SWTOR Karagga’s Palace Operation Guide

Karagga’s Palace is the first Operation added to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is one of the two shorter introductory Operations that are great first choices for players new to playing Operations. While this Operation is considered quite easy, and you’ll probably be fine to jump right in without a guide, this video will go over all the details of this Operation so you know exactly what you are getting into.


The first boss is Bonethrasher the Rancor boss.

Immune to Taunt: Unlike most other boss enemies in the game, Bonethrasher will not respect the tank, and instead will randomly switch its attention between members of your team, facing and attacking a different members very few seconds.

Swipe: Bonethrasher has a large cleave attack, and any player that gets swiped by his claws will get badly hurt, so players will want to stay behind him to avoid the claw attack. This is tricky because of the boss’s target-switching will cause him to spin around as he targets different players on your team. What most teams do is to tell you to “stand still” if the boss is on you, which will allow your team mates to run behind the boss while you stay still. Fun trick, if you want to push your timing, when the Rancor starts his swiping animation while he’s on you, you can run straight through him and avoid his swipe with the rest of your group behind him.

Knockback: If the boss is on you, you may also want to move him or rotate him so you’re not at the edge of the platform, as he also has a back-hand knock back attack that can push you into the acid below if you’re too close to the edge of the platform. If you happen to die in the acid, you’ll be stuck there until the end of the fight.

Target-of-Target: If you aren’t sure how to tell if the boss is on you, you can press ESC > INTERFACE EDITOR. This will open the editor for your User Interface, and near the bottom right of your screen, near where your enemy’s portrait would be, is a red box called “Target of Target”, which you should select and then check the checkbox in the center of the screen that says ENABLED and click save. Now, while you’re fighting Bonethrasher or any other enemy, you’ll be able to see who that enemy is attacking in this new part of your User Interface called the target of target. If your own character’s face and name shows up there, that means you are Bonethrasher’s target and should stay still! A lazier method of knowing when Bonethrasher is on you is by simply scooching your character around – if Bonethrasher moves with you as you move, he’s on you, so don’t swing him wildly around.

This enemy has targetted me!

Smash: If you happen to get smashed into the ground and stunned, you’ll especially want to avoid the Rancor’s swipe attack, as you’ll take extra damage from him for about ten seconds after you get smashed.

Gamorrean Palace Guard: During the fight, a Gamorrean Palace Guard will be sent in to help the Rancor. This guard will be glowing red, and you’ll want to kill it before the Rancor reaches it, otherwise the Rancor will eat it and become stronger and deal extra damage. This funny eating mechanic is called “Well Fed” if the Rancor manages to eat the guard, so players sometimes shout out “dinner” over voice chat to remind their team mates to look for the glowing red enemy to kill. Some other fun variations to shout out are “Piggy”, “Bacon”, or the description “red guy!” shout out.

Gamorrean Guard

Manka Cats: Also during the fight, some large Manka Cats will appear, bring them over to the boss and fight them first.

Jarg & Sorno

Jarg & Sorno are the second boss in this Operation, and are sometimes known as “Which one’s the little one!?!?!”

Positioning: Your group will split up usually in half between these two mercenaries for hire. Jarg starts on the left, and Sorno on the right. In general, both bosses should be killed at roughly the same time. As always, if you see any scary circles on the ground, especially purple ones, steps out of them. These purple circles will start appearing when Sorno jetpacks up into the air. Both bosses will eventually be in the center of the room, and if you’re a ranged player or healer, make sure to move away from them when they do, and run back away if you get grappled hooked to the center of the room.

Interrupt: Teams often put slightly more experienced players on Sorno, as Sorno on the right has two abilities that can and should be interrupted – one is a healing move, while the other is a damage move. While it’s nice if the damage move can be interrupted, it’s important to interrupt the healing move otherwise the fight will be prolonged. If your team is a taking too much damage, you can switch the priority over to interrupting Unload instead.

Rapid Scan – Healing move to Interrupt

Unload – Damage move to Interrupt

Cleanse Burning: Healers and players with a cleanse can help by cleansing the Burning debuff, which looks like an orange explosion.

Burning – Cleanse

Carbonizer Droid: When Sorno jetpacks up in to the air, a set of Carbonizer Droids will appear and stun each of the tanks. When this happens, the entire team needs to switch focus to attacking the Carbonizer Droids and free their tanks. Since the tank is stunned, Jarg will switch targets, so healers will need to be ready to heal whichever player winds up with the boss.

Carbonizer Probe

Foreman Crusher

The Foreman Crusher is the third boss in the operation, and is attended by Gamorrean Guards. Before you can fight this boss, you’ll need to unlock the gate to Crusher’s pen and disable the turrets by clicking the three blue buttons scattered around the outside portion of this map, guarded by smaller Kintan Crusher enemies.

Positioning: Most teams like to have their tank bring Crusher over to the red door, so Crusher is facing the door and the tank has their back against the shielded door. Not only does this help prevent your team’s tanks from getting knocked back, there’s also a set of additional Gamorrean enemies which will appear right in the middle of the door, and it makes it easier for the group to attack all the enemies at once if they’re all grouped up in the same place near the red door. If any of the Gamorreans escape and are attacking you, you can help your team by running the Gamorreans back to the boss. All your team mates except your tank will want to be behind the boss, as he has a swiping attack that faces forward. Ranged players will want to stand slightly closer than they would normally, as the boss has a minor knockback called Ground Smash, that will knock them out of range if they’re starting off too far away.

Tank: Your team’s tank will want to pay attention to when Crusher goes into a Frenzy, as that’s a great time for them to use their defensive cooldowns. Very shortly after Frenzy starts, Crusher will pick a random target and start running towards them, so your tank will need to quickly pick Crusher back up again.

(Veteran Mode) Tank: In Veteran mode, Crusher will also stun the tank at the end of his Frenzy, so your team can choose to either have a second tank pick up the boss so he doesn’t run too far, or simply wait for your first tank to use their Stun Breaker ability to break free, and then take him back.

Red Circles: Crusher will be hurling rocks at the group, so if you see red circles on the ground, make sure to get out of them.

Red Circles

(Veteran Mode) Red Circles & Dust Clouds: In Veteran mode, the red circles leave behind an area on the ground that you don’t want to step in to, even after the red circle disappears. This dangerous area looks like a cracked dirt circle on the ground, with brown dust floating above it. If you stand in these dust clouds, you’re damage and healing will be reduced to zero, so you’ll want to get out of those quickly and not step into them later in the fight.

G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator

The Heavy Fabricator Droid is the fourth boss in Karagga’s Palace, but this boss is more often known as the “Puzzle Boss”, as there is a puzzle you can solve to damage the boss by diverting power to the pipes hanging over head.

(Story Mode) Puzzle: Originally when this operation was released, your team would need to solve the puzzle in every difficulty mode, but to make operations easier for new players to progress through, the puzzle is auto-solved for your team in story-mode. All you will need to do is activate the puzzle by right clicking the blue button on the upper level, which will turn all the screens of the puzzle green, letting you know that the puzzle has been successfully “solved” and you can fire on the boss when ready.

(Story Mode) Positioning: The puzzle was originally designed with the concept that the droid would move between the three different pipes, with each pipe blasting the boss with a different type of attack, but that strategy was never actually used by players, and instead most teams just keep him on the right-hand-side pipe where he starts off. In story mode, you can assign one of your healing or long-range team mates to be upstairs to fire the pipe, while the rest of your team stays downstairs. The player staying upstairs will fire the pipe any time it becomes available again. To fire the pipe, right click the glowing blue button under the most right-hand side of screens. The pipe can be fired about every 45 seconds, and when the pipe is ready the button will glow blue, red text will appear on the screen saying the System :: Reset Complete :: Firing Sequence Available, and the upstais player can heal or damage the boss from the top platform between button presses. Most teams will bring the boss to the far right pipe of the puzzle on the lower floor, and keep him there, blasting the boss with the fire pipe. The easiest way for the tank to keep him in place is by putting their back against the factory door on the far right – they won’t need to move for the rest of the fight once there.

Pummel / Battered Stacking Debuff / Optional Tank Swap: The tank that is holding the boss will receive a stacking debuff called Battered which reduces their armor for every stack. The more stacks the tank has, the more damage the tank will take. Your team can choose to outheal it, or have two tanks swap back and forth with the boss as the debuff wears off, which takes roughly thirty seconds after the tank stops being attacked by the boss.

Stacking Battered Debuff on Tank

Sticky Grenade: If you get a yellow-orange targeting circle on you, run away from your team-mates, as you’re about to explode with a sticky bomb and will hit any of your nearby team members. This hits surprisingly hard, even in story mode it actually hurts way more than getting hit by the fire from the pipe, and it hits anyone nearby when it explodes.

(Veteran Mode) Puzzle: In Veteran mode, this button instead turns on the red and green screens hanging from the ceiling and actually activates the puzzle. The puzzle is known as the Tower of Hanoi, a very old logic puzzle. The goal of the traditional puzzle is to create a tower in one of the three columns, with the largest piece on the bottom, the medium piece in the middle, and the smallest piece on top. You can only pick up one piece at a time, and you can’t place a larger piece on top of a smaller one in a column. The puzzle starts off with no pieces picked up, which is represented by the very top middle screen being red, and a green piece of the puzzle in each of the columns, with the smallest piece on the left and the biggest piece on the right. To pick up a piece, you click the large blue button in front of the column you want to pick up the top-most piece from, which will move the piece to the picked-up position in the middle screen that’s separated from the others. You can then click a different column’s blue button, which will place the picked-up piece on top of that pile if it can fit there.

(Veteran Mode) Solving the puzzle: The general idea of solving the Tower of Hanoi puzzle is that you start by picking up the middle-most piece, place it on top of the biggest piece, then pick up the smallest piece and place it on top of that stack, completing the puzzle. Once the tower is created, with three green screens stacked up in the same column, a second thin blue button will light up below the column. This is how you damage the boss – clicking that second thinner blue button will blast the boss (and anyone else within range) from the pipe on the ceiling. To solve the puzzle the first time, you bring the middle piece up, then put it on the right stack, then bring the lonely little piece on the left up, and then put it on the top of the right stack, which solves the puzzle for the first firing. After that, you need to solve the puzzle with the entire stacked tower starting on the right, making it slightly harder, and you will need to unstack it by making a tiny stack of two, then remove the bottom piece from the original stack, put it back, and start stacking it up again.

Solving it the first time, with the pieces scattered between three columns:

Solving it later times, with the pieces starting stacked up on the right:

You solve it when it starts off stacked by by clicking the columns in this order (Right/Left/Middle): R/L/R/M/L/M/R/L/L/R/M/L/M/R/L/R/Fire

(Veteran Mode) Droids: Throughout the fight, if you are not fast enough at firing the pipe or solving the puzzle in veteran mode, two types of droids will appear. The most important one to pay attention for is the Stun droid, as it will stun nearby members of your team, so you’ll want to kill them or push them away if they appear. You’ll especially want to protect your tank, as they shouldn’t be moving around to attack any stun droids that are bothering them. Otherwise, you can ignore the droids and focus on the boss.

(Veteran Mode) Positioning: Groups will often split up their team with some ranged players and a healer up top on the platforms helping press the buttons, and melee down below with the boss. If you assign a player to each console, so three team members upstairs and five  downstairs, your upstairs team mates should be able to solve the puzzle fast enough so you never even see any droids. Otherwise, you can assign one player upstairs to solve the puzzle by themselves, but it will take them a very long time to run between buttons and solve the puzzle, and they’ll be dodging the droids that show up. Close-range players downstairs will not want to stand within the “caution” lines on the floor, as the puzzle solver may forget to give warning before they unleash the fire from the pipe, and anyone within those caution lines will get hit. In story mode, you’ll take very little damage, but in veteran mode standing in the caution lines will hurt.

(Veteran Mode 16-man) Solving the puzzle: If you happen to be running 16-person Veteran Mode, there’s an extra spicy step to solving the puzzle – when one of your team members clicks a piece of the puzzle, they will not be able to immediately click any of the puzzle terminals again until someone else clicks any of the puzzle terminals. If you have three players up top like you would in 8-person, this isn’t a huge problem at first, as you’re usually just transferring the puzzle pieces between columns, so the same person isn’t clicking twice in a row anyway. However, if you’re using the fastest method of solving, there will be a point where you need to click the same terminal twice in a row. The player on that terminal will NOT be able to click their terminal button again, so you can either have their buddy who isn’t next in the puzzle clicking rotation run over and click it for them, or your team can choose to have a fourth player, for example a healer, involved to help click that terminal when this happens, which will be the fastest option and allow your team to get the speed needed to avoid the droids.

Biometric Lockout debuff means you can not click the puzzle another player clicks the puzzle.

Karagga the Unyielding

Karagga the Supreme Mogul of the Hutt Cartel is the final boss of Karagga’s Palace. This is a fun fight where you take on Karagga in his giant six-legged tank.

Tank: Frequently during the fight, Karagga will drop a puddle of oil on the ground, right on top of the tank, then sets it on fire. The tank should move just outside this burning oil puddle, and the rest of your team mates should stay out of the burning oil puddles around the map. To keep the burning oil puddles from taking up the whole map, the tank should bring Karagga to a wall, and slowly walk Karagga around the outer edge of the main rectangle of the room room, only moving when Karagga drops some oil on them, and not going into the smaller corner sections of the room. That leaves the entire center of the room safe for the rest of your teammates to run around. Inexperienced tanks will cover the map with oil leaving very few places to stand, while experienced groups will often do funny stuff like trying to spell initials with the oil or try and make sure the boss dies on the location where the elevator will appear at the end of the fight.

Positioning: The rest of the team can stand in the center of the room, with close-range players attacking the boss from its side – your team mates should never be in front of, or behind Karagga.

Unstable Energy: During the fight, Karagga will randomly chose one of your teammates and place a glowing blue vortex of energy on them, that will drag any other teammates nearby to them like a magnetic, and hurt everyone nearby. If you get sucked in by the magnet, run out of it, and if you are the magnet with the glowing energy vortex on you, stay still or run away from nearby group members. Healers and players with a cleanse should cleanse this Unstable Energy debuff once no one else is nearby the affected team mate.

Unstable Energy Debuff to be cleansed when no one is nearby

Drills: On top of that attack, Karagga will be hitting players at random with obnoxious drills throughout the fight.

Mouse Droids: Your team should keep their eyes on the boss – and under him, as some small green round mouse droids will appear under Karagga’s legs, and will try and rush towards your teammates and explode. To stop them, your team should kill them before they ever get a chance to move out from under Karagga. If you are struggling to see the mouse droids, you can watch your mini map for red dots to see when they appear.

Sneaky Tricks

When it comes to Operations, most experienced players are more interested in fighting the bosses who often have interesting mechanics. In-between these bosses are what is known as trash – less powerful enemies that are simply meant to keep you from getting to the next boss too quickly. Players have developed tactics for skipping the trash or dealing with it quickly.

Gamorrean Palace Guards: The first set of smaller enemies you run into will be the Gamorrean Palace Guards – while they don’t do anything special, keep in mind they hit harder than the average enemy you encounter in the open world, so make sure to travel with your group ad not run ahead, and to keep your defensive abilities handy. This’ll go for any other enemies you run in to as well.

Gamorrean Machinesmith + Droids: After you fight Jarg and Sorno, you’ll encounter the Gamorrean Machinesmith working on his Droids out in a hallway. This litlte fight has a trick – if you defeat the Machinesmith, all his droids will automatically short out, so focus all your efforts on him and ignore the droids.

Womp Rats: In the sewer tunnels, you’ll run into some small womp rats, from which you can catch the notorious Womp Rat fever. This is a funny debuff that reduces your health regeneration, but won’t hurt you during combat.

Womp Rat Fever, can’t be cleansed

Hutt Cartel Poisoners: Later in the tunnels, you’ll have to fight a dangerous pack of Hutt Cartel Poisoners. Healers will want to help cleanse the Poison Grenades, but unfortunately these grenades can’t be cleansed by the Jedi or Sith healers, and can only be cleansed by the tech user healers.

Cleanse with Tech

Kintans + Trainers: Once you are out of the sewer tunnels, you’ll fight some larger creatures named Kintans and their trainers – most groups like to focus down the trainers first.

Sneaky – Right side Turret, no combat: After your first group of Kintans, your group will want to stop and wait, as there will be a turret nearby to the right of the tunnel that one of your team members will need to go click. If they’re careful, they can go click it without having to fight any of the enemies over there – they don’t need to be a stealther, but most groups tend to send a stealther as an extra precatuious measure. Your group can continue on to the left and the other two turrets once your team member has safely gotten away from the first turret.

Hutt Cartel Infiltrator (Red Gas): Once you’ve turned off all three turrets, your group will then head to the boss, but before you get there, you’ll need to fight a Hutt Cartel Infiltrator that’s guarding the way. This Infiltrator will put down clouds of red gas, and you’ll want to stay out of them to avoid damage.

Hunter-Creeper Droids: The Hunter-Creeper Droids and their allies are some of the hardest trash in Karagga’s Palace, and your group will want to take them on carefully. After you finish the Kintan Crusher Foreman boss, you’ll head inside the palace. Once inside, move very carefully – you’ll see rooms full of enemies, and you won’t want to step inside the rooms until your group is fully ready. There will be two humanoid enemies, a floating droid, and a large battle droid in each of the rooms you encounter, often hidden around the corner where they are hard to see at first. Before the fight starts, you can have two members of your team use their crowd control abilities to stun the two humanoid enemies, keeping them out of the fight for a while. Once the fight starts, your entire group will want to focus on the floating Hunter-Creeper Droid, because if you don’t kill it quickly enough, it will summon more droids for you to fight. After it’s dead, your team should focus on the battle Arsenal Droid, and only once all the droids are gone should you take out the two humanoids one by one. If you accidentally wake the humanoid Technician or Specialist up early, every member of your team has a short 4-second stun they can use on them to keep them locked down until it’s time to fight them. If you happen to be running 16-person veteran mode, these two humanoids can’t be stunned, and your group may focus either on the Hunter-Creeper Droid first, or on the humanoids so they don’t heal the droid.

Eyes of Karagga: After you defeat the puzzle boss, you’ll be out on a set of walkways over an acid pit and on your way towards the final boss. These walkways are guarded by the Eyes of Karagga, an Immortal Guardian, and a Turret. Your team’s tank should take the Immortal Guardian and move him out of the way, as he likes to spin around and knock back anyone nearby, potentially knocking them into the acid below. Your team should focus first on killing the turret, then the smaller Eyes of Karagga, and lastly the larger Immortal Guardian.

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