Ruhnuk Hidden Lore Object and Codex Entries

Do you enjoy collecting hidden objects? The planet of Ruhnuk has many hidden secrets… here is how to find all of its Lore Objects and Codex entries!

Mandalorian Relics: The Final Blade of Dunesa Rul

This lore object can be found in the world boss’s lair – you’ll need to either stealth in, or fight the boss to get to it, though you may be able to sneak around him if you are careful. It’s a glowing blue sword behind a pile of rubble and bones in the back of the room.

  • Closest Heroic Shuttle: [HEROIC 2+] Weak Links
  • Closest Quicktravel: Quarry Overlook (north on the map)
  • Closest Taxi: Upper Quarry Taxi (north on the map)
  • Once at the Taxi, Quicktravel point, or Heroic Shuttle, you will want to run across the very narrow high-up bridge in the north section of the map, then go into the tunnel.

Mandalorian Relics: Muugyn’s Plan

This well-hidden lore object can be found in a secret waterfall cave that you can crawl through. It’s very easy to miss this secret entrance! Once inside the main cave, the lore object is a glowing blue book near where you walk in.

  • Closest Quicktravel: Dilapidated Waterworks
  • Closest Taxi: Dilapidated Waterworks

The End of Basilisk: Part 1

This lore object is a glowing blue box in the Primary Ventilation Tunnel (the one with the lightning inside) in the South East section of the map.

The fastest way to get there is to quicktravel to the Quarry Overlook, the run slightly south into a tunnel, which will put you in the electricity room.

The End of Basilisk: Part 2

Part 2 is a lore object which is also a glowing blue box, in the quarry.


You can get the Tineback codex entry by killing any Tineback creature, there’s some on the map just outside Mandalore’s encampment.

Kithrawl, the Flame in Darkness

You can get the “Kithrawl, the Flame in Darkness” codex entry just by defeating Kithrawl.


Story Codex Entries

You will get these codex entries naturally from playing the story:

  • Ruhnuk (main story)
  • Ri’kan Kateen (main story)
  • Lane Vizla (daily story)
  • Bes’uliik: Basilisk War Droids (daily story)
  • Kur Ha’rangir (daily story)
  • Celebrated and Remembered – title from Reputation vendor
  • Champion of the Avenger – title from Reputation vendor

Missing Codex Entries

I think these are in the game files but do not actually exist in -game.

  • Catastrophe on Ruhnuk (maybe supposed to be from the Datacron?)
  • Mandalorian Relics: Shackle #74631 (probably hidden as a blue object in the world if it exists at all)
  • Clan Ha’rangir  (I’m surprised this wasn’t awarded from the story.)