SWTOR Augments Guide

Augments are a way of adding additional stats to your armor in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are available to low level players, but aren’t really worth it, and are more recommended for level 75 players who are working on the hardest content in the game including Ranked PvP and Master Mode operations. Players who are not working on those two extremely difficult types of content really don’t need augments, however they can still increase your character’s stats and give you a boost in combat. In this video, we’ll be going over the different types of augments, how to augment your gear, and a basic over view of the cost-benefits of the different levels and tiers of augments available in the game.

How to Get Augments

Unlike most other gear in the game, the main, and often only, way to obtain augments is through crafting – so you can either craft them yourself, have a friend craft, or buy them from another player who has crafted them on the GTN, the player run market. Augment schematics come from a variety of places, but the most recent set of augments come directly from the crew skills trainer, and other come from reverse-engineering that schematic from the trainer. You do not need to find the schematics on the GTN, in flashpoints, or through any other type of content in the game.


How to Augment Your Gear

To Augment your gear you need two things – an augment, and an augment kit.

While there are many different types of augments, all augments require an augment kit of the correct level before you can place the augment into your armor piece. The most recent type of augment kit is called the Augment Kit MK-11, and if you plan to augment every piece of your character’s gear, you will need a total of 14 of these, as you can augment every piece except your Tactical item. Augment kits are not re-useable, so make sure to place them on a piece of gear you plan to continue using – for example, you’ll probably want to wait until you have your set-bonus gear pieces and moddable main hand and off hand before you augment them, and make sure you have your stats at level 75 figured out before you augment your other pieces like your relics, implants and earpiece which should be at item-rating 306. As mentioned, there are augments and augment kits for low level players, but they are not necessary at all for low-level content, but if you plan to augment something like your level 60 gear if you are free-to-play, you’ll want to follow similar rules like make sure your armor pieces are moddable and make sure your earpiece, implant and relics are ones you plan to hold on to for a while so their augmentation wasn’t a waste of credits.

To add an augment kit to your gear, right-click the piece of gear in your inventory or equipment panel. Then right-click the augment kit from your inventory. This will add an augment slot to your armor piece. To place an augment into the slot, next right-click the augment from your inventory.

Although augment kits disappear once you use them, augments themselves can be taken out of your gear by right-clicking them in the mods panel, so you can swap them out easily. Once an augment is used once however, you will no longer be able to sell it on the GTN, so try not to buy then use the wrong ones or you’ll be stuck with them.

Which Augment Stats are Best?

There are many different types of augments, and each kind has a difference balance of stats. Players often ask, “Which type of augment is best?” but there is no 100% correct answer – instead you should be building your augment set based on your current armor’s stats, with the goal of reaching specific overall stat numbers combined throughout all your gear. For example, if you need more alacrity, but you already have a ton in your boots and gloves, you don’t need to buy alacrity augments too. On the flip side, if your armor doesn’t have any alacrity, you can supplement it through your augments. Augments are great for fine-tuning certain stats like alacrity and accuracy as augments give you a smaller stat boost than your pieces of armor do – so for example if you only need 100 or so more points of Alacrity to meet your goals, adding an alacrity augment is a great choice.

In general,

  • If you are a damage character, you focus on meeting an accuracy goal, then an alacrity threshold that speeds up your abilities, and lastly dump the rest of your stats into Crit.
  • If you are a healer, you focus on an alacrity threshold that speeds up your abilities, and lastly dump the rest of your stats into Crit, ignoring accuracy.
  • If you are a tank, you focus on absorption and shield.

In addition to this, figuring out your stats if you are planning to do more difficult Operations is even more complicated, as even if you are level 75, almost all operations will temporarily lower your level down to level 70, and this includes giving some of your stat a “cap” so that they can not go higher than a certain amount even if you have the best augments in the game. A quick rule of thumb is that in level 70 operations, you have LIIMMITTTEDDD PPPOOOOWWWEERRRR! but you can have unlimited crit – but in the level 75 operations, your power stats goes back to normal and is a bit more nuanced.

To figure out exactly how much you are shooting for when it comes to your stats depending on your class, here are some fantastic guides by player Merlyn that are my go-to for figuring out my stats.

Which Augments are best?

In addition to different types of augments, there are different tiers of augments – they all have similar patterns when it come to their stats, but allow you to add a few more points to your overall gear stats the higher up you go. The downside is that the best augments in the game are incredibly expensive with minimal return on value compared to the less expensive ones, so it will be up to you to decide your budget.

One great set of advice is that “some” augments are a TON better than “no augments”. So you can get a great boost just by buying the cheapest high-level augments in this guide. My suggestion for the cheapest augments with the best stats for your credits are the blue-bordered augments that are for level 73 and up, they are item-rating 286 and have the number “73” in their name – for example Alacrity Augment 73. On my server, at the time of making this video, they run for about 200,000 credits each, so you could easily afford a full set just by running two hours worth of heroics. The coolest part is you may be able to craft these for yourself without too much hassle as the schematic comes straight from the crew skill trainer at crafting level 680, with Armormech, Armstech, and Synthweaving each getting their own augments to craft.

The best augments in the game are the gold-bordered Superior 77 Augments with an item-rating of 300. These offer the best stats for augments in the game, but come with an incredible price tag  in the high millions each. For example, at the time of making this video, the Superior Alacrity Augment 77 was priced at 621 million on my server, which is pretty insane. This is because the materials required to craft these rare augments are very scarce and difficult to get. Each augment requires 7 of the OEM-37 crafting material that only comes from Master Mode Operations, 14 of the RPM-13 crafting material that only comes from Ranked PvP, and a small pile of other rare crafting materials on top of those special ones. Only the top 1% of the playerbase should even really consider getting these, and if you had some credits to splurge and want to have a step up from the blue-bordered augments I mentioned, I suggest checking out the intermediate step of the purple-bordered 74 augments, like the Advanced Alacrity Augment 74.

New Superior 77 Augments in SWTOR Guide

In terms of cost and highest stat boost, here are the recent augments in the game.

IconItemLvlItem-ratingExample StatsSourceCost on GTN*
Augments 4565+220Alacrity Augment 45590 crafting level, Schematic from Crafting Trainer: No rare materials required100,000, great inexpensive choice!
Advanced Augments 4568+228Advanced Alacrity Augment 45590 crafting level, Schematic from Reverse-engineering the blue Augments 45 from trainer, No rare materials required150,000, gives you a little bit more stats than the one above
Advanced Augments 4670+230Advanced Alacrity Augment 46Not crafted, instead an uncommon drop from the A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint (Copero Flashpoint), I did not see any drop in story / solo mode, but did in Veteran mode from the last boss.700,000, expensive because rare not because amazing
Superior Augments 4670+238Superior Alacrity Augment 46600 crafting level, Schematic from Crafting Trainer: Encrypted Memory Core x1, Charged Matter Transubstantiator x2, slicing materials9 million, expensive to craft and not a lot of demand so not really worth it, funny enough I think the on above is technically better for most things
Superior Augments 4870+242Superior Alacrity Augment 48Crafted but the schematic is an uncommon drop from The Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint (Nathema / Traitor Flashpoint), I had three schematics drop in solo / story mode in the same run. Schematic can be bought and sold on GTN. Requires 600 crafting level and these materials: Encrypted Memory Core x3, Charged Matter Transubstantiator x4, slicing materials14 million, expensive because rare not because good, the SCHEMATICS are very cheap though! Under one million. Same strange scenario as the gold augment above, the earlier augments are technically better for most things.
Augments 7373+276Alacrity Augment 73680 crafting level, Schematic from Crafting Trainer: Processed Isotope Stabilizer x10, Blue Crafted Component x2, Blue Crafted Component x2200,000, GREAT choice and the best stats for the price!!
Advanced Augments 7475286Advanced Alacrity Augment 74700 crafting level, 10% Reverse Engineer chance from the blue Augment 73: Processed Isotope Stabilizer x10, Solid Resource Matrix x5, Legendary Ember x5, Purple Crafted Component x5, Purple Crafted Component x323 million, gives you a little boost compared to the one above
Superior Augments 7775300Superior Alacrity Augment 77700 crafting level, Schematic from Crafting Trainer: Processed Isotope Stabilizer x5, Solid Resource Matrix x5, Legendary Ember x5, OEM-37 x7, RPM-13 x14, Purple Crafted Component x5, Purple Crafted Component x3621 million, a pretty decent boost but these are ridiculously expensive and only the top 1% of the player base should worry about them at all. Technically the best augments in the game available.

Pssttt… this is actually the end of the guide. The rest of the information is supplementary for players who really want to dig in to augments, or need the exact names of the augments they are looking to buy! – Swtorista

Augments List

This is a full list of all the augments available in the game for high-level characters. Roll your mouse over the augment to see its stats.

Absorb Augment 45220Absorb655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Accuracy Augment 45220Accuracy655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Alacrity Augment 45220Alacrity655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Critical Augment 45220Critical655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Fortitude Augment 45220Endurance655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Overkill Augment 45220Power655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Redoubt Augment 45220Defense655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Shield Augment 45220Shield655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Versatile Augment 45220Mastery655.0.0Crafting Trainer
Advanced Absorb Augment 45228Absorb685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Accuracy Augment 45228Accuracy685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Alacrity Augment 45228Alacrity685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Critical Augment 45228Critical685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Fortitude Augment 45228Endurance685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Overkill Augment 45228Power685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Redoubt Augment 45228Defense685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Shield Augment 45228Shield685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Versatile Augment 45228Mastery685.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Absorb Augment 46230Absorb705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Advanced Accuracy Augment 46230Accuracy705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Advanced Alacrity Augment 46230Alacrity705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Advanced Critical Augment 46230Critical705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Advanced Redoubt Augment 46230Defense705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Advanced Shield Augment 46230Shield705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Advanced Versatile Augment 46230Mastery705.6.0Traitor Among the Chiss
Superior Absorb Augment 46238Absorb705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Accuracy Augment 46238Accuracy705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Alacrity Augment 46238Alacrity705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Critical Augment 46238Critical705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Redoubt Augment 46238Defense705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Shield Augment 46238Shield705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Versatile Augment 46238Mastery705.6.0Crafting Trainer
Superior Absorb Augment 48242Absorb705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Superior Accuracy Augment 48242Accuracy705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Superior Alacrity Augment 48242Alacrity705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Superior Critical Augment 48242Critical705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Superior Redoubt Augment 48242Defense705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Superior Shield Augment 48242Shield705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Superior Versatile Augment 48242Mastery705.9.0Nathema Schematic
Absorb Augment 73276Absorb736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Accuracy Augment 73276Accuracy736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Alacrity Augment 73276Alacrity736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Critical Augment 73276Critical736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Redoubt Augment 73276Defense736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Shield Augment 73276Shield736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Versatile Augment 73276Mastery736.0.0Crafting Trainer
Advanced Absorb Augment 74286Absorb756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Accuracy Augment 74286Accuracy756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Alacrity Augment 74286Alacrity756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Critical Augment 74286Critical756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Redoubt Augment 74286Defense756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Shield Augment 74286Shield756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Advanced Versatile Augment 74286Mastery756.0.0Reverse Engineer
Superior Versatile Augment 77300Mastery756.1.4Crafting Trainer
Superior Absorb Augment 77300Absorb756.1.4Crafting Trainer
Superior Accuracy Augment 77300Accuracy756.1.4Crafting Trainer
Superior Alacrity Augment 77300Alacrity756.1.4Crafting Trainer
Superior Critical Augment 77300Critical756.1.4Crafting Trainer
Superior Redoubt Augment 77300Defense756.1.4Crafting Trainer
Superior Shield Augment 77300Shield756.1.4Crafting Trainer

Crafted Augments

A majority of augments are obtained through crafting. Some schematics come directly from the crew skill trainer while others must first be reverse-engineered. Roll your mouse over the craftable augment to see its stats, schematic and crafting materials required.

Schem.ItemCrew SkillCraftingAdded
Absorb Augment 45Armormech5905.0.0
Accuracy Augment 45Armstech5905.0.0
Alacrity Augment 45Synthweaving5905.0.0
Critical Augment 45Synthweaving5905.0.0
Fortitude Augment 45Armstech5905.0.0
Overkill Augment 45Armstech5905.0.0
Redoubt Augment 45Synthweaving5905.0.0
Shield Augment 45Armormech5905.0.0
Versatile Augment 45Armormech5905.0.0
Advanced Absorb Augment 45Armormech5905.0.0
Advanced Accuracy Augment 45Armstech5905.0.0
Advanced Alacrity Augment 45Synthweaving5905.0.0
Advanced Critical Augment 45Synthweaving5905.0.0
Advanced Fortitude Augment 45Armstech5905.0.0
Advanced Overkill Augment 45Armstech5905.0.0
Advanced Redoubt Augment 45Synthweaving5905.0.0
Advanced Shield Augment 45Armormech5905.0.0
Advanced Versatile Augment 45Armormech5905.0.0
Superior Absorb Augment 46Armormech6005.6.0
Superior Accuracy Augment 46Armstech6005.6.0
Superior Alacrity Augment 46Armormech6005.6.0
Superior Critical Augment 46Synthweaving6005.6.0
Superior Redoubt Augment 46Synthweaving6005.6.0
Superior Shield Augment 46Armstech6005.6.0
Superior Versatile Augment 46Armstech6005.6.0
Superior Absorb Augment 48Armormech6005.9.0
Superior Accuracy Augment 48Armstech6005.9.0
Superior Alacrity Augment 48Armormech6005.9.0
Superior Critical Augment 48Synthweaving6005.9.0
Superior Redoubt Augment 48Synthweaving6005.9.0
Superior Shield Augment 48Armstech6005.9.0
Superior Versatile Augment 48Armstech6005.9.0
Absorb Augment 73Armormech6806.0.0a
Accuracy Augment 73Armstech6806.0.0a
Alacrity Augment 73Armormech6806.0.0a
Critical Augment 73Synthweaving6806.0.0a
Redoubt Augment 73Synthweaving6806.0.0a
Shield Augment 73Armstech6806.0.0a
Versatile Augment 73Armstech6806.0.0a
Augmentation Kit MK-11Armormech6906.0.0a
Augmentation Kit MK-11Armstech6906.0.0a
Augmentation Kit MK-11Synthweaving6906.0.0a
Advanced Absorb Augment 74Armormech7006.0.0a
Advanced Accuracy Augment 74Armstech7006.0.0a
Advanced Alacrity Augment 74Armormech7006.0.0a
Advanced Critical Augment 74Synthweaving7006.0.0a
Advanced Redoubt Augment 74Synthweaving7006.0.0a
Advanced Shield Augment 74Armstech7006.0.0a
Advanced Versatile Augment 74Armstech7006.0.0a
Superior Absorb Augment 77Armormech7006.1.4
Superior Accuracy Augment 77Armstech7006.1.4
Superior Alacrity Augment 77Armormech7006.1.4
Superior Critical Augment 77Synthweaving7006.1.4
Superior Redoubt Augment 77Synthweaving7006.1.4
Superior Shield Augment 77Armstech7006.1.4
Superior Versatile Augment 77Armstech7006.1.4

Rare Augment Crafting Materials

These are some of the materials you may find in the schematics for crafting augments.

IconMaterial NameSkillGradeTypeNotes
Exotic Isotope Stabilizer material, from Patch 4.0.0Exotic Isotope StabilizerContentLevel 65Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 1 Exotic Crafting Material - Level 65 crafting, used in almost every crafting schematic.
  • Jawa Junk: x10 Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts (blue)
Dark Matter Catalyst material, from Patch 4.0.0Dark Matter CatalystContentLevel 65Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 1 Exotic Crafting Material - Level 65 crafting, but only for earpieces, implants, relics and modifications, and the Crystal of Nightmare Fury, which gives a buff in Master mode operations.
  • Jawa Junk: x8 Scrap: Jawa Junk (purple)
Strategic Resource Matrix material, from Patch 4.0.0Strategic Resource MatrixContentLevel 65Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 1 Exotic Crafting Material - Level 65 crafting, including some really cool armor sets that are available to be reverse-engineered even by level 75 players.
  • Jawa Junk: x8 Scrap: Jawa Junk (purple)
Ancient Tome material, from Patch 5.10.0Ancient TomeContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Level 70 top-tier crafting, can be bought from a vendor on Ossus for 100,000 Credits and 65 Relics of Ossus. All items crafted with these, with the exception of level 70 modifications, can also be bought directly from the Masterwork Vendor on Ossus, costing 27,500 credits and Champion status with Ossus Reputation.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
Refined Isotope Stabilizer material, from Patch 5.0.0Refined Isotope StabilizerContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 2 Exotic Crafting Material - Used in almost all level 70 crafting.
  • Jawa Junk: x12 Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts (blue)
Charged Matter Transubstantiator material, from Patch 5.6.0Charged Matter TransubstantiatorContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Grade 10 Crafting Material - Level 70 top-tier crafting for creating Masterwork items. All items crafted with these, with the exception of level 70 modifications and augments, can also be bought directly from the Masterwork Vendor on Ossus, costing 27,500 credits and Champion status with Ossus Reputation. Augments are the only relevant thing at 75, Superior Augment 46, are a good cheap alternative to level 75 augments.
  • Jawa Junk: x200 Scrap: Jawa Junk (purple)
Encrypted Memory Core material, from Patch 5.6.0Encrypted Memory CoreContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Grade 10 Crafting Material - Level 70 top-tier crafting for creating augments. Can drop from Guild Conquest reward Augment Components Lockboxes for lvl 10-70 characters if you choose the box instead of an Encryption.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
Iokath Recombinator material, from Patch 5.2.0Iokath RecombinatorContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Grade 10 Crafting Material - Required for crafting Dark Projects, this mostly-retired material can be bought from the vendor located near the Umbara flashpoint entrance on Odessan for 350,000 credits each.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
Superior Resource Matrix material, from Patch 5.0.0Superior Resource MatrixContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 2 Exotic Crafting Material
  • Jawa Junk: x10 Scrap: Jawa Junk (purple)
Void Matter Catalyst material, from Patch 5.0.0Void Matter CatalystContentLevel 70Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 2 Exotic Crafting Material - Level 70 crafting for modifications only. These seem very hard to get these days - seem to drop from some Veteran Mode and Master Mode operations like Ravagers.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
Processed Isotope Stabilizer material, from Patch 6.0.0Processed Isotope StabilizerContentLevel 75Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 3 Exotic Crafting Material - Abbreviated to Isos, this material comes from quite a few sources but mainly from Flashpoints and Operations. The more difficult Story / Veteran / Master mode, the more you will get. Used in almost all level 75 crafting.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
Solid Resource Matrix material, from Patch 6.0.0Solid Resource MatrixContentLevel 75Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 3 Exotic Crafting Material - Abbreviated to SRM, this material is mainly earned through Conquest. Used for crafting higher-end level 75 purple and gold-bordered equipment, modifications and augments. They were unavailable in the game for a while but returned in update 7.0.2 to the Jawa Vendor.
  • Jawa Junk: x30 Scrap: Jawa Junk (purple)
CM-1337 material, from Patch 6.1.4CM-1337ContentLevel 75Rare Material
  • Info: Grade 11 Legendary Combined Material - Combination of an OEM-37 and RPM-13, to craft the best (and very expensive) augments at level 75 available in the game
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
Legendary Ember material, from Patch 6.0.0Legendary EmberContentLevel 75Rare Material
  • Info: Legendary Component - Used to craft the second-best augments in the game and item-rating 300-306 mods and equipment. Legendary Embers, which have a small chance to drop from rich crafting missions, and a high chance to drop from the special one-time wealthy crafting missions from datapads for any gathering skill. They also have a chance of dropping when you deconstructing item-rating 300+ gear and grade 11 slicing lockboxes. They can also drop from Ranked PvP reward boxes. Embers can be bought from the Spoils of War vendor on the fleet for 3,000 Tech Fragments each.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
OEM-37 material, from Patch 6.1.4OEM-37ContentLevel 75Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 3 Exotic Crafting Material - Drops from Master Mode Operations. Very expensive crafting material used to craft the best level 75 augments in the game. Players with 10,000 Tech Fragments can trade them in for an OEM-37 or RPM-13 in the Supplies section of the Fleet in a quest from a very small datapad at level 75.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available
RPM-13 material, from Patch 6.1.4RPM-13ContentLevel 75Rare Material
  • Info: Tier 3 Exotic Crafting Material - Drops from the Weekly Group Ranked Warzone Lockbox. Very expensive crafting material used to craft the best level 75 augments in the game. Players with 10,000 Tech Fragments can trade them in for an OEM-37 or RPM-13 in the Supplies section of the Fleet in a quest from a very small datapad at level 75.
  • Jawa Junk: Not available

Best Augments in the Game

A new tier of Legendary quality Augments at Item Rating 300 have been added to Star wars: The Old Republic, making them the new best augments available in the game. The augments will be extremely expensive if you choose to buy them from other players, and they require materials that can only be earned through both Ranked PvP and Operations. Most players will likely skip these augments as they will be prohibitively expensive, or require a lot of time and effort in the most difficult parts of the game to obtain. In this video we’ll be going over how to craft these new augments and where their materials come from.

Why is there a new set of augments?

There are three reasons new augments were added to the game – the first is to give players working on the most difficult operations a way to boost their progress by obtaining the new augments, and the second is to give players who are already geared up a profitable reason to go back in to Master Mode operations, and lastly, to encourage players to jump in to Ranked PvP to gain the expensive materials as a reward.

The developers released this info when they were first teasing the new augments:

  • For a little background, we try to strike a balance between the right time to introduce new power to chase into the game and respecting your time invested in getting to the current maximum level of gear. We also want to refresh interest in our prestige modes by adding a very clear incentive while we work on the next batch of new content.
  • We have a few goals here. First, in PvE, it has been several months since Dxun Master Mode released. Top-end guilds have cleared the content and achieved the timed run achievements. Guilds still progressing in Dxun could use a slight boost to help get over the hill of that next boss, and a slight power bump should help. We don’t want progression to stagnate, and we would also like to make it worth people’s time to farm older Master Modes in order to gear up the next batch of recruits for the most current content.
  • In PvP, we want to continue to foster more high quality matches in Ranked, especially Group Ranked. So far this year we’ve boosted rewards to that end, but haven’t seen as much movement there as we would like. So, in addition to boosting conquest rewards for Ranked (as indicated in David’s post), we are introducing an additional exclusive reward which is required to build the new augments. [Source]

How do you craft the new augments?

To craft a single augment, you will need in total:

  • x7 of item OEM-37, a material earned through Master Mode Operations, can also be bought and sold on the GTN
  • x14 of item RPM-13, a material earned through Ranked PvP, can also be bought and sold on the GTN
  • x5 of item Legendary Ember, a material earned mostly through deconstructing item rating 300 gear or better (gold border)
  • x5 of item Processed Isotope Stabilizer, a material mostly from group Flashpoints and Operations
  • x5 of item Solid Resource Matrix earned through Conquest
  • x5 of a Grade 11 Component for the crew skill which will be crafting the augment
  • x3 of the other Grade 11 Component for the crew skill which will be crafting the augment

First you must craft, have crafted for you, or buy the CM-1337, which can be crafted by all Cybertechs who have a crafting level of 700, the schematic comes directly from the trainer. This CM-1337 item is made up of the 7 OEM items, and 14 of the RPM items, and 5 Legendary Embers. Then you can take that CM-1337 item and combine it with the Processed Isotope Stabilizers, the Solid Resource Matrixes, and the crafted components to get your augment, using the crafting skill that lines up with the augment you want to make. The schematics for these new augments come directly from the crew skill trainer. So Cybertechs craft the CM-1337 component, Armstech crafts the Accuracy and Shield and Versatile augments, Synthweaving crafts Critical and Redoubt augments, and Armormech crafts the Absorb and Alacrity augments, and Artifice and Biochem can’t craft anything to do with augments.

If you feel the crafting materials costs are high, they were actually reduced from 15 OEMs and 25 RPMs per augment based on player feedback before they were released!


This new crafting material OEM-37 only drops from Master Mode operations, the most difficult type of group content in the game. It drops as a Need/Greed/Pass drop, so all players have a chance to roll on this material as long as the loot rules are not set to Master Looter.

  • Most bosses drop 1 OEM in 8-person, 2 in 16-person
  • Final bosses drop 3 OEMs in 8-person and 6 in 16-person
  • Dxun bosses will drop 2 OEMs in 8-person and 4 in 16-person
  • Apex Vanguard in Dxun, the hardest operation, will drop 6 OEMs in 8-person and 12 in 16-person


This new crafting material RPM-13 only drops from Ranked PvP quests, the competitive version of Player-vs-player content. The different daily and weekly ranked quests have different percentage chances to drop an RPM. One important thing to note is that completing the dailies and weeklies require Ranked wins, not just participation.

  • 50% chance in weekly group ranked box
    • 5 on Weekly Group Ranked Quest
  • 10% chance in daily group ranked box
    • 1 on Daily Group Ranked Quest
  • 25% chance in weekly solo ranked box
    • 0 in Weekly Solo Ranked Quest
  • 5% chance in daily solo ranked box
    • 0 in Daily Solo Ranked Quest



Superior Accuracy Augment 77




Superior Shield Augment 77



Superior Versatile Augment 77




Superior Critical Augment 77




Superior Redoubt Augment 77




Superior Absorb Augment 77




Superior Alacrity Augment 77