How to Get Master Ranos as a Companion in SWTOR

Jedi Master Dazh Ranos was originally a retired companion who was only available to players who had earned her through the limited-time Dark vs Light event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. With the addition of the Galactic Seasons system to the game, all players now have a chance to earn her over time, and in this video we’ll go over the basics of Galactic Seasons, how to earn Ranos as a companion, and why you may not see her right away on the Galactic Seasons vendor.

How-to video:

Master Ranos’ cutscenes and story:

Galactic Seasons

Galactic Seasons is a system where you can complete specific tasks each day or week and earn points, and every time you earn eight points, you can earn the next reward on the Season’s track, and each Season lasts about 5 months long. One of the repeating rewards on the track is a Galactic Seasons token, which is a type of currency you can save up and spend on rewards from a vendor including some previously-retired rewards, and one of the rewards you can buy is Master Dazh Ranos.

To open the Galactic Seasons menu, click the checkmark icon on the top left of the screen.


To earn Galactic Seasons points, which will get you levels, you need to complete the Daily or weekly priority objectives, which you can see by clicking the objectives buttons on the top right. This will open the Conquest panel – by default, your daily and weekly Priority Objectives will be displayed at the very top of the list. Only the objectives with the letters “PO” or “Priority Objective” beside them will count for Galactic Seasons, so if you want to work on earning Master Ranos, you will need to complete daily Priority Objectives each day, and Weekly objectives that reset each week. You also get free points just for logging in four days within a week, which you can see in the Login Rewards tab on the top of the Galactic Seasons panel.

Galactic Seasons Tokens

You do not get a Galactic Seasons token for every level, instead you get one every seven levels or so.

IconTokenSeasons LvlAvailable
Token #1Level 5Free-to-Play & Subscribers
Token #2Level 8Subscribers only
Token #3Level 24Subscribers only
Token #4Level 34Subscribers only
Token #5Level 42Free-to-Play & Subscribers
Token #6Level 46Subscribers only
Token #7Level 62Subscribers only
Token #8Level 69Free-to-Play & Subscribers
Token #9Level 72Subscribers only
Token #10Level 76Subscribers only
Token #11Level 82Subscribers only
Token #12Level 86Subscribers only
Token #13Level 89Free-to-Play & Subscribers
Token #14Level 92Subscribers only
Token #15Level 100Free-to-Play & Subscribers

Master Dazh Ranos will cost you 6 Galactic Seasons tokens. She costs slightly more than the other companions you can buy with tokens. If you have not spent any tokens yet, you will have earned enough tokens to buy Ranos by the time you reach Galactic Seasons Level 46, which would be 368 points worth of levels. As a  subscriber you can earn a maximum of 74 points per week total if you did every objective every day, and free-to-play and preferred players can earn 48 points per week total, so it will take you a while to get her, give or take about 5 weeks minimum on a subscribed account where you complete every objective.

Buy Master Dazh Ranos with Cartel Coins / Credits – You can also technically buy Galactic Seasons levels with Credits or Cartel Coins, in which case if you bought levels 1-46 it would cost you about 1 billion credits or 4,600 Cartel Coins to “buy” Master Ranos with some of the coins refunded as you purchase the levels, though this method is not recommended as it is meant to be more of a catch-up mechanic and the cost is quite high when you can earn her simply by playing the objectives over time.

Galactic Seasons Vendor

Once you have earned 6 Galactic Seasons tokens, you will be able to purchase Master Ranos from the Galactic Seasons vendor, who is named Jaleit Nall and is located in the Supplies section of the Republic or Imperial Fleet. The trick is that the Galactic Season’s vendor’s items rotate out on a weekly basis, except for the Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock Strongholds which are available all the time. Each week starting on Tuesday, the vendor will have a new batch of items, and the cycle will continue again on next Tuesday. The first week will have the Nico Okarr companion for sale labelled as an Encrypted Lockbox item, the second week has the companion Shae Vizla for sale labelled as a Mandalorian-Marked Package item, the third week has the Paxton Rall companion for sale labelled as an Illicit Package item, and the final week in the cycle has Master Ranos available for sale, and the item you need to buy will called the Force-Imbued Object for 6 Galactic Seasons Tokens. If the Force-Imbued Object is not for sale, you can figure out which companion is currently for sale, which will help you figure out when Ranos will be coming up next in the weekly cycle.

Force-Imbued Object – 6 Galactic Seasons Tokens

The Force-Imbued Object item is actually a box that contains two different items once you open it. One will give you Master Ranos immediately as a companion, and is called the Jedi Holocommunicator. The second item is called the The Light Triumphant Alert Unlock, and will unlock the ability to do an Alliance alert mission called “The Light Triumphant” where you can have Master Ranos join you through the story, but this mission is only available after your character has completed Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire. The good news is if you want Ranos now, but want to complete the mission later, using the Jedi Hollocommunicator early will still let you do the story mission later.

  • The Light Triumphant Alert Unlock – Grants your character access to the Alliance Alert “The Light Triumphant”. When unlocked, this Alert can be played after Chapter IX: The Alliance.
  • Jedi Holocommunicator – For those who do not wish to wait to encounter Master Ranos naturally on their adventures, this device can be used to instantly unlock Master Ranos as a companion.

Master Ranos Retiring?

If you’re having trouble earning enough tokens before the season ends, or you missed Master Ranos on the cycle before the Season ends, don’t worry. The developers have confirmed that Galactic Seasons tokens are meant to be collected and shared from Season to Season, and won’t go away when the season ends. The developers have also confirmed that the Galactic Seasons Jaleit Nall vendor will be available even after the Season is over, and her stock will continue to rotate.

How often you get tokens through Galactics Seasons, how many tokens you can earn per season, and how the vendor rotates may change in future seasons, but you should always be able to earn Ranos one way or another.

Unlock Master Ranos on All Characters

Once you have earned and used Master Ranos on one of your characters, you can purchase the ability to have her on all of your characters on every server through the Collections system for only 10 Cartel Coins.

To open your collections window, there is a small button in your inventory, or you can access Collections from the main menu. Once there, type in “Ranos” and she will come up right away in the collections system. If she is greyed out, she was not yet properly unlocked for your account, and you may need to go use the Jedi Holocommunicator item or The Light Triumphant Alert Unlock to get the collections to recognize you have earned her. Once this has succeeded, you’ll see a button that’s a Cartel Coin icon and an up arrow appear on Master Rano’s picture in Collections. Clicking that button will allow you to pay 10 Cartel Coins to unlock her across your entire account. After you’ve done that, you can then claim her on any of your other characters by finding her in collections on that character, clicking the claim button which is a symbol of arrows pointing towards an inventory icon, and a copy of both the instant-summoning item and the alert item will be transferred into your character’s inventory.

If you happen to have earned Master Ranos the old school way, through the Dark vs Light system, you do not need to unlock her through collections. Instead, visit your mailbox and look for a a mail titled Dark vs. Light Eventer Eternal Level R... – This mail will only include the Jedi Holocommunicator item, and instead of getting an item for the alert mission, the alert The Light Triumphant should automatically be in your Alerts panel.

Levelling up Master Ranos

If you’re looking to boost up Master Ranos’s influence level, you can either give her a Commander’s Compendium or companion gifts. She loves Republic Memorabilia gifts the most, her second favorite gifts are Luxury gifts, and she likes pretty much all of the other normal gifts except Weapons, Delicacies or Maintenance gifts. Unlike many other companions in Collections, she can help you craft or gather items, which is another great way to raise her influence.