THE BATTLE OF ALDERAAN RE-ENACTMENT – Swtorista Star Wars Day Event! Saturday May 4, 2024 at 8 AM – 12 noon Pacific

News Date: May 4, 2024

Hello everyone! Let’s play together on “Star Wars” day, May 4th! Special Saturday stream!

  • DATE: Saturday May 4, 2024
  • TIME: Starts 8 AM Pacific, main events for 4 hours (strict end time)
  • WHERE: watch on
  • WHAT: SWTOR fan event
  • PARTICIPATE IN-GAME: In-game on the Star Forge server (check activity for faction and level requirements). If you are free-to-play make sure to make a Twitch account so you can communicate there if you can’t communicate in-game yet if you are low-level.
  • PARTICIPATE WATCHING: Chat, watch, and enter the giveaways on the livestream link in chat. You need to be in-game for the Recreation, but not for the other giveaways.


  • Time: Roughly 8:30 AM Pacific, after the news
  • What: Cool fashion / photo shoot
  • Both REPUBLIC and IMPERIAL side, Star Forge Server, Level 15+ must have your ship
  • DRESS/OUTFIT: Please dress to match your faction for combat (ex sith in combat robes, troopers in trooper armor, etc.). Please make it into an OUTFIT in the Outfitter Tab so you can change your gear underneath.
  • Location: SECRET. We will teleport you to the location day-of. Listen to chat/livestream for instructions on how to join and be teleported to the location. Part 1 will have a max of 62 people (stronghold). Part 2 will be unlimited.
  • Prizes: In-game attendees will receive a random Cartel item from my stash.

Happen to have a flare gun from the old special edition of the game? Bring it along!