorations you can sell, a credit certificate, some Jawa Junk which you can trade in for crafting materials and then sell, and a rare crafting material worth a lot on the GTN that’s used to craft endgame gear. You also get extra rewards if your guild finishes on the top ten leaderboard for the week!

Galactic Command

Whenever you do any quest you gain galactic command points, and every time you rank up your galactic command level you get a galactic command crate full of loot. Very little of this loot is bound to you – you can sell any orange-bordered cosmetic items you get, any pets or speeders you receive, and you can turn in the Jawa Scraps for crafting materials you can sell on the fleet.

Making Credits from the GTN

These are all ways to earn credits… but have you heard the phrase “you need to spend money to earn money”? There are lots of credits to be had if you are interested in watching and playing the market on the GTN. The biggest concept you’ll want to understand is supply and demand – whenever there’s an item that players want, and there’s not many of them out there, it’s a chance to make credits.

A fun way to make credits is “flipping” items – this takes some risk and speculation. Find an item, usually a cartel market item, and buy it at a low price. For example, if you see a rare cartel market lightsaber listed for 100,000 less than the next cheapest one, you might try buying it and immediately selling it for 90,000 more than you bought it for. Another way of “flipping” an item is to buy it for a low price when the market is over saturated with them, then simply throwing it into your cargo bay and selling it for a lot more when there’s less available on the market. A great example of this are older cartel market items… they were very cheap when they first came out, but now that the packs are no longer purchasable, you can sell the older items for a lot. There is a lot of risk in doing this – that cool item you bought might go down in price tomorrow. Prices are especially unstable the first week after a new Cartel Pack comes out, so be careful what you buy with intentions of reselling.

There are other ways to play the GTN like cornering the market and high-volume flipping, but these methods require a lot of credits on hand… and carry a lot of risk! Most players stick to simply earning credits through heroics, questing, and pvp.

Cartel Market

You can also earn credits by selling things you buy on the Cartel Market – the easiest things to resell on the GTN are the newest shipment of Cartel Packs, and the most profitable are usually items that are temporarily on sale for a large discount on the front page of the Cartel Market. You can always compare the ratio of cartel coins to cost on the GTN to see what items will net you the best return. Subscribers get 500 free cartel coins per month, and an extra 100 if you have a security key, so it’s worth looking into what items translate well into credits if there’s nothing you’re looking to unlock with cartel coins.

With all the different ways to earn credits in Star Wars the Old Republic, that special mount or armor set is just around the corner!

This guide was largely based off a wonderful text guide by SWTOR_VEGA… if you’re interested in learning more about how to earn credits and especially about how to play the GTN, see his guide “Building Wealth in SWTOR”.

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