How to Get Tech Fragments in SWTOR

Tech Fragments are the currency players use to buy high-level gear in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this video, I’ll be showing off some of the fastest ways to earn them in the game.

Tech Fragments are mainly used to buy set bonus gear from the vendors in a corner room of the Supplies section of the Republic of Imperial Fleet. Set Bonus armors are empty armor shells that give you a boost in battle if you wear a matching set on your character. Your goal as a new level 75 player will be to eventually collect six piece of Set Bonus gear based on your character’s combat discipline, and one piece of Amplified Champion gear, which doesn’t have a matching set bonus but gives a small boost as the seventh piece. You’ll also separately want to get a Tactical that’s good for your combat discipline. Most Set bonus piece and tactical items can be purchased from the vendors in the corner of the Supplies section, with each piece costing 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1 million credits. If you’re lucky you may get some set bonus pieces for free while playing various types of content, but since that relies on chance, you’ll want to work on earning Tech Fragments so you can purchase your set bonus pieces and tactical. In addition to these vendors, there’s also a special vendor named Kai Zykken who appears only around the weekend who sells a random assortment of endgame gear at a discounted price, so make sure to check in on him before purchasing your gear from the main vendors to save some Tech Fragments. In addition to your set bonus pieces and tactical item, you’ll also need to earn actual gear with stats – that won’t be covered in this guide, instead check out my “Gearing Up Solo at Level 75” guide for a lot more info about how to do that.

Gearing Up Solo at Level 75

Now that you know what they are, let’s jump into the fastest ways to earn Tech Fragments.

1. Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder

x600+ Tech Fragments

By far the fastest way to earn Tech fragments is by running an Operation through the groupfinder, and Toborro’s Courtyard seems to be the quickest and easiest to run. The hard part is that the groupfinder will only allow you to queue up with up to seven players, so you can’t easily bring in a pre-set group of eight players, and the groupfinder also tries to pick a random Operation for you to run, from something difficult and time-consuming like Gods from the Machine, all the way to the single-boss operations which can take under ten minutes. Smart players however have figured out that you can indeed use the group finder to run a specific operation with a specific team, as long as you do everything right and don’t mind a little extra patience getting the operation rolling. To join a Toborro’s Courtyard group, head to the Republic or Imperial Fleet, and look in general chat for players posting about TC, short for Toborro’s Courtyard. The groupfinder requires specific roles, so you will see them looking for:

  • Tank (usually only one)
  • Healer (usually only one)
  • DWT (Damage with Taunt, so a player who can queue as a tank but will focus on doing damage, that includes Assassin, Juggernaughts, and Powertechs Imperial side, and Shadows, Guardians and Vanguards Republic side)
  • DWH (Damage with Heal, so a player who can queue as a healer but will focus on doing damage, that includes Sorcerers, Operatives and Mercenaries Imperial side, and Sages, Scoundrels, and Commandos Republic side)
  • DPS (a damage player of any kind)

If you meet the roles they are looking for, click their name in chat to message them, and type what role you are as the whisper, for example just “DPS” is fine. If you get accepted, make sure to confirm which roles you are going to queue for in chat, and then open the icon of “three little people” near your minimap, choose “Group” from the tabs at the top, and choose the correct role from the dropdown – if you need to change the dropdown, you should also travel to your stronghold or to the fleet to get the game to properly recognize you’ve changed roles. Once your group is ready, one or two members will leave, and your group leader will try and queue you up until you successfully get the correct members of your group and Toborro’s Courtyard as the operation.

You can run Toborro’s Courtyard through the Groupfinder once per character per day, you can earn over 600 Tech Fragments per run, and if you group is organized well and forms quickly, the actual fight takes under ten minutes even with a slow or inexperienced group. While group formation can be a bit up or down for time, if you played Toborro’s Courtyard and got in about four runs in an hour, you’d have over 2000 Tech Frags as well as any gear that happened to drop from the boss. Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder is by far the fastest way to earn Tech Fragments in the game.

For more info especially if you plan to lead your own group, I have a video called Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder Guide.

Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder Guide

2. Conquest

x600 Tech Fragments

Another fantastic way to get Tech Fragments is by completing conquest on one or more characters while in a guild that picks a large-yield planet. You don’t need to be a part of a giant guild, just one that regularly hits about 5 million conquest points total per week and has a player dedicated to picking a planet each week for conquest, and you’ll need to personally hit 50,000 conquest points on any characters you want to earn conquest rewards on. You’ll get 100 Tech Fragments as soon as you hit your 50,000, then another 500 Tech Fragments the next Tuesday when your guild also completes their conquest, for a total of 600 Tech Fragments per character.

If you are willing to log in once a day for about ten minutes, and if you have the full 150% Stronghold bonus, you can easily complete conquest on fourteen characters by barely lifting a finger,. My personal method is to do two characters a day – on a high level character who is level 71 and up, I will do the “Advancement: Reputation” conquest objective which gets me 43,000 points, like running a single daily planet mission then doing a few small tasks, or by running a single Space Mission Operation and doing the bonus quests which will easily put me over the 50,000 threshold in under 5 minutes. Then I go to a low-level character who is level 11 or higher, press K on my keyboard, and assign a utility point which puts me at about 35,000 points. Then I get a companion out, look up what gifts they love, and give them a single high-level gift of that type, which will give me about 16,000 points, allowing to reach my conquest points goal in under a minute. Haha! This method can be done once a day, with those objectives resetting daily.

You can also gather points quite quickly on additional characters by doing most types of content in the game if you have time to actually play, as long as you remember to switch around between characters once you’ve completed conquest on on. For example, on my main character, I will naturally complete conquest just by playing at my normal rate, even if I’m not trying to, so I make sure to not do any of the “easy” conquest objectives on her on purpose. If I’m doing something likes Dailies or Flashpoints, I’ll make sure to switch characters and continue on when I’ve reached my 50,000 conquest points. My current highest character count for conquest has been 20 characters in one week, which got me 12,000 Tech Fragments in one week from conquest alone. Other players report being able to do 40 characters or more in a week. While you don’t need to shoot for these high numbers, you can still earn a large pile of tech frags.

Super Easy Conquest Objectives, Solo Conquest & Crafting

3. Onderon Dailies

x500 Tech Fragments

If you’re looking for a great solo way to earn Tech Fragments, the Onderon dailies are a great relaxed choice. Once you’ve fully completed the Onslaught expansion, you can press the icon of “three little people” near your minimap, go to the solo tab, and quickly pick up the weekly and travel to Onderon from there. Completing a full round of Onderon dailies will net you 500 Tech Fragments, and can be done once per week per character.

4. Mek-Sha

x400 Tech Fragments

Another easy way to earn Tech Fragments solo is the Mek-Sha Tradehouse dailies that you can also start after the Onslaught expansion. The Tradehouse weekly can be picked up inside the Auction House from a glowing blue terminal, and requires that you complete three Tradehouse daily quests. These daily quests can only be completed once per day, so you’ll need to pick up and complete Trade house quests on three separate days to complete the weekly, but each individual quest can be completed in a few minutes. The weekly will get you 400 Tech Fragments per week per character.

5. Flashpoints

x100+ Tech Fragments (amount varies)

Veteran mode and Master mode Flashpoints are also a great way to get Tech Fragments. The amount will vary a lot based on how you are running them. You can also earn a ridiculous amount of

x100 Tech Fragments – Veteran Mode Flashpoint Groupfinder Daily (must run a random one, with all Flashpoints filter selected)

x125 Tech Fragments – Master Mode Flashpoint Groupfinder Daily (must run a random one, with all Flashpoints filter selected)

x150 Tech Fragments – [WEEKLY] Veteran Flashpoints (must run any five Veteran flashpoints)

x300 Tech Fragments – [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts aka Master Flashpoints (must run any three Master flashpoints)

Apart from running Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder, Operations also tend to be a good source of Tech Fragments, and you’ll get roughly 100 Tech Fragments per boss.

Groupfinder Flashpoints

6. Galactic Starfighter

Galactic Starfighter is also a great way to earn Tech Fragments, especially if you only have a few characters, or if you are already running Starfighter for the Galactic Seasons objectives. You can pick up the Daily and the Weekly from the Combat section of the Fleet, once you have completed the introductory mission, also from the terminal in the Combat section of the fleet. The daily only requires you to run one or two Starfighter missions, and gives you 120 Tech Fragments, and the weekly requires that you play ten matches, with wins counting as double, and gives you a whopping 700 Tech Fragments. While regular PvP can also net you 450 Tech Fragments for its weekly, completing the weekly requires you win 10 matches, not just play 10 matches, so it can take a while to complete it.

If you’re new to GSF, I have a full video guide series called the Galactic Starfighter Basics Guide!

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Guide

7. Renown & Deconstruction

On top of all those other ways, you’ll also get 100 Tech Fragments from every Renown crate you get, so using a Renown boost to gain Renown faster. You’ll also get a lot of Tech Fragments simply by Deconstructing gear you don’t need as well, a full batch of deconstructed gold gear will get you about 150 Tech Fragments.