Fitted Armor and Ancient Armaments in SWTOR

News Date: March 12, 2024 Patch: 7.4.1 News Source

After Update 7.4.1, many players have been asking me what “Fitted Armor” is. I don’t have a great explanation but I’ll do my best!

SWTORISTA REQUEST: If you are on Star forge, and want to help me collect the Fitted Armors over time, send them by mail to REPUBLIC character named “Quicktravel“. Feel free to request 1000 credits per piece COD to cover fees.

What are Fitted Armors?

When the developers updated the GTN, one of the negative side effects was that many armors dropped randomly from enemies would no longer be available to buy or sell on the GTN, making them even harder to get than they were before. Many of them will look like other similar sets in the game, but might have a slightly different color or pattern, or may originally be from a strange source like retired crafting schematics.

UPDATE: To make up for the missing outfits, the developers re-introduced them in the form of “Fitted Armor” – outfits with new names, but old looks, which could be gotten as random drops from enemies, and then traded, sold on the GTN, or sold to a vendor for 100 credits.  They are Bind to Legacy on Equip, which means that before you equip them or use them in the outfitter you can buy/sell them on the GTN, trade them, or send them in the mail. After you equip them, they become legacy-bound, so you can store them in your cargo hold or legacy bank, or send them to your other characters to store.

There’s over 2,000 “new” Fitted armor pieces made up of old, mostly-retired looks.

Fitted Ithorian Layered Tunic MK-B – an item I don’t have listed on my armors site because there was no sure-fire way to get it.. but these types of armors might become more available now via the GTN.

Update 7.4.1b Fitted Armor Fixes!

  • Fitted Armors and Weapons for World Drops and Ancient Armaments are now Bind to Legacy on Equip and have a Vendor Value of 100 credits to allow sale on the GTN and Vendors.
  • Reduced the drop rates of new items in the “Grade 11 Treasure Hunting Lockbox” significantly to better align with previous drop rates.
  • Fixed an issue preventing server transfer for some characters with previously opened lootboxes.

Why was I getting so many Fitted Armors? Why couldn’t I sell them before?

Unfortunately, there were two major bugs that happened when they launched:

  • New Fitted equipment is a bit over-represented in world drops and treasure hunting boxes are affected as a result. We’ll be altering the drops a bit to bring the original drops from worlds closer to how they were before.
  • The new Fitted equipment is not listable in the GTN. This is not intended.

Will you be posting screenshots of the new Fitted armors, Swtorista?

With over 2,000 completely random pieces, no official list, and no guaranteed way to get them, I don’t think there will be an easy way to track down what’s available unfortunately!

I was looking forward to these armors coming back – but I was hoping they’d be in a slightly more organized way, and either be available in collections or be legacy-bound so they’re easier to store and collect, and come from more specific sources (ex specific Flashpoints, planets, heroics, etc). I’m not sure I’m interested in cataloging over 2,000 random pieces LOL. We’ll see how things look when they become properly sellable on the GTN.

Fitted Armor List

There seems to be individual pieces that drop from enemies and Treasure Hunting lockboxes, as well as full sets that come from the login rewards. All the armor pieces and armor sets start with the word ‘Fitted’. They are all Binds on Equip. I’ve put together more info about the list of items on another page – Fitted Armors and Weapons Full List Guide. 

Fitted Armors and Weapons Full List

Developer Posts

Ancient Armaments Added To Daily Login Rewards

  • Ancient Armaments contain various armor appearances including ones that were difficult to be acquired and could not previously be traded.
  • These armor pieces do not contain stats or mod slots and are intended solely for Outfitter.
  • These armor pieces do have dye slots and can be traded and bought / sold on the GTN.
  • The armor pieces that are available inside of Ancient Armaments will also available as random world drops

The Systems Designer then added this info,

Hello folks!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and give you some more info about these since we haven’t released all of the details.

What are these exactly?

So these Armors and Weapons are new versions of existing ones that had randomized stats and that there was no other way to acquire their appearance in the game aside from existing world drops. These were no longer available to trade on the Galactic Trade Network due to the backend changes, but there are others that may not have been tradeable at all. There are a lot of them! Hundreds of weapons and over 2000 armor pieces. The sheer amount is why we didn’t post a detailed list.

Ancient Armaments Login Reward Calendar

This reward calendar will operate very similar to our 3 existing reward calendars, complete with Achievements and various items available on the track. This has been added to the rotation of login calendars so it might not show up right away. The big change to this one is it will include a chance to get some of these new versions of previous appearances. There will be a Weapons Pack and an Armors Pack on the calendar, the weapon pack will give you a Fitted Weapon from the list of new Weapons. The Armor Pack will give you one complete set of one of these armor sets. The packs will be legacy bound but the contents will be Bind on Equip!

World Drops

Many of these have been difficult to acquire due to requiring specific levels or planets or various other rules. These new ones can drop in any world drop. World drops will be single pieces of armor or a weapon. You can still get the normal randomized stat world drops, these drop in addition to them! However, because we’re adding all of these new items to the normal drop pool, they have no vendor value, so if you want credits for them you’ll need to do some trading. If you don’t want to bother with all of that, you can always destroy them (though they will not disassemble).


In both cases of the packs as well as the world drops higher quality items will be rarer. Premium is the most common, followed by Prototype, and then Artifact. Because they can drop at any level they should appear a bit more frequently than many of our other armor world drops.


These items will not be in collections. They will however be Bind on Equip! This means they can be traded or sold on the GTN. A big part of why I wanted to get these into the game was to make up for the random stat appearance items no longer being tradeable on the GTN due to our backend changes.

I hope that answers many of your questions but if you have anything that I wasn’t able to answer with regards to these new items feel free to ask!

May the Force Serve You