What to expect in Update 7.5 in SWTOR! – COMING MAY 29th!

News Date: May 1, 2024 Patch: 7.5 News Source

The Star Wars: The Old Republic developers have revealed what is coming with Update 7.5!

Update 7.5

What will be in Update 7.5?

  • New Story: Desperate Defiance
  • Hutta Art Modernization
  • Basilisk Droid Companion Quests (‘Ventures’)
  • Dantooine Spring Event (‘Abundance Festival’)
  • PvP Season 6
  • Cartel Market Updates
    • New Cartel Market Item: Refined Mentor Amor
    • New Cartel Customization: Fallen Master Beard
    • Cartel Sale until May 16th, some items up to 90% Off
    • Collections 50% off until May 16th
  • Events:
    • Double XP until May 16th
    • Free Darth-Maul-inspired pet – log in before May 16th
    • Free poster! Code: MalgusWhen , redeem at swtor.com before May 16th
    • (Unofficial) May 4th Swtorista Event
    • Nar Shadda Nightlife Event starts July 9, new helmet reward
    • Swoop Event April 30 – May 6
    • Rakghoul Event May 14 – 20

When will Update 7.5 be released?

Hello everyone!

Mark your calendars! We will be bringing down servers on May 29th to deploy Game Update 7.5.

  • Time: 7am CT
  • Estimated downtime: 4 hours
  • [[next Wednesday, 5 AM California time lasting till 9 AM California time]]

A full list of patch notes will be available on Tuesday, May 28th, here.

I will be locking this thread to keep all updates relevant to 7.5 in one spot.


Developer Livestream

You can watch the Developer Livestream recording to see all of this information presented live by the SWTOR developers, it’s about an hour long. twitch.tv/videos/2134649816 

New Free Item (Code)

Get a free Darth Malgus poster decoration item! To get the Poster: Darth Malgus  item, go to swtor.com/redeem-code and use the code MALGUSWHEN before May 16, 2024.

How to Get

  • Link https://account.swtor.com/en/account/redeem_game_time_code , it’s the newer Redeem Code link from your account page on swtor.com
  • You can claim the code on swtor.com now even if you don’t have the game downloaded – it will still be available to you if you don’t log in to the game until much later.
  • You will need to return to the Server Select screen or log out of the game entirely before it will get mailed to you, if you are logged in when you go to redeem the code.
  • You will get a copy for every character you have and any new characters will also get a copy in the mail. You don’t need to log in to each character immediately.

New Free Item (Login)

Get a free darth-maul inspired pet to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Phantom Menace! To get the BX-24 Probe Droid item, log in to your SWTOR account before May 16, 2024.

How to Get

  • You must use the in-game login launcher (not just the website) and likely need to select a character and log in to them.
  • You may need to return to the Server Select screen or log out of the game entirely if the item doesn’t appear in your mail right away after you log in.
  • You will get a copy for every character you have and any new characters will also get a copy in the mail. You don’t need to log in to each character immediately.

New Story: Desperate Defiance

While the developers wanted to avoid spoilers, they did share that the next part of the story would be coming with Update 7.5. They did say they left a lot of clues, and you may have been able to see or guess the direction of the story if you have a keen eye. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

(SPOILERS) The last few updates have all been parts of a larger story, with Darth Malgus in the center.  Each update has been a “chapter” like in a book (not mechanical chapter) of the story. Desperate Defiance is the turning point of Sahar Kateen’s story. At the end of Update 7.4, Sa’har reaches out to the player for help, to get the holocron from Darth Nul’s temple away from Heta Kol, a rogue Mandalorian

(SPOILERS) Up until this point Shar really hasn’t had control of her own story. She has been manipulated by her Master and Jedi, by Darth Malgus, by her brother Rikan, and ultimately by Heta Kol. And this is where she really defines her direction and decides “I can’t do this, I want to get this holocron away from Heta.”

(SPOILERS) In Desperate Defiance, she’s going to reach out to the player for guidance and a plan to get this holocron away from Heta. You get to journey with Sahar as your companion, and also get to shape her story a little bit. She is a Padawan – a little wayward – she’s just finding her feet, so you have a lot of opportunities to shape her direction and where she’s going to go. There’s a lot of opportunities to decide how you would like to treat a young unprepared character that you are traveling with, and it will change who she will become, and how she reacts to different situations, based on if you support her or don’t support her, and your relationship with Sahar ultimately.

Jedi Knight (Choosing “Sa’har, Focus”): Come on Sa’har – you’ve made it all this way, don’t falter now.
Sa’har: I know. I know what I need to do, just…
Jedi Knight: If you do this word will get back to Heta and your brother. They’ll know it was you.
Sa’har: I… I know.

You will be venturing to Hutta for the Desperate Defiance story, and there will be some new characters including Adi Vonapa, Rakit and the Hutt Yusinduu.

Both Republic and Imperial players will be able to go to Minboosa, the new Hutta area, but there is no daily area like there was for Ord Mantell.

Hutta Art Modernization

The developers mentioned that some of the other Art Modernizations Efforts are more visible than others, and Hutta is going to be one of the most noticeable of all. The modernization of the artwork will not only be in Minboosa the new area of Hutta for the story, but also the original Hutta area you are familiar with in the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent story.

Dantooine Spring Event – Abundance Festival

To fill in the “Spring” gap for seasonal events in the game, the developers are introducing the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival, a more casual laid back style of event. Players will return to Dantooine to help restore old farmland and enjoy daily and weekly missions.

  • Creature Rescue around the galaxy
  • Festive holo-pole dance
  • Cultivation missions
  • ‘Fishing’
  • Egg Hunt
  • Pie Baking
  • Pie sampling

The spring event was on the test server, so we have a whole bunch of info about the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Guide!

Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Guide

Here’s some screenshots from the livestream – more in the guide!

Farmland Grazer and Nightshift Tech Armor Sets rewards from the Dantooine Abundance Festival – it sounded like there are more rewards not shown yet too.

Abundance Festival Gallery

Basilisk Droid Companion Quests (‘Ventures’)

Players who have completed all of Lane Vizla’s missions can begin the Basilisk Prototype Venture. This new system involves training and bonding with their very own Basilisk Companion named B3-S1 (‘Bessie’).

To earn Bessie as a companion, you need to complete multipls quests /tasks called ‘Ventures’. These include training her, so you will be required to take her out in different specific modes – Tank, Healer, DPS, for the quests. You can only take Bessie out for a limited time until she is your full companion.

This is a solo-focused series of quests, for solo players who want to earn something to show off to other players.

The developers compared it to how players like to show off Wings of the Architect – when you see someone with them, you stop and admire them because they look cool and you know the player has worked hard to get them. However, it does not sound like there is a skill component for this reward, so players of all types should be able to earn Bessie and all her upgrades over time. More details to come as she will be available on the Public Test Server!=

Want to catch up with the Basilisk droid quests? check out the Basilisk Quest Guide!

Lane Vizla + Basilisk Droid Quest Guide

The Basilisk Ventures system was also on the test server, and we’ve been working on a guide, though it is time and content-gated so we only have so much info so far. Basilisk Prototype Ventures Guide

Basilisk Prototype Ventures Guide

PvP Season 6

PvP Season 6 will start with Update 7.5 and will be called The Great Pirate Hunt.

New rewards include Cosmic Corsair and Astromarauder Armors sets and the text-only “Arrr.” emote.

There are some changes to how PvP Seasons work going forward:

  • PvP Seasons will be every Update like 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8 etc rather than on a calendar (Galactic Seasons are on 7.4.1, 7.5.1, 7.6.1 etc)
  • PvP Seasons will now last 16 weeks instead of 12 (4 months instead of 3) to give you more time to complete them
  • PvP Seasons will now have 30 ranks instead of 25
  • PvP Seasons track rewards will include additional medpac and adrenals and a new text-only emote

New Cartel Market Item: Refined Mentor Amor

Inspired by the High Republic

The High Republic has Jedi in many different costumes.

The closest I think is this Avar Kriss’s outfit.

New Cartel Customization: Fallen Master Beard

A new character customization is being added, inspired by Baylan Skoll from Ahsoka.

It sounds like it might be two customizations with the hair attached.

Cartel Sale until May 16th, some items up to 90% Off

Take a look in each category! Some hidden deals too.

Full List of Sales Items

SWTOR May the Fourth 2024 Cartel Market Sales! UPDATE MAY 7! Up to 90% off some items until May 16 and 50% Off All Collections

Best Deals in my opinion:

  • Revan Holostatue: 225 CC (85% Off, 1,500 CC)
  • Advanced Black- Red Striated Crystal: 30 CC (90% Off, 300 CC)
  • Advanced Green Core Crystal: 50 CC (90% Off, 500 CC)
  • Squadron Leader’s Armor Set: 90 CC (90% Off, 900 CC)
  • Mandalorian’s War Camp Decoration Bundle: 375 CC (75% Off, 1,500 CC)
  • Daimyo Decoration Bundle: 180 CC (90% Off, 1,800 CC)
  • Music Therapy Probe: 360 CC (85% Off, 2,400 CC)
  • Elite Mandalorian Bundle (cool Mando armor and Basilisk mount): 1,170 CC (70% Off, 3,900 CC)

Collections 50% off until May 16th

All collection unlocks are half off till May16th! Any cartel items you’ve previously added to collections for one character can now be unlocked account-wide at 50% of the original cartel coin cost.

For more information about how collections works, check out the guide: SWTOR Collections guide

SWTOR Collections Guide

Double XP until May 16th

The SWTOR Developer team has announced Double XP will be running till May 16th! Two weeks of double xp for levelling.

Want to make the most of the Double XP event?  Here’s how it works! Double XP Guide

Double XP Event Guide

You can also use the fast levelling guide! It’s been updated recently. Fast Levelling Guide

How to Level Up Fast in SWTOR

(Unofficial) May 4th Swtorista Event

THE BATTLE OF ALDERAAN RE-ENACTMENT – Swtorista Star Wars Day Event! May 4, 2024

Hello everyone! Let’s play together on “Star Wars” day, May 4th! Special Saturday stream!

  • DATE: Saturday May 4, 2024
  • TIME: Starts 8 AM Pacific, main events for 4 hours (strict end time)
  • WHERE: watch on twitch.tv/swtorista
  • WHAT: SWTOR fan event
  • PARTICIPATE IN-GAME: In-game on the Star Forge server (check activity for faction and level requirements). If you are free-to-play make sure to make a Twitch account so you can communicate there if you can’t communicate in-game yet if you are low-level.
  • PARTICIPATE WATCHING: Chat, watch, and enter the giveaways on the livestream link in chat. You need to be in-game for the Recreation, but not for the other giveaways.
  • All Info

Nar Shadda Nightlife Event

Nightlife event starts July 9!

New Nightlife reward – from the emperor’s grace machine. Nightlife Event Guide

After 7.5 / 7.5.1

What will be coming up after 7.5.1? While we don’t have many hints yet, we do know that there will eventually be…


We will see the continuation of PvP Seasons and Galactic Seasons – Galactic Seasons Season 7 sounds like it will be starting with 7.5.1 in March, and PvP Seasons Season 6 with 7.5, with more seasons later in the year too.

Date Nights

There are about 28 romanceable companions and the developers are hoping to release more date nights in the cadence of 1-2 Companion Date nights per Galactic Seasons. So Update 7.5.1 should bring 1 or 2 more date nights!

Romanceable Companions

  • Akaavi Spar
  • Andronikos Revel
  • Arcann (Update 7.4.1)
  • Aric Jorgan
  • Ashara Zavros
  • Corso Riggs
  • Doc
  • Elara Dorne
  • Felix Iresso
  • Jaesa Willsaam
  • Kaliyo
  • Khem Val
  • Kira Carsen
  • Koth Vortena (Update 7.4.1)
  • Lana Beniko (Update 7.4.1)
  • Lieutenant Pierce
  • Lord Scourge
  • Mako
  • Malavai Quinn
  • Nadia Grell
  • Raina Temple
  • Risha
  • Tharan Cedrax
  • Theron Shan (Update 7.4.1)
  • Torian
  • Vector
  • Vette
  • Zenith

DirectX 12 & Improved Steam Integrations

In a previous developer post, the devs said…

Also on the tech side, we are working on further updates such as improved integrations with Steam and updating to DirectX 12. We’ll start talking about all of this and more in the coming weeks. Source

With 64-bit now in the game, and DirectX 12 hopefully on the way, it’s possible we may see graphics updates in the future. We have already seen many graphical / art updates on the planets.

GTN Changes?

In addition to the recent changes to the GTN, the developers spoke in the past about potentially adding a buy-order system – you can put in a request to buy an item at a certain price, and other players can fulfill the order. Whether this will be added or not still is unclear, now that the new GTN is up and functional.

  • This will be an overhaul of how the GTN Works to increase usability make finding what you want easier and buy or sell items at a fair price all while providing you with more Market information than ever before to help players make informed decisions (source developer livestream 7.3)
  • We will also be building a commodity order system that lets you place orders for specific items and get them at a competitive price (source developer livestream 7.3)

Additional Servers?

All SWTOR servers are now on the cloud, and the Shae Vizla server has been running for a while as the APAC server, with transfers opened with 7.4.1. A new Fresh Start server may come in the future, players have been asking for one in North America. Read More

Future Story

We got a tease of where the story might go in the future as well, though this may be alluding to what is coming in 7.4 and forward!

And after that, more of everything. You can always expect more Flashpoints, more story, like Malgus says, ‘this is only the beginning.’ I talked a little bit about when 7.0 launched how much we had planned out the storyline and everything happening with Malgus, and how is plans are unfolding, and how the Mandalorian civil war storyline ties into that, we’ve got some stuff that I can not wait to see go live, and to see ya’lls faces and your reactions and your comments as it comes down the road.” – Charles Boyd (Former Creative Director, Developer 7.1 Livestream)

Crafting Update / Augments?

How does this affect crafting? Augments and Augmentation Kits are still craftable, and able to be used on all 7.0 gear. We are not raising Crew Skills, Gathering or Crafting levels upon the 7.0 release, but they are a part of our 10-year celebration plans. – Jackie late 2021, before the 7.0 launch

From an interview by Vulkk.com with the developers:

The official answer stated that while the developers “cannot provide a definitive timeline right now, a change to the Crafting system will not be implemented in the immediate future. At this time, players can continue spending credits on augments.” When the time comes that a crafting revamp will happen, BioWare said that they will give everyone plenty of time to adjust to the changes accordingly.

Based on BioWare’s answer, it seems that they are planning a more significant rework to the crafting system in line with other modernizations we’ve gotten with 7.0. Furthermore, it should theoretically be pretty trivial to just add another crafting tier if that’s all they wanted to do. – August 2022

Master Mode R-4?

It is unclear if Master Mode R-4 is still coming out, due to the large delay in launch of both 7.0 and the R-4 Anomaly operation in both story and veteran mode, but it is currently the only outstanding item on the list from the tenth anniversary, originally shared on a livestream July 1, 2021.