Hammer Station (Flashpoint) – Story Guide

Hammer station is a flashpoint for both Republic and Imperial players, set after you leave your capitol planet.

LORE - Darth Malgus

Summary: Darth Malgus is a controversial Sith Lord, and commander of the Imperial Expeditionary Fleet.

Darth Malgus is a famed and somewhat controversial Sith Lord veteran of the Great Galactic War and currently the head of the Imperial Expeditionary Fleet. Born Veradun in the years prior to the Empire’s return to the wider galaxy and distinguished himself during the Great Galactic War, where he fought alongside his twi’lek slave and lover Daru. He was present at the Sith’s triumphant return to their homeworld of Korriban and fought in the legendary Battle of Alderaan, duelling future Grand Master of the Jedi Order Satele Shan on both occasions.

His crowning achievement came when he oversaw the Imperial sacking of Coruscant 10 years ago, personally leading the attack that destroyed the Jedi Temple. Like many Sith, he believed the Empire would press its advantage and destroy the Republic and was dissapointed that it merely parlayed the attack into political advantage to sign the Treaty of Coruscant. This as well as the absense of the Sith Empire who continues to persue obscure designs in isolation, have lead him to believe that the Empire lacks strong leadership.

More recently, Malgus has distinguished himself as commander of the Imperial Expeditionary Fllet, projecting the Empire’s power and influence into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. In this role he has encountered many alien cultures and developed an appreciation for diversity that is unusual among the Sith. He believes that citizenship should be based on ability, not species, and that alien strength can benefit the Empire.

LORE - Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan

Summary: Satele Shan is a famous veteran of the Great Galactic War and the current Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

A descendent of the legendary Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, Satele Shan had much to live up to when she joined the Jedi Order. She and her master were present at the Sith’s return to Korriban at the start of the Great Galactic War 38 years ago, where she duelled the future Darth Malgus along with her Master, Kao Cen Darach, who was killed in the battle. As a Jedi Knight, she became a well-known war hero, leading Republic forces into many victorious battles and duelling Malgus a second time during the Battle of Alderaan, where she liberated the Republic defenders.

After the sacking of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by Imperial forces 10 years ago, she followed the call of the force and rediscovered the ancient Jedi homeworld of Tython, where the Order have presently relocated. Due to this and her other accomplishments, she was made Grand Master of the Jedi Order. As the fragile Republic – Sith peace begins to crumble, she works to protect the innocents of the galaxy, often co-ordinating with the Republic Emergency Response Corps.

LORE - The Advozse Hegemony

Summary: The Advozse Hegemony is a violent and expansionist splinter faction of the Advozse species.

The Advozse Hegemony is a xenophobic and expansionist splinter faction of the Advozse species that maintains a warrior tradition. They are led by a Supreme Warmaste, with lesser Warmasters serving in command positions. Violent and skilled fighters bent on conquest, their recent emergence at the controls of Hammer Station concerns everyone.

The Advozsec themselves are distinguished by the single black horn at the crowd of their heads, squashed looking facial features and large black eyes. Their homeworld of Riflor is highly geologically unstable. Nothing built there lasts for long, and as a result the Advozse as a people have little attachment to material goods or long-term plans and have developed a pessimistic and selfish outlook prioritising financial acquisition. Money, afterall, can allow one to rebuild as many times as one wants.

Intro Flashpoint: Hammer Station | FLASHPOINT (Empire)

Summary: You are summoned by Darth Malgus to join an Imperial Strike Team. An alien race, the Advozse, have aquired a powerful Republic battlestation and are attacking the Imperial border. You must infiltrate the station and destroy it, after finding out how they aquired it.

You encounter an astromech droid, N4-01 in one of three possible locations; on Dromund Kaas at the Wall, on Balmorra at the Gorinth Imperial Outpost, or on Vaiken Spacedock in the Crew Skills Area. N4-01 plays a message recorded by Darth Malgus 146 minutes ago to all available Imperial forces and contractors.

In it, he informs you that the alien Advozse hegemony has established a mobile battlestation named Hammer Station that threatens Imperial borders and he invites you to join the strike team now assembling on Vaiken Spacedock to be briefed further. If you encounter N4-01 on Dromund Kaas or Balmorra, it will be standing near a shuttle for direct travel to the spacedock.

At Vaiken Spacedock, you contact Darth Malgus on a secure channel. He explains that during the Great Galactic War decades ago, the Republic developed a prototype armored fortress cored out of a large asteroid and codenamed ‘Hammer Station’. It’s primary weapon is a gravity cannon designed to fire asteroids at planets. The Republic Senate ordered Hammer Station decommissioned before it was used, fearing that it would cause indiscriminate damage.

Somehow it survived its supposed destruction and has recently been acquired by the Advozse Hegemony, a militant alien sect bent on xenophobic expansionism. The Hegemony has staffed it with a crew of ten thousand and has begun conquering unaligned systems near the Imperial border, evidently believing that the Empire’s peace with the Republic indicates a conciliatory attitude towards aggression.

Your job is to prove them wrong by destroying Hammer Station, with a secondary objective of discovering how they obtained it. Malgus notes that the Advozse, a powerful and tech-savy warrior culture, could be powerful Imperial allies once they have been taught a lesson.

Intro Flashpoint: Hammer Station | FLASHPOINT (Republic)

Summary: You are summoned by Grandmaster Satele Shan to join a Republic Strike Team. An alien race, the Advozse, have aquired a powerful Republic battlestation, thought destroyed, and are using it to conquer entire star systems. You are to board the station covertly, find out how they aquired it, and destroy it, this time for good.

You encounter an astromech droid, J8R-1 in one of three possible locations; on Coruscant by the Senate Tower taxi, at Waypoint Station Aurek on Taris, or on Carrick Station in the Crew Skills Section. J8R-1 introduces itself as Jayterr. Jayterr admits that gossip is one of its hobbies and remarks that you are an interesting organic with many complimentary rumours about you circulating. It plays you a recorded message from Grand Master Satele Shan of the Jedi Order, who is working in conjunction with the Republic’s Emergency Response Corps.

The message goes out to anyone with prior experience dealing with extreme threats. Your help is urgently needed on the Outer Rim for a strike mission that is assembling at Carrick Station. Clearly Master Shan is unwilling to reveal too much over an open channel, but J8R-1 has heard rumours of an invading battle station threatening planets. Before you leave, Jayterr expresses hope you will return and share stories about your exciting mission afterwards. If you encounter Jayterr on Coruscant or Taris, it will be standing next to a shuttle for direct travel to Carrick Station.

At Carrick Station, you contact Satele Shan on the Republic Emergency Response Corps secure holofrequency “Polaris”. During the Great Galactic War the Republic turned a large asteroid into a mobile battle station codenamed ‘Hammer Station’. It’s primary feature was an enormous gravity cannon with which it can bombard planets with asteroids launched at near lightspeed for maximum devastation. The weapon was destroyed before it was ever deployed on the orders of the Republic senate, who determined that its destructive power was too indiscriminate.

Somehow, the Advozse Hegemony, a belligerent xenophobic faction of the alien Advozse, have obtained Hammer Station and are using it to conquer entire star systems. Millions of lives are at risk. Two hours ago, the planet Skine refused the Hegemony’s demands for tribute, only to have its capital city reduced to ashes. The station is currently in orbit of the planet Saleucami, demanding its surrender.

A direct assault would be suicide; Hammer Station is more than capable of destroying entire fleets, but a small assault shuttle could evade its defenses and land a single commando team. You volunteer for the job. Your goal is to overload the station’s gravity cannon to destroy it. Your secondary objective is to determine how the Advozse obtained the thought-to-be-destroyed station in the first place

Hammer Station | FLASHPOINT (Both Factions)

Summary: You defeat the Advosze forces inside Hammer Station, including their Supreme Warmaster, and set the station to self-destruct.

Hammer Station has recently entered orbit of the planet Saleucami to demand its surrender. A dropship disguised as a garbage scowl delivers you to it and you land in a docking bay in the station’s expansion zone. This is an area of the asteroid that is being actively mined by the Advozse, presumably to create ammunition for the gravity gun. Almost as soon as you hand, the station computer detects your presence and primes station security against you. You progress methodically through the interior corridors and rock-hewn tunnels that comprise the station’s outer defenses. The advozse put up heavy resistance and you fight your way past a small army of warriors and battle droids (Secondary Targets | Bonus Quest (stage 1)).

You soon reach a small cavern containing a high powered drill, and those with bioanalysis can obtain detoxifying filters from nearby barrels. These allow you to walk through the toxic gas in a nearby alcove and raid a chest for loot. After possibly using the drill to tunnel through a rock wall and create a shortcut, you end up in a large roughly hewn cavern containing a colossal BOSS: DN-314 Tunneling Droid. The DN-314 is equipped with a powerful excavation laser and summons smaller detonation drones that attempt to mob you and explode, but eventually you prevail and destroy them all.

You can hear Battlelord Kreshan, the leader of the Advozse forces rally his men as you progress. Having breached the outer defenses, you leave the newly excavated expansion zone behind and enter the station’s main infrastructure. Fighting through a small army of Advozse and their entrenched defenses, you battle through the security wing to reach the station’s primary security center, possibly slicing a lift to use as a shortcut as you go.
Enroute you take a detour into a small hangar and activate a terminal (Secondary Targets | Bonus Quest (stage 2)) which summons a gigantic BONUS BOSS: Asteroid Beast to the area. The beast attacks you with its giant claws and pounds you with a powerful rampage attack before succumbing to your team (Secondary Targets | Bonus Quest (stage 3)).

As you near the Primary Security Center, Battlelord Kreshan contacts you directly to accuse you of hubris in attacking the station with a single team. The center is defended by BOSS: three champions of the Advozse homeworld of Riflor, the warrior Vorgan the Volcano who uses a jetpack and a sword in combat, Sawbones Gjonfs, who functions as a combat medic, and 2R-CH, also known as Torch, a droid with a flamethrower. After defeating all three champions, you access the security console in the room and disengage the locks that bar entry to Section Zero, the station’s control center. You also have the option of either disabling or violently overloading various power conduits on the engineering level, which may distract the Advozse forces. Overloading them will make a bigger impact but will kill many debatably innocent Advozse working on that level. The decision is yours.

Fighting your way through the corridors of Section Zero, you reach the heart of the gravity gun itself, an enormous mass accelerator cannon which is actively firing asteroids at the planet Saleucami. After destroying some turrets, you cross an energy bridge that provides a path across the chasm that serves as the weapon’s firing chamber, intermittently appearing between shots. After fighting your way through one more corridor, you arrive at a wide platform overhanging the vast firing chamber of the gravity gun. Here, BOSS: Battlelord Kreshan awaits.

Kreshan is an expert with duel blaster pistols, has a powerful knockback attack and employs proximity grenades. He periodically summons reinforcements in the shame of Advozse Columbreaker troops. After a hard fight, you prevail. His last words are of regret that he has failed the supreme Advozse warmaster. With all resistance finally eliminated, you use the nearby control console to set the station to overload and self-destruct and escape on a shuttle which sits in a nearby hangar.

Hammer Station | FLASHPOINT (Empire)

Summary: Darth Malgus thanks you and informs you that the Supreme Warmaster has offered his life in repentence. He believes the Advosze can be powerful allies. The data you recovered indicates the station was discovered by accident orbiting a white dwarf star, where, evidently the Republic had intended to destroy it.

Back on Vaiken Spacedock, you check in via comm with Darth Malgus who has seen the mission reports. The Supreme Warmaster of the Advozse Hegemony has offered his life in reparation for the misdeeds of his people and the Advozse should no-longer pose a threat. The empire is considering wiping them out completely, but Malgus would prefer to utilize their talents more productively.

He informs you that Imperial Intelligence has decrypted the station’s data and uncovered a report sent by an Advozse Captain Jarr, who reveals that it was located in close orbit around a white dwarf. Evidently the Republic intended to destroy it in the star and failed.

Malgus believes there is a lesson to be learned in the fact that it was Republic incompetence, not malice, that resulted in the Advozsec’s rise to power. When the next war comes, so long as Imperial strength remains true, the Republic is doomed. The Empire will publicise the whole debacle to embarrass the Republic, and Malgus frees you to return to your duties with his compliments and the knowledge that you may be called upon again.

Hammer Station | FLASHPOINT (Republic)

Summary: Satele Shan thanks you on behalf of Saleucami and other conquered worlds. Apparantly the Republic were sloppy in their attempt to destroy Hammer Station years ago and left it drifting in space for the Advozsec to find. The senate will decide if the incident should be hushed up.

Back on Carrick Station, you check in via comm with Grand Master Satele Shan. Grand Master Shan sends you the gratitude of Saleucami and the other conquered worlds. Relief ships are already en route with food and medicine and the Advozse have retreated to their home system. She rejects any retaliatory strikes, believing there has been enough killing and that the Advozsec have learned their lesson.

Data recovered from the station indicates that the Republic set the station on a collision course with the photosphere of a white dwarf star via autopilot years ago, but mechanical failure caused the engines to fail short of its destination. After drifting in space for several years, it was discovered several months ago by Advozsec salvagers.

Master Shan admits that responsibility lies with the Republic. Personally she would prefer to tell the truth, but informs you that the Senate Security Committee will decide whether or not to hush the incident up. She wishes you will and thanks you for your valiant efforts.

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