Everything Cool in Update 7.5 ‘Desperate Defiance’ in SWTOR!

News Date: May 29, 2024 Patch: 7.5 News Source

Update 7.5 is now out! Here’s everything cool, interesting, or a change in ‘Desperate Defiance’.

Update 7.5

What will be in Update 7.5?

  • New Story: Desperate Defiance
  • Hutta Art Modernization
  • Basilisk Droid Companion Quests (‘Ventures’)
  • Dantooine Spring Event (‘Abundance Festival’)
  • PvP Season 6 starts
  • New Cartel Market Items
  • Nar Shadda Nightlife Event starts July 9, new helmet reward

New Story: Desperate Defiance

If you are up to date in the story and have completed the previous story update in Update 7.4 in Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell, you should be eligible to automatically start the new Desperate Defiance story, which should lead you to the first quest, What Bothers Minboosa.

(SPOILERS) The last few updates have all been parts of a larger story, with Darth Malgus in the center.  Each update has been a “chapter” like in a book (not mechanical chapter) of the story. Desperate Defiance is the turning point of Sahar Kateen’s story. At the end of Update 7.4, Sa’har reaches out to the player for help, to get the holocron from Darth Nul’s temple away from Heta Kol, a rogue Mandalorian

(SPOILERS) Up until this point Shar really hasn’t had control of her own story. She has been manipulated by her Master and Jedi, by Darth Malgus, by her brother Rikan, and ultimately by Heta Kol. And this is where she really defines her direction and decides “I can’t do this, I want to get this holocron away from Heta.”

(SPOILERS) In Desperate Defiance, she’s going to reach out to the player for guidance and a plan to get this holocron away from Heta. You get to journey with Sahar as your companion, and also get to shape her story a little bit. She is a Padawan – a little wayward – she’s just finding her feet, so you have a lot of opportunities to shape her direction and where she’s going to go. There’s a lot of opportunities to decide how you would like to treat a young unprepared character that you are traveling with, and it will change who she will become, and how she reacts to different situations, based on if you support her or don’t support her, and your relationship with Sahar ultimately.

Hutta Art Modernization

Hutta is getting a makeover! The modernization of the artwork will not only be in Minboosa the new area of Hutta for the story, but also the original Hutta area you are familiar with in the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent story.

Dantooine Spring Event – Abundance Festival

To fill in the “Spring” gap for seasonal events in the game, the developers are introducing the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival, a more casual laid back style of event. Players will return to Dantooine to help restore old farmland and enjoy daily and weekly missions.

  • Creature Rescue around the galaxy
  • Festive holo-pole dance
  • Cultivation missions
  • ‘Fishing’
  • Egg Hunt
  • Pie Baking
  • Pie sampling
  • Achievements
  • Decoration, armor, mount and pet rewards

The spring event was on the test server, so we have a whole bunch of info about the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Guide!

Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Guide

Here’s some screenshots from the livestream – more in the guide!

Basilisk Droid Companion Quests (‘Ventures’)

Players who have completed all of Lane Vizla’s missions can begin the Basilisk Prototype Venture. This new system involves training and bonding with their very own Basilisk Companion named B3-S1 (‘Bessie’).

To earn Bessie as a companion, you need to complete multipls quests /tasks called ‘Ventures’. These include training her, so you will be required to take her out in different specific modes – Tank, Healer, DPS, for the quests. You can only take Bessie out for a limited time until she is your full companion.


Want to catch up with the Basilisk droid quests? check out the Basilisk Quest Guide!

Lane Vizla + Basilisk Droid Quest Guide

The Basilisk Ventures system was also on the test server, and we’ve been working on a guide, though it is time and content-gated so we only have so much info so far. Basilisk Prototype Ventures Guide

Basilisk Prototype Ventures Guide

PvP Season 6

PvP Season 6 will start with Update 7.5 and will be called The Great Pirate Hunt with new rewards.

New rewards include Cosmic Corsair and Astromarauder Armors sets and the text-only “Arrr.” emote, and new decorations on the vendor.

New Cartel Market Items

Inspired by the High Republic and the new The Acolyte tv show, the Cartel Market is getting new items. Guide of New Cartel Items for 7.5

New ‘The Acolyte’ items in SWTOR in Update 7.5! Dark Harbinger’s Armor Set, Serpent’s Tongue Vibroblade, Wookiee Jedi inspired Hairstyle, Fallen Master Beard, Refined Mentor Armor

Nar Shadda Nightlife Event

Nightlife event starts July 9!

New Nightlife reward – from the emperor’s grace machine. Nightlife Event Guide