Tineback Tamer Secret Achievement Guide

Do you enjoy the secrets quests in the game? If so, head to the planet of Ruhnuk and get your hands dirty in this fun secret achievement quest called Tineback Tamer!

Spoiler-Free Hints

In this guide, we’ll be going over how to earn the secret Tineback Tamer achievement. If you want to find the achievement yourself I’ll give you the spoiler-free version first:

  • You will need to find a way to attract a young Tineback to you on the planet of Ruhnuk. I wonder what they like to eat?
  • A true tamer catches more than one creature… but be careful, I’m sure whatever snack you find will wear off over time!

That’s the spoiler-free version, now let’s get in to the guide!

How to get the Tineback Tamer Secret Achievement

While you are running around Ruhnuk after unlocking all the quick travel points, carefully mouse over any green Lambro (cactus) you see. If one of them glows blue and turns your cursor from an arrow to a hand and has a tooltip called “Overripe Fruiting Lambo”, it’s part of the Tineback Tamer secret achievement!

The goal is to find 3 clickable lambros – but they’re rare to find, and disappear once you click them. So the idea is to find three first without clicking them, and then run around and click them quickly, because you’ll be on a timer, and will just be wasting clickable cactus if you haven’t tracked three down first!

Overripe Fruiting Lambo Locations

I’ve put together a map of all the lambro locations I have found so far. They are not all available at the same time.

Tineback Tamer Acheivment Map (large)

  • Hollow Chasm (A): Yellow
  • Hollow Chasm (B): Yellow
  • Hollow Chasm (C): Yellow – beside a tree, up a little platform, in some grass
  • Hollow Chasm (D): Yellow – beside a rock ramp, in some grass, in a corner
  • Verdant Ravine (A): Green – beside a mushroom tree, beside the path down, tucked into some rocks
  • Verdant Ravine (B): Green – under the platform, under some grass
  • Verdant Ravine (C): Green – beside a tree, in some grass
  • Dilapidated Waterworks (D): Orange – behind a set of pipes
  • Overgrown Mining Site (A): Red – beside a rock ramp, against the rock wall
  • Overgrown Mining Site (B): Red – on the opposite side of the path, across the water, on a large ledge area with a mushroom tree
  • Overgrown Mining Site (C): Red – on the side of the metal ramp, hidden in some grass, in a corner
  • Overgrown Mining Site (D): Red
  • Overgrown Mining Site (A): Pink – up a little ledge, beside a big tree
  • Overgrown Mining Site (B): Pink – in the water, in a corner
  • Overgrown Mining Site (C): Pink – up a little rock ledge


Once you’ve found three lambros in different areas, you can right-click them, and a small Inquisitive Tineback Hatchling will start following you around.

This tiny creature has a timer of 10 minutes before it disappears (the timer is an icon of a sandwhich on your buff bar) and also attracts enemies, so make sure to protect it to keep it alive.

If you quickly find three total clickable cactus, you can get three hatchlings following you, you’ll get the achievement!

The sandwich timer resets to 10 minutes every time you click a lambro.

You can quick travel. You can carefully use your speeder.

Do NOT change instance, do NOT die, and keep your little friends alive while running this achievement.

It’s better to not have any Ruhnuk dailies up while looking for this achievement, as some of the quests make various wildlife hostile towards you while you have the quest.

Thank you Kal from Today in TOR for sharing his found lambro locations on his achievement guide as I shared mine with him! Thanks Zahk for finding green C and L A M B R O. Thanks SoCalSurvivalist for finding yellow D, and Crysios for green B.