Mek-Sha We’re Wanted Men Quest, The Death Sentence on Twelve Systems Secret Achievement and Honorary Bouncer’s Badge Guide

If you’re the kind of player who likes to work on quests over time for silly rewards, the Wanted Men quest will be right up your alley. The Wanted Men quest is part of The Death Sentence on Twelve Systems achievement, which when completed, will grant you the Honorary Bouncer’s Badge item. This fun item will temporary turn your character a glowing purple, and players who have earned it enjoy being able to add this effect to their character, especially to show off to other players.

Who can do this achievement? To complete this achievement, you will need to have fully completed the Onslaught expansion. This means fully completing Onderon and then Mek-Sha and the finale Flashpoint Objective Meridian. If you have not completed the Flashpoint, the terminal will not be clickable.

Step 1 – Pick Up Quest From Mek-Sha Terminal

The first step is to head to the glowing blue terminal near where you land on Mek-Sha. On Republic side it’s just a few steps away across a little bridge from the shuttle where you land. On Imperial side in The Red Zone where you land it’s a little further – just look for the glowing blue terminal.

Step 2 – Head to the Slugfall Harbor Cantina

The fastest way to get there is to quick travel to Slugfall Harbor right in the middle of the map.

Run up the taxi ramp and follow the green arrows to get inside the Slugfall Cantina.

Step 3 – Talk to the HY-P3 Droid

The cutscene droid is right inside the cantina. He will tell you to head into the nearby room with a green entrance door.

Head inside and talk to the Bartender.

Step 4 – Fight!

You’ll need to fight one of three possible gangs that will randomly show up at the cantina. They are each slightly different but are fairly hard.

Fights Tips & Advice: These fights are fairly difficult. A skilled player will be able to solo them with some practice, but you can also simply bring a friend along to help. I highly recommend using Heroic Moment and Unity to heal for these fight. There’s also a fun implant called Second Wind Package that heals you for 20% health whenever you defeat an enemy which could be very useful as these fights have many enemies. If you are dying to these fights, take a look at the Difficult Fights tips guide to find ways to become stronger or better at combat.

Dire Skull Gang

For the Dire Skull Gang fight, there will be many enemies at once, and more will keep appearing over time. You’ll have to fight about 20 Dire Skulls. I definitely recommend using Heroic Moment and Unity for this fight.

BUG? Sometimes the VIP Area Patreon’s have yellow names, which means they are neutral parties – if you hit them, they will join the fight against you.

Dar’Manda Gang

For the Dar’Manda Gang, there’s actually only one champion-level Dar’manda Challenger to fight. I found this fight incredibly hard an had to pull out all the stops to defeat this single enemy. If you are dying faster than you can kill the enemy, really investigate your defensive abilities, defensive and healing options on your tree, and if you have a cleanse make good use of it as the damage-over-time abilities really hurt when they set you on fire. This took me about six or seven tries before I finally did it and I had to really dig in to my class.

Nova Blade Gang

For the Nova Blades Gang fight, the Trandoshans, they will show up with blue shields and electric saberstaves. There is only five of them, but they hit really hard.

Step 5 – Do this 30 More Times

There are three achievements related to this repeatable quest. The first is to fight each gang once, the second Phoey Plooey is to fight each gang 5 times which will reward you with 20 Cartel Coins, and the final is to fight each gang 10 times each. When you complete the final achievement, The Death Sentence on Twelve Systems, you’ll be rewarded with the Honorary Bouncer’s Badge item.

The We’re Wanted Men mission is a daily, so it can be done once per day per character. If you want to speed things up, you can do it only multiple characters per day.


Are you trying to get a specific gang to show up? The gangs are randomly assigned, but after you have talked to the bartender, you can run out of the instanced room (the green door) and then open We’re Wanted Men in your mission log. From there, you can click the Reset button on the bottom of the quest. You’ll need to talk to the droid and the bartender again, but you have a chance of getting a different gang. The second time I tried to do this, the Reset button was not available. I was able to Abandon the quest and pick it back up again. After I abandoned I could also Reset again, but then could not reset a second time. I was able to Abandon it a second time and I finally got the other gang I needed. You only have a 1/3 chance of getting specific gang you want so your odds are fairly low.

Reward – Honorary Bouncer’s Badge