Jedi Consular

For more than 20,000 years, the Jedi Order has worked to promote peace and balance in the Galactic Republic, but each new day brings with it a new threat, promising to rip the Jedi and the entire galaxy apart. If the Republic is to survive, it needs leaders and visionaries; it needs the Jedi Consular.

Jedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy. Years of arduous training and meditation have sharpened Consulars’ minds to cut to the truth as cleanly as their Lightsabers cut through their foes. Intimate attunement with the deepest Force mysteries gives Jedi Consulars the insight and empathy to deftly handle charged conflicts that confound even the most cunning Senators and governors—but Consulars know when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to fight. When negotiations turn aggressive, Consulars demonstrate their gifts of foresight—anticipating and deflecting enemy attacks with fluid strikes from their lightsaber.

Before they can dispel the darkness in the galaxy, Jedi Consulars know they must first come to terms with the darkness within. There’s no avoiding the temptation to take shortcuts or even to use their knowledge for personal power; Consulars must constantly check their own motives. When tempted to step onto the path leading to darkness, Consulars must remember the tormented fate of the Jedi who have passed that way before. This is the only way they can unite the Jedi Order and the Republic and rally the troops to rescue the galaxy from the menacing darkness.

Jedi Consular Combat

The power of Jedi Consulars goes far beyond meditation and mediation, and nothing illustrates this as vividly as their graceful movements in battle. Whether beset by an army of assassin droids or caught in the middle of soured negotiations, Jedi Consulars fight with an open conduit for the Force and manipulate massive elements to disable or even destroy their enemies.

Combat Styles

When creating a Jedi Consular, you will have the ability to choose between four Combat Styles: Guardian, Sentinel, Sage and Shadow, who all fight with Lightsabers and the light-side of the Force, but who each have very different ways of approaching combat. Your Combat Style choice is a permanent choice, so choose wisely.

If you are an experienced player and have the Legacy of Sacrifice Dark V unlock available, you will also be able to choose from the dark-side Force User options in the character creator including the Juggernaut, Marauder, Sorcerer or Assassin.


If you are a new player who doesn’t have those dark-side options available at character creation, later in the story, if you make dark-sided decisions and your character has turned towards the dark side by moving their character Alignment bar into the Dark, you will have the option to flip your chosen light-side Combat Style to it’s dark-sided counterpart, the Juggernaut, Marauder, Sorcerer or Assassin, while remaining a Jedi Consular. This choice to flip happens after you reach Chapter 3 of your Jedi Consular origin story. If you are an experienced player and have already earned the Dark V achievement on any of your characters on your server, instead, you can create a Jedi Consular with a dark-side Combat Style immediately during character creation right away, but you will not have the option to flip your character later.

(If you are a returning player and already have a Jedi Consular created but you haven’t logged into them since the Legacy of the Sith expansion came out, the first time you log into your Jedi Consular, if their alignment is even 1 Dark Side point away from 0, you’ll be given the option to flip your current combat style.)

In addition, when you complete Chapter 3 of the Jedi Consular Origin Story, subscribers will be able to pick up a second Combat Style. This second Combat Style choice is permanent, but you will be able to swap between your first and second choice while playing. You will be able to choose from Guardian, Sentinel, Sage and Shadow. If you have also earned the Dark V achievement on any of your characters on your serverm or flipped your Jedi Consular form light to dark, you will be able to choose from the dark-sided Combat Styles as well, and the Juggernaut, Marauder, Sorcerer or Assassin will be added to the list you can choose from for your second Combat Style.

If you are an experienced player and have already completed Chapter 3 of a class story on any of your characters on your server, subscribers will be able to choose your second Combat Style immediately after your create your character, and you won’t have to wait to complete your Jedi Consular story to pick up your second style.


Once you have chosen your Jedi Consular’s Combat Style and finished creating your character, you can then choose your Discipline. Your Discipline is your specialized way of fighting, and each Combat Style has three options to choose from. Your Discipline is not a permanent choice, and you can easily switch between the three discipline options tied to your Combat Style. If you are a subscriber who has a second Combat Style chosen, you’ll have six total Disciplines you can choose from at any given time.


Control and focus are the hallmarks of the Sentinel. Through years of training the Sentinel learns the art of using two Lightsabers simultaneously to create an intricate web of damage that is almost impossible to evade. Manipulating the Force, the Sentinel can see holes in the enemy defense, potential flaws in their own technique and how best to plan for both.

The Sentinel wields a pair of lightsabers, and can switch between three different Disciplines: Watchman, Combat, and Concentration. The Sentinel acts as a Damage role in combat.


A wall between the good people of the Republic and their enemies, the Guardian stands firm in the face of overwhelming odds and dares opponents to attack. Perfect concentration and use of the Force allows smooth movement even in heavy armor – making the Guardian a hard target to take down. Leaders on and off the battlefield, Guardians are known for inspiring allies to amazing feats, making them invaluable for conflicts of any size.

The Guardian wields a single lightsaber, and can switch between three different Disciplines: Defense, Vigilance, and Focus. The Guardian can act as a Damage or Tank role in combat.


A Shadow serves the Jedi Order by being a silent observer and, when action is necessary, a subtle hand. To avoid rash decisions on the part of the Council, Shadows go unseen, gathering information and quietly thwarting those who seek to threaten the Jedi order. Employing Force techniques that cloud enemy minds, Shadows slip into hostile territory, and when necessary, they strike enemies down with deadly efficiency.

The Shadow wields a double-bladed lightsaber, and can switch between three different combat profiencies: Kinetic Combat, Infilitration and Serenity. The Shadow can act as a Damage or Tank role in combat.


The mysteries of the Force are endless. A Jedi Sage, deeply attuned to the Force and devoted to uncovering its esoteric secrets, knows this better than any in the galaxy. These masters of the Force are famed for their wisdom and empathy as much as they are for their powerful healing and defensive skills. In troubled times, a Sage brings together the wisdom of the past with cutting insight and the power of the Force to change the flow of galactic events.

The Sage wields a single lightsaber but focuses on using the Force in combat, and can switch between three different combat profiencies: Seer, Telekinetics, and Balance. The Sage can act as a Damage or Healer role in combat.

Jedi Consular Story

Players looking to complete the Jedi Consular storyline will be on a more mystical and politically intriguing adventure with foundations in learning new force techniques and rallying allies to the republic’s cause than their Jedi Knight counterpart. Highlights of the story include stopping dark side rituals that span the entire known galaxy and fighting off a mysterious group of covert sith. While less action-focused than the Jedi Knight story, the Jedi Consular story focuses on the role of Consulars in the cold-war as diplomats and researchers, being the best representatives of both the Jedi Order and the Republic who desperately need new allies after the Treaty of Coruscant left them weaker, while also seeking out lost knowledge in things like ruins and holocrons, and growing their understanding of the Force. Players looking for an experience that reminds them of Qui-Gon’s diplomacy in The Phantom Menace or even Yoda’s teachings throughout the Clone Wars and Movies alike may lean more towards playing a Consular rather than a Knight.

Finding and following the Jedi Consular story is easy – just follow the purple quests after you create your character. In addition to your class quest, there are thousands of other quests and storylines that are optional to complete. You can learn more about these quests in the Story Order Guide.


The Jedi Consular origin story is normally restricted to Humans, Cyborgs and Zabraks for free-to-play players, and Twi’leks, Miraluka, Mirialans, Humans, Cyborgs and Zabraks for subscribers. However, all species can be unlocked for all classes through various different methods, so if you want to play a different species, you can make it happen. Learn more about unlocking species.

SpeciesSpecies NameFree-to-PlaySubscribedUnlocks
Human Yes Yes Automatically unlocked
Cyborg Yes Yes Automatically unlocked
Zabrak (Neutral) Yes Yes Can be unlocked
Twi'lek No Yes Can be unlocked
Miraluka No Yes Can be unlocked
Mirialan No Yes Can be unlocked
Zabrak (Red) No No Can be unlocked
Chiss No No Can be unlocked
Sith Pureblood No No Can be unlocked
Rattataki No No Can be unlocked
Nautolan No No Can be unlocked
Togruta No No Can be unlocked
Cathar No No Can be unlocked

Dark-Side Jedi Consular

As you play the Jedi Consular story and other stories in the game, you’ll have the option to make Light or Dark decisions during cutscenes. For example, if you find a Fallen Jedi out in the wild… do you bring them back to the Council so they can re-learn the ways of the Jedi, or do you execute them so they no longer pose a threat? The first option might earn you light side points, while the second will earn you dark side points. Your alignment, or how dark or light you are, can be easily seen on your character sheet.

If you are a new player, after you complete Chapter 3, you will have an important decision to make if your alignment has strayed towards the Dark side. You will have the option to flip your chosen Combat Style to it’s dark-sided counterpart, the Juggernaut, Marauder, Sorcerer or Assassin, while remaining a Jedi Consular, or of course you can deny the change and stick with your original Combat Style.


Experienced players who have already earned the Dark V achievement will not see this option pop up, but instead can pick a dark-sided Combat Style as a Jedi Consular when they are first creating a character at level 1.

(If you are a returning player and already have a Jedi Consular created but you haven’t logged into them since the Legacy of the Sith expansion came out, the first time you log into your Jedi Consular, if their alignment is even 1 Dark Side point away from 0, you’ll be given the option to flip your current combat style.)

In addition, subscribers can add a second Combat Style to their characters. If you are a new player on a dark-aligned Jedi and chose to do the flip, in addition to the four light-sided Combat styles you could normally choose from for your second Combat Style, you’ll have access to all eight Force-user Combat Styles, including the four dark-side Combat Styles. If you are an experienced player who has the Dark V achievement, you’ll also have all eight options available when you choose your second Combat Style. This means you could have two light-sided Combat Styles, one light-side and one dark-side Combat Style, or even two dark-side Combat Styles available on your Jedi Consular.

While your individual decisions in cutscenes can highly impact your story and how other characters will treat you, your Combat Style is more of a cosmetic choice, and no Jedi will look funny at you even if you’re using Force Choke or Force Lightning on the Jedi homeworld of Tython.

Armor & Weapons

The Jedi Consular’s fluid combat style requires very flexible armor and the Jedi Consular is rarely seen wearing heavy armor, with each set custom tailored for each Consular’s particular style. However, the player can use the Outfit Designer system to wear whatever armor they want – they are not confined to the traditional Consular styles. While high-level Jedi Consulars will need to focus on specific types of armor to be effective with their Combat Class, they can have the appearance of any armor they choose using the Outfitter system.

Each Jedi Consular Combat Style focuses on wielding a different type of lightsaber style, and your Jedi Consular’s weapon will be restricted to the weapon of that Combat Style. The Jedi Consular’s first lightsaber will be earned at the conclusion of their story on Tython, the Jedi homeworld, but there are many lightsabers available in the game.

Jedi Consular Companions

The Jedi Consular will receive five unique companions as they play their Origin Story, who can accompany them in the story or in to combat. Later in the story, you can recruit additional companions to your cause. There are many romance options available, including with some of Origin Story companions.

🛑 Story Spoilers Ahead!


Qyzen Fess

Famed as a peerless hunter and tracker, Qyzen’s search for the galaxy’s deadliest beasts has taken him from the swamps of Belkadan to Tatooine’s endless deserts, bartering trophies for ship passage—anything to reach the next hunting ground. Qyzen has no interest in possessions, needing only his weapons and his tally of jagannath points; a score every Trandoshan must earn through honorable kills to appease their goddess, the Scorekeeper.

While most Trandoshans become guns-for-hire to earn their jagannath points, Qyzen chose a traditional path, hunting everything from sand demons to rancor beasts, and refusing to kill anything unworthy of his considerable skills. In his travels he has crossed paths with many other wanderers—criminals, Mandalorians, even Jedi Masters—making him slow to trust any stranger, but once he makes a friend Qyzen will defend them with his life.


Tharan Cedrax

Tharan Cedrax has made a name for himself in several circles, and has developed a reputation for himself as both a technological genius and a gallivanting playboy. All throughout his life, Tharan was fascinated by all forms of technology, especially computers and holographic technology. Tharan would study all forms of technology in his life before turning his attention to the field of exo-technology, the study of rare and alien technologies believed to not originate from this galaxy.

But while his discovery was well appreciated among his scientific peers, Tharan himself was not taken seriously. Considered a brilliant scientist, Tharan was also known to be a fly-by-night playboy and notorious gambler. He would often use his intellect and mathematical prowess to get the upper hand during his frequent visits to the casinos of Nar Shaddaa, and the number of women he’s charmed would impress even the most smooth-talking smuggler.

With his holographic companion, Holiday, Tharan continues to gallivant across the galaxy in his search for new adventures and new technologies…




“Zenith,” as he is known amongst the people of Balmorra, is seen amongst the population as either a savior or a menace. A child of Balmorra, Zenith witnessed first-hand the brutality of the Empire on the citizens who dared to speak out against their rule; citizens were arrested in the streets for their outspoken opposition, while many of his friends began to disappear during the night. Witnessing the hardships that his fellow Balmorrans experienced at the hands of the Empire embittered Zenith, and after witnessing an especially brutal beating and detainment of a protestor outside of the Imperial-controlled Sobrik, the young Twi’lek made the decision to take up arms against the invaders of his home and free the people of Balmorra from the Empire’s oppressive occupation.

Taking the name “Zenith,” he joined with a powerful resistance cell. Over the next several months, he and his fellow freedom fighters would strike at the heart of the Imperial structure, launching numerous supply raids, bombings and surprise attacks on Imperial outposts. But his time in the resistance cell would come to an abrupt end. The Empire learned of the cell’s location and dismantled it from the inside.

Fueled by a hatred for those who murdered his friends and repressed his people, Zenith continues the fight against the Empire; and once he’s forced the enemy off his world, he intends to lead his people to a new, prosperous age of rebuilding their shattered lives.


Felix Iresso

A career soldier with an intense sense of duty, Lieutenant Felix Iresso has seen some of the most brutal conflicts in the galaxy. Iresso was born on a small world near the fringes of Republic space. Fleeing the Sith advancement, his family left their home and spend the next several years bouncing from one planet to the next, never allowing themselves to settle down.

When Iresso was of age, he enlisted in the Republic army. Early in his career, Iresso was a favorite soldier among the higher command echelon; a stern, by-the-books soldier who never disobeyed orders and did whatever was necessary to defeat the Empire. As his notoriety rose, so did his responsibility, quickly rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

Though he has received several commendations from his superior officers for his exemplary service record, Lieutenant Iresso has also been passed up for promotion several times, and in two years was transferred over a dozen times. Many leaders see him as a potential liability after he was taken prisoner by the Empire for a short period. Details about his detainment, however, remain classified.



Nadia Grell

Young, wide-eyed and eternally curious about her surroundings, Nadia Grell is eager to see everything that the galaxy has to offer. Growing up on the remote forest world of Sarkhai, the Senator’s daughter was always treated differently by the other children. But as Nadia aged, strange things began to happen in her life, and soon rumors began to spread among the population that the girl had strange, mystic-like abilities which were rarely spoken of and seen even less so amongst her people.

Shunned by her friends and silently feared by her people, Nadia became shielded by her father. While many would have lashed out, Nadia saw it as an opportunity to learn about the intricacies of diplomacy. Before long, Nadia was serving as her father’s personal assistant during trade negotiations. When her father left Sarkhai to meet with Republic representatives, Nadia was insistent that she accompany him. While this was a golden opportunity for Nadia to satiate her endless curiosity, her father hopes that by bringing Nadia with him, he may find a way for her to control her incredible abilities.