R-4 Anomaly Story Mode Guide

Even the story mode version of the new operation, R-4 Anomaly is still incredibly difficult and mechanics-focused. This is not an operation to run “with a pickup group” and requires a lot of team work even on story mode.

Story: You will need to have competed the Nature of Progress story and operation before you can pick up the R-4 Anomaly story quest. Once you complete the Nature of Progress story quest, fly to a different planet, then check your Companions & Contacts for a new alert from Lana Beniko. You can also play the Operation itself without being caught up in the story. (You must be level 80 and subscribed, like all operations.)

Getting around the operation itself is a bit of a maze with lots of hidden enemies. If you are forming up a group, send a few players in early to clear the way.

IP-CPT (First Boss)

IP-CPT has two main mechanics. The first is to stay out of as much stuff on the floor as possible (fire, lasers, red circles) and the second is the “shapes” mechanic.

Tanks / Healers / Damage – This boss has an incredibly heavy damage check at the end and very few tanking mechanics. As far as I can tell you barely need one tank (for the Enforcer droids that hurt a lot), and you may even want to try no tanks at all if you have good dps / good healers, though you probably will want two damage-with-taunts.

Fire / Lasers / Circles – During the first part of the fight, your team will watch the floor for a fuzzy orange animation [[this has been updated on PTS]] – this will appear where fire will appear on the squares the ground. There will also be a red laser beam that blasts through the red laser marker lines. A player will be randomly selected for a large red circle – they will need to take that away from the group the best they can. The smaller red circles will ideally not overlap onto other players’ bodies, as they hurt anyone they overlap onto when they explode, however they do minimal damage in story mode.

Shapes – The difficult mechanic for this fight is the shapes. Partway through the fight, the boss will float up into the air. Some smaller shielded droids will show up, in pairs of two or three, spread across the room. These droids will have a shape appear over their heads – green circle, purple triangle, blue square, and red hexagon. These correspond with the four buttons, one in each side of the room, which become clickable during this phase. The goal is to click the terminal that match the currently displayed shapes over the droids heads as quickly as possible. If you aren’t fast enough, and the droids finish their castbar, they will wipe the group. If you click the terminals enough times, the shield will go down, and you can kill and/or interrupt the droids. It’s quite fast – so you will want to assign a player to each terminal to help click. If you are on voice comms, which help a lot, have players call out what shapes they see as they pop up, for example “circle. hex. square. square again.” Other groups might call out colors – “green. red. blue. blue again.” The shapes can repeat at random, and the timing is not always consistent, so your team needs to stay aware. There will also be turrets around the room, have your team try and take them out between button clicking wherever possible, but button clicking comes first. For the second round, where there are three shape droids, you won’t have enough time for the third one, so everyone can cancel button pressing and focus on damage. There is a little red light indicator above the button terminals too.

Shapes Button Mashing Strategy – Players have discovered, at least on PTS, that it’s way more efficient to just assign for players to click the terminals as quickly as possible over and over, ignoring how the mechanic is “supposed” to work. Haha. Just have someone call out to your button pressers when it’s time to stop – for the first wave it’ll be after both droids are unshielded, for the second wave it will be after the second droid is unshielded, ignoring the third.

Enforcer Droids – Tanks will need to grab the two large droids that come up – Inferno and Overload, have each tank pick one and bring it to their button area if they are clicking and turn it away from the group. These large droids hit quite hard so make sure tanks are ready to use their defensives and healers are ready to heal them. Once the center starts cooling down you can carefully bring the droid to the center where the boss is once it comes back down to the ground. The droid won’t cast while it is running.

Burn Phase – At about 30%, the boss will enter its burn phase. It will be casting a long ability called “Disproportionate Intrusion Response”. If you don’t kill the boss before the castbar timer runs out, it kills your entire group. You will need to keep avoiding fire and lasers, but there are no other mechanics except damaging the boss in a big burst. On the PTS, we really needed all our damage players alive for this phase and everyone had to be doing great DPS. I’m not sure you could complete it with 2 tanks. With a casual team I wasn’t able to complete the burn phase at all, and with a skilled team we were cutting it close. [[I would like to try this again with no tanks at all.]]

Watchdog (Second Boss)

Watchdog is the second boss, and has a large focus on colors for its mechanics.

Missiles – The boss will cast Missiles. You can have your team mates group up to start to drop missiles in the same spot then step out of them once they are on the floor – they look like simple orange circles.

Colors – The boss will randomly assign each player in the raid a color – blue or orange, which shows up as a glowing circle around your character.

Stacking Circles – If you want, during the first time it happens, you can stack up with a player of the same color, and you’ll delete each others colors making it easier to move around. If you stack up with someone of the opposite color you’ll kill each other, so move carefully.

Colorful Floor Scan – If the floor is orange, and you are orange, don’t move. If the floor is blue, and you are blue, don’t move. You should be rooted to the floor when you match its color, but things like Force Speed with Egress might let you move… but if you move while you match the floor color, the boss’s scan will be triggered and he’ll pounce on you and immediately kill you. So stay still, make sure to use any defensive cooldowns if you get stuck in a missile. Other players who either don’t have a color, or the opposite color of the floor, should move and give you space while you match.

Tank, Run Away! Team, Spread out! – After the boss changes the color of the floor, and then flips it to the other colors, and then does Missiles on the floor twice – He is about to cast Degauss. The tank needs to keep their distance during the next phase, so they should start running away now. The team should spread out to a good spot for their floating color things to drop on the floor. In story mode, players especially with orange will want to run away.

Boss’s Circle Color – Later in the fight the boss gets a colorful circle as well. If the boss is blue, and you are orange, STAY AWAY. Do not let your mis-matching colors overlap with the boss or you will kill your entire group. Tanks may need to do a tank swap so that the tank who has the boss matches the color of the boss – otherwise the tank with the boss will need to run away and not get caught. [[I’m not sure this is true or exactly how this works. Need to double check.]]

Degauss – When the boss casts Degauss, anyone who has a blue or orange circle will drop their color onto the floor in the form of a little glowing floating ball. It will drop roughly where they were standing during Degauss. The boss needs “eat” the colorful balls that are the same color as he is – if he eats ones that are a different color, it will kill the entire group. Whoever has the boss needs to very carefully lead the boss around the room – away from opposite colored floating balls, and towards ones that match the bosses color. The boss will consume the balls by walking over them or near them. Groups can help this process by having colors stack together on opposite sides of the room so when Degauss happens they drop far away from eachother. [[I need to check all of this section, not sure it’s correct.]] [[How many does the boss need to eat?]]

Stalking – During the stalking phase, the boss will target a player and start chasing them very slowly. The player just needs to stay away. The tank can kinda taunt but seems to lose aggro quickly. If you are on voice comms, have someone call out target of target – “so and so, run away”.

Arrows “Polarized Beam” – Later in the fight, the boss will create a colorful arrow between himself and another random player. A player who matches the color of the arrow will need to BETWEEN the player being pointed at and the boss. So if the boss points an orange arrow at me, I would need another orange player to run between me and the boss. There are of course ways to cheese this mechanic for skilled tanks.  In story mode, it always seems to start with blue.

Lord Kanoth (Third Boss)

Glowing Blue Box – There will be a glowing blue box before you enter the room. Your team can preview the fight here by right-clicking the blue box.

Nihrot – The boss has a series of red vines that spread everywhere on the ground. The goal is to try and keep the boss in a cleared square, so the tank will need to keep moving him, and the entire team will want to try and stay off of the red squares with Nihrot on them.

Grenade Ability – The group can help clear the floor of red vines by using grenades on the squares with red vines on them. This is a special grenade ability you can left-click to use on your temporary ability bar, then right click on the ground to choose where you want to place it. Try not to double stack grenades. Every ten seconds or so. He often puts the roots beneath him, but sometimes in a giant row.

Detonate Fire Probe – Later in the fight The fire probe can destroy any of the roots in a cross pattern.

Hard Rot – Only the fresh Nihrot can be cleared with a Grenade. The fresh Nihrot is thinner, redder, and more animated. The Hard Rot can only be cleared with a Fire Probe. The Hard Rot is pinker, and thicker. Don’t waste your grenade on the pinker hard rot. Hard Rot happens when Lord Kannoth puts rot on the same tile twice.

Ghosts – There will be three purple ghosts, one in each corner. Quickly find the go to the fourth empty corner. Outside of the AOE. Use a defensive during this time.

Pink Triangles – Lord Kanoth will make a “shiny” sound, and small subtle pink triangle arrows will appear over some players heads. If you get a pink triangle, spread out from your teammates who also have pink triangles, and make it so you are all on different squares rather than grouped on the same square while you have a pink triangle. If you successfully spread out, nothing will happen, and the your square will get a white outline and your pink triangle will disappear. If you instead accidentally are on the same square as another pink triangle when the affect runs out, then the square will get a white and orange outline, and then hard rot will appear there.

Directional Growth, Vertical Growth, Lateral Growth – All these abilities grow the Nihrot. Vertical and Lateral make a line, Directional is making the existing rot on the floor grow one square in the direction of the strange yellow arrows on the floor, there’s some other types too.

Arrow – There will also be a big arrow placed on a player – they can run to the edges of the room, as the arrow will place red vines on every square it touches when it wears off.

Lady Dominique (Final Boss)

Lady Dominique is the final boss, and seems to be a group-killer. Many groups get stuck on her and her many mechanics.

(Very much in progress.)

Recovery Jetpack – You will see an ability on your temporary ability bar – you don’t need to click this. This jetpack will automatically save you if you fall off a platform. It will only save you once every minute.

Location – Fight here near where she starts, standing close to her on the walkway (not in her corner).

Yellow Arrow – If you get a yellow arrow on your character, you’re going to be knocked backwards – so make sure to aim your character’s back towards the generators, so you hit them instead of being knocked off. The yellow arrow won’t affect your team mates

Orange Circle – If you get a medium-sized orange circle with a little orange box over your head, take it away from the group. Go to a lower platform and wait there until it falls onto the flor and turns into a red-orange lightning circle.

Purple Circle – big purple circle ring, everyone pop a defensive if inside, or step out.

Large White Circle – When Lady Dominique has a big white circle, everyone in your group should stack up in the very edge of her corner. She will push everyone down a level. Everyone runs back. Leaping back is tricky, just run with your feet if it’s not working.

Taunt Generator – boss will try and stop aria destroying platforms. dont let her, taunt her. She will always destroy 2 of 4.

Adds – We are waiting for the Drouk / Detonator. We are going to use it to destroy the shield. Then a second to destroy generator.

Attractors – Continuously spawn adds. Destroy them asap.

New Yellow Circles – Chainlinked. Can be spread. Arrows pointed between us. We will be knocked back one by one. If anyone in circle, they will be knocked back with you. If you already have a yellow, and two yellow, then you get knocked back twice. can launch weird angles, line up. You can be “bounced off” of stuff.

Tank Stacks Debuffs – 5 is deep trouble. At 4, tank swap. Hold till stacks wear off.

Detonator 0 kill it. needs 2, one for shield, one for battery.

Green Arrow?

Graphical issue? Broken generators.

Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with gmail.com at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista