SWTOR Conquest Guide

Conquests are a way of competing with other guilds on your server on a leaderboard. There is a special prize for winning first place, and prizes for being in the top ten. You can also get prizes by completing your personal weekly goal. You gain points by completing certain tasks like flashpoints or warzones, which rotate each week. There are also bonuses to certain tasks depending on which leaderboard (which planet) your guild has chosen for the week.

If you are not in a guild that’s participating in conquests, you can also complete your personal goals by yourself – you just don’t get any planetary point bonuses.

Conquest Panel

You can open the conquest panel the same way you open your quest/mission panel. Click the triangle symbol on the menu – there’s tab at the top called “CONQUEST”. This tab will show you everything you need to know about the conquest this week.

On the left of the conquest panel is a list of objectives for the week you can complete to gain points. Objectives with an infinity symbol ∞ are repeatable, and objectives with a four-cornered star are only completable one-time per legacy. Objectives with green numbers also have a planetary bonus and award extra points.

Conquest Points

This panel also shows your personal conquest points and keeps track of your progress for the week. If you do not fill it up, you do not get an prizes that week. Your personal goal is per-character – not spread across your legacy!

You also get bonus points based on your strongholds. Completely opening and filling one stronghold will net you a 25%, and opening up four strongholds and filling them up gets you a 100% bonus. This bonus multiplier only applies to the points of an objective before the planetary bonus multiplier.

When you earn points on a character, those points also get added to your guild’s total score.

Conquest Rewards

When you complete your personal conquest objective – usually 20,000 points – you’ll get some crafting decorations, 25,000+ credits and some tokens you can turn in for crafting materials. You will also get an achievement for the week. You can complete your personal goal on as many characters as you want!

If your guild places on the top ten leaderboard AND you’ve completed your personal goal, you get some rare crafting materials, 50,000+ credits, more crafting decorations and encryptions for unlocking your flagship.

Conquest Leaderboard

If your guild wins the number one spot on the leaderboard, you will get a special title called “Conqueror of PlanetXYZ”. Your guild will also be featured on the planet you conquered for a while. You will also be able to buy a special walker speeder to display in your home or ride on your conquered planet.

Keep in mind getting the top spot can be very difficult, especially in a highly populated server. It takes a lot of co-ordination by your entire guild, and often a lot of grinding out objectives together throughout the week. If you are a medium sized guild, you may want to focus on just getting in the top ten, or only getting your personal rewards.

Conquests start Tuesday morning and end Sunday night. Monday is a rest day where no points can be earned.

Conquest Objectives

Each conquest week has different objectives and different bonuses. Objectives can include doing warzones, starfighter matches, flashpoints, operations, heroics, and even crafting.

If you’re trying to get your personal goal, you’ll definitely want to look and see what objectives have bonuses that week. Many people complete their conquests by queueing for warzones, as you get points both for completing matches and for completing warzone weeklies most weeks. You’ll also want to fill up your strongholds as much as you can for easy points!

Conquests are one of the later additions to the game, to give guilds objectives they could work on together as a team. They can also be a fun goal to work on if you are a solo player who likes to do warzones or flashpoints. The rewards however are not exclusive or particularly great… so if you are not interested in the conquest grind, don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on too much!

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