How to Solo Master Mode Red Reaper in Stealth in SWTOR

Soloing Master Mode Red Reaper on a Stealth character is one of the fastest ways to earn level-75 gear or earn credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Red Reaper is a flashpoint meant to be played by 4 players in a group, but even in it’s most difficult version, Master Mode, a skilled player can run throug the entire thing alone very quickly and get themselves approximately 20 pieces of gear, or a fully-geared character can earn about 4.5 million credits per hour running the Flashpoint and dissassembling the gear. In this video, we’ll be going over how to solo this flashpoint on a level 75 stealth character for fun and for profit.

Class Choice

First off, you’ll want to pick your class. The two stealth options you have to choose from are the Jedi Consular Shadow republic side and the Sith Inquisitor Assassin imperial side, or the Smuggler Scoundrel republic side and the Imperial Agent Operative imperial side. You will most likely want to choose one of the DPS options instead of tanking or healing, as it should be the quickest and most viable option. While I’ve been assured you can do this on a tank or healer, I wasn’t able to complete the final fight on my Shadow tank while I was able to on my Concealment Operative.


While each of the fights has different mechanics you’ll need to learn, you’l also need to prepare your character to take on the this difficult challenge before you enter. Here’s the checklist of things I went through before starting:

1. Have a level 50 influence companion. You can boost their influence with gifts or a a Compendium from the Strongholds section for the fleet for 3 Dark Projects plus 4.25 million credits which will auto-boost them to 50.

2. Gear up as much as you can. I went in with 300 level gear, but if you are skilled you can go in with as low as the default 268 you get from doing the Onslaught expansion. The first two bosses are also way easier than the last so you can get piles of gear just by doing them alone.

3. Get everything on your quickbars. You’ll want all your class abilities on there, as well as Heroic Moment, Unity, high level medpac, and Critical adrenal. You’ll want to keybind as much as you feel comfortable with, especially movement abilities like Force Speed or your roll, and absolutely keybind your interrupt. For your class abilities, I like to sort them so my main attack abilities are at the top, my defensive abilities are grouped together, and my movement and utility abilities are grouped together.

4. Lastly KNOW YOUR CLASS. You can go to for a list of all the class guides I know of. You want to be familiar with what your defensive abilities are and what they do, what your rotation or priority system is, what your buffs do, and how your main rotation or priority abilities interact with eachother.

How to Start

To start the Flashpoint, go to the missions departures elevator of the fleet, which is on the left imperial side and on the right republic side. Then look for the red reaper terminal.

To get to the first boss, start off in stealth and run all the way to the elevator. On the way, you’ll be pulled in to combat, so just use your combat stealth ability once you reach the elevator in the back.

If you happen to have Archaeology 250 or higher, before the elevator room, on the left, there’s a room that has a crate with an artifact in it that will reduce incoming damage. There’s another similar item after the second boss, on the left side of the two droids guarding the elevator.

For the rest of the Flashpoint, you’ll be able to simply stealth between bosses with no troubles, just make sure not to use Force Speed or your rolling ability while in stealth, but you can use Rocket boost just fine. You also don’t have to avoid the enemies while in stealth – just don’t travel directly on top of them or linger around them.

During the boss fights, make sure to use: a stim before you start, your class buff when you die, your heroic moment, your unity healing ability if you have it, your medpacs, your adrenals, your defensive abilities and your movement abilities.

Boss 1 – Lord Kherus

The first boss is Lord Kherus, the red-skinned Sith with prisoners kneeling on the ground. This is the easiest of the three fights and there’s only one mechanic you need to watch for. When he jumps to the center of the room near the kneeling prisoners, you will need to interrupt him as he casts. Skilled players set their companion to damage for this fight to breeze through it.

Boss 2 – Sv-3 Eradicator Droid

The second boss is the Sv-3 Eradicator droid on the command bridge surround by six red and blue pillars. When the boss does his laser beam attack, it will be bolstered by the amount of pillars that are the same color. If all pillars are the same color, a single blast will almost kill you. You can change the pillar color by clicking on the base of the pillars. The droid will reset the pillars throughout the fight, there’s a small audio cue when it happens. When he blasts, you can choose to… set the pillars to half one color and half the other color to mitigate the damage, or just click one pillar and use a defensive cooldown. If you are on a concealment operative or scrapper scoundrel, you can actually roll during the last second of the laser beam cast to avoid the damage completely. If you are on a shadow or assassin, you can put points in to the Emersion utility which will allow you to not be slowed during the fight when you use Force Speed to make it easier to click the pillars. If you are good with the pillars or rolling out of the laser beams, you may be able to set your companion to damage instead of healing for this fight. The rest of the fight make sure to put your back facing the ship wall as the droid does frequent knockbacks. All the stealth classes have a nice ability that lets them teleport back to the boss from far away, so make good use of this when moving around or if you get knocked back.

Boss 3 – Darth Ikoral

The final boss, Darth Ikoral, in the big red room, is difficult, due to his mechanics and his enrage. At about 5 minutes in to the fight, he will enrage, and will very likely kill your companion and then you shortly after that happens, so it’s important to squeeze in as much damage as possible before that happens, by maximizing your character’s damage output and doing the mechanics as perfectly as possible to not waste precious seconds.

The fight will start with him in the center of the room. You have two options to start the fight – you can fight him near where he starts, just pulling him backwards some close to the ramp so he doesn’t knock your companion off in to the abyss, or start the fight from the back of the room and drag him around the pillar back there. Many players recommend bringing him to the back, because if you are lucky, it will help you avoid one of the annoying mechanics of the fight called Zealots as they will spawn near the front of the room and may not see you at all. Personally I had more luck in the standard front of the room. During the first part of the fight, you will just be attacking him, to try and make him reach 80% health. This is a very good time to use heroic moment at the immediate start of the fight, as if you are slow at DPS it might be available again at the very end during his enrage. At 80% health, the next phase will start. Darth Ikoral will make two scantily clad sith ladies appear, one on either side of the room. Darth Ikoral will start shooting lightning from his hands at either you or your companion. Your goal is to instead get one of these ladies caught in the lightning. In the normal 4-person flashpoint, you would have your entire group run to the side of the room and hide behind the lady, so the lightning hits her instead. However when playing solo, you’ll need to control your companion by setting them to passive, which will force them to follow you. To position your companion, run all the way through the lady, so you are a bit of a ways past her. This will usually get your companion behind the lady, instead of accidentally just standing in front of her. Once you get in position, you need to wait for two things to happen: One – Darth Ikoral needs to be shooting lightning. and Two – the lady needs to be casting. When both are true, and you are 100% sure you and your companion are all the way behind her, interrupt the lady. Wait a moment to make sure it worked – if it did, she will start shaking around. If it did not work and she goes back to casting, you will need to wait for your interrupt and try again. Once you complete the first lady, you will run to the other side of the room with your passive companion and do the exact same thing for the second lady. Here’s the part where it gets obnoxious. Darth Ikoral may or may not spawn another enemy called the Zealot. The Zealot usually spawns near the front of the room. She will cast an ability that roots you to the floor, not allow you to move, which will prevent you from properly attacking her, getting to the ladies, or getting to the boss. You’ll want to take care of the Zealot as soon as possible. The first thing you can do is click her then click your companion’s “attack” ability, which takes them off passive and insutrcts them to damage the target. You can also then try and teleport and attack her. Lastly, if you are 10 meteres or less away from her, you can interrupt her which will allow you to run up and attack her. If you don’t move through this whole phase quickly, Darth Ikoral will just keep spawning more and more Zealots, so you’ll want to defeat the Zealot quickly and go behind your two ladies as fast as possible. Once you manage that, you’ll rush back to the boss, and try and damage him down to 60% as fast as you can. At 60%, he’ll start the next phase, and glowing red orbs will appear around the room. The more of these you collect, the less damage you take, up to a max of 4. I was able to collect about three with just enough time to teleport back, if you are dying lots maybe get a fourth, if you are not dying collect less. He will then start attacking both you and your companion, flipping back and fourth quickly. This is the part of the fight that I kept dying at – he kept attacking and killing my companion. Although you can’t prevent him from attacking your companion, you can do your best to keep your own health up and use your defensive abilities so that your companion can use its healing powers to keep itself alive. If you can manage to survive this phase, at 40% he’ll go do the thing with the lightning ladies again, and at 20% he’ll do a final round with the red orbs. If you’re a less skilled player, at this point, he might hit his five minute enrage, and practically one-shot you or your companion. If this is happening, it means you need to find a way to up your damage. In my case, I needed to do the mechanics with the ladies better to waste less time, and really focus on my DPS abilities and how they play off of eachother.

If you’ve gone all the way through, and just can’t do it, don’t forget there are other things you can check out that are similar too. Veteran Mode Red Reaper is very similar, and though it drops less valuable gear, it still drops some and is good practice. I also had a lot better luck soloing Master Mode Hammer Station on my tank, whereas I wasn’t able to Red Reaper on that character.

Edit: If you are curious about how I got the credits value for the run, here’s my breakdown I wrote for another player:

I ran it about 4 times myself and asked lots of other players what their experiences were while running since I was streaming. Players were reporting in at clocking in at 7-15 minutes per run, and although I was very slow, I definitely think you could get it to under ten minutes per run.
So each time I ran I got approximately 20 pieces of gear per run (gold gear if I had 306). This seemed pretty stable. While I don’t have %, other players said they’ve had the experience of getting about “1 ember per run / per full box of disintegrated gold gear”. On my server the embers are pretty stable at 500,000 credits or more. So that’s 6 runs per hour, 500k each, 3 mill in embers. If you get unlucky with that, you also get 2 boxes full of extra 10ish pieces of gear from the master mode weekly that I didn’t even include in my estimate to make up for luck. I’ve heard these are much lower on other servers though ex 300k on Darth Malgus.
I got approximately 10 isotope thingies per boss. So 30 per fp, and 6 fp per hour, and they are pretty stable at 15,000 credits on Star Forge server. so another 2,700,000 credits.