How to Level Up Fast in SWTOR

Sometimes you just want to level up fast in SWTOR, to see the amazing class stories or to get to max-level quickly. Here’s how to level up fast. Heads up, you do NOT need to do any of these to enjoy the game, they’re only for players looking to speed level. Most of these tips are going to be for experience players making their next character – if you’re new, leveling without any boosts is still quite fast. You will reach max level long before you reach the end of your main storyline no matter what method you use to level. Video & Guide Updated for 2023!

Tips & Tricks

If you just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, there aren’t very many tricks to levelling up fast… just play the game and you’ll naturally earn XP at a decent rate!

Level Up Fast

Here are somethings you can do to maximize your XP at a low level even if you are new to the game:

  1. Create a Stealth character to skip past enemies at level 10 (Assassin/Shadow/Operative/Scoundrel) or run past enemies instead of fighting them until you are out of combat
  2. Do the Purple Quests (main story quests and planetary quests, then expansion quests) and ignore other quests
  3. Use an XP Boost item for a 25% XP boost (you get some free as you level!)
  4. Join a guild with 50 or more characters for a Guild XP boost
  5. Subscribe to the game (20% XP boost after level 20)
  6. Use the Quick Travel ability to get around faster
  7. Pick up Heroics on new planets just to use the shuttle ability as a quick travel
  8. Make sure to get a Speeder as soon as possible (level 10 for subscribers, level 25 for free-to-play and preferred, level 1 unlock if you have legacy level 2)
  9. Unlock every option on the “Fast Levelling List” below that you have available
  10. Once you reach the Fleet, pick up the “Crafting Trainers” quest from the blue terminal near the stairs, and speak to all the Crafting Trainers in the Strongholds & Crewskills section, as they give a lot of XP when talked to at a low level.
  11. Once you have your ship, explore high-level planets for a huge exploration XP boost, but avoid high-level enemies. The best planets in order are: Mek-Sha, Onderon, Rishi, Yavin, 4, old Manaan, Oricon, and Makeb.
  12. At level 10, you can start queuing up for PvP, which gives great XP if you pick up the quests once in a match. Matches at low-level are not frequent though.
  13. If you don’t care about the story, spacebar through the cutscenes
  14. Watch out for limited-time Double XP Events on the calendar

The absolute fastest way to level up is to use a Commander’s Token or a Master’s Datacron item, which allows you to make an instant level 70/80 character, but I don’t recommend this for new players!

Exploration XP with Ship

Once you have your ship in the story, you can also just “fly” places and explore even if you’re a low level. Avoid enemies as they will be much stronger than you. Take the taxi around once you arrive by flying to the furthest location, getting off and then walking around enough that the nearby map turns blue. Then since you flew over the other areas, you can quick travel to them to get more exploration xp. Lots of things will be trying to kill you, and since they are much higher level than you, they will one-shot you if the catch you.

The higher level the planet, the more XP you will get – for example, at level 25, Onderon gave me 16k XP for exploring a new area, but Yavin only gave me 10k per location.

Places that are explorable with a ship, by order of xp, include:

  1. Mek-Sha
  2. Onderon
  3. Rishi
  4. Yavin 4
  5. Manaan (old version, plaza area, grab codex plaque while there)
  6. Oricon (no taxi)
  7. Makeb (only one map is explorable until you unlock the taxi with the story)

The planets that are part of the base game offer much less exploration XP, for example, Ilum is half of Makeb’s XP, and early Balmorra is one tenth the XP. There are some planets that are considered ‘pre-explored’, you get no exploration xp from them: Ruhnuk, Manaan Invasion Zone, Dantooine, Odessan, CZ-198, Section X and The Black Hole. Some locations can only be gotten to via summon or when you get there in the story: Iokath, Zakuul, and Ziost.


If you’re a more experienced gamer, doing Heroic quests can be a fast way to get XP. Heroics are harder quests, which are repeatable once per day. They are designed to be completed by a group, but skilled players can complete them alone. If you want to gain XP even faster than just doing the story, you can do as many heroics daily as you feel interested in running and have available.

Ord Mantell/Hutta
Lvl 11-10None
Coruscant/Dromund KaasLvl 610-16Lvl 16+
Balmorra (Imperial)/Taris (Republic)Lvl 1215-21Lvl 20+
Nar ShaddaaLvl 1722-26Lvl 24+
TatooineLvl 2226-28Lvl 28+
AlderaanLvl 2528-34Lvl 32+
Balmorra (Republic)/Taris (Imperial)Lvl 2932-36Lvl 36+
HothLvl 3438-40Lvl 41+
BelsavisLvl 3842-46Lvl 44+
VossLvl 4144-47Lvl 48+
CorelliaLvl 4447-49Lvl 50+
Daily - Black HoleLvl 5050Lvl 50+
Daily - Section XLvl 50+50Lvl 50+
Daily - CZ-198Lvl 50+55Lvl 50+

Heroic Quests: You can see what heroics are available to your character either at the Heroics terminal located near the spaceport on-planet, or you can go to the Republic or Imperial Fleet, walk to the Combat Training section, and look for the large blue Heroics terminal. From there you can pick up heroic quests one by one, then use the shuttle (in your quest tracker or Mission Items inventory.) If the quests are yellow in color, they are the right level for you, orange and red are technically too high for you but if you manage to complete them you’ll get even more XP.

Heroic Missions Weekly: At a higher level, you can even get more XP by picking up a weekly quest that asks you to do four heroic quests on a specific planet. You can see if you have any of these available by clicking the icon of “three little people” near your minimap then going to the Solo tab. Picking these up will automatically transport you to the planet and place you right in front of the Heroics terminal for that planet. This wrapper quest can be completed once per week per character, even though the individual heroics are repeatable daily. Individual heroics are available before the do-4 quests are.


I have also seen some players swear by leveling through Flashpoints. Flashpoints can reward a ton of XP in a group – but the speed at which you can complete them varies a lot from group to group and Flashpoint to Flashpoint. If you are looking to go fast, I don’t recommend levelling through Flashpoints, as a slow group may frustrate you. However, I do find flashpoints to be a great alternative to level compared to traditional questing – they can be a lot of fun and each run is a little different. Players who like to level through Flashpoints tend to suggest Hammer Station as one to run over and over, because people tend to be likely to know how to run it fast, and it’s hard to fail at completing it quickly.

Another option is to use the group finder and run randomized Flashpoints so you can get the bonus rewards. Make sure to first pick up the Introduction to Groupfinder quest from the blue terminal in the Supplies section of the fleet. If you are below level 50, after you complete your first groupfinder flashpoint and complete the Introduction to Groupfinder quest, you can afterwards start picking up the [WEEKLY] Searching for Allies quest from the same blue terminal, which asks you to complete 3 random groupfinder quests, and the [WEEKLY] Veteran Flashpoints (level 50 only), both of which can be completed 3x per week. Make sure when you are queuing up for the group finder to make sure the “Filter” has all flashpoints selected.

World Bosses

If you happen to see any world boss groups running, join them as you can earn some crazy amount of XP particularly at a low level! The [WEEKLY] Priority Targets quest from the blue terminal in the Supplies section of the fleet is available at level 30 and up, though it is designed to be completed at level 55 plus, will give you a ton of XP if you are closer to the lowest level you can start it. At level 30 it will give you almost 7x the amount of xp you would get for completing a story quest. The hard part is finding a group to join for world bosses, as you need to defeat 4 bosses from the list before the weekly reset on Tuesday. You can also run this quest up to 3 times per week per character. Don’t forget you can not accept summons until you have earned your ship in the story.


If you somehow are under leveled, for example you are 5 or more levels below your next story enemy and can’t even hit them, the easiest way to catch up is simply to run either some Heroics (see above) or a Flashpoint. Heroics are very fast ways to level up, and Flashpoint can be a very fun way to catch up.

Here are some options for what to do if you are under-leveled:

It doesn’t really matter what method you pick, any method will fairly quickly gain you the five levels you need to get on track for your main story.

Fast Levelling List

Experienced players often have a lot more options available to level up fast, as they have more unlocks!

Much like newer players, you will want to do all the tips & tricks mentioned above, but you may also have access to additional perks and xp bonuses.

Levelling Checklist

If you are an experienced player, you’ll want to set as many of these as you have available up for your character before you start levelling:

  • XP Boost item
  • Join Guild
  • Improved XP Boost Unlocks
  • Early Companion
  • Boost Companion
  • Early Speeder at level 1
  • Speeder on quickbar
  • Ship Travel Unlock (level 20)
  • Portable Vendor
  • Portable Cargo Hold, Legacy Bank and/or Mailbox
  • Portable Holo Trainer
  • Razor’s Kickstart Tactical
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Set XP armor
  • Mount While Moving (legacy-wide)
  • Rocket Boost (legacy-wide)
  • Quick Travel Unlock (legacy-wide)

1. Improved XP Boost Unlocks

At legacy level 2 or higher, there’s a large group of XP boosts you can get in the Character Perks section of your legacy panel – these perks are per-character and are not legacy-wide. You can get character perk boosts for Warzones, Flashpoints, Space Missions, Class Missions, Exploration, and Galactic Starfighter. There are additional unlocks for each one at legacy levels 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10, and each additional unlock boosts your xp in that category by 6% more at each level. If you’re just running the main class storyline, the most useful are the Class Mission and Exploration xp boosts. The first tier only costs 20,000 credits, while the final tier costs 100,000, so if you wanted to unlock those two tracks completely, it would cost you 550,000 credits and give you a 30% boost to both exploration and mission quests.

Legacy Panel – Character Perks – Advancement – Improved Class Mission Experience I-V

Legacy Panel – Character Perks – Advancement – Improved Exploration Mission Experience I-V

You would use these in addition to an XP boost item.

2. Early Speeder

One of the biggest speed hindrances to leveling is going to be getting around the map from quest to quest. You can get a speeder at level 10 as a subscriber or level 25 as a free-to-play/preferred player.

If you’d like one sooner, you can either buy the [Improved Speeder Piloting I] item from the GTN or the character perk of the same name from the legacy panel which costs 40,000 credits and requires legacy level 2. You’ll then be able to ride a speeder as early as level 1 once you get your hands on a speeder which you can also pick up from the GTN or Collections if you have one unlocked.

Character Perks – Improved Speeder Piloting I

3. Mount While Moving

Speaking of spending credits, there’s also a legacy-wide unlock available in your other tab called Improved Mounting available at legacy level 8 which costs 2 million credits – this unlock allows you to mount while running, so you don’t have to stand still and summon your mount. It’s expensive, but very useful on all your characters.

Legacy Panel – Global Unlocks – Other – Convenience section – Mount While Moving

4. Rocket Boost

Speeders only work in outdoor areas – if you want to move fast indoors, you can get the Rocket Boots unlock, better known as Rocket Boost. It costs 2,000,000 after reaching legacy level 8 or 400 Cartel Coins, but is legacy-wide for all your characters. You can find it in the “Other” tab of your unlocks in your legacy panel. Although this is quite expensive, it’s probably the most beloved unlock in the entire game for both low and high level characters. If you have it unlocked, you will have it available from level 1.

Legacy Panel – Global Unlocks – Other – Convenience section – Rocket Boost

I like to keybind my mount and rocket boost while levelling.

5. Quick Travel Unlock

This is my personal favorite if you have the credits available. As you quest, you’ll often find yourself far away from the area where you started off, and need to return there.

Buying all three tiers of the Legacy Travel legacy-wide unlock, found in the Other tab of your legacy panel, will reduce your quick travel time down to zero so you can use quick travel as often as you want, on all your characters! Buying all three tiers costs 600,000 credits total – while expensive, it’s worth it for both your high level and low level characters. You can start using this at level 1 if you have it unlocked.

Legacy Panel – Global Unlocks – Other – Convenience section – Legacy Travel I-III

6. Ship Travel Unlock

You can now easily travel between planets without having to return to the spaceport first. Click the icon of a planet near your minimap, click the Galaxy Map button on the left, and then choose the planet you want to fly to. This is free once you have your ship – but three’s also an unlock here that allows you to travel immediately to your ship. This unlock requires Legacy Level 15, your character to be Level 20 or higher, and costs 50,000 Credits.

7. Early Companion

Although combat is quite easy at low levels, getting a companion early can help you speed through content by allowing your companion to fight while you run to the next objective. Naturally, you will get your first companion part way through your first planet. Many other companions, like most Cartel Market companions, can’t be picked up until level 10. However, there are a few companions you can unlock early. The first batch are companions gotten through limited-time rewards including Master Ranos, Shae Vizla, Paxton Rall, and Nico Okarr, and will be in your mailbox on your new character if you’ve unlocked them in the past.

There are some companions you can get at level one which must first be earned on higher level characters.

Darth Hexid: The first is Darth Hexid. To earn her, you must complete 40 activities through the groupfinder. Once she has been earned on one character, all other characters should get her through the mail – but it has been notoriously buggy, if she doesn’t show up, you can also unlock her for all characters through collections for 10 cartel coins. Once unlocked, she can be summoned even at level 1 once you use her [Sith Holocommunicator] item! Darth Hexid Companion Guide

HK-51: HK-51 is the second option. To earn him, you must first complete a long series of quests that start on Section X. Once you have earned HK-51 for the first time, you can then pay 1 million credits (or 350 cartel coins) to auto-unlock him on each of your additional characters, so you do not have to repeat the quest line to earn him. If you unlock him on your other characters this way, you can get him as early as level 1 – you will need to send your fresh character some credits through your legacy bank or mailbox first. You’ll have to pay this credit cost on every new character. HK-51 Companion Guide

Master Ranos, Shae Vizla, Nico Okarr, Paxton Rall: There are four companions that were originally awarded as subscription gifts, but are now earnable over time through Galactic Seasons by all players. If you have the companions from previous subscription rewards, check your mailbox, and the items for the companion should be there. If you do not have them unlocked yet, you can earn Galactic Seasons tokens and spend them on the Master Ranos, Shae Vizla, Nico Okarr, and Paxton Rall companions. Once you earn one, you can pay 10 CC to unlock them across your account, and then grab them from Collections on your level 1 character. Galactic Seasons Guide

Galactic Seasons Companions: Each Galactic Season brings a new companion that can easily be earned by all players, but can only be earned during a limited time while the season is active. Once you have earned this companion on the Seasons track, you can claim the first copy from the track on a character of your choice on that server, and then pay Cartel Coins to unlock it for the rest of your account. This cost will vary by companion, and new companions are added each season. At the time of writing this guide, the Seasons companions include Altuur zok Adon (Season 1), Fen Zeil (Season 2) and PH4-LNX (Season 3). Galactic Seasons Guide

8. Boost Companion

You can make your companion incredibly strong by boosting them up to influence level 50. Using a Companion Compendium is the fastest way to get to Influence 50 and levels your companion to influence level 50 immediately, without using gifts. You can either get one in the Strongholds section of the Fleet for 3 Dark Projects plus 4.25 million credits, or buy them from the Cartel Market / GTN. Or of course, you can give your companion gifts.

9. Portable Vendor

You can unlock a Basic Field Repair Droid at Legacy Level 5 in your character perks for 50,000 credits, which will allow you to quickly sell your junk items without having to look for a vendor or by sending your companion away. If you’re rolling in credits, you can also get the Revan Holostatue which acts as a portable vendor, and is useful for both high level and low level characters, especially if you unlock it through collections for all your characters. You can also use these vendors to repair your gear on the go.

10. Portable Bank or Stronghold

You can get a Field Personal Cargo Hold in your character perks for 1,000,000 credits at legacy level 10, or the legacy-bank version at legacy level 20 for 2 million credits. These hefty per-character unlocks will allow you to dump any cool items or gear you pick up along the way into your bank without having to leave your quest area, but I wouldn’t say they are worth the price unless you have more credits than you know what to do with. Another great option is to unlock a stronghold for all your characters – that way you can travel to your stronghold, dump your items, then use the “Exit area” button to return to exactly where you came from as long as you haven’t logged out in between.

11. Portable Holo Trainer

While you don’t need a trainer to train your abilities anymore, if you already have one, you still do need to visit a trainer to pick up Speeder piloting (level 10 for subscribers, level 25 for free-to-play and preferred) and to upgrade your speeder piloting.

The Hutt is retired, Senya is available for free during the holidays only, Darth Malgus is imperial-only and expensive, Satele is Republic-only and expensive.

12. Become a combat champion

If you’re struggling to get through the actual combat side of leveling, you may want to check out my other video called Difficult Solo Fight tips which will walk you through things you can do to make combat easier as you level, including upgrading your gear or using things like heroic moment. If you aren’t struggling in combat, you might want to try running your character in a damage combat proficiency, and to also have your companion in a damage role. If you can do that without dying, you’ll be able to deal with groups of enemies quicker. Difficult Fight Tips Guide

13. Razor’s Kickstart Tactical

The Razor’s Kickstart Tactical gives you a small speed boost sometimes when you mount up. Earned from the Swoop Event at Champion rank with Horizon Razors for 300 tokens, legacy-bound.

14. Victorious Pioneer’s Set

This is RETIRED, you can not get it if you do not have it already, it was part of a limited-time event called the Dark vs Light event from back in 2016, but players still talk a lot about it to this day. If you do have it, it won’t be in your mailbox, it will be in your legacy bank or on one of your other characters, you only got one copy. This set only works until level 75. At level 76 and onward, no bonus XP is granted.

General Ideas

Do the Purple Quests

The purple quests, which will be your class quests, main planetary quests, and main expansion quests, will reward far more experience than any other type of quest in the game. Ideally, depending on how many types of XP boosts you have, you should be able to mostly only do the main questlines and skip all the side quests. If you want to do group activities early, Galactic Starfighter is available at level 1.

Run Away

If you’re looking to level fast, you’ll actually want to avoid fighting as many enemies as possible, as your quests will reward you a lot more experience than casual combat will. If you are in the open world, enemies will stop chasing you once you’ve gotten far enough away from them – so if you don’t want to fight them, just run through and hope for the best. You can charge in with your speeder, get knocked off, and keep running, leaving your companion behind to fight off your enemies. Once you get farther away, you can set your companion to passive to bring them back to you – just remember to turn the passive mode off before the next fight.


If you don’t care about the story, your spacebar is going to be your best friend. If you want to skip the cutscenes, or just want to watch your favorite parts, you can use the spacebar to skip through cutscenes quickly, and the 1 key on your keyboard to quickly select dialogue options.

Stealth is King

Characters who have stealth available will have a much faster leveling process, as they can skip fighting a lot of weaker enemies by simply sneaking around them. The Shadow, Assassin, Scoundrel, and Operative get stealth at level 10, and then at level 35 get their combat stealth which lets them stealth out during combat. You’ll want to keybind both of these so you can easily enter stealth before sneaking past a group, and jump out of stealth once you are far enough away so you can move faster.

Quests that Grant Higher Level XP

There are some quests that you can start at a low level, but grant xp at a higher level – these are quests you can pick up and will have a red or orange quest name, but that you may have a hard time beating as you won’t be the correct level. If you succeed though, you’ll be rewarded with additional XP. Keep in mind to actually be able to hit enemies, you will need to be within 5 levels of them – so if you’re level 19, and they are 25, you won’t be able to hurt them at all… but if you’re a stealther, some quests don’t require any combat at all!

During my testing, this was a fun and silly method to level up through, but getting my ship quickly was much faster for XP, not to mention I then also had my ship.

  • At level 6, Coruscant/Dromund Kaas heroic quests become available from the Fleet, but most give XP for level 10-16
  • Assassins/Shadows get 4-second stun at Level 7
  • All players get their “Fleet Pass” at Level 10
  • Stealthers at Level 10 get their Stealth ability
  • Subscribers get their speeder at Level 10 (free-to-play/preferred level 25)
  • At Level 10 you can pick up the practically-free Introduction to Conquest quest from the fleet
  • At Level 10 you can if you want pick up the Introduction to PvP quest, its not great XP but does give you a level 10 earpiece, implants, and relics for running one warzone and one arena
  • At level 12, Balmorra (Imperial)/Taris (Republic) heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 15-21
  • At Level 15, pick up the Introduction to Strongholds quest in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the Fleet  from the hologram (or your starter planet) for some super easy level 40 xp
  • Assassins/Shadows get Force Speed at Level 15
  • All characters who have unlocked Heroic Moment get it at Level 16 if you have a companion
  • At level 17, Nar Shaddaa heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 22-26
  • At level 22, Tatooine heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 26-28
  • At level 25, Alderaan heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 28-34
  • Operatives/Scoundrels get their 4-second stun as a choice at level 27
  • At level 30, Taris (Imperial)/Balmorra (Republic) heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 32-36
  • At level 33, Quesh heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 37
  • Stealthers at Level 35 get their “combat stealth” and “sleep enemy while stealthed” ability, making heroics easier
  • At level 34, Hoth heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 38-40
  • At level 38, Belsavis heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 42-46
  • At level 41, Voss heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 44-47
  • At level 44, Corellia heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 47-49
  • At level 47, Ilum heroic quests become available, but most give XP for level 50
  • At level 50, you can pick up the Black Hole and Section X (with unlock/subscription) weeklies, they grant level 70 XP but the enemies are only level 50 (in Sec X don’t pick up the quest from the droid, just the weeklies)
  • At level 55, you can pick up the CZ-198 weeklies from the icon of “three little people”, they also grant level 70 XP but the enemies are only level 55 (super fast weekly)
  • Operatives/Scoundrels get their roll at Level 60

If you need a tiny boost to get to the next level, and don’t want to fight, go grab a codex entry.

Black Talon

We did have one player test running just Black Talon, the first Flashpoint, alone multiple times, and they sent us their tips.

One important concept if you plan to run Flashpoints is that you can only reset your phase 4 times per rolling 60 minutes (not 60 minutes from your last Flashpoint). So you may need to do some other activities in between if you are running fast! Each run took them a little under ten minutes.

  • Spacebar…obviously.
  • Hit option 1 on the third conversation to immediately start the fight.
  • Rocket Boost works in stealth
  • After Speaking to the droid on the bridge, mount up and speed past the boarders, you can stay mounted until the second room after the lift
  • Kill the Sabotage droid and immediately type /stuck, this will spawn you back at the bridge where your new quest marker is. Remember to re-summon combat droid
  • When arriving on the republic vessel, the first mob group is unskippable, rush them
  • Stealth works until the gold enemy in front of the first clickable terminal. Must kill them before or after conversation
  • When the conversation with the Jedi (last name Ban) starts, click 3 to start the fight immediately
  • Return to fleet instead of DK to quickly restart

Unnatural Methods

“The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural”

It’s unclear if these are considered exploits or just being clever. They may be patched in the future and I do not recommend using them, but other players will tell you that they exist. Similar previous methods were removed from the game over time.

1. ESC to Fleet during Training in the Force

If you are an experienced player with a second combat style unlocked for new characters and are a subscriber, you can start the Training in the Force quest as soon as you load into the game at level 1, and then once in the red and blue cutscene, press ESC on your keyboard, then choose EXIT. This will teleport you to the Republic or Imperial Fleet earlier than you could get there normally.

Once there you can:

  • Pick up the Crafting Trainers quest, which gives level 10 XP even though you are only level 1
  • Pick up a Crew Skill and interact with the trainer
  • Speak to every Crew Skill NPC for Codex entries

This will put you at level 4.5 in about two minutes flat without any special xp boosts. If you want, for a few extra xp, you can also pick up:

  • Pick up the Vaiken Spacedock / Carrick Station codex entry in the center of the Fleet around the inner ring
  • Pick up the Galactic Strongholds codex in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section
  • Pick up the Appearance Designer codex in the Cartel Bazaar, use quick travel if you have it

You can then travel to your second planet, Dromund Kaas (Imperial) or Coruscant (Republic) if you want to aim towards getting level 10, which unlocks a whole bunch more quests. If you do this, I recommend grabbing an early companion and an early speeder if you have them available (see above in guide).

Example for Dromund Kaas:

  • If you see anyone doing Heroics or World Boss, join them for extra xp. Just hitting the world boss once when a group kills it will give you a whole level or more.
  • Take the Taxi to Outpost Warden (100 credits) to unlock these codex entries: The Wilds and Kaas City. It’s a long ride.
  • Run north west up that temple map to discover Dark Temple Approach- Dark Temple Grounds. Anything and everything will kill you so avoid enemies the best you can.
  • Quick travel back to the taxi and take it to the Revanite Compound Speeder to discover Revanite Camp. Another long ride.
  • Quick travel to The Wall and run slightly south to discover The Wall.
  • Run even farther south to discover The Bog, if things are attacking you just keep running
  • If you run even further south to the lake in the very south east, you’ll discover the Fen of the First
  • Quick travel to Outpost Tempest and run slightly east to discover Jungle Valley
  • Then run a bit to the west to discover Riverfall Wilds
  • Take the path a few steps away to the south (avoid enemies carefully) to discover The Unfinished Colossus – Slave Camp
  • If you want more xp, pick up the Testing Grounds quest from Lord Drowl in the tent just inside the high wall in the camp. This quest is done in the area just south of the tent and has two bonus quests you can complete. If you have no XP boosts I recommend it.
  • Run east towards the bridge avoiding enemies the best you can, just keep running if you get attacked, to discover Naliss Quarry
  • Quicktravel to Kaas City, run along the path to the south-west to discover Initiate’s path
  • Head south along that path to discover the missing patch on the map Hadra’s encampment (don’t jump down)
  • Quicktravel again to Kaas City, and pick up the quest Sport Hunting slightly to the north in the city if you are at least level 6
  • Run over to the highest bridge right beside the quest giver, and pick up the blue-glowing sign for The Spires of Victory codex
  • Quicktravel to Kaas City Expansion to discover Kaas City Expansion
  • Quicktravel to Mandalorian Enclave Entrance to discover The Mandalorian Enclave in the north
  • Speak to NPC Renegin for the Sport Hunting quest up near the taxi – light side is non-combat.
  • Go inside the Mandalorian enclave, to the right, look for a large glowing blue banner on the wall to get the Mandalorians codex
  • Quicktravel to Sith Sanctum Entrance to discover The Sith Sanctum
  • Quicktravel to Imperial Intelligence Entrance to discover Imperial Intelligence
  • Quicktravel to Nexus Room Cantina. Run to the market to the far east to pick up the quest Sport Hunting (requires leevel 6, gives level 10 xp, no combat)
  • Run straight south west from the cantina towards the blue flames, and right-click the small glowing blue pedestal sign for the Monument to Lord Ergast codex
  • Look for Sith Acolytes to tag for Sport Hunting near the blue flames.
  • Quicktravel back to the Mandalorian Enclave to turn in the Sport Hunting quest.

At level 10, you can get your speeder if you are subscribed, and PvP and Flashpoints become unlocked. You can pick up the Introduction to PvP and Introduction to Group Finder from the blue terminals. You can play the Black Talon solo in the Flashpoints tab if you want. You’re mostly caught up with the quests vs their levels now, so you could level however you wanted at this point.

To continue your story, you will then need to travel back to your starter planet using the Departures elevator and shuttles (right Imperial side, left Republic side) on the Imperial or Republic Fleet.

2. Nathema

“You run the Nathema flashpoint (veteran mode) to the end area. On the gemini boss fight you burn her to 50% so the clone phase starts. Kill the tanks then clones, then reset the fight. Three ways to do that: sage/sorc/slinger/sniper set their teleport on the other side of the bridge, scoundrel/operative can use their roll to get over the gap, or everyone yolo off the edge. The roll is the fastest if you have someone who can do it, since teleport cooldown is so long. Repeat the process as long as you need. I was getting about 680k xp per run.” – markymark0123 on reddit

“If you do not have access to that, then running a Nathema exp farm is the fastest. You basically play through the Nathema conspiracy flashpoint until you reach the 3rd boss which is a droid. At 50% health, she disappears and summons a bunch of clones. You need to destroy the tanks, kill the clones and then you can just jump off to your death. You just repeat this process until you feel like stopping.” – football568092 on reddit

No Longer Available

1. Kicked Out of a Stronghold (Removed)

Previously, if you had the help of another player who has a stronghold, you can have them invite you to their stronghold, then kick you out. This would place you on the planet’s surface even at level 1. Previous stronghold planets to do this on included Rishi, Yavin 4, Alderaan, and Tatooine. You will now be returned to your previous planet.

2. Bug Hunt (Nerfed)

For a period of time “Bug Hunt”, a Heroic quest on Imperial Balmorra, was an extremely overpowered way to gain conquest points at xp. It has since been nerfed to prevent grinding.