How to Look like Kylo Ren in SWTOR (Character Customization and Outfit)

Kylo Ren is the dark warrior in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although the movie is set thousands of years after Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can still try and recreate his outfit ingame and with the character creator.

Kylo Ren SWTOR Character Customization


Hair – Kylo’s hair is unruly, which means there is no perfect fit in SWTOR’s character creator. You an try “The Outlander” hairstyle, or the hair parted down the middle.

Body Type – Try both 1 and 2. Kylo is fairly thin for a warrior, but tall (his actor Adam Driver is 6’3).


Body Type 1, Parted Hair


Body Type 2, Messy Hair

Kylo Ren’s Outfit in SWTOR


Atris’s Robes – Black and Black Dye – Classic Phantom Belt – Darth Malak’s Greaves – Relaxed Uniform Boots – Revan’s Mask

All these items are available to buy from the GTN from other players with credits, or have a chance of dropping from cartel packs. You might be able to make a better combination using items gained through flashpoints, operations, or warzones. Post your version in the comments below!

Top – There is no great chestpiece in SWTOR that matches well with Kylo’s outfit in the movie. The elements that make his black robes are: non-bulky thin arms, simple robes with visible texture, skirt split in the front to allow greater flexibility and a wide belt. I chose Atris’s Robes with a black black dye for their simplicity and split “skirt” in the front. My second favorite was the Exterminator’s Cuirass with a mask on.

Belt – Keep it simple and flat, bonus points if you pick one with a large rectangular belt buckle.

Legs – Kylo has a simple pair of black pants with padding on the thighs, though you can’t see them often. Any pair of simple black pants would do the trick. I chose Darth Malak’s Leggings to mimic the striping on his thigh pads.

Boots – Any pair of black boots will do the trick. His boots in the concept are are fairly chunky, like someone going out in a blizzard would wear. I chose Relaxed Uniform Boots because of their wrapping to match the wrapping on his arms and legs.

Mask – I chose Revan’s Mask because of its simplicity and similarity in shape to Kylo’s black and silver mask.


Classic Preceptor’s Robes – Exterminator’s Cuirass – Diabolist Robes


Dramatic Extrovert’s Headgear – Reaver’s Headgear

Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber in SWTOR

Kylo Ren’s iconic lightsaber is actually based on an ancient design that can even be found in the era of Star Wars: The Old Republic. There is only one lightsaber available that is similar to Kylo Ren’s with lateral vents on its handle, and that is the Defiant Vented Lightsaber. This item is extremely rare and expensive – it is a cartel market item and is a platinum-rarity item that was only available in a few cartel packs. This item can sometimes be found on the GTN, but will be extremely expensive when available.

Due to the price, most players will skip the Defiant Vented Lightsaber and instead simply get a red saber. There is also a double-bladed lightsaber version available, and a similar-looking version without the side vents called the Defiant Technographer’s Lightsaber.