New ‘The Acolyte’ items in SWTOR in Update 7.5! Dark Harbinger’s Armor Set, Serpent’s Tongue Vibroblade, Wookiee Jedi inspired Hairstyle, Fallen Master Beard, Refined Mentor Armor and Lightsabers, Metallic Dyes

News Date: May 28, 204 Patch: 7.5 News Source

To celebrate the debut of The Acolyte, the developers collaborated with Lucasfilm Games to build a set of items inspired by The Acolyte. With Game Update 7.5 “Desperate Defiance”, the following will be available on the Cartel Market starting May 29, 2024:

Dark Harbinger’s Armor Set

Inspired by ‘Mae’ from The Acolyte

Armor preview:

The Acolyte trailer:

(Headpieces pictured above: Dark Harbinger Hood (with hair) and Dark Harbinger Hood)

I made a whole Twitter thread on different ways the hair can look with the hood:

It sounds like these may be the item names but they are not verified yet:

  • Dark Harbinger Belt
  • Dark Harbinger Boots
  • Dark Harbinger Bracers
  • Dark Harbinger Chestpiece
  • Dark Harbinger Gloves
  • Dark Harbinger Hood
  • Dark Harbinger Hood (Hair Enabled)
  • Dark Harbinger Pants

A look behind the scenes of making the Dark Harbinger Armor Set:

It is important to remember that our stories are set thousands of years before the events of The Acolyte. Our talented artists and designers worked with Lucasfilm to create iconic items that find a balance between the striking items seen in the recent trailers and also stay true to the aesthetics of The Old Republic.

When creating items inspired-by a new series, we always start with a high quality reference, and then get right to building a high-res model to bring our ideas to life.

From there, we determine what this armor would look like on a player model and add the necessary textures and materials to bring it to life.

Once we align on the overall direction, several more passes through the art, design, sound, and QV teams get us to a fully functional Dark Harbinger armor set in-game!

Serpent’s Tongue Vibroblade

Appearance Options: Loyal Adherent Hairstyles and Beard Bundle

includes Wookiee Jedi inspired customizations

Refined Mentor Armor

Inspired by the High Republic

The High Republic has Jedi in many different costumes.

The closest I think is this Avar Kriss’s outfit.

New Cartel Customization: Fallen Master Beard

A new character customization is being added, inspired by Baylan Skoll from Ahsoka.

It sounds like it might be two customizations with the hair attached.

Refined Mentor Lightsaber

Refined Mentor Dualsaber

Hidden Chain Jetpack Mount

Enhanced Dye Packs

  • Pearlescent Blue / Pearlescent White
  • Pearlescent White / Pearlescent Blue
  • Chrome White / Metallic Black
  • Metallic Black / Chrome White