Legacy of the Sith 7.0 Expansion

Legacy of the Sith, the newest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic has launched!

The expansion is available to subscribers for free, you do not need to purchase the expansion in addition to your subscription.

Free-to-play and preferred players will need to subscribe to access the expansion – this goes for all previous expansions too, you just need to subscribe once after the launch on February 15, 2022 to unlock all expansion permanently, even after you unsub!

What is in the expansion?

The major things that have launched with the expansion are:

  • New Cinematic Trailer (‘Disorder’)
  • New Story (Manaan)
  • New Flashpoint (Ruins of Nul, planet Elom)
  • New Max Level (80)
  • Class Changes
    • Changes to what Advanced Classes you can choose when creating a character, for example create a Jedi Knight Sage (Combat Styles)
    • Ability to add a second Advanced Class to your character for subscribers you can swap between (Combat Styles)
    • Major changes to combat abilities for all classes and disciplines
    • Loadouts allow you to save your settings when changing between choices, Discplines, or Combat Styles
  • New Level 80 Gearing System
  • Galactic Seasons Season 2 (Duros Companion)
  • User Interface Updates & Character Creator Interface Updates
  • New Cartel Items / Legacy of the Sith Digital Collector’s Edition

In a few months, update 7.1 will brings these updates as well:

  • New Operation (R4 Anomaly, story and veteran mode)
  • New Daily Area (Manaan)
  • Weapons in the Outfit Designer (use the look of one weapon and the stats of another of the same type)

Expansion Guides


How to Start Story: If you are entirely caught up with the expansion stories, Republic players should see a quest called Dead in the Water in their quest log, and Imperial player should have a quest called Retaliation, which you can start immediately once logged in.

STORY START BUG: Some players who have played all these stories and are entirely caught up are still reporting that their quest log is blank and they do not have the new story quest. They have confirmed that they finished all the quets and there is no quest to start on their ship. I do not have any advice about how to fix this. Some other players are reporting that their characters had been all caught were “rolled back” for example of the Kira and Scourge missions earlier in the story. I do not have any advice about how to fix this.

STORY ‘STUCK’ BUG: If you get to a point in the story where you get “stuck”, try leaving by traveling to your stronghold or to the fleet with your Fleet Pass ability. Then, click the Launch button for your quest again, it will reset the last step of the quest and hopefully you can progress.

THE STORY IS VERY SHORT: The main story of Legacy of the Sith will be set on Manaan – there are two separate stories, one for each faction. Each faction’s story will likely take less than an hour. There are Saboteur options available as well.

🛑 SPOILERS! This story section includes spoilers, skip over it if you are not caught up with the entire storyline including the Onslaught expansion, the Echoes of Oblivion story update, the Dantooine Flashpoint, and the final short story quest, Whispers in the Force. If you need help figuring out if you are caught up, or would like to know the story path, check out the Solo Story Path Guide, it’s up to date until the expansion story!

The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire spreads to new worlds! Dangerous fringe groups rise in the dark corners of the galaxy and Darth Malgus pursues an unknown plan… Unravel these mysteries and more as your choices continue to shape the galaxy.  The Sith Empire has invaded Manaan to seize its abundance of kolto, a vital medical resource on all sides of the war. 

Manaan has already been seen in the game as a neutral world that holds a vital resource called Kolto, used in healing medicines across the galaxy. The pristine ocean world we’ve seen in previous expansions is now shattered by war, invaded by with Sith Empire who is attemtping to seize this resource.

Imperial-side, players will be recruited to re-enforce the invasion forces by Major Anri, a fan-favorite Twi’lek character introduced in the previous expansion, and Republic players will called to aid the cause by newly-knighted Jedi Knight Arn Peralun.

On Manaan you’ll be able to explore surface structures, underwater facilities, and the ocean floor as well as a new daily area that becomes accessible once the storyline is complete. You’ll also be meeting some new characters, including the Selkath people who know that neither faction is truly there to help the besieged world of Manaan.


FINAL BOSS BUG: There are some bugs on the final boss of this Flashpoint. They do not show up for every player, and seem to especially show up on Imperial side. If you are getting stock on the final boss, know it does seem to have a ‘fall’ related bug, and this video (spoilers) seems to help some players about where to stand to protect yourself.

🛑 SPOILERS! This story section will include spoilers, skip over it if you are not caught up with the entire storyline including the Onslaught expansion, the Echoes of Oblivion story update, the Dantooine Flashpoint, and the final short story quest, Whispers in the Force, which explains why you are heading to the planet of Elom. If you need help figuring out if you are caught up, or would like to know the story path, check out the Solo Story Path Guide, it’s up to date until the expansion story!

The story continues on the planet Elom with the discovery of a ruined Sith Fortress that was mysteriously erased from all records. Rumors persist that Darth Malgus–on the hunt for ancient relics throughout the galaxy–may have found something critical to the future of the Jedi and the Sith. This new storyline will be available both as a solo experience as well as a multiplayer Flashpoint!

The expansion has introduced a new story-focused Flashpoint called Ruins of Nul, set on a remote planet new to the game called Elom, deep in Sith territory. Both factions will be drawn here to recover a mysterious Sith Relic, hidden in the ruins by a previously-unknown dark lord of the Sith, Darth Nul. You can start this Flashpoint once you have finished the Manaan storyline on either Republic or Imperial side.

Although Elom has already existed in lore, it’s never been fleshed out visually, and players have already had a preview of the hauntingly beautiful highland steppe, shrouded by the fog and overlooked by an eclipse. The ruins her have been erased from all record, and theories abound about who exactly Darth Nul was. You’ll be able to play Elom either as a solo player or with a group.

Combat Styles

Combat Styles are a new way of being able to choose how you fight with your character in combat.

Expansion Combat Styles FAQ

Before the expansion, you were limited to two Advanced Classes depending on which Class you picked – for example, if you chose the Jedi Knight as your Class, you could only choose to fight as a Guardian or Sentinel as your Advanced Class. Combat Styles are shaking up these restrictions by separating your story from the way you fight in-game, for example, in the expansion you can now play a Jedi Knight as a Shadow with a double-bladed lightsaber, or even as a Sorcerer, and use Force Lightning, all while playing the Jedi Knight origin story. Force users will be restricted to Force-using combat styles, previously known as Advanced Classes, and Tech users are restricted to tech-using Combat Styles.

There’s also an additional restriction when it comes to dark-side and light-side Combat Styles when it comes to Jedi and Sith – when creating a character, you won’t be able to pick up dark-side combat style as a Jedi unless you have also unlocked the Dark V achievement though your legacy, and you’ll need the Light V achievement if you want to choose a light-side combat style for your Sith character. Tech users are able to choose from all eight Combat Styles right away – for example, you can easily play as a Trooper Sniper from level 1! You will have all the combat abilities of your chosen Combat Style – for example, if you choose to play a Sith Inquisitor but choose the Juggernaut Combat Style, you wont’ have any Force Lightning when you go into combat, even if you use it in cutscenes in the story.

Here’s my guide I wrote before the expansion, I’ll be updating as soon a I can afterwards!

Combat Styles Guide

Second Combat Style

In addition to the new options available at character creation when it comes to choosing how you fight in the game, you will also be able to add a second Combat Style to your character, and you will be able to switch between your two chosen styles. For example, for my Trooper Vanguard character, in the expansion, I will be able to add the Operative Combat Style to her, and switch between Vanguard and Operative. The second combat style choice is permanent, and if you have an old character you can’t re-pick your original combat style or advanced class, but you can swap between your two chosen combat styles pretty freely.

Ability Changes

Major changes are happening across the board for all classes and disciplines. Some abilities are being removed, some are part of a 3-ability choice, some are being changed, and some ways to change your existing abilities in interesting ways are being added. You can easily see the changes to your class by pressing K on your keyboard to see the new Ability Tree system.


Loadouts allow you to save your settings while switching between disciplines or combat styles with the click of a button. Here’s the settings that should get saved to your Loadouts:

  • Combat Style + Discipline Choice
  • Ability Tree Choices
  • Ability Location on Ability Bars
  • Outfit Designer Chosen Outfit
  • Equipped Gear (from inventory)

You can access Loadouts by pressing K on your keyboard then choosing the Loadouts tab.

New Gearing System

Gearing up at level 80 for max-level characters is changing drastically.

Galactic Seasons Season 2

Legacy of the Sith kicks off the next Galactic Season: Shadows of the Underworld! A new batch of rewards themed around the Shadow Syndicate–including Fen Zeil, a Duros Gunslinger and first Duros Companion in The Old Republic –will be available to all participating players. The new season will also come with a host of quality-of-life improvements, thanks to player feedback from our inaugural season in Game Update 6.3.

Preview of new rewards:

User Interface Updates

Many of the interfaces have gotten a face lift:

  • Character Sheet
  • Combat Sheet
  • Inventory
  • Ship Equipment

Character Creator Updates

The character creator has gotten a makeover as well to accommodate the new Combat Style changes!

Digital Collectors Edition

NOT related to the original Collector’s Edition but still has some neat items, not a bad price if you want both the subscription time and cartel coins.

Info: https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20220204

$40 and will be available on February 15, 2022.

This bundle includes:

  • 30 days of subscription time (worth about $15 to buy normally)
    • Subscriptions include access to all expansions, including Legacy of the Sith
  • 2400 Cartel Coins (worth about $20 to buy normally)
  • Malgus’s Command Chamber Mount (item)
  • Darth Vindican’s Dualsaber (item)
  • MD-CH1 Droid Minipet (item)

Smaller Changes

  • Social Points: The Social Points system is changing to be legacy-wide through achievements rather than per-character.
  • Renown: Renown Level and Points are now gone, replaced by the new gearing system.
  • Dark vs Light System: The Dark vs Light Galaxy Map meet and “The Light Side is Victorious!” pop up meter system is being removed, along with Dark and Light Tokens no longer being earnable, and Dark and Light bosses disappearing. Bioware plans to re-introduce the tokens and bosses in the future at some point.
  • Nightmare crystals: Nightmare Fury crystals for Operations have been removed.
  • Game Scaling / Level Sc9aling: The level sync system is being majorly adjusted. Flashpoints and Operations are also being changed for syncing.
  • Shared Tagging: Basic enemies and many world bosses now have shared tagging – you get credit for hitting them even if you aren’t in a group with another player attacking them.
  • Amplifiers, a type of gear upgrade from update 6.0, are removed from the game.
  • 68 New Titles related to the Spoils of War gear from the previous expansion and form Kai Zykken in 7.0. Info

Legacy of the Sith Expansion FAQ

What else is coming later in the year?

As SWTOR is celebrating its tenth year, the developers mentioned they are also working on some more updates for other parts of the game on the roadmap. Due to the expansion originally being delayed it is unsure if these are still coming, but we’ll see!

“As you can see we have such an exciting future ahead and we will be sharing more details with all of you especially after 7.0 launches early next year, so expect to hear from me again! Ten years is a milestone we are so proud of and we are so thankful that you continue to join us on this adventure. To each and every one of you, happy 10th anniversary, we wish you a year full of much love, health, and lots of gaming!”

  • Master Mode R-4 Anomaly Operation
  • Galactic Season 3
  • More story (???)
  • PvP Revamp (???) (Season 14 ended with the 7.0 expansion launch, and the new weapons are available from the Ranked PvP vendor)
  • New flashpoint (???)
  • New locations (???)
  • Tech Modernization (note, not a new engine)
  • Crafting Update (“We are not raising Crew Skills, Gathering or Crafting levels upon the 7.0 release, but they are a part of our 10-year celebration plans.”)
  • Continue Updating UI (“We’re going to continue updating UI elements throughout the game next year – in some cases, these will primarily be visual updates to make our style more cohesive and ensure proper scaling on high resolution screens, but we also look forward to improving accessibility and the everyday user experience in other parts of the game as we did with Loadouts in 7.0.”)
  • Visual improvements (“We’re also eager to upgrade our visuals elsewhere in SWTOR: starting with Tython, Korriban, Hutta, and Ord Mantell, we’ll be starting a process of upgrading the visual fidelity of our planets to bring them more in line with the amazing work the team has created in recent years.”)
  • Mandalorian Civil War (“Hi there. Can’t give out any details but can say the civil war brewing among the Mandalorians will be a key aspect of the storyline as it continues past 7.0.” – Community Manager on Twitter)