Feats of Strength Equipment Sets Achievement Titles and Armors

Do you like collecting semi-retired armor sets and hunting down rare titles? At the launch of 7.0, Star Wars: The Old Republic added 68 titles in the game, with each title tied to collecting an armor set that was relevant during the previous expansion. You can till get the titles now, but it’s a lot harder! While many of these armor sets were directly purchasable in the previous expansion, now they set pieces can only be obtained from a special vendor named Kai Zykken.

Equipment Sets Achievements

To see your progress, open your achievements and look under Feats of Strength > Equipment Sets. For every achievement you complete in this section, you’ll get a Legacy title you can use on all your characters on your server. To complete each achievement, you’ll need to obtain a full set of each 7-piece armor set attached to that achievement.

These achievements were previously called the “Spoils of War” achievements, but were moved to the “Feats of Strength” category.

Kai Zykken

Obtaining the sets is a lot harder. In the previous expansion, you could often gets sets from specific types of content, or buy specific pieces directly from vendors. Now all the sets are tied to a “random” box sold by the Kai Zykken Vendor, located in the Supplies section of the Fleet.

The item from the vendor is called an Unidentified Onslaught Set Bonus Gear and costs 1,000 Tech Fragments and 500,000 Credits. It contains a random piece of level-75 Set Bonus gear, something that is no longer useful for gearing up once you reach level 80.

The gear box randomly drops one of the 476 pieces of level-75 Set Bonus gear, but it does have some restrictions and is supposed to have some anti-duplicate measures.


The gear that drops should be tied to your current Combat Style. It will give you one either specific to your Combat Style, or a generic one. For example, if you are a Vanguard, it will never give you a piece for a Sage, but it may give you a piece that’s good for any Combat Style. So make sure to open these boxes on a relevant character.

It does get tricky though, as some pieces say they are tied to a specific Class, for example the “Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior”… but your class story is no longer tied to combat, so I assume that would translate in 7.0 to mean a discipline that used to be tied to those classes. NOTE, I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS. YOU MAY NEED A CHARACTER THAT HAS THE RIGHT CLASS STORY.

  • Requires Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior: Sentinel / Guardian / Marauder / Juggernaut
  • Requires Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor: Sage / Shadow / Sorcerer / Assassin
  • Requires Trooper / Bounty Hunter: Commando / Vanguard / Mercenary / Powertech
  • Requires Smuggler / Operative: Scoundrel / Gunslinger / Operative / Sniper

If a piece is specific to a certain Combat Style, for example “Commando” you must currently be in the Commando discipline to get it to drop. Double-check your Combat Style before opening boxes.

Duplicate Protection

Kai Zykken does have a degree of duplicate protection.

  • In the previous expansion, if a player had a piece equipped, in their inventory, or in their green personal cargo hold, and the piece was class-specific, it would not drop again. This did not protect against pieces that were generic and not class-specific.
  • In 7.0,if an item existed in the player’s equipment or inventory, the RNG protection should prevent that item from dropping, even if it’s a generic piece. If you’ve gotten every piece you can get, you will get a Taskmaster’s Chestpiece, as per this Developer post.
  • HOWEVER, in reality in 7.0, many players are reporting that the duplicate protection is not working as intended, and there’s some especially strange stuff going on for players trying to get their last few pieces of specific sets.

Bugs / Tips

Here’s a quote from one player named Screaming_Ziva who did some testing on this great thread, “From what I can tell, it’s characters that are bugged when you cannot gamble any more sets that you need. Now I just need to start transferring all of my Juggs over to the PTS to see which of those isn’t bugged so I can get the last two pieces of the Dashing Blademaster set that I need.” Here is their findings:

“After all of my PTS testing but I was finally able to finish all the sets on the live servers. Some things I’ve noticed:

  • You cannot use your loot type selection. You have to actually change your spec on the character you are gambling with.
  • Some sets are attached to the wrong specs.
  • This is just from what I have seen but it looks like empty shells do not count for the RNG protection. Also, I can’t confirm this 100% but, if you purchased an empty shell from the vendor and then put mods in it, it still will not count for the RNG protection.
  • You will still get random Taskmaster chestpieces even though there are still items available for you.

These are just my observations so hopefully they will help some people.”

Kai Zykken Giving Nothing: There was a bug fixed in 7.0.2 where players would buy a box and Kai Zykken gives nothing at all. This was fixed.

Old Bug pre-7.0 sets: There is an older bug related to Spoils of War achievements for both tacticals and armor sets – when it first came out, there were some bugs, and some of the items may not have activated the achievements. For example, a lot of tacticsl were not triggering the achievements if you bought them from a vendor. To fix this, take your armor or tactical, and simply mail it to your Imperial character. Once you mail it and pick it up into your inventory, it should properly trigger the achievement! Hurray! I tested this out and it worked for me!

Titles & Armor Sets

Armor SetSet Bonus NameTitleClass
Aggressive TreatmentAggressive TreatmentScoundrel / Operative
Amplified ChampionAmplified ChampionGeneric
Apex PredatorApex PredatorCommando / Mercenary
AuthorityThe AuthorityScoundrel / Operative
AvengerThe AvengerGeneric
Ballast PointBallast PointShadow / Assassin
Ballistic ConcentrationBallistic ConcentrationGunslinger / Sniper
BerserkerThe BerserkerGeneric
Comet ChampionComet ChampionSentinel / Marauder
Concentrated FireConcentrated FireCommando / Mercenary
ControllerThe ControllerJedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
Culling BladeThe Culling BladeSentinel / Marauder
Dashing BlademasterDashing BlademasterSentinel / Marauder
Death KnellDeath KnellShadow / Assassin
DebilitatorThe DebilitatorScoundrel / Operative
DeceleratorDeceleratorJedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
Descent of the FearlessDescent of the FearlessJedi Knight / Sith Warrior
Dire RetaliationDire RetaliationJedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
Dying PrecisionDying PrecisionGeneric
Efficient TerminationEfficient TerminationShadow / Assassin
Emergency PowerEmergency PowerVanguard / Powertech
Empowered RestorerEmpowered RestorerSage / Sorcerer
Endless OffensiveEndless OffensiveSage / Sorcerer
Escape ArtistsEscape ArtistsSmuggler / Imperial Agent
Established FootholdEstablished FootholdGunslinger / Sniper
Flawless RiposteFlawless RiposteGuardian / Juggernaut
Force BoundForce BoundJedi Knight / Sith Warrior
Game PlanGame PlanTrooper / Bounty Hunter
Gathering StormThe Gathering StormSage / Sorcerer
Hunter KillerHunter KillerTrooper / Bounty Hunter
Lord of PainLord of PainGuardian / Juggernaut
Meteor BrawlerMeteor BrawlerVanguard / Powertech
Murderous RevelationThe Murderous RevelationShadow / Assassin
Nimble MasterNimble MasterJedi Knight / Sith Warrior
NotoriousThe NotoriousCommando / Mercenary
Outlaws ParlayOutlaws ParlayGunslinger / Sniper
Perfect FormPerfect FormJedi Knight / Sith Warrior
Precise TargeterPrecise TargeterGunslinger / Sniper
PreserverThe PreserverGeneric
Probe TechProbe TechSmuggler / Imperial Agent
Quick ThinkerQuick ThinkerSmuggler / Imperial Agent
Rapid ResponseRapid ResponseGeneric
Rebuking AssaultThe Rebuking AssaultShadow / Assassin
RepositioningRepositioningGunslinger / Sniper
Restorative DriveRestorative DriveCommando / Mercenary
Revitalized MysticRevitalized MysticSage / Sorcerer
Right PriceThe Right PriceVanguard / Powertech
Saber MasterSaber MasterShadow / Assassin
Shadow PurgerShadow PurgerShadow / Assassin
SoulbendersSoulbendersJedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
Squad LeaderSquad LeaderTrooper / Bounty Hunter
Stationary GritStationary GritGeneric
StrategistThe StrategistVanguard / Powertech
SuperioritySuperiorityScoundrel / Operative
TacticianThe TacticianScoundrel / Operative
Tech MedicTech MedicCommando / Mercenary
The EntertainerThe EntertainerGeneric
The Final BreathThe Final BreathGeneric
The Slow RoadThe Slow RoadSmuggler / Imperial Agent
The UndyingThe UndyingJedi Knight / Sith Warrior
The VictorThe VictorGeneric
TormentedTormentedJedi Knight / Sith Warrior
Trishins RetortTrishins RetortGeneric
Unyielding ProtectorUnyielding ProtectorJedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
Veteran RangerVeteran RangerVanguard / Powertech
Woads InstinctWoads InstinctTrooper / Bounty Hunter


  • Apex Predator: Gives the title “Apex Predator”, requires a Commando / Mercenary
  • Concentrated Fire: Gives the title “Concentrated Fire”, requires a Commando / Mercenary
  • Notorious: Gives the title “The Notorious”, requires a Commando / Mercenary
  • Tech Medic: Gives the title “Tech Medic”, requires a Commando / Mercenary
  • Restorative Drive: Gives the title “Restorative Drive”, requires a Commando / Mercenary
  • Emergency Power: Gives the title “Emergency Power”, requires a Vanguard / Powertech
  • Right Price: Gives the title “The Right Price”, requires a Vanguard / Powertech
  • Strategist: Gives the title “The Strategist”, requires a Vanguard / Powertech
  • Veteran Ranger: Gives the title “Veteran Ranger”, requires a Vanguard / Powertech
  • Meteor Brawler: Gives the title “Meteor Brawler”, requires a Vanguard / Powertech
  • Game Plan: Gives the title “Game Plan”, requires a Trooper / Bounty Hunter
  • Hunter Killer: Gives the title “Hunter Killer”, requires a Trooper / Bounty Hunter
  • Squad Leader: Gives the title “Squad Leader”, requires a Trooper / Bounty Hunter
  • Woads Instinct: Gives the title “Woads Instinct”, requires a Trooper / Bounty Hunter
  • Aggressive Treatment: Gives the title “Aggressive Treatment”, requires a Scoundrel / Operative
  • Authority: Gives the title “The Authority”, requires a Scoundrel / Operative
  • Debilitator: Gives the title “The Debilitator”, requires a Scoundrel / Operative
  • Tactician: Gives the title “The Tactician”, requires a Scoundrel / Operative
  • Superiority: Gives the title “Superiority”, requires a Scoundrel / Operative
  • Established Foothold: Gives the title “Established Foothold”, requires a Gunslinger / Sniper
  • Outlaws Parlay: Gives the title “Outlaws Parlay”, requires a Gunslinger / Sniper
  • Precise Targeter: Gives the title “Precise Targeter”, requires a Gunslinger / Sniper
  • Repositioning: Gives the title “Repositioning”, requires a Gunslinger / Sniper
  • Ballistic Concentration: Gives the title “Ballistic Concentration”, requires a Gunslinger / Sniper
  • Escape Artists: Gives the title “Escape Artists”, requires a Smuggler / Imperial Agent
  • Probe Tech: Gives the title “Probe Tech”, requires a Smuggler / Imperial Agent
  • Quick Thinker: Gives the title “Quick Thinker”, requires a Smuggler / Imperial Agent
  • The Slow Road: Gives the title “The Slow Road”, requires a Smuggler / Imperial Agent
  • Culling Blade: Gives the title “The Culling Blade”, requires a Sentinel / Marauder
  • Dashing Blademaster: Gives the title “Dashing Blademaster”, requires a Sentinel / Marauder
  • Comet Champion: Gives the title “Comet Champion”, requires a Sentinel / Marauder
  • Flawless Riposte: Gives the title “Flawless Riposte”, requires a Guardian / Juggernaut
  • Lord of Pain: Gives the title “Lord of Pain”, requires a Guardian / Juggernaut
  • Descent of the Fearless: Gives the title “Descent of the Fearless”, requires a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
  • Force Bound: Gives the title “Force Bound”, requires a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
  • Nimble Master: Gives the title “Nimble Master”, requires a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
  • Perfect Form: Gives the title “Perfect Form”, requires a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
  • The Undying: Gives the title “The Undying”, requires a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
  • Tormented: Gives the title “Tormented”, requires a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
  • Revitalized Mystic: Gives the title “Revitalized Mystic”, requires a Sage / Sorcerer
  • Empowered Restorer: Gives the title “Empowered Restorer”, requires a Sage / Sorcerer
  • Endless Offensive: Gives the title “Endless Offensive”, requires a Sage / Sorcerer
  • Gathering Storm: Gives the title “The Gathering Storm”, requires a Sage / Sorcerer
  • Death Knell: Gives the title “Death Knell”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Efficient Termination: Gives the title “Efficient Termination”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Murderous Revelation: Gives the title “The Murderous Revelation”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Rebuking Assault: Gives the title “The Rebuking Assault”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Saber Master: Gives the title “Saber Master”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Shadow Purger: Gives the title “Shadow Purger”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Ballast Point: Gives the title “Ballast Point”, requires a Shadow / Assassin
  • Controller: Gives the title “The Controller”, requires a Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
  • Decelerator: Gives the title “Decelerator”, requires a Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
  • Dire Retaliation: Gives the title “Dire Retaliation”, requires a Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
  • Soulbenders: Gives the title “Soulbenders”, requires a Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
  • Unyielding Protector: Gives the title “Unyielding Protector”, requires a Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
  • Amplified Champion: Gives the title “Amplified Champion”, does not require a specific class
  • Avenger: Gives the title “The Avenger”, does not require a specific class
  • Berserker: Gives the title “The Berserker”, does not require a specific class
  • Dying Precision: Gives the title “Dying Precision”, does not require a specific class
  • Preserver: Gives the title “The Preserver”, does not require a specific class
  • Rapid Response: Gives the title “Rapid Response”, does not require a specific class
  • Stationary Grit: Gives the title “Stationary Grit”, does not require a specific class
  • Stimulated: Gives the title “Stimulated”, does not require a specific class
  • Taskmaster: Gives the title “Taskmaster”, does not require a specific class
  • The Entertainer: Gives the title “The Entertainer”, does not require a specific class
  • The Final Breath: Gives the title “The Final Breath”, does not require a specific class
  • The Victor: Gives the title “The Victor”, does not require a specific class
  • Trishins Retort: Gives the title “Trishins Retort”, does not require a specific class

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