SWTOR Fast Levelling Checklist

Are you an experienced player who has everything unlocked, and just want a quick checklist to prep your characters to level up fast through the story, for fun or for double xp? Here’s my list!

UPDATE 2023: This list is out of date! Check out the How to Level Up Fast guide for a more up to date list!

How to Level Up Fast in SWTOR

XP Boosts

1. Victorious Pioneer’s Set – This is RETIRED, you can not get it if you do not have it already. If you have it, won’t be in mailbox, will be in your legacy bank or on one of your other characters, you only get one copy

UPDATE 2022: This set only works until level 75. At level 76 and onward, no bonus XP is granted.

2. Character Perks – Improved Class Mission Experience I-V

3. Character Perks – Improved Exploration Mission Experience I-V

4. Complimentary Major Experience Boost item

5. Join a Guild


6. Character Perks – Improved Speeder Piloting I

7. Speeder, any kind

8. Razor’s Kickstart Tactical – Earned from the Swoop Event at Legendary, legacy-bound

9. Load keybinds from an existing characters

10. Keybind mount, rocket boots and quick travel (keybind stealth, combat stealth and speed movement abilities when and if you get any)



11. Field Personal Cargo Hold

12. Field Legacy Cargo Hold

13. Field Mail Droid

14. Revan Holostatue vendor (or field droid vendor)

15. Holo Trainer – Hutt is retired, Senya is available for free during the holidays only, Darth Malgus is imperial-only and expensive, Satele isRepublic-only and expensive

16. Companion for Level 1

(HK-51)  (Altuur or Fen Zeil, new companions)

17. Commander’s Compendium to boost companion to influence level 50

18. Remove any items you want from mailbox, and mass-delete mails


Conquest can be some easy XP while levelling, if you don’t already earn it naturally while levelling each week. Low Level Conquest Objectives

  1. Gifts of correct type for first story companion (not your rank 50 one)
  2. Enough crafting materials for Dark Projects, Invasion Forces, etc.
  3. Crafting materials for levelling up crew skill of choice.
  4. Assign utility point for tons of easy points.
  5. Legacy-bound GSF Ship / Fleet Requisition if you want to fly.


You only need to do these once for all characters on your server. not every time you make a character.

  1. Improved Mounting – mount while moving
  2. Rocket Boost – rocket boots
  3. Legacy Travel for quicktravel