Top 10 Lightsabers in SWTOR

While the lightsaber is considered an elegant weapon for a more civilized age, Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a mind-boggling assortment of lightsabers for both Jedi and Sith players to choose from. Although there are plenty of lightsabers in the game that better fit the ideals and traditions of the Old Republic Force users, in this video, we’ll be going of the top ten most unique, outrageous, and surprising lightsabers available in the game. A majority of these lightsabers will be from the Cartel Market, so if you’re interested in saving up for one, check the GTN, the player run marketplace, to see how many credits they’ll cost you. While some are in an affordable range, many of these cost millions of credits.

#10 Descendant’s Heirloom Saber

Champion’s Lightsaber

#9 Tythian Lightsaber

Outbreak Response Lightsaber

#8 Satele Shan’s Lightsaber

Satele Shan’s Sparring Lightsaber

Darth Malgus Lightsaber

Darth Malgus Lightsaber (Damaged)

Senya Tirall’s Lightsaber

#7 Unstable Lightsaber

Tulak Hord’s Lightsaber

Unstable Peacemaker’s Lightsaber

Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber

Over-Tuned Derelict Lightsaber

Energized Conqueror’s Lightsaber

Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber

#6 Lightning Lightsaber

Twisted Fang Lightsaber

Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber

#5 Force Master’s Lightsaber

Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber

Volatile Derelict Lightsaber

#4 Exposed Lightsabers

Retribution’s Exposed Lightsaber

Vengeance’s Unsealed Lightsaber

Serenity’s Unsealed Lightsaber

Reckoning’s Exposed Lightsaber

Stronghold Defender’s Lightsaber

#3 Tau’s Lightsaber

#2 Gray Helix Lightsaber

#1 Executioner’s Maw

Dark Honor Guard’s Unstable Lightsaber

Defiant Vented Lightsaber