Renowned in all corners of the galaxy for their spirituality and strong connection to the Force, the Mirialan endure rigorous mental and physical training rituals to become both formidable warriors and skilled negotiators. Their reputation is not without merit; Mirialan are taken from home at a young age to be educated at one of the many youth academies. There, they are instilled with the cultural ideologies that have been engrained in Mirialan society for hundreds of generations.

Deeply held spiritual beliefs are the cornerstone of Mirialan culture. Their understanding of the Force is based on the idea that the actions of each individual affect not only their own fate, but also the destiny of the Mirialan as a whole. Personal achievements are recorded on each individual’s body with geometric tattoos. The shapes and locations of the tattoos denote different actions in the life of the Mirialan, and upon death the markings are used to determine the cultural worth of the individual and their contributions to furthering the Mirialan as a whole.

Mirialan Classes

You can play any type of character as a Mirialan, as species are not restricted to certain Origin Stories or Combat Styles in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

However, you may need to unlock the Mirialan species depending on what class you want to play as.

Jedi Knight No, but can be unlocked Yes
Jedi Consular No, but can be unlocked Yes
Trooper No, but can be unlocked Yes
Smuggler No, but can be unlocked Yes
Sith Warrior No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Sith Inquisitor No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Bounty Hunter No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Imperial Agent No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked

Free-to-play players will need to unlock Mirialans before they create a Mirialan character.

Subscribers can automatically create a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, or Trooper (any Republic Origin Story) as a Mirialan while they are subscribed. Once the character is created, they do not need to remain subscribed to continue playing the created character.

Unlock Option #1: All players can unlock Mirialans for all classes by purchasing the item Legacy Species Unlock: Mirialan from the Cartel Market with Cartel Coins or from the GTN with credits. The Cartel Market sells this unlock for 600 Cartel Coins, the price and availability on the GTN will change day to day and per server, but it is likely very expensive. This unlock is per-server, not account-wide, and requires that you have an existing character of any type on that server who has reached level 10 and created a Legacy.

Unlock Option #2: Subscribers and preferred players who have a Mirialan character can play a Mirialan on a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, or Trooper and then level them to level 50, which will automatically unlock the Mirialan option for all future characters including the Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor. This unlock is per-server, not account-wide.

Unlock Option #3: Subscribers can also unlock Mirialans for all Origin Stories by spending 1.5 million credits as part of the Legacy system, after they have reached level 10 (Free-to-play and Preferred can technically too, but they have their credits capped at 1 million credits). This unlock is per-server, not account-wide.

Jedi KnightA symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order, protecting the Republic and keeping the peace across the galaxy.Mirialans have been a part of the Jedi Order for many generations. You will encounter many Mirialan Jedi Knights and Masters as you play, either as friends or foes depending on what faction you choose to play on.
Jedi ConsularJedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy. Jedi Consulars always seek to grow their knowledge.
Mirialans have been a part of the Jedi Order for many generations. Luminara Unduli, a Miralan Jedi seen in the movies, is considered one of the sources of inspiration for the Jedi Consular origin story and combat styles.
TrooperTroopers are the embodiment of the Republic military’s highest aspirations – the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy.
Mirialans make up much of the troops of the Republic Military. It's not uncommon to see a Mirialan soldier. Soon after you create your trooper, you will join the elite Havoc Squad, and meet Wraith, a Mirialan infiltration and assassination specialist.
SmugglerAbove all else, Smugglers make their own destinies. Smugglers require fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster.
Smugglers are beholden to no traditions, and it would not be surprising to see a Mirialan smuggler. The most famous smuggler in Old republic history, Hylo Visz who broke the Mandalorian blockade, was a Mirialan.
Sith WarriorAn unstoppable force of darkness, the Sith Warrior is entrusted with the task of destroying the Empire’s enemies and enforcing Sith domination across the galaxy.While it is uncommon to see an alien in the ranks of the Sith, a prominent Sith named Darth Malgus has seized the opportunity to create a new Empire, one that embraces alien cultures and is strengthened by diversity.
Sith InquisitorDark secrets are the lifeblood of the Sith Inquisitor. The Inquisitor experiments with forbidden powers in order to excel and seize authority.The Sith Inquisitor starts off as a slave in the story, and aliens being oppressed by the Empire is a common theme in the universe. While it is uncommon to see an alien in the ranks of the Sith, a prominent Sith named Darth Malgus has seized the opportunity to create a new Empire, one that embraces alien cultures and is strengthened by diversity.
Bounty HunterIt’s never a question if a Bounty Hunter will find you… only when. Both infamous and anonymous at the same time, Bounty Hunters are far more than mercenaries for hire.Bounty Hunters carve their own paths, and it would not be surprising to see a Mirialan Bounty Hunter, and you'll meet a Mirialan hunter during the Great Hunt as part of the Bounty hunter story line.
Imperial AgentImperial Agents must master the arts of infiltration, seduction and assassination to carry out the most dangerous and sensitive Imperial assignments.While it is uncommon to see an alien in the ranks of Imperial Intelligence, the Minister of Intelligence recognizes the need to take advantage of 'an alien mind'. A prominent Sith named Darth Malgus has seized the opportunity to create a new Empire, one that embraces alien cultures and is strengthened by diversity.

Mirialan Colors

Mirialans can be found in different shades of green.

As Mirialan fall to the dark side, they have the option to turn on Dark Side Corruption, where they begin to lose pigment in their skin and their eyes turn yellow then orange.

Although Mirialans are deeply spiritual and lean towards becoming Jedi, they are not immune to the pull of the dark side of the Force.

Mirialan Tattoos

Personal achievements are recorded on each individual’s body with geometric tattoos. The shapes and locations of the tattoos denote different actions in the life of the Mirialan, and upon death the markings are used to determine the cultural worth of the individual and their contributions to furthering the Mirialan as a whole.

These additional tattoo markings are not available by default – they are part of a cosmetics set you can purchase after you have created your character.


A full lexicon of Mirialan tattoos and their various meanings would be extensive beyond the imagining of other species, and even most Mirialans cannot memorize the entirety of the tattoo lexicon. Part of the reason of this is the subtle interactions between the placement and positioning of different geometric shapes. A slight variation in spacing or placement on an individual’s face can drastically change the meaning of a tattoo set. While this ensures the Mirialans can portray the entirety of their life histories on their faces, it also means very few non-Mirialans can decipher the markings.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

Here are some more patterns seen in various Star Wars media for Mirialan tattoos. Many players like to create their own designs for their personal characters – although the option in-game are limited to what’s available in the Character Creator, you are free to imagine what your own Mirialan’s tattoos look like and mean. You can find many drawings of players’ custom Miralans on line for inspiration and ideas.

There’s also a bunch of nice patterns that are from the official Journey to Batuu pack for The Sims 4 you can take inspiration from.


Because Mirialans are so open about their personal histories, their society holds an inherent level of stratification. Those who have enjoyed past successes are automatically recognized and lauded for their success, and trusted with greater opportunities. In contrast, an individual who has made poor choices early in life is less likely to receive opportunities for redemption. After all, anyone who meets an individual can immediately recognize the Mirialan’s past transgressions. Many who have made poor choices feel constrained to paths that limit them to an unfortunate ultimate outcome. However, for many, their faith in fate can provide the motivation to transform their lives. Some believe that their mistakes serve as learning experiences for later challenges.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

Mirialan Naming

You can choose any name you want for your Mirialan character, you do not have to try and follow any type of conventions, as Mirialans have spread far and wide across the galaxy, with some being given a traditional Mirialan name, while others have been given a name traditional to their home planet, and other take on a code name or nick name.

Unlike many other species in Star Wars, Mirialans do not seem to have any canon naming rules or suggestions. The biggest examples we have of Mirialan names are Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee – both longer names with multiple syllables, and minimal sharp sounds. In contrast, the most famous Old Republic era Mirialan is Hylo Visz, whose name is not at all similar to the two Jedi above! Other Mirialans, like Wraith, choose to take a code name.

Mirialan Name Examples

This a large listed of names of existing Mirialans in Star Wars to give you some ideas of how to name your own Mirialan.

  • Ady Sun’Zee
  • Aleyna Hark
  • Anaya Raynshi
  • Andria
  • Ardray
  • Arwen Cohl
  • Attros Finn
  • Aven
  • Baasen Ray
  • Barriss Offee
  • Belandi Feearr
  • Benes
  • Chan Dash
  • Cheroth
  • Cyslin Myr
  • Dagra Van
  • Danurorus
  • Deera Ulyette
  • Djal
  • Dreho Dreho
  • Emim’Ai
  • Eskel
  • Eustacia Okka
  • Eva Kaayz
  • Figlia
  • Foobba
  • Fuz’een
  • Galena Rans
  • Garla Seyn
  • Gel Marcolf
  • Giana Kayl
  • Gorv Mespit
  • Gundo
  • Halacia
  • Hasslo
  • Hellencha
  • Hylo Sortuli
  • Hylo Visz
  • Ilic Nadab
  • Ilyenno
  • Iopiane Ratle
  • Jai
  • Jana Lorso
  • Jari Orez
  • Jin Kalosi
  • Jor Aerith
  • Jujuin
  • Ka’hadith Jinwa’a
  • Kaiza
  • Kalor
  • Keo Venzee
  • Kiral
  • Kixiaralu
  • Kromo
  • Landai
  • Leeka Pali
  • Luminara Unduli
  • Lylee Anaraku
  • Mai
  • Maize Raynshi
  • Mama Scope
  • Medeen
  • Medliuna
  • Menerus
  • Merven Getter
  • Metzar
  • Mira
  • Nadai Pawaro
  • Nayva Isoder
  • Nimi
  • Omana Tragg
  • Orus
  • Paran Sin
  • Raysi Anib
  • Reeva Demesne
  • Renn Cahol
  • Ri Farrona
  • Sallius Wen
  • Sashana
  • Senessa
  • Shakfa Flufm
  • Shariss Kartur
  • Sidn-ee
  • Sin’Dar
  • Sixess
  • Somminick Timmns
  • Soussho
  • Sunnari Khall
  • Synara San
  • Techno-Shaman
  • Teela Kaarz
  • Thendys Noori
  • Till-ee
  • Tiona Madee
  • Tre Nareves
  • Tseyla
  • Unkorsa
  • Ushanna
  • Vernestra Rwoh
  • Voralla
  • Warad Kaalt
  • Wraith
  • Xandyk
  • Yalla
  • Zai-Uram
  • Zanler
  • Zeven
  • Zora

Mirialan Name Generator

If you want, you can use a generator to generate a name for your Mirialan. Generators follow a set of rules to try and put together a name for you.

I was unable to find any generator that created names similar Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee, but the Fantasy Name Generator creator chose this as their set of rules for Mirialan names: “From what I could find, Mirialan seem to have short names, often only one or two syllables long and easy to pronounce. They also tend to sound quite friendly.”

Here is a list of some names created by the Fantasy Name Generator.

  • Shiwe
  • Yohpi
  • Rugu
  • Kenb
  • Qolash
  • Omewp
  • Wozu
  • Vab
  • Hazi
  • Lizla
  • Mizi
  • Yeziu
  • Orihyu
  • Cogtu
  • Zuka
  • Chake
  • Arediu
  • Sew
  • Caqei
  • Vospsha
  • Nibie
  • Chovi
  • Moliu
  • Flahu
  • Okirsh
  • Herheo
  • Buy
  • Ibece
  • Iatma
  • Qetq

Notable Mirialans

Notable Mirialans in the Old Republic include…

Hylo ViszSmuggler
Somminick TimmnsJedi Master
Zai-UramJedi Master

Famous Star Wars Mirialans include…

Luminara UnduliJedi Master
Barriss OffeeJedi Padawan
Keo VenzeePilot
Seventh SisterInquisitor
Vernestra RwohJedi
Synara SanPirate
Cyslin MyrJedi Master to Mace Windu
Belandi FeearrForce Healer

Mirialan Lore

While they are easily recognizable as the “green” species, Mirialan lore and culture is rich with meaning and history.


Mirialans are a near-human species from the planet Mirial. Their culture is characterized by a deep-seated faith and respect for an individual’s destiny. Mirialans undergo ritual tattooing to represent the ways that they have overcome the obstacles that fate placed before them.

– The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia


A species of near-humans native to Mirial, a cold desert planet just off the Hydian Way between Yavin and Almania. Mirialans were religious and adhered to a primitive understanding of the Force. They believed each individual’s actions contributed to his or her destiny, and they placed unique tattoos on their faces and hands to signify their completion of specific tests and tasks. As they matured, their tattoos naturally increased in number, allowing other Mirialans to quickly know what role they would play in the culture.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook


Mirialans are physiologically extremely similar to humans. Their most obvious departure from human norms is in their skin tone, which ranges in color from green to a paler yellow-green. Hair color tends toward blacks and browns, while eye color can encompass human tones in addition to yellow, orange, and red. They are generally regarded as capable martial artists, as Mirialans are typically both faster and more agile than humans.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook


Mirial is located near the Hydian Way, not far from the Corporate Sector. The world is both dry and cold, which has forced the Mirialans to go to great lengths just to survive its challenges.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook


Mirialan is the native tongue of Mirial, though most Mirialans also learn Basic during childhood.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

Perception of the Force

Mirialan religion is based upon their limited understanding of the Cosmic Force, which they identify as fate. Even those incapable of directly interacting with the Force have faith in fate’s presence and recognize that it is a guiding force in their lives. Because of this, Mirialans hold a deep-seated respect for Force practitioners. Before the Clone Wars, there was always at least one Mirialan Jedi in residence at the Jedi Temple.

– Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

Republic Ties

Native to the arid, cold planet of Mirial, the Mirialans are renowned across the galaxy for their strong connection to the Force and deeply held spirituality. Their beliefs are centered on the concept that actions taken by an individual Mirialan ripple through the Force and affect the destiny of their species.

To show their contributions to society, and to symbolize their cultural worth, many Mirialans record their achievements on their bodies in the form of geometric-shaped tattoos.

When the Sith Empire first returned at the start of the Great War, the Mirialan homeworld became a safe haven for many refugees from the Outer Rim.

Seeing the plight of the refugees and fearing that Mirial could become another Sith conquest, many Mirialans enlisted with the Republic military while others sought to hone their Force-sensitivity within the Jedi Order.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Republic Military

The Republic is a heterogeneous organization made up of species from across the galaxy, and its military reflects that diversity. Humans remain the most common species among fresh recruits and battle-scarred veterans like. Zabrak soliders – often transferring from resistance cells on Imperial-controlled colony worlds – are also common. Even the usually spiriatual and pensive Mirialans boast an impressive enlistment rate.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Edge in Negotiations

Charm is a fundamental skill for smugglers. It helps to have a face people think they can trust – or at least one that can sell a cargo hold of substandard blasters to trigger-happy freedom fighters. Many successful freelance entrepreneurs are humans, cyborgs or near-human species such as Twi’leks, Zabraks and Mirialans, as their facial expressions give them an edge in negotiations. This may also explain why certain smugglers seem to have a romantic fling awaiting them in every spaceport.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia


Like any member of the Jedi Order, Consulars can hail from any planet and Force-sensitive species in the galaxy. Though most Consulars are humans, Zabraks, and Twi’leks, Mirialans are also frequently drawn to this path as continuation of their cultural reverence for the Force. Miraluka also choose to follow the Consular’s path thanks to their natural attunement and reliance on the Force.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Luminara Unduli, Jedi Master

Master Luminara Unduli was a Mirialan Jedi, a native of the cold, desert world of Mirial just off the Hydian Way between Yavin and Almania. Like other Jedi, Luminara left her homeworld to live at the Jedi Temple when she was still a toddler. She maintained her native culture as taught to her by her master, who was also from Mirial. For several hundred years, the Jedi Temple always had at least one Mirialan Jedi in residence, each training the next in the Jedi arts and in the history and culture of their homeworld.

The Mirialan have a rich culture with religious beliefs based on a primitive understanding of the unifying Force. They believe that each action an individual takes contributes to her destiny—a rough translation of the Jedi theory that every action affects events in the future and was itself affected by events in the past. For the Mirialan, none of these actions is trivial. They encom-

pass a long and specific list, all of which involve tests of skill and, more importantly, of character. In a real way, these tests contribute to a person’s future by demon- strating what that person is capable of doing. So that every- one might know every other person’s importance to future events, the Mirialan tattoo themselves with patterns on their faces and hands, and sometimes, on their arms, legs, feet, and shoulders. The specific patterns tell every Mirialan what tests other Mirialan have undertaken success- fully, and therefore what general part they will take in the future of Mirial.

Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, have unique and specific tattoos that indicate fate (or rather, the Force) singled them out for great destinies. Being both Mirialan and Jedi, they trusted that the Force would show then their paths when the time was right. Luminara’s tattoos included her lower lip and chin, as well as the knuckle joints of each hand. The effect was somewhat startling in contrast with her fruitwood-colored skin and bright blue eyes.

– Power of the Jedi Sourcebook

A Mirialan from Mirial, Luminara Unduli had an exotic mien marked by widely spaced, large blue eyes, a fruitwood complexion, and patterned tattoos denoting her dedication to physical disciplines.

– StarWars.com archived databank

Barriss Offee, Jedi Padawan

Padawan Barriss Offee was an impulsive and enthusiastic twenty-year-old woman apprenticed to her fellow Mirialan, Master Luminara. Though much of Master Luminara’s personality rubbed off on Barriss, the young apprentice was overconfident, sometimes even a bit reckless, in her attempts to satisfy her curiosity. Several times during a mission on the world of Ansion, Barriss allowed herself to be distracted and separated from Luminara. Each time she found herself straying too far, Barriss called upon the Force to either set her free or provide guidance. Though the young woman’s self-sufficiency impressed Luminara, the Master also hoped that Barriss would refrain from taking foolish risks and trusting the Force to keep her safe.

Like Luminara, Barriss Offee wore the distinctive ritual tattoos of the Mirialan people. She visited Mirial once, when she was just beginning her Padawan training. She had the same fruitwood-colored skin tone and piercing blue eyes of her Master, but her tattoos ran across her cheeks, the bridge of her nose, and the backs of her hands. As with Master Luminara, the patterns elaborated on her destiny and spoke of her character—at least to other Mirialan—but her tattoos were not as detailed as Luminara’s. Barriss knew that she would acquire more as she grew older, but she was slightly concerned that she might be the last of the Mirialan Jedi. No Force-sensitive Mirialan children had been discovered in quite some time, and Barriss was already close to undertak- ing her tests to become a Jedi Knight. Master Luminara told her it was the Force’s way of pointing out that she was still too young and impulsive to teach someone else how to grow up. In any case, Barriss Offee reminded herself that the Force would reveal her destiny in time, and nothing she could do would hurry it along.

– Power of the Jedi Sourcebook

Meeting Luminara

She was perhaps one of the most exotic women Obi-Wan had ever seen. Her eyes were oblique and widely spaced,
with large blue irises that seemed to favor her upper lids. Her nose was broad and flat, and her skin was the color of

“Obi-Wan, I want you to meet Master Luminara Unduli.”

“Master Jinn,” the woman said, taken by surprise, and inclining her head in a bow of respect.

Qui-Gon returned the gesture. “Luminara, this is Obi-Wan Kenobi, my Padawan.” She bowed her head to Obi-Wan,
as well. Her face was triangular in shape, and the lower portion was tattooed in small diamond shapes that formed a
vertical stripe from her lush, blue-black lower lip to the tip of her round chin. The backs of her hands also bore
tattoos, atop each knuckle joint.

– Cloak of Deception, 2001 novel

Freedom Fighter

“Luminara, Obi-Wan and I have had a recent encounter with someone who bears markings similar to yours.”

“Arwen Cohl,” Luminara said before Qui-Gon could go on. She smiled faintly. “Had I grown up on my homeworld and not in the Temple, I’m certain I would have heard tales of Arwen Cohl throughout my youth.” She met Qui-Gon’s curious gaze. “He was a freedom fighter, a hero to our people during a war fought with a neighboring world. He was a great warrior, and he made many sacrifices. But soon after our people won their freedom, he was accused of being a conspirator by the very people on whose side he had fought.

That was their way of assuring that Cohl would not be elevated to the position of authority our people wished him to assume. He spent many years in prison, subjected to cruel punishments and harsh conditions, and those further hardened a man who already had been hardened by war.

“When he left those conditions–whichenough he escaped that awful place, with the help of some of his former confederates–he avenged himself on those who did him wrong, and he swore that he would have nothing more to do with the world that he had fought so hard to liberate.

“He became a mercenary, boasting openly that he would never make the mistakes he had once made. That he now understood the nature of the cosmos, and would always be one step ahead of those who would seek to bring him down, capture him, or in any way thwart him.” Qui-Gon inhaled through his nose. “Did he bear any special grudge against the Trade Federation?” Luminara shook her head. “No more than anyone else in my home system. The Trade Federation brought us into the Republic, though they did so at the expense of my world’s resources.

“In the beginning, Arwen Cohl would hire himself out only to those whose cause he felt was justified. But over time–no doubt because of the blood he shed–he became nothing more than a pirate and a contract killer. He was said never to have betrayed a friend or an ally.” She paused for a moment, then added, “It is regrettable that history will remember the criminal Cohl rather than the exemplary Cohl. I was sad to hear that he had perished at Dorvalla.” When Qui-Gon didn’t respond, Luminara asked, “Did he not?” Qui-Gon appeared preoccupied. “For now, I’ll grant that he vanished at Dorvalla.” Luminara nodded uncertainly.

“Whether Cohl is dead or alive, the matter is in the hands of the Judicial Department, is it not?” Again, Qui-Gon took a moment to respond.

“All that is certain is that Cohl’s destiny is in hands other than mine.”

– Cloak of Deception, 2001 novel

Tectonic Rift

A tectonic rift on Mirial has uncovered an old underground city rife with untold wealth. A companion could see what can be salvaged. While investigating the lost city on Mirial, Your Companion uncovered a secret cache of alien relics!

– Star Wars: The Old Republic crafting mission Tectonic Rift

The centuries old wreckage of the Splendor–a missing Mirialan luxury cruiser–has been located in the lava fields of Promencious Four. Tell your companion to bring back anything useful that might have survived the crash.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic crafting mission Cold Case, Hot Prospect


My good friend. Allow an old man some sentiment, and join me for a reminiscence. Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Cipher Twelve–one of the finest agents I’ve ever worked with.

Cipher Twelve was one of the old guard, from before the war. He cultivated allies on the fringes. By the time he received his Mandalorian brands, he’d also become verbally abusive in private–but he never cracked on the job. Always had a smile. I was technical advisor on several of his assignments, and we shared a taste in Mirialan cuisine.

Doctor Lokin – Granted–some drink or womanize, and some ritualize their behaviors. I’ve seen every coping mechanism imaginable. Eventually the odds caught up with him, and a Hapani royal assassin punctured his lungs.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic companion conversation with Dr Lokin

The Sixth Line

Three Jedi waited with Surro on the overlook. Garault, her second in command, was tall and broad shouldered. An angry scar marred his chin — a present from the Imps. Landai, a Mirialan, paced behind them, arms crossed. Her short red hair was plastered to her forehead from the heat. Farther back, a Twi’lek named Onok sat quietly, his eyes closed in meditation. All four had traded their traditional robes for heavy combat gear.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic The Sixth Line short story

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