SWTOR Dantooine Pirate Incursion Event Guide

The Pirate Incursion Event, better known as the “Dantooine Event”, is a limited-time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The event happens sporadically, and lasts for about a week on the normally peaceful planet of Dantooine. The event focuses on the Nova Blade Pirates hostile takeover of the area, as they are spurred on by Imperial forces looking to disrupt the bastion created there by the Republic. In return for helping either side, you can earn some unique rewards including an Ugnaught companion and farm-themed stronghold decorations. You can participate in the event as early as level 20. While this event lacks the style and cool factor of some of the other events, it has some challenging heroics, there’s a lot of fun exploration achievements to earn, and the Imperial side of the event has the cutest quest that exists in the entire game.

UPDATE 2024: I’ve been hearing that the planet of Dantooine doesn’t currently scale you up to the correct level since way back in 2022, and it never got fixed lol. So if you are a low level character, you may have a very difficult time with combat on Dantooine. There will also be a new Dantooine event coming later in the year in 2024, which is different than the Dantooine Incursion event.

How to Start the Dantooine Event

To start the Pirate Incursion Event, look for the large floating terminal. If you use your Fleet Pass ability to get to the fleet, it will be located just down the stairs from where you load in. If you’re on a low-level character, it will be a very very short cutscene with a news anchor announcement. If you’re on a high-level character who has completed the Ossus storyline, the news broadcast will change with a brief story update that’s different on each faction.


The Dantooine missions are quite straight forward. You get a weekly mission automatically if you do the very short introductory quest on the Fleet, or you can pick up the weekly on the Mission Board on Dantooine.

There’s also a daily quest completion mission to pick up on the missions board, a series of normal daily quests, and three heroic quests from nearby questgivers on Dantooine. The weekly wants you to complete 10 daily missions and 5 heroic quests which is two days worth of quests, and the daily quests wants you to complete 6 daily missions, which is exactly how many daily missions are offered. There are different daily quests offered Republic and Imperial side, so if you’re looking to experience all the content the event has to offer, you’ll want to play it on both factions. The daily quests are pretty easy, just folow the quests instructions and the markers on the map, and keep an eye on your quest log on the top right to see if there’s any mission items you need to use.

MissionFactionRewardReputationHow to Get
[WEEKLY] Event: Pirate IncursionBoth2 Dantooine Surveyor's NotesPurple Reputation ItemComplete 10 Daily Missions and 5 Heroic Missions, Mission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Patrol: DantooineBoth1 Dantooine Surveyor's NoteBlue Reputation ItemComplete 6 Daily Missions, Mission Board on Dantooine
[HEROIC 4] Reactor RansomBoth2 Dantooine Surveyor's NotesBlue Reputation ItemBlue Terminal near Mission Board
[HEROIC 2+] Shiny New ToyBoth2 Dantooine Surveyor's NotesBlue Reputation ItemNPC near Mission Board
[HEROIC 4] Beware Of HugoBoth2 Dantooine Surveyor's NotesBlue Reputation ItemNPC near Mission Board
[DAILY] Broadside BarrageRepublicNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Dantooinian RestabilizationRepublicNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Spy GameRepublicNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Pirates. Again.RepublicNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Wreckage InspectionRepublicNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] An Enemy Among FriendsRepublicNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Opening the SkiesImperialNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Marauder ManeuversImperialNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Operation StarvationImperialNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Dantooinian DestabilizationImperialNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Beneath SuspicionImperialNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine
[DAILY] Explosive AssurancesImperialNoGreen Reputation ItemMission Board on Dantooine


The Heroic missions for Dantooine are quite difficult, and are even harder than the normal Heroic quests available in the game, and it’s highly recommended to bring a friend. From my testing, you should be able to do all the heroics without too much trouble with at least two high-level characters, and a skilled well-geared player could solo all of them with some practice. There are some mechanics for each of the three fights which are fun to figure out by yourself or with a group, but if you need help, check the description of this video for a link to a full guide for the heroics. Each of the heroics has a quick-travel button available near your quests list.

If you decide to solo them, make sure to gear up, use a high-influence companion, use Heroic Moment, Unity, a high level medpac, and a Critical adrenal, and the medpacs scattered around the room if you’re having trouble.

[HEROIC 2+] Shiny New Toy

In the Heroic where you fight the walker, there’s a few things you need to know. The first is that the walker will start off with an orange shield around it, and this shield will come back occasionally during the fight. When the shield is up, you’ll need to have one member of your team run over to the blue-glowing EMP missiles and blast the walker with the EMP temporary ability which will bring the shield down. I haven’t tried it yet, but you may also be able to interrupt the walker’s shield cast ability.


The other thing to know is that the red circle the walker puts frequently down on the ground really really hurts. Avoid standing in it at all costs. If you have a companion, you will need to babysit them a lot to make sure they are not standing in the red circle, which as far as I can tell only drops on real players. I recommend choosing a ranged companion, so you can leave the area around the walker open for any melee fighters you have. If you are a melee character, occasionally your ranged companion will teleport itself right beside you, so you will need to put them on Passive, run away with them, then turn passive off, and go back to attacking the walker.

Red Circle

If you are fighting the walker solo, the biggest challenge will be keeping your companion from getting killed. What I ended up doing was letting my MELEE companion choose their own fate by running up to the walker and then turning the walker away from my companion. I then stayed just outside of melee range so when the red circles dropped on me, they would not hit my companion. After a red circle dropped, I swooped in close for me melee attacks for a few seconds when I knew the red circles would not drop. The only other thing I had to do was watch for the Aegis shield ability cast, interrupt it or go grab the EMP blue glowing crate. Heroic moment was very useful as it has extra ranged abilities depending on what classes you have unlocked. Try really hard not to travel too far from your companion for too long or they are more likely to teleport / run to you, for example when you go get the EMP. When I tried with a range healing companion most of the time they just died in the first few seconds. If your companion has decided to stand somewhere awkward like on top of the EMP or directly under the boss, you can run away from the walker and eventually they will follow you.

[HEROIC 4] Reactor Ransom

If you have a lot of spare credits, you can complete this heroic by buying an item inside the instance worth 15 million credits then using it. There’s an achievement for doing this ten times. There’s also an achievement for doing it the normal way.

When fighting Yarvok, make sure to turn him away from your group or companion, as he has an attack that does a spray of cone damage very often.

When Yarvok has his red shields up, all damage made outside of melee range is absorbed by 50%, so make sure you are up close even if you are a ranged character.

The boss will drop a giant orange circle on a character. This will knock your character back to one of the generators around the room, so be prepared to run back after it explodes. As far as I can tell it actually does little to no damage to your companions when it explodes so you do not need to run away with it like most other nasty circles.

If this orange beam with arrows in it hits the pillar in the center of the room it will overload the generators in the room. I have seen other players advise not to do this. I have not done a lot of testing, but I actually recommend to blow it up early on purpose. Once I had blown it up, I was no longer knocked back by the grenades as there were no more generators left. Once you aim the orange beam and the center pillar explodes, make sure to look around the room for the safe spot where there is no orange on the ground, where you can stand until it is safe. This might happen anyway if you are slow at damage.

[HEROIC 4] Beware Of Hugo

If you don’t want to fight the enemies in the cave, run past them all the way to the blue door, die, then revive and right click the door while revive-stealthed.

Hugo is a bit of a tough boss fight. Whenever possible, step out to the left or right of his pink cone of death called Hugo’s Halitosis. If the boss is on you, you can help your team or companion by turning Hugo away from them.

Hugo will lose attention on you fairly often, so if you are a tank or a class with a taunt make sure to keep it handy to keep Hugo off your healer or companion.


Reputation is a way of gaining favor with different groups by completing quests for them. As you level up your reputation rank, more rewards for that reputation track become available.

By using multiple characters, you won’t be limited to how many Dantooine quests you run, or to how many Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes you earn, but you will still be gated by how many reputation points you can earn – you can only earn a hard limit of about 17,500 in Dantooine reputation in a week. This time-gating mechanism means you’ll only be able to earn up to the Friend rank the first week you run the event. You’ll reach that cap by completing the weekly on 2 characters if you’re a subscriber over the course of two days, or double that if you’re preferred or free-to-play. If you earn over 17,500 reputation points in a week, which you will if you do the weekly on 2 characters, then keep doing reputation quests and completing Dantooin dailies, instead of getting more reputation points, you’ll get reputation items which can be consumed from your inventory in future weeks, so if you get any of these, just hold on to them until the weekly timer resets. The Dantooine event reward vendor seems to stick around even after the event, so you’ll be able to spend your Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes currency even after the event ends.

You can see your reputation by pressing “Y” on your keyboard or hover over the symbol of a person on the menu. You can hover over the Dantooine Preservation Force (Republic) / The Dantooine Initiative (Imperial) name in the list to see how close you are to the next rank, and how many reputation points you have left remaining that you can earn during this week.

  • Outsider – 0 Reputation
  • Newcomer – 0/5,000 Reputation (5,000 total points needed)
  • Friend – 0/7,500 Reputation (12,500 total points needed)
  • Hero – 0/10,000 Reputation (22,500 total points needed)
  • Champion – 0/20,000 Reputation (untested) (42,500 total points needed)
  • Legend – 0/30,000 Reputation (untested) (72,500 total points needed)

You get green reputation items from the dailies, blue reputation items from the heroics, and a purple reputation item from the weekly which is worth a ridiculous amount of points compared to the green and blue ones.

  • Green Reputation Token – 128 points (free-to-play/preferred only 64 points)
  • Blue Reputation Token – 310 points (free-to-play/preferred only 155 points)
  • Purple Reputation Token – 6,382 points (free-to-play/preferred only 3,191 points)

You will need 72,500 total reputation points to reach Legend rank, which if you maxed out your Reputation every time the event came out would take you about 5 weeks worth of running the event.

Daily Login Reputation Boost

If you have been collecting your Daily Login Rewards, during the United Efforts calendar you may receive a Major Reputation Boost. It’s a legacy-bound item, that once used, gives you a buff that has 15 charges of Reputation Boost and lasts 24 hours. Each reputation trophy you use will consume 1 charge, and each trophy will be boosted by 50% when it uses a charge. So for the next 15 reputation items you receive, their points will be doubled, but the effect will wear off if you don’t earn 15 within 24 hours of game time (not 24 hours of real time – 24 hours worth of time on that character, so plenty of game time.)

For the Dantooine event, the Purple reputation token is worth A LOT MORE than the other tokens, so it’s most important that you use the Major Reputation Boost together with the purple reputation token, which you get from completing the weekly. However, if you just fly to Dantooine, pop your Reputation Boost, and start doing daily quests, you’ll wind up running out of the 15 charges before you ever get to the purple item.

So here’s the most efficient way to use it if you don’t plan on grinding the event.

  • Step 1 – Accept the Dantooine weekly from the solo panel and go to Dantooine (10 dailies and 5 heroics, rewards a purple reputation item)
  • Step 2 – Pick up all 3 heroics and all 7 quests on the board (6 daily quests and the patrol quest to complete 6 dailies)
  • Step 3 – Complete any 2 normal dailies that reward green reputation (the reputation item with the least points reward, we won’t waste it on the boost)
  • Step 5 – Use your reputation boost
    • CHARGE #1-2-3-4: Complete another 4 normal dailies with your boost activated
    • CHARGE #5: Completing your sixth out of six dailies will give you your Patrol quest reward
    • CHARGE #6-7-8: Complete the 3 heroics with your boost activated
    • CHARGE #9-10: Come back again another day during the event and complete 2 more heroics
    • CHARGE #11-12-13-14: Come back again another day during the event and complete 4 more normal dailies
    • CHARGE #15: Complete the weekly

If you DO plan on doing the event on multiple characters, do not accept the weekly quests until you can make the most use of them – for example, if you’re at 16,000 points out of 17,500 points per week, and accept your weekly purple quest while having your boost active, you’ll only get 1,500 points up to your limit and the other 10,000 you should have gotten will get wasted. Oops. Luckily you can only make this mistake once – after you pass the limit, your Reputation items will go in to your inventory, where they can be consumed in the future at your leisure.

NOTE: If you are doing this for the first time on a character there is an introductory quest which will get you 2 reputation items early on, so you might want to do 4 green dailies first, then use your reputation boost, then turn in the final ‘The Marauders of Dantooine’ quest. [[Need to test this a bit]]


There’s a ton of fun achievements related to the Dantooine event. Most are for fun, while others offer rewards.

The Golden Dream

Complete the [HEROIC 4] Reactor Ransom quest 10 times buy buying the 15 million credit item, for a total of 150 million credits. This will reward you with an item called Yarvok’s Gratitude from the reputation vendor that will turn your character yellow and have credit symbols floating out of their body.

Lingering Shadows

Really simple achievement that ties in to the lore of the planet, use your macrobinculars to scan the unreachable Jedi Temple Ruins located off the map over the cliff to the very South East of the Dantooine map.

Dantooine Treasure Hunter

This treasure hunt achievement can be started by finding the extremely hidden D. Suffy’s Note blue glowing datapad that’s deeply hidden in the grass around the two medium sized Blba trees growing near the collapsed well, which is near a set of buildings just North of the center of the map. This datapad is barely visible, and I have no idea how someone every found this originally. Once found, the notes go in to your Mission Items and you can hover your mouse over them for a clue towards where the next note is located. There’s no treasure at the end, just an achievement.

D. Suffy’s Note Part 1

Hint: I’ve hidden most of the loot I’ve plundered from this raid since I don’t trust any of the other Lieutenants. If anything happens to me, I want you to have the loot brother. Don’t let these other vulturous Lieutenants get their grubby hands on it. I’ve split up the directions to the treasure to insure they can’t. I left the first clue in the farm building where we hid from the Imperials during one of the raids. -D. Suffy

The second datapad is located in a building in the very North West of the map, near the Imperial base. It is only blue and clickable if you are on this step of D. Suffy’s notes.

D. Suffy’s Note Part 2

Hint: I knew you could get past those bothersome Imperials. You were always a sneaky one. I doubt any of the other Pirates could do the same. The next clue is somewhere on this planet that is a little less green. Somewhere that meathead Yarvok may have walked right past. -D. Suffy

The third datapad is located near Yarvok’s heroic entrance, in the downstairs room of an open building. It is only blue and clickable if you are on this step of D. Suffy’s notes.

D. Suffy’s Note Part 3

Hint: If you’re reading this, then that meathead Yarvok was too dumb to notice this. Unless this is Yarvok, in which case you’re still a son of a bantha. The next clue is where a famous someone became a Jedi twice. -D. Suffy

The fourth datapad is located partway down the cliff facing the ruined Jedi Temple. It is only blue and clickable if you are on this step of D. Suffy’s notes.

D. Suffy’s Note Part 4

Hint: I know it’s you reading this brother, you would spend all day staring at history holos when were “out of work” during the Zakuul conquests. You’ll have to bring spare dry clothes and conquer your fear of heights for the next clue. -D. Suffy

The final datapad is located on the very highest part of the dam, up a ladder.

D. Suffy’s Note Part 5

Hint: You’ve made it this far, here’s the last clue. Lonely Island. -D. Suffy

The final step of the achievement is to find the “X” that marks the spot on the small island near the center of the map.

Dantooine Culinarian

If you enjoy hunting for hidden objects, the Dantooine Culinarian achievement will send you all over the map. The major downside of this achievement is that that except for the first item, these culinary treats spawn randomly around the map. If you manage to find them all, you’ll be rewarded with a Tall Fruit Plant.

I have found all of these on my main account, but when tracking them down for this guide I was having really bad luck finding the randomly-generated culinary items. I highly recommend Xam Xam’s guide here for this achievement: https://mmobits.com/2019/06/05/dantooine-achievements-guide/

Charred Kath Shank

Two set locations, in the Nova Blade camps with a firepit in them.

  • Charred Kath Shank
  • Nova Blade Rotgut
  • Irritable Bloatgourd
  • Fragile Glowshroom
  • Perfectly Ripe Vormfruit
  • Unnaturally Huge Tuber

Dantooine Cipher

Find the five blue glowing cipher books. Four of these books are sneakily hidden in buildings in the open area of Dantooine, and the fifth is hidden near the remains of its writer, who met an unfortunate fate you’ll discover through one of the other achievements.

Read the Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 01

Read the Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 02

* Player Starry sent in that Vol 02 is in the same house, but is now located under a table in the first room. If you can’t find it, check there!

Read the Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 03

Read the Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 04

Read the Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 05

Scholar of Dantooine

Discover all the codex entries on Dantooine.

Nova Blade Assault: Dantooine

Complete the daily quest to complete 6 daily quests ([DAILY] Patrol: Dantooine)

Blba Tree

Blue glowing plaque at the base of three of the biggest trees on Dantooine.

Banir Regional Energy Complex

Go near the dam.

Dantooine Agriculture

Go near any crops on Dantooine.

Imperial Outpost DNT-X004

Go near the Imperial outpost in the very North West of the Dantooine map.

Tokare Garrison

Go near the Republic base in the very South West of the Dantooine map.

Jedi Enclave Ruins

Scan the Jedi Temple ruins with your macrobinoculars.


Fly to Dantooine.

Legacy of Darth Traya

There is a very hidden datapad slightly off the edge of the cliff facing the Jedi Temple Ruins.

Infinite Empire: Dantooine

There is a blue glowing part of a statue hidden in the dirt against a cliff in the very North West of the Dantooine map.

The Polly Exclusion Principle

Go to the small island in the South east section of the Dantooine map, and hang out with Polly and its laser for a while.

Fun fact, the name of this achievement is a reference to the “Pauli” exclusion principle in quantum mechanics.

Well That Was Unexpected

As the name implies, find the old stone well and do whatever feels natural. You’ll get the Collapsed Dantooine Well stronghold decoration as a reward.

Fun fact: you can get to the bottom of the well by using the “log out while falling” trick without dying.

Farm Planet Prodigy

This achievement is awarded for doing a bunch of other achievements. For your efforts, you’ll get a Farm Plow stronghold decoration.

  • Toss Them Overboard: defeat 250 weak/standard Nova Blade Pirates on Dantoooine
  • Scholar of Dantooine: find all codexes
  • Lingering Shadows: scan Jedi Enclave
  • Dantooinian Culinarian: find hidden fruits
  • The Right Way: complete the Reactor Ransom mission without paying the ransom

Dantooine: Heroic Effort

Complete 60 Heroic missions on Dantooine – there’s three missions, so you’d need to run the full set of Heroics 20 times total. You’ll get a small version of the Blba tree decoration called Dantooine Tree (Medium).

While You’re Out There

Another hidden object achievement, only available when the Dantooine event is NOT active.

There’s is a great guide by Xam Xam about this achievement here: https://mmobits.com/2019/06/19/dantooine-while-youre-out-there-mission-guide/ 

  • Protocol Droid Remnant Found
  • Lightsaber Stash Found
  • Archaeological Notes Found
  • Tainted Blba Seeds Found
  • Preserved Kinrath Gland Found

Dantooine Peacetime Quests

While they aren’t achievements, there are two daily quests on both factions that you can only pick up on Dantooine when the Pirate Incursion event is not active.

These quests do not offer any special rewards apart from credits and xp, but completionists will want to try them all out at least once.

  • Republic: [DAILY] Getting Their Shots
  • Republic: [DAILY] Reclaiming Our Past
  • Imperial: [DAILY] New Tricks
  • Imperial: [DAILY] Infinite History

Other Achievements

The additional achievements involve defeating additional enemies, doing many daily and weekly and heroic missions, and defeating other players in the PvP instances.


Some rewards are from Achievements, while most cost Dantooine Surveyor’s notes and are purchased from the Reputation vendor. The Republic Dantooine Incursion Reputation Vendor named Alyava Thomcro is located down some stairs in a building near where you first load in Republic side, and the Imperial Dantooine Incursion Reputation Vendor is located in the cave where you first load into the planet Imperial-side.

In a full run of daily missions including the heroics, you would earn 7 Dantooine Surveyor’s notes. The weekly also grants you a bonus of 2 extra Surveyor’s Notes. If you did the Dantooine event every day for the entire week, you could earn a total of 51 Surveyor’s Notes per character, and it would take you about 56 days or eight week-long daily Dantooine events worth of runs to earn 395 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes which would get you one of every reward.

I found this video by another player that shows off all the decorations, the mounts, and the Ugnaught companion at the end.


  • Scallywag: Friend Reputation rank (legacy title)
  • Scourge of Pirates: Legend Reputation rank (legacy title)


“Fastest Hydrospanner in the Western Reaches” Contract – Rank: Legend – 50 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Ugnaught Companion

The item is bound to legacy, but you can only use it on one character. So you do not have to obtain him on the character you buy the item on.

A former member of the Nova Blade pirates, Quick Vrik gained his nickname from his fast repairs of crucial starship parts (and even faster trigger finger in combat). But after being betrayed and left for dead by his supposed “brothers” during their assault on the planet Dantooine, Vrik has sworn revenge against his former comrades. Now, Vrik donates his skills to anyone who offers a chance at fighting the Nova Blades.


Two mounts at the Champion level.

Nova Blade Walker

Nova Blade Walker – Rank: Champion – 50 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Mount

Steadfast Kath Hound

Steadfast Kath Hound – Rank: Champion – 40 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Mount


Guard Hound – Rank: Hero – 25 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Pet


Two armors of mixed reputation and costs.

Dantooine Homesteader Armor

Dantooine Homesteader Armor – Rank: Newcomer through Hero – 52 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Armor – Brown outfit above

Nova Blade Gunner Armor

Nova Blade Gunner Armor – Rank: Newcomer through Hero – 66 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Armor – Blue outfit above (note, the animated eyeglasses are purple, not green)


Lots of farm related decos.

Dantooine Tree (Large)

Dantooine Tree (Large) – Rank: Friend – 8 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

By far the coolest decoration offered for the Dantooine event. A HUGE tree!

Dantooine Tree (Small)

Dantooine Tree (Small) – Rank: Newcomer – 6 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

This tree is normal sized.

Freshly Plowed Soil

Freshly Plowed Soil – Rank: Newcomer – 6 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

You can use the smallest hooks to plant melons or fruits here if you want. Or Jawas. Whatever you want to grow.

Homestead Rug

Homestead Rug – Rank: Newcomer – 4 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Small but really nice rug.

Melon Crops

Melon Crops – Rank: Friend – 8 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Large centerpiece crop.

Melon Plant

Melon Plant – Rank: Friend – 8 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Storage Silo

Storage Silo – Rank: Newcomer – 6 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Tall Fruit Crops

Tall Fruit Crops – Rank: Friend – 8 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Farm Fence

Farm Fence – Rank: Newcomer – 4 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Farmer’s Cargo Transport

Farmer’s Cargo Transport – Rank: Newcomer – 6 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Weak Dantooine Stone Wall

Weak Dantooine Stone Wall – Rank: Champion – 12 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Dantooine Crop Harvester

Dantooine Crop Harvester – Rank: Champion – 12 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

This decoration is clickable! The harvester is “damaged” and has smoke and sparks coming out of one side. You can click a blue glowing piece to “repair” it.

Dantooine Stone Wall

Dantooine Stone Wall – Rank: Newcomer – 4 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Dantooine Stone Wall (Damaged)

Dantooine Stone Wall (Damaged) – Rank: Newcomer – 4 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Dantooine Stone Wall (Rubble)

Dantooine Stone Wall (Rubble) – Rank: Newcomer – 4 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes

Tall Fruit Plant

Dantooine Culinarian achievement

Collapsed Dantooine Well

Well That Was Unexpected achievement

It has some running water in it.

Farm Plow

Farm Planet Prodigy achievement

Dantooine Tree (Medium)

Dantooine: Heroic Effort achievement

Reward Vendor List

"Fastest Hydrospanner in the Western Reaches" ContractLegend50Ugnaught Companion
Nova Blade WalkerChampion50Mount
Steadfast Kath HoundChampion40Mount
Guard HoundHero25Pet
Dantooine Homesteader BandanaHero8Armor
Dantooine Homesteader BeltNewcomer4Armor
Dantooine Homesteader BootsHero8Armor
Dantooine Homesteader BracersNewcomer4Armor
Dantooine Homesteader GlovesFriend8Armor
Dantooine Homesteader PantsFriend8Armor
Dantooine Homesteader VestHero12Armor
Nova Blade Gunner BeltNewcomer6Armor
Nova Blade Gunner BootsHero12Armor
Nova Blade Gunner BracersNewcomer6Armor
Nova Blade Gunner GlovesFriend12Armor
Nova Blade Gunner JacketHero18Armor
Nova Blade Gunner MaskHero12Armor
Nova Blade Gunner PantsFriend12Armor
Dantooine Crop HarvesterChampion12Decoration
Dantooine Stone WallNewcomer4Decoration
Dantooine Stone Wall (Damaged)Newcomer4Decoration
Dantooine Stone Wall (Rubble)Newcomer4Decoration
Dantooine Tree (Large)Friend8Decoration
Dantooine Tree (Small)Newcomer6Decoration
Farm FenceNewcomer4Decoration
Farmer's Cargo TransportNewcomer6Decoration
Freshly Plowed SoilNewcomer6Decoration
Homestead RugNewcomer4Decoration
Melon CropsFriend8Decoration
Melon PlantFriend8Decoration
Storage SiloNewcomer6Decoration
Tall Fruit CropsFriend8Decoration
Weak Dantooine Stone WallChampion12Decoration
Yarvok's Gratitude