How to Solo Veteran Mode Red Reaper in Stealth in SWTOR

Soloing Veteran Red Reaper on a Stealth character is one of the fastest ways to unlock higher-end level 80 gear for your characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Red Reaper is a flashpoint meant to be played by 4 players in a group, but even in its group version, Veteran Mode, a skilled player can run through the entire thing alone very quickly and get themselves approximately 40 FP-1 Stabilizers. In this video, we’ll be going over how to solo this flashpoint on a level 80 stealth character for fun and for profit.

Class Choice

First off, you’ll want to pick your class.

Stealth: The two stealth options you have to choose from are the Jedi Consular Shadow republic side and the Sith Inquisitor Assassin imperial side, or the Smuggler Scoundrel republic side and the Imperial Agent Operative imperial side. You will most likely want to choose one of the DPS options instead of tanking or healing, as it should be the quickest and most viable option. While I’ve been assured you can do this on a tank or healer, I wasn’t able to complete the final fight on my Shadow tank while I was able to on my Concealment Operative.

Non-Stealth: In Veteran mode, you can technically do this Flashpoint solo even without Stealth, it just takes a lot longer and you may struggle a lot with the later enemies. The earlier enemies however are not too strong, so you could always just fight the first boss and reset the Flashpoint if you need to, and just fight the first boss over and over. I don’t really recommend this.


While each of the fights has different mechanics you’ll need to learn, you’ll also need to prepare your character to take on the this difficult challenge before you enter. Here’s the checklist of things I went through before starting:

1. Have a level 20+ influence companion. You can boost their influence with gifts or a a Compendium from the Strongholds section for the fleet for 3 Dark Projects plus 4.25 million credits which will auto-boost them to 50. Set your companion to healing.

2. Have a basic set of level 80 gear on. If you are using the gearing “trick” make sure you have a low-level earpiece equipped instead of a level 80 one.

3. Learn the very basics of your class. Just enough that you can reliably know how to use your top five abilities. You do not have to be very good at combat.

4. Learn what your interrupt ability is and make sure you can identify it on your bars.

Combat Style Interrupt
Mercenary Disabling Shot
Power Tech Quell
Sniper Distraction
Operative Distraction
Sorcerer Jolt
Assassin Jolt
Marauder Disruption
Juggernaut Disruption
Commando Disabling Shot
Vanguard Riot Strike
Scoundrel Distraction
Gunslinger Distraction
Sage Mind Snap
Shadow Mind Snap
Sentinel Force Kick
Guardian Force Kick

How to Start

To start the Flashpoint, go to the missions departures elevator of the fleet, which is on the left imperial side and on the right republic side. Then look for the Red Reaper terminal.

Once you are in the Flashpoint, go into stealth and run quickly into the hallway. In the hallway, fight the three hallway enemies until you are no longer in combat. Go back into stealth.

After that first fight, you will be sneaking your way through the entire rest of the Flashpoint, and won’t fight any more smaller enemies. Just make sure not to use Force Speed or your rolling ability while in stealth, but you can use Rocket boost just fine. You also don’t have to avoid the enemies while in stealth – just don’t travel directly on top of them or linger around them.

Once you’ve fought the first group, to get to the first boss, start off in stealth and run all the way to the elevator along the left side of the room. Be careful not to fall into the fire as it will knock you out of stealth.

Archaeology: If you happen to have Archaeology 250 or higher, before the elevator room, on the left, there’s a room that has a crate with an artifact in it that will reduce incoming damage. There’s another similar item after the second boss, on the left side of the two droids guarding the elevator.

Boss 1 – Lord Kherus

The first boss is Lord Kherus, the red-skinned Sith with prisoners kneeling on the ground.

This is the easiest of the three fights. you can ignore the mechanics if you want and just hit the boss with your lightsaber if you want. Otherwise, if you see a red circle, you can try staying out of it, and when he jumps to the center of the room near the kneeling prisoners, you can interrupt him.

Boss 2 – Sv-3 Eradicator Droid

The second boss is the Sv-3 Eradicator droid on the command bridge surround by six red and blue pillars.

Much like the previous boss, this boss is very easy and you can ignore the mechanics entirely.

I would however put your back facing to one of the pillars in the room, as the boss will do a knock-back – there are a lot of enemies around, so you will be disappointed if you accidentally get knocked into them while fighting the boss.

When the boss dies, the entire room will go into combat. Run quickly to the blue computer then right-click it to unlock the next door. You can then fight everything, or you can be lazy and type /stuck in chat to kill yourself and keep running.

Boss 3 – Darth Ikoral

The final boss, Darth Ikoral, in the big red room, is difficult, due to his mechanics.

You will need to know what your INTERRUPT ability is.

The fight will start with him in the center of the room.

At 80% health, Darth Ikoral will make two scantily clad sith ladies appear, one on either side of the room. Darth Ikoral will start shooting lightning from his hands at either you or your companion. Your goal is to instead get one of these ladies caught in the lightning. In the normal 4-person flashpoint, you would have your entire group run to the side of the room and hide behind a sith lady, so the lightning hits her instead. However when playing solo, you’ll need to control your companion by setting them to passive, which will force them to follow you. To set your companion to passive, look near their companion portrait in the bottom left corner of your screen and press the blue icon of crossed arms. To position your passive companion, run all the way through the lady, so you are a bit of a ways past her. This will usually get your companion behind the lady, instead of accidentally just standing in front of her.

Once you get in position, you need to wait for these two things to happen: First – Darth Ikoral needs to be shooting lightning, and Second – the Sith lady needs to be casting. When both are true, and you are 100% sure you and your companion are all the way behind her, interrupt the lady.

Wait a moment to make sure it worked – if it did, she will start shaking around. If it did not work and she goes back to casting, you will need to wait for your interrupt and try again. Once you complete the first lady, you will run to the other side of the room with your passive companion and do the exact same thing for the second lady. Your interrupt may not be ready yet, so just wait until it is.

Once you finish a sith lady on each side, you’ll run back to the boss. You can set your companion to active so they can either attack or heal again.

He’ll repeat the phase with the Sith Ladies again later in the fight – set your companion back to passive and repeat!