Social Points and Rewards Guide

Social Points are a special type of points that you gain when doing activities with other players in Star Wars: The Old Republic. As you gain social points, your social rank will go up and you’ll be able to access new rewards at every level. In this guide, I’ll be going over the different ways you can get social points, and the cool armors, mounts and other items you can get as you progress on the social track!

There are MAJOR changes coming to the social system in 7.0 SWTOR expansion. This guide will no longer be 100% applicable – I’ll update it when I can.

How to Gain Social Points

Social points are specifically a way to reward players who group up, and there is no way to earn them playing solo. The most common way to earn social points is by completing cutscenes with choices in them with other players. For every conversation choice you’re in a group with, you’ll get social points equal to the number of people in your group, and if you win a conversation choice you’ll get double the number of points as you have players in your group. So if you have a full group of four players, you’ll get 8 points for every conversation choice you complete, and 16 points if you happen to win the conversation choice roll! You can gain social points for conversations with a group  from flashpoints quests, planetary quests, exploration quests and heroic quests. One important thing to note is that you won’t receive your cutscene social points until you fully complete the quest – so if you have to leave early, you won’t receive any of the points you’ve earned.

Operations are another great option for earning social points, but they require more skill and more time, as well as needing to find a full group of 8 players to run them. The final way to earn social points is by killing Champion enemies or by completing bonus objectives in a group. Sadly, you do not earn social points from Galactic Starfighter or PvP, even though they’re group activities. 

By the way, there’s also a quest called Social Points you can pick up in the Strongholds & Crew skills section of the fleet. It will instruct you reach Social Rank I, which requires ten social points, then to board a shuttle to Coruscant or Dromund Kaas, then to buy a Social Badge. This quest doesn’t earn you any Social Points, but is some nice free XP if you’re planning on going there anyway.

Best Way to Earn Social Points

If you’re looking to level up your social rank quickly, you’ll want to get your hands on a Social Boost from the GTN which increases your Social Points earned by 100%. There’s two versions, a Minor Social Boost which lasts one hour and a Major Social Boost which lasts three.

The Esseles Flashpoint Republic side and the Black Talon Flashpoint Imperial side are very good for earning social points as they have many conversation choices and are easy to complete. Players sometimes also form groups specifically to run through these Flashpoints quickly, so keep your eyes on General chat on the fleet to try and join a speed run where players go as quickly as possible and spacebar quickly through the conversations. You don’t even need to do the more difficult modes – you can even walk into the Solo Story mode, and as long as you have at least one other group member, you’ll earn social points from the flashpoint conversations. Have all your group members pick up the Solo Story quest at the entrance to the Flashpoint on the fleet, and then enter together. Running the Esseles or Black Talon with even just two people and no boost will get you over 100 social points per run! Unfortunately, the Black Talon and Esseles can not be run through the Group Finder except at levels 10 through 15, so one way or another, you’ll have to put together your own group.

Social Ranks

# Rank / Achievement Social Points Title Reward
0 None 0
I Friendly 10 Friendly Charactername
  • Purchase Sparkle Powder (Blue)
  • Purchase Elegant Armor Set
  • Purchase Formal Armor Set
II Outgoing 750 Charactername The Outgoing
  • Purchase Slave Girl Armor Set
  • Purchase Balmorran Armor Set
  • Companion Dance Ability
III Coordinator 1550 Charactername The Coordinator
  • 20 Cartel Coins
  • Purchase Sand People Armor Set
  • Purchase Ulgo Noble Armor Set
IV Party Time 2450 Party Time Charactername
  • Purchase Death Claw Armor Set
  • Purchase Hutt Cartel Armor Set
  • Purchase Hailstorm Brotherhood Armor Set
  • Tech Emotes
V Guide 3400 Charactername The Guide
  • 20 Cartel Coins
  • Purchase Party Instigator
  • Purchase Orlean Rebel
  • Purchase Prisoner Armor Set
  • Purchase Voss Mystic Armor Set
VI Chatterbox 4350 Chatterbox Charactername
  • Purchase CorSec Armor Set
  • Tool Emotes
VII Extrovert 5400  Charactername The Extrovert
  • Purchase Orlean Flurry
  • Purchase The Czerka Eye
VIII Charismatic 6550 Charactername The Charismatic
IX Leader 7750 Charactername The Leader
X Big Time 9000 Big Time Charactername
  • 20 Cartel Coins
  • Purchase Galactic Party Bomb
  • Double Lasers Emote

Social Emotes

Social unlocks can only be unlocked and used by players who have reached the correct social level.

in the Global Unlocks > Other > Social section

Image Emote Social Rank Unlock Description
Companion Dance Social II Companion Dance Companion is an ability you can use whenever your companion is out
Datapad Social IV Tech Emotes /datapad, your character pulls out a yellow datapad and taps on it
Holocom Social IV Tech Emotes /holocom, your character pulls out a round communication device with a random holo of a man, a ship, or a planet
Map Social IV Tech Emotes /map, your character pulls out a digital map and looks at it
Scan Red Social VI Tool Emotes /scanred, you select another player or NPC and scan them
Scan Green Social VI Tool Emotes /scangreen, you select another player or NPC and scan them
Binoculars Social VI Tool Emotes /binoculars, you pull out some binoculars and look towards the horizon
Weld Social VI Tool Emotes /weld, you pose as if welding something
Double Lasers Social X Double Lasers /doublelasers, like fingers guns but with lasers coming out of your fingers

Social Items

Social unlocks can only be unlocked and used by players who have reached the correct social level.

Image Item Social Rank Planet Description
Sparkle Powder (Blue) Social I Starter Planet, Capital Planet, Balmorra A one-use item where you can target yourself or another player and sprinkle them with fire-work like blue sparkles.
Republic / Imperial Targeting Device None Starter Planet, Capital Planet Allows you to click an enemy, then click your Targeting Device item, which will place a small targeting symbol on the enemy. It’s not very visible.
Republic Social Badge Capital Planet For the Social Points quest from the Fleet, does not have any other use.
Party Instigator Social V Balmorra Causes your character and characters around you to start dancing and creates a mini party with neon lights and signs.
Orlean Rebel Social V Tatooine, Alderaan Speeder
Orlean Flurry Social VII Belsavis, Hoth Speeder, costs 25,000 Credits
The Czerka Eye Social VII Belsavis, Hoth Pet, costs 25,000 Credits
Galactic Party Bomb Social X Corellia Allows you to throw a party bomb in a location of your choosing, which causes all characters within its radius to dance, a disco ball to float in the air, confetti to rain down and strobe lights to flash. Costs 100,000 Credits. Using one also gives you the Galactic Party Bomb achievement which is worth 5 achievement points.

Social Armors

Social armors can only be worn by players who have reached the correct social level. They’re fairly inexpensive, and the vendor that sells them can usually be found in the cantina nearest to where you load in to the planet.


 Armor Set  Armor Set
Elegant Armor Set Social Level I, Coruscant / Dromund Kaas, female characters only


 Armor Set  Armor Set
Formal Armor Set Social Level I, Coruscant / Dromund Kaas, male characters only

Slave Girl

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Slave Girl Armor Set Social Level II, Nar Shaddaa, female characters only

Balmorran Resistance

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Balmorran Resistance Armor Set Social Level II, Balmorra

Sand People

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Sand People Armor Set Social Level III, Tatooine

Ulgo Noble

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Ulgo Noble Armor Set Social Level III, Alderaan

Death Claw

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Death Claw Armor Set Social Level IV, Taris

Hutt Cartel

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Hutt Cartel Armor Set Social Level IV, Quesh

Hailstorm Brotherhood

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Hailstorm Brotherhood Armor Set Social Level IV, Hoth


 Armor Set  Armor Set
Prisoner Armor Set Social Level V, Belsavis

Voss Mystic

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Voss Mystic Armor Set Social Level V, Voss


 Armor Set  Armor Set
CorSec Armor Set Social Level VI, Corellia