Everything Cool in Update 7.4.1 ‘Building a Foundation’ in SWTOR!

News Date: March 12, 2024 Patch: 7.4.1 News Source

Update 7.4.1 is now out! Here’s everything cool, interesting, or a change in ‘Building a Foundation’.

Update 7.4.1

What’s in Update 7.4.1?

  • Galactic Seasons Season 6 started
  • PvP Season 5 ongoing
  • New Copero Stronghold (Galactic Seasons Reward)
  • New Date Night Cutscenes (Lana, Theran, Arcann, Koth)
  • Shae Vizla Server Transfers Now Open
  • New Cartel Market Items
    • Metallic Red and Metallic Pink Dye Module (available now!)
    • Green/Gold Enhanced Dye (available now!)
    • Prime Centurion Armor
    • Gothic Master Armor
    • Gothic Master Dualsaber
    • Gothic Master Lightsaber
  • ‘Ancient Armaments’ Fitted armors re-introduce over 2,000 old armor looks

Galactic Seasons – Season 6

The current Galactic Seasons (Season 6) is called Building a Foundation and the quests take place in the Copero Stronghold, which you get for free once you complete Level 1 of the Galactic Seasons Track. This season includes new rewards on both the track and the vendor, including plenty of decorations. Some major changes include no reputation track, and no need to turn in the Blueprints you get through the Season, and just like last season, there’s no companion attached to this season.

I think that you get a Stronghold at level 1, even as a free-to-play player, is really, really cool. Earning additional rooms through the track is also an interesting concept, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the stronghold as I head up the track. The new Eyto Eyto mount is also pretty cute, which you can get at level 1 as a subscriber on the track. The objectives seem fun this season, even if some of the “easy” objectives from previous seasons have been removed and conquest points for reputation items have been lowered.

See the Galactic Seasons Guide for a full breakdown of all the new stuff! Season 6 runs March 12 – July 29, 2024.

Galactic Seasons 6 Guide

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Guide and Rewards – Season 6, Building a Foundation!

Copero Stronghold

The main reward you’ll be working on in Galactic Seasons 6 will be the new Copero Stronghold.

Some rooms will be on on both the free-to-play and subscriber track, others will only be on the subscriber track, and the final three can only be unlocked with Cartel Coins (which can also be earned through the Galactic Seasons track). I’ve put a bigger breakdown in the Copero Preview page.

Copero Stronghold in SWTOR Preview

PvP Seasons – Season 5

PvP Seasons happen independently of Updates, but it is currently running with update 7.4.1! PvP Season 5 runs February 27 – May 20, 2024. I’ve personally been really enjoying PvP Seasons since they came out, and jumped back into this one after skipping last season.

SWTOR PvP Seasons 5 Guide and Rewards

I especially like the surprise reward you can get from the vendor which is a pile of gold decoration called the Overflowing Treasure Chest for 1 token, and the new Pirate’s Bounty flair for 4 tokens.

Date Night

The Date Night quests are now available!

Date Night Companion Missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic are designed to give players personal time with their love interests. These weekly repeatable Alliance Alert missions feature fully-voiced, cinematic-only scenes that are unique to the partner’s interest, whether that’s going out for drinks at the cantina, a thought-provoking game of Dejarik, or maybe even some sparring practice.

The custscenes are very short – only a minute or two long, but very sweet, cinematic, and fully voiced.

Date Night Guide

SWTOR Date Night Guide and Achievement Rewards – Lana, Theron, Koth, Arcann romance!

Apart from liking the short cutscenes, I also thought the achievements were really cute – there are some special titles you can get for doing Date Night multiple weeks.

• Arcann’s Admirer • Koth’s Kindred • Lana’s Lover • Theron’s Treasure

There’s also some decorations that go with them too!


Shae Vizla Server Transfers

The APAC Shae Vizla server, which up until the 7.4.1 Update was considered a “fresh start” server with no transfers allowed, are now open.

Here are the special requirements and free transfer info:

  • There is a 15 million credit limit per character
  • Minimum level 20 requirement
  • Players that are active Subscribers and have been a Subscriber since January 2, 2024 will have 16 free transfers to Shae Vizla for 30 days after transfers open
  • For the first 90 days after transfers open, all Subscribers will receive a 50% discount (500 Cartel Coins off) on transfers to the Shae Vizla server
  • Paid transfers will become available at 7.4.1 launch and will still cost 1000 Cartel Coins for non-Subscribers. The credit and character level requirements will still apply
  • Requirements may be adjusted in the future
  • If you meet the criteria stated for free transfers, and are not receiving them, I encourage you to reach out to support. And please be sure to include your account name. You can either follow these steps or email support@swtor.com.

More Information

Cartel Market

Update 7.4.1 has brought new Cartel Market items.

Copero Utility Decoration Bundle

Metallic Red and Metallic Pink Dye Module

released February 15, 2024

Prime Centurion Armor

Gothic Master Armor

(second half of video)

Gothic Master Dualsaber

Gothic Master Lightsaber

Green/Gold Enhanced Dye


Ancient Armaments

This is probably the feature we know the least about, even though it is now available. It was a surprise that was not announced on the livestream or in the official release notes until a last minute post on the forums. With over 2,000 completely random pieces, no official list, and no guaranteed way to get them, I don’t think there will be an easy way to track down what’s available unfortunately! Here’s the little info we do know so far from the developers.

Ancient Armaments Added To Daily Login Rewards

  • Ancient Armaments contain various armor appearances including ones that were difficult to be acquired and could not previously be traded.
  • These armor pieces do not contain stats or mod slots and are intended solely for Outfitter.
  • These armor pieces do have dye slots and can be traded and bought / sold on the GTN.
  • The armor pieces that are available inside of Ancient Armaments will also available as random world drops

The Systems Designer then added this info,

Hello folks!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and give you some more info about these since we haven’t released all of the details.

What are these exactly?

So these Armors and Weapons are new versions of existing ones that had randomized stats and that there was no other way to acquire their appearance in the game aside from existing world drops. These were no longer available to trade on the Galactic Trade Network due to the backend changes, but there are others that may not have been tradeable at all. There are a lot of them! Hundreds of weapons and over 2000 armor pieces. The sheer amount is why we didn’t post a detailed list.

Ancient Armaments Login Reward Calendar

This reward calendar will operate very similar to our 3 existing reward calendars, complete with Achievements and various items available on the track. This has been added to the rotation of login calendars so it might not show up right away. The big change to this one is it will include a chance to get some of these new versions of previous appearances. There will be a Weapons Pack and an Armors Pack on the calendar, the weapon pack will give you a Fitted Weapon from the list of new Weapons. The Armor Pack will give you one complete set of one of these armor sets. The packs will be legacy bound but the contents will be Bind on Equip!

World Drops

Many of these have been difficult to acquire due to requiring specific levels or planets or various other rules. These new ones can drop in any world drop. World drops will be single pieces of armor or a weapon. You can still get the normal randomized stat world drops, these drop in addition to them! However, because we’re adding all of these new items to the normal drop pool, they have no vendor value, so if you want credits for them you’ll need to do some trading. If you don’t want to bother with all of that, you can always destroy them (though they will not disassemble).


In both cases of the packs as well as the world drops higher quality items will be rarer. Premium is the most common, followed by Prototype, and then Artifact. Because they can drop at any level they should appear a bit more frequently than many of our other armor world drops.


These items will not be in collections. They will however be Bind on Equip! This means they can be traded or sold on the GTN. A big part of why I wanted to get these into the game was to make up for the random stat appearance items no longer being tradeable on the GTN due to our backend changes.

I hope that answers many of your questions but if you have anything that I wasn’t able to answer with regards to these new items feel free to ask!

May the Force Serve You

But then we found out they were not sellable on the GTN and the drop rate was broken.

  • New Fitted equipment is a bit over-represented in world drops and treasure hunting boxes are affected as a result. We’ll be altering the drops a bit to bring the original drops from worlds closer to how they were before.
  • The new Fitted equipment is not listable in the GTN. This is not intended.

Portable GTN

Do you have more money than sense? Here’s a way to burn some more credits!

A new per-character unlock is available in your Legacy panel. It is not legact-wide.

  • Field Galactic Trade Network Droid – Requires Level 20 + 400 Cartel Coins OR 3,500,000 Credits + Level 20 + Legacy Level 5 – 6 second activation, 60 minute cooldown, 3 minute duration
  • Field Galactic Trade Network Droid: Redeployment Improvement I – Requires Level 50 + 250 Cartel Coins OR 7,000,000 Credits + Level 50 + Legacy Level 10 – 6 second activation, 45 minute cooldown
  • Field Galactic Trade Network Droid: Redeployment Improvement II – Requires Level 80 + 250 Cartel Coins OR 15,000,000 Credits + Level 80 + Legacy Level 20 – 6 second activation, 15 minute cooldown

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Patch Notes Update 7.4.1 – Building a Foundation

Known Issues

Hi all,

We’re using this space to track known issues regarding 7.4.1, and will be updating as needed.

  • Players may notice that winning a Warzone match doesn’t grant double points for Heading the Frontline season objective.
  • New Fitted equipment is a bit over-represented in world drops and treasure hunting boxes are affected as a result. We’ll be altering the drops a bit to bring the original drops from worlds closer to how they were before.
  • The new Fitted equipment is not listable in the GTN. This is not intended.
  • The “Edifice Engineer”, “The Builder”, and “Grand Architect” season vendor titles are not unlocking in Collections.

While this is not directly tied to 7.4.1, we did want to call out that we are aware that some Steam players are being required to accept the EULA agreement upon every log in and are looking into a fix.