Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder Guide

Toborro’s Courtyard Through the Groupfinder is the fastest way to earn Tech Fragments in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the end-game currency in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this video we’ll be going over the full information about running Toborro’s Courtyard using the groupfinder, the tricks to getting it to work, and all the bugs you may encounter, especially if you are leading the group. Each run will earn you around 600 Tech Fragments, and the actual fight takes less than ten minutes even with a less experienced group.

To run Toborro’s courtyard, you will need to be level 70 or higher, and be subscribed to the game, which are the requirements for any Operation in the game. I really like this fight because it’s quite easy, and I tell players who join me for my runs that they don’t need any gear, experience, or skill to join. While the method of getting into the fight can be a bit convoluted, the actual fight is great for beginners and has a giant laser beam which is a great introduction to operation mechanics.

To join a Toborro’s Courtyard group, head to the Republic or Imperial Fleet, and look in general chat for players posting about TC, short for Toborro’s Courtyard. This fight is also sometimes called Golden Fury, which shortens to GF, which is also short for Group Finder.

The groupfinder requires specific roles, so in their chat message will see them looking for:

  • A Tank, you really only need one, and sometimes experienced groups go without, but your tank will need to know some basics like what their Taunts are
  • A Healer, same thing you only need one, though your healer should know some basics like where their Combat Revive button is
  • A DWT (A Damage with Taunt, so a player who can queue as a tank but will focus on doing damage, that includes Assassin, Juggernaughts, and Powertechs Imperial side, and Shadows, Guardians and Vanguards Republic side)
  • A DWH (Damage with Heal, so a player who can queue as a healer but will focus on doing damage, that includes Sorcerers, Operatives and Mercenaries Imperial side, and Sages, Scoundrels, and Commandos Republic side)
  • And some DPS (a damage player of any kind)

The goal of getting these roles is to queue up with a group who can tell the group finder that they have the standard grouping of two healers, two tanks, and four dps, even if there’s actually only one tank, one healer, and six damage characters, which makes the fight go a lot faster than having the composition the groupfinder is actually looking for.

If you meet the roles the player hosting the run is looking for, click their name in chat to message them, and type what role you are as the whisper, for example just “DPS TC” is fine. If you get accepted, make sure to confirm which roles you are going to queue for in chat, and then open the icon of “three little people” near your minimap, choose “Group” from the tabs at the top, and choose the correct role from the dropdown. There is an important bug related to this that you and your group members need to know about – if you need to change the dropdown, you should also travel to your stronghold or to the fleet to get the game to properly recognize you’ve changed roles, otherwise it will ignore the new choice you’ve just made and things may not work well. If you have a less experienced group, it can help to type in chat what everyone needs to q up as by name, and then remind them to check the dropdown and travel to the Fleet or Stronghold if they had to change it.

The group finder does not allow you to group up with a full pre-made group of eight. Instead, once your group is ready, usually one of the tanks will leave, and queue up by themselves in the Group Finder. Sometimes that tank will queue up for a random story mode Operation, other times if you are in a very organized group, that player will queue up for just Toborro’s Courtyard and forfeit the reward, in return for saving the group time.

Once that player queuing by themselves is ready, the group of seven left will be queued up for Story Operations through the groupfinder, with no filters applied so they can get the daily groupfinder reward. If everyone’s roles are correct, you should get a pop either immediately or shortly after you queue. There are two problems that might occur once you get a pop – you might get either the wrong operation, or you might get the wrong person as your eighth player.

If you get the right person, but the wrong Operation, just Decline the pop up, and queue up again. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get Toborro on the first try, other times you’ll get unlucky and it will take you many times. Just keep queuing till you have all the right players and the right operation, then click Ready. If this isn’t happening, make sure to check the Lockouts tab in the Activities finder and make sure no one is locked out. There’s also some funky stuff that can happen if the player has run a harder mode of the Operation, even if you’re only running story mode, so if any players are locked out of story mode or veteran mode Toborro’s Courtyard, have them switch to a different character.

If you get the wrong person, you can try queuing again and hope for the right person. However, a fast thing to do is have your group leader who is queuing your group up add that player temporarily to their ignore list, by typing /ignore and then the player’s name. If you don’t you may decline and queue up again, and keep getting the same person in your queue every time, which is frustrating for both you and for them.

Sometimes the groupfinder also just takes a few minutes to think about its options instead of being an immediate pop like it should be, so try waiting a minute or two first to see if it fixes itself and gives you the operation after thinking.

The last bug just happens sometimes – you’ll have all the right roles, no lockouts, and your eight player is in the queue… but you just don’t get a pop. If this happens, you can have your healer leave the group, and queue up with the tank, so you have one group of six and one group of two, which seems to fix things most of the time.

Once actually in the Operation, tell whoever randomly received group lead to type /rc in chat to make sure everyone is ready. You can have your tank destroy one of the small Isotope containers, which will make things easier for your healer, just be aware attacking these will put your group into combat, so leave them alone until your team is ready. During the fight, the boss will play a loud siren warning sound, during which everyone on your team should run up the stairs near the boss and onto the orange tiles until the red laser beam goes off. There will also be some additional enemies in the back, if your group happens to have a second tank, they’ll be the one to go pick those up, otherwise at least one player should dedicate themselves to killing the additional droids that appear right after the red laser beam, otherwise they can do a lot of damage to the group if they are ignored or not defeated quickly.

Experienced groups can easily flip through multiple runs of Toborro’s Courtyard in a short period of time, by making sure everyone knows what roles they are queing for and switching around between characters, keeping in mind the roles that are required like the Damage-with-taunt and damage-with-heals, and having their eighth player queue up for just Toborro’s Courtyard. At 600 Tech Fragments a run, although the method of getting into the operation through the groupfinder is a bit convoluted, the extra steps and patience are well worth the reward of an easy 600 Tech Fragments!

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