SWTOR Seeker Droid Guide

The Seeker Droid allows you to search for hidden buried treasure. Seeking treasure is considered an exploratory activity, and does not have a specific story attached to it or any special combat – you just dig around until you find some interesting treasure including two unique armor sets, three mounts, two titles, or an angry buried creature.

How to Get a Seeker Droid

To gain access to the Seeker Droid item/ability, you must first start the Seeker Droid quests. You do not need to run the full quest, just speak to Master Ghend on the Republic side or Darth Acina on Imperial side. This will give you a seeker droid to use, even if you do not complete the whole quest!

SWTOR Seeker Droid Quest Guide – Weapons of Chaos / Buried Evils

This guide does not cover the Seeker Droid story quest and its heroics, it only covers seeking treasure with the Seeker Droid.

How to use the Seeker Droid


  • Put your Seeker Droid ability onto your ability bar. If it’s not on your bars already, press P to open your abilities, then drag and drop it onto your bars from the General section. If it is not in your abilities list, it will instead be in your Inventory under the Mission Items tab.
  • Travel to a Seeker Droid treasure area (maps below)
  • Look up to the sky with your Macrobinoculars to make sure you can see the treasure icon, and that the area hasn’t been depleted.
  • Get inside the search perimeter – you’ll know you are inside it when you seed the red text “Your seeker droid detects something in the area” and your Seeker Droid ability is lit up/useable.
  • Use any boosts you want to use.  GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark II HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Using the Seeker Droid

  1. Click the Seeker Droid ability on your bars.
  2. Click a point on the ground ahead of you – the Seeker Droid will go where the green symbol is. You can not place it on top of your character’s body, it has to be a certain distance away form you before it will light up as green and useable.
  3. The Seeker droid will deploy, and dig into the ground. It will be yellow-colored while it is searching. I recommend walking
  4. forward into the center of the yellow circle while you wait.
  5. Once the Seeker Droid has finished searching, it will turn red for nothing found, or green if you’ve found something. Most of the time it will be red.
  6. Very shortly afterwards, a circle will appear around your character’s body.
    • If it is red or has red borders, there is no treasure at all nearby, so go dig in a totally different spot within the search perimeter.
    • If it is green in any way, there is a treasure nearby.
      • If the filled-in green part is 50% or half of the circle, it’s kinda far from where you are, vaguely in the directions the filled-in circle is pointing.
      • If the filled-in green part is 1/3 of the circle, it’s still kinda far from where you are, vaguely in the directions the filled-in circle is pointing.
      • If the filled-in green part is 1/4 of the circle, it’s not too far from where you are, vaguely in the directions the filled-in circle is pointing.
      • If the filled-in green part is 1/8 of the circle, the treasure is very close!
      • The amount of green “filled-in” in the circle also depends on whether or not you are using a Triangulation Enhancer item (recommended, see below).
  7. If you did not find a treasure, place your next seeker droid so it is overlapping with your green circle, in the direction the green circle is pointing.

Seeker Droid Colors

Seeker Droid Direction

Tip from Intisar: “When I get a red result or 50% green, I will generally deploy the droid at max range and triangulate from those two positions.”

The circle indicates what direction a treasure could be in:

So if you have half a circle, you’ve got a lot of area to look in still and are not close to finding it yet:

Seeker Droid Boosts

GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark I: Costs 25,000 Credits for a stack of five from the GSI vendor on Nar Shaddaa. “Increases the range and accuracy of your Seeker Droid’s post-dig sonar pulse by a small amount. Lasts 30 minutes.” Inferior to the green Mark II version, and only one Triangulation Enhancer can be used at a time, so use the green one if you can get it instead. Not bound.

GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark II: Crafted, lasts 30 minutes then it wears off and you need to use another. If the “treasure” is far away, but detectable, instead of showing half the detection circle as green and pointing in a direction, it will show only a third of the circle as green, reducing the area you need to search from 1/2 to 1/3. “increases the range of your Seeker Droid’s post-dig sonar pulse by a small amount, and also increases accuracy relative to your distance from the target. Lasts 30 minutes.” You can either craft these yourself with the schematic, or buy them on the GTN. Not bound. There is also a version called “GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark II-Q” which is the same but bound, I think it’s a reward from questing.

Schematic: GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark II: Requires crafting Cybertech 450 and Friend rank with the GSI Reputation track, costs 5,000 Credits from the GSI vendor on Nar Shaddaa. Requires Cybertech (450). Takes 1x Frasium and 1x Mythra Cyber Assembly Component (which is crafted by Cybertech and takes 2x Tricopper Flux (white material) and 2x Mythra (Scavenging) and 2x Turadium (Scavenging). Only crafts one (not a stack).

Minor Seeker Droid Deployment Boost / Major Seeker Droid Deployment Boost: You can not buy or craft these items, but while you are digging, you may dig one up! Normally, you Seeker Droid takes 3-seconds to cast, then you have to wait  15 seconds before you can use it again. With a Deployment boost, you don’t have to wait the 3 seconds to cast it, but still need to wait the 15 seconds before you can use your seeker droid again. The Minor version lasts an hour, the Major version lasts 3 hours.


When you successfully find something you’ll get one of three messages, or dig up a creature:

Your Seeker Droid found something…

  • Minor Seeker Droid Deployment Boost
  • Major Seeker Droid Deployment Boost
  • Repair Toolkit (small GSI Reputation item)
  • Secure Crate (blue, a few random Grade 7 crafting materials)
  • Explorer speeder parts
  • Exploiter speeder parts

Your Seeker Droid found something interesting…

  •  Star Forager armor pieces
  • Dreadseed armor pieces
  • Title: Dreadseed (legacy-bound title item)
  • Title: Star Forager (legacy-bound title item)
  • Artifact Gear Container “Contains one random piece of tradable entry-level level 53 artifact gear. (Rating 156)” – DEPLETES THE AREA

Special Treasures:

  • Hyrotii Scrapper (mount, Bind on Pickup)
  • Secure Crate (purple border, 100 credits?)
  • Pleasure speeder parts – DEPLETES THE AREA?

What might be in the “rare” Artifact Gear Container? Here’s an example a friend got, nothing too special: [Artifact] Pristine Paragon’s Armguards, a random level 53 purple artifact-grade item that could be sold for about 3,000 Credits to a vendor


Finding a piece of Dread Seed armor or Star Forager armor will not deplete the dig site if found.

Dread Seed Armor

  • Dreadseed Armor (also can be gotten from the Seeker Droid quest, only found on Alderaan otherwise)
  • Dreadseed Bracers (only found on Alderaan)
  • Dreadseed Gauntlets (only found on Tatooine)
  • Dreadseed Helmet (only found on Tatooine)
  • Dreadseed Greaves (only found on Makeb)
  • Dreadseed Belt (only found on Hoth and Makeb)
  • Dreadseed Boots (only found on Hoth)

Star Forager Armor

  • Star Forager Jacket (also can be gotten from the Seeker Droid quest, only found on Alderaan otherwise)
  • Star Forager Armguards (only found on Alderaan)
  • Star Forager Gloves (only found on Tatooine)
  • Star Forager Headgear (only found on Tatooine)
  • Star Forager Leggings (only found on Makeb)
  • Star Forager Belt (only found on Hoth and Makeb)
  • Star Forager Boots (only found on Hoth)

GSI Speeders

One of the treasures you can dig up are various parts of speeders – once you gather all the parts, you can go to the GSI vendor and turn them in to receive a speeder. All but one of the pieces can also be bought and sold on the GTN, or traded with friends. The speeder gotten from the vendor is bind-to-legacy, so you can not pass the speeder to a friend after you buy it.

If you are digging for specific parts, I am unsure if specific pieces drop on specific planets – I think you just kinda dig until you get lucky, and then can supplement from the GTN.

GSI EMP-03 Explorer GSI

The Explorer pieces are relatively common to find with the Seeker Droid, and can be bought fairly inexpensively from the GTN as well. These will not deplete the dig site if found.

  • Explorer Chassis
  • Explorer Repulsorlift
  •  Explorer Steering Mechanism
  •  Explorer Turbine Jet Engine

GSI HMF-03 Exploiter

The Exploiter pieces are relatively common to find with the Seeker Droid, and can be bought fairly inexpensively from the GTN as well. These will not deplete the dig site if found.

  • Exploiter Chassis
  • Exploiter Repulsorlift
  • Exploiter Steering Mechanism
  • Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine

GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder

The Pleasure Speeder parts that come from the Seeker Droid are all considered to be on the rarer side and go for quite a lot on the GTN or may be hard to find and buy from the GTN. One of the additional pieces is from the GSI vendor, and one piece drops from Toborro’s Courtyard (but it is affordable on the GTN). Because these Pleasure pieces are rare, they are considered a “special treasure”, and will deplete the dig site once found.

Image from Intisar!

  •  Pleasure Speeder Chassis
  •  Pleasure Speeder Repulsorlift
  •  Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism
  •  Pleasure Speeder Turbine Jet Engine
  • Pleasure Speeder Subspace Music Transceiver (drops from the single-boss Operation Toborro’s Courtyard from the Golden Fury boss on Maleb)
  • Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device (Legacy-bound, GSI Vendor for 12,00 Credits, requires Champion with GSI Reputation)

Tatooine Map

#1 Outlaw’s Den

#2 Wreck of the Stardream

#3 Transport Ship Crash Site


#1 Cartel Mining Mesas

It can totally be up/on rocks.

It’s not in the circular building to the south.

#2 Telemur Mesa

#3 Hutt Stronghold


#1 Outpost Senth

#2 Glacial Fissure

#3 Highmount Ridge


#1 House Trader’s Circle

#2 Wardpost Landa

Technically in the Juran Mountains, this Seeker Droid area is right outside Republic-controlled Wardpost Landa, in a big grassy area.

#3 Lerantha Dam

Very very far for Republic players. It’s not actually on the dam as far as I can tell.


The Seeker Droid achievements are located under Location -> General -> Seeker Droid. There are no hidden achievements.

Hide And Seeker / Can Ya Dig It?: Completed the Republic seeker droid mission series. / Completed the Imperial seeker droid mission series.

Here There Be Monsters / What Lies Beneath / Terror From Below: Unearthed 10/50/100 creatures at seeker droid dig sites. (Digging up a creature is a random chance just like any other treasure.)

Obtainer of Rare Antiquities / That Belongs in a Museum / X Marks the Spot: Unearthed 10/50/100 special treasures at seeker droid dig sites. (Special treasures include purple-bordered crates and Pleasure Speeder parts. They are very uncommon.)

Reaping the Dread Seeds: Defeated 200 dread-seeded creatures at seeker droid dig sites. (you do not need the Seeker Droid for this, just defeat the red-glowing enemies.)

Bugs & Questions:

  • My Seeker Droid is missing! Press P to open your abilities, then drag and drop it onto your bars from the General section. If it is not in your abilities list, it will instead be in your Inventory under the Mission Items tab. There’s a bug where even if you fully finished the missions it may not have converted to an ability instead of an item.
  • Why did my Seeker Droid suddenly turn red, as if I lost the trail suddenly? “From personal experience and a ton of digging, i think it may be an anti-botting mechanism. I found personally if I inched forward in too small of increments the items would start to disappear a lot. Bit if you always kept your minimum distance at least 3 meters from you it would rarely if ever happen. Just speculation.” – Chirdaki on Reddit.  “Yeah, I think of those as “false positives.” They seem to come in a few flavors. Aside from the No-Soup-For-You result where the droid freaks out and stops its cycle early, the other times the trail goes cold seems to me to be the seeker droid resetting from time to time. For me they were always rare enough that I just considered them the cost of doing business. If my sounding result is red, I’ll move 20 meters or so and try again. When I do dig something up, I’ll do a sounding the same spot and it’s quite common to get green result from the ping; I’ll sometimes get 3 or 4 hits in close proximity to each other.” – Intisar on Reddit
  • Why is there nothing in the area? “If someone, anyone locates the single super rare treasure (usually a container containing a level 55 piece of gear or 100k credits), the area becomes unavailable for an Hour before it can be searched again.” – Kal on Reddit
  • Why does it feel like my seeker droid trail reset? “I know seeker droid items reset after some time (obviously they have to eventually after the area’s rare item is found). Maybe this reset is what causes locations to reset occasionally. Or it’s just buggy. 2) If an item location appears to move, I often dig up a creature instead of an item. Maybe that’s just my imagination, or maybe it’s intended since creatures can move underground(?) 3) Since items can’t be dug up more than once (until the reset), it’s often worth looking in the corners/hard to reach parts of seeker droid areas for items since the middle of zones is more likely to be “picked over” by others.” – Aelon on Reddit
  • Why are the rewards in the crates so bad? They used to reward some high-end crafting materials, and some different types of commendation currency, but are now out-dated so they just give a smattering of crafting materials, 100 credits, or some fairly garbage gear if you are already high-level.
  • Didn’t seeker droid used to be harder? Yes it was, by a lot! The developers adjusted it a lot throughout 2013, which you can see in the timeline below.
  • Why is the seeker droid saying the treasure is far away when it is close? “the triangulation boost can sometimes give weird results when the treasure in a spot with a height difference from where you’re standing. The result can say it’s far away, when it’s really just up on a rock in front of you.” – Intisar
  • Can you seeker droid with a friend? “Although it rarely happens these days, I don’t think two people digging in the same area are actually competing for the the same treasure. I think everyone has their own treasures. I’ve dug up a treasure in the very nearly the same spot as someone else digging in the same area. So other players aren’t really competition, except if the find the Special Treasure and deplete the site completely.” – Intisar
  • Unanswered question: Are the treasures actually in the same spots every time, and are not actually random? Or are they truly random? Could they be plotted to save time? I decided to finish my guide without testing this, though I did save my successful location digs.

Changes over the years:

Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy

  • New Feature: Seeker Droid! A new piece of technology has both Republic and Imperial treasure hunters flocking to unlikely sites on planets across the galaxy. By using these Seeker Droids, players can uncover highly desirable hidden items, treasures, and unique artifacts! Seeker Droids are available to all characters who are level 52 and above. Imperial players can retrieve their Seeker Droid from Z1-3C in the Sith Sanctum on Dromund Kaas. Republic players can pick up their Seeker Droid from BB-6G to at the Senate Plaza on Coruscant.

Game Update 2.1: Customization

  • Galactic Solutions Industries Seeker Droid – Players are now able to obtain all parts for the GSI HMF–03 Exploiter, GSI EMP–02 Explorer and GSI PMP–06 Pleasure Speeder vehicles.

Game Update 2.1.1 Patch Notes

  • Seeker Droid Deployment Boosts now properly removes the activation time from the Seeker Droid.
  • Players no longer receive an incorrect error message when attempting to use a Seeker Droid while in Cover.
  • Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic)/The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial): Updated the Light Side and Dark Side options to be made when recovering the final seed on Ilum.

Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare

  • Seeker Droid: Dig sites are no longer deplete when players find Dreadseed or Star Forager armor pieces.

2.2.1 Patch Notes

  • Players who have completed Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic)/The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial) can now dig up both the Star Forager and Dreadseed armor pieces from the treasure dig sites, regardless of the Light or Dark Side choice made during the mission.

Game Update 2.2.2 Patch Notes

  • The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial)/Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic): Items granting the “Dreadseed” and “Star Forager” Titles can now be dug up at ambient dig sites for players who have completed this mission.
  • The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial) / Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic): The reward for this mission has been updated and now provides a choice between a Dreadseed or Star Forager storage case.

Game Update 2.2.3 Patch Notes

  • When a buried treasure is found with the Seeker Droid, there is now a higher chance to find deployment boosts, reputation trophies, secure crates, or speeder parts.
  • The Seeker Droid no longer has a random chance to dig up items when the player is not near a buried treasure.
  • Junk items dug up by the Seeker Droid are now level 10 or below.
  • Gear can no longer be dug up by the Seeker Droid, with the exception of Dreadseed and Star Forager armor.
  • Special buried treasure (one per Seeker Droid digsite) now has a greater chance of being a rare speeder part.

Game Update 2.3.3 Patch Notes

  • Galactic Solutions Industries has performed a code upgrade on the Seeker Droid to improve its seeking abilities with the following features:
  • Improved sorting algorithm to disregard junk items and leave them buried in the ground.
  • Crafting database update to only provide useful crafting materials from Secure Crates.
  • Improved digging algorithm to unearth new Special Treasures.
  • Triangulation Enhancers for the Seeker Droid have been improved through advanced GSI research, and the Mark I and Mark II Enhancers now last for 30 minutes.