SWTOR Quest List

This incredible quest list of every non-class quest has been put together by player Exarch, who want through and catalogued every single quest in the game. Search by planet, or by faction. This quest list should be up to date as of update 7.2. There is currently 5488 quests in this database!

📝 Looking for a spreadsheet or checklist? Visit the SWTOR Mission Checklists Google Sheet - to use it as a checklist, choose FILE > MAKE A COPY in the top left, which will allow you to save your own copy that you can edit and update. Use the tabs at the bottom to switch between types of quests. If you want to track quests on a second character, make a second copy.




Additional Planets

Additional Activities


Many players contributed to this guide, including...

  • Exarch - Created the entire list and spreadsheet, gathered all data.
  • RoAlto - Helping to complete Oricon, Makeb, CZ-198, Ziost, GSI on Makeb, Alderaan and Tatooine on Republic and Imperial planets, and Oricon and CZ-198 (Imperial) Daily Areas.
  • Kelgryphon - Helping to complete Alliance Alert missions for Nico Okarr and HK-55.
  • RogueTwo (RoH) - Helping to complete the Shroud of Memory KoTFE Chapter, the Alliance Alert mission for Master Ranos and helping to complete Star Fortresses.
  • Swtorista (RoH) - Helping to complete both Republic and Imperial solo Space Missions.
  • Dlique (RoH) - Helping to check missions.
  • Fuzzybritches (RoH) - Helping to complete the Shroud Storyline (Macrobinocular Missions) and the Colicoid War Game flashpoint.
  • Slazersc (RoH) - Helping to complete the Shroud Storyline (Macrobinocular Missions).
  • Fooj (RoH) - Helping to complete Star Fortresses.
  • Tallincorsair (RoH) - Helping to complete Star Fortresses and the Colicoid War Game flashpoint..
  • Cyberchp (RoH) - Helping to complete the Colicoid War Game flashpoint.
  • Vlinndrel (RoH) - Helping to complete The Troubling Nature of Progress and confirming Heroics.
  • Aevic - Reported Missing Missions: 'Rogun's Legion' Bonus Mission for Smuggler Story and 'True Champion' Bonus Mission for Sith Warrior Story.
  • Ogopogodus - Reported Missing Bonus Mission: 'Stop the Ritual' Bonus Mission for Pub side Alderaan.
  • u/vraydon5 - Reported Missing Mission on Republic Corellia Map: No. 27 'A Disaster in the Making' and Missing Mission on Republic Belsavis 'Containing a Beast'.
  • Athewynn - Reported Missing Imperial Hoth Mission 'Medical Advancement'.
  • Fela Kingkiller - Reported Missing Republic Belsavis Mission 'The Builders' technology'.
  • Iakr - Reported Missing Imperial Voss Missions 'Supply Raid' and 'Gormak Infestation'.
  • Maletherion - Reported Missing Republic Ziost Story Bonus Mission 'Dead-End Security'.
  • MiddieRose - Reported Missing Imperial Agent Shadow of Revan Story Mission 'Forfeit'.
  • Squealz - Reported Missed Imperial Nar Shaddaa Bonus Mission 'Fighting Words', Imperial Taris Heroic bonus mission 'Rakghoul Outbreak (Bonus)' for 'Last of the Tarisian Pirates' and 'River Monsters (Bonus)' bonus mission on Hutta.
  • Dirtnose - Reported class/origin trainer mission changes after 7.1.
  • lordhawthorne - Reported missed Imperial Agent Origin Bonus Mission 'Leave No Witnesses (Bonus)'

Want to report a missing quest?

📝 Exarch's spreadsheet is more up to date than the list on this site - Check the SWTOR Mission Checklists Google Sheet, and see if the missing quest is there. If it's not, or you want to suggest a correction, fill out the form below to let Exarch know to update his spreadsheet!