How to Earn Darth Hexid as a Companion

Joins: Special, After Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire

Alliance Alert: Darkness Rising

Recruitable By: All Characters

Requirements: Achievement, run 40 Groupfinder activities

Darth Hexid was originally a companion who could only be earned by players who participated in a limited-time event, but she’s now available through an achievement for all players. To earn Darth Hexid, you must complete the “With a Little Help From My Friends” achievement, which requires that you run 40 Flashpoints, Uprisings, Starfighter matches, Warzones or Operations through the groupfinder.

This achievement can only been earned by doing group activities through the groupfinder – there is no way to earn it playing solo. If you’re a solo player looking to break in to group content with a random group, the easiest activity to complete is Flashpoints – I’ve even got a Groupfinder Flashpoints Beginner’s Guide if you need it.

To check and see how many you’re at, the “With a Little Help From My Friends” achievement is located in your Legacy panel, under the Flashpoint section of your achievements in the subcategory General. When completed, you’ll get 20 Cartel Coins, and the legacy-wide title “The Galaxy’s Finest”. You should get Darth Hexid as two items in the mail and you can choose which one to use:

  • Communication from a Dark Lord (item): Grants all your characters on your account eligibility for the Alliance Alert: Darkness Rising, only visible if you have completed Chapter IX of Knights of the Eternal Throne. (Tooltip says Eternal Throne, probably means Fallen Empire the first expansion.)
  • Sith Holocommunicator: Use to instantly unlock Darth Hexid as a companion can be used even at level 1.

So you could use your Communication item on your high level character and see her cutscenes through the alliance alert, and then log in to your low level character and they will also have a mail where you can use the Holocommunicator item to get her right away.

Good luck and may the Force be with you in earning the secret Darth Hexid companion!

Darth Hexid’s Cutscenes & Personality

Darth Hexid is a connoisseur of the dark side. Renowned for her brutal combat prowess and decadent lifestyle, she enjoys the many pleasures of a celebrated Sith, whether savoring exotic feasts held in her honor or hunting down her foes as they flee in a panic. Instead of joining the political infighting of her Sith peers, she amuses herself by watching their rabid power games from the sidelines–lightsaber in one hand, spice wine in the other. Darth Hexid earned infamy following her devastating triumphs in the Great Galactic War, but it was the Sith Order’s crushing defeat at the hands of Zakuul’s conquering army that forever defined her. She now pursues the complete annihilation of the Eternal Empire. Vengeance will be hers, even if it demands a pact with the Outlander’s Alliance.

For gifts, she should like Cultural Artifacts most, then Imperial Memorabilia and Delicacies, lastly Trophy and Technology.

Darth Hexid Bug

There is a bug where you may not receive your Darth Hexid reward in the mail.

If you got her from the original limited-time event, the mail should be called “Your Darth Hexid Companion Reward” from the United Forces event – you should have automatically unlocked the Alliance Alert, and the immediate Sith Holocommunicator should be in your mailbox.

If you earned her through the 40-activity  achievement, it seemed especially bugged when it was first released, you may need to contact support if she’s still not in your mail when you log in and log out. I actually have this bug – I got the achievement, must have gotten it on my main character and unlocked her alert, but her immediate item isn’t showing up in my other characters’ mailboxes!

If you got the mail on your FIRST character you earned her on, but didn’t get the mail for your other characters – the alliance alert should be there regardless in your alerts list once you use it on your first character, but if you want the item to retrieve her immediately there is a Cartel collections unlock you can get for 10 CC to unlock her on all characters and put the item from collections in to your inventory. You probably have to use the original one on your first character firt before you can unlock it in collections. It’s unclear if this is a bug – most all achievement rewards go to all your characters, and Hexid has had a lot of bugs over her years, so I am assuming it’s a bug.

If you call customer support and they say “sorry, she is from a limited time event only”, support may not know she is now available year-round by completing 40 activities. Please tell them: Hello, I am not referring to the Play2Give event achievement (in the Feats of Strength achievement category) but instead to the year-round achievement “With a Little Help From My Friends” in the Flashpoints section of achievements. There is a long-running bug that does not send the reward for this new non-limited-time achievement in the mail. If you check my “With a Little Help From My Friends” achievement in the Flashpoints section of my achievements you can see I have completed the achievement, but did not receive the reward. The reward is these two items: “Communication from a Dark Lord” and “Sith Holocommunicator” so I can get my Darth Hexid companion from the achievement. Thank you. If you need more info about this achievement Swtorista has the details on her website: