Nar Shaddaa (Empire) – Quest by Quest Story Guide (Class & Planet)

Nar Shaddaa is the third or fourth planet for all Imperial players.

LORE - Nar Shaddaa

Summary: Nar Shaddaa is a neutral city-covered moon controlled by the criminal Hutt Cartel. Both the Republic and the Empire conduct clandestine operations here, hoping to gain allies and influence in the galaxy’s shadowy underworld.

Nar Shaddaa, the city-covered so-called “smuggler’s moon” orbits the Hutt homeworld of Hutta and is dangerous, unethical, wealthy, sleazy, and glamorous, depending which parts you frequent. A seedy twin to Coruscant, the lower city is dark and dangerous, while the upper city embodies wealth and decadence; presenting an endless parade of glittering neon towers and floating casinos. Behind this facade, criminal organizations thrive, rubbing shoulders with legitimate businesses drawn by a lack of regulation and ethical oversight.

The Republic, though officially disdainful of this activity, just as often turns a blind eye when these same corporations bring their innovations back to Republic space. Data slicing is a booming industry and gangsters, pirates, slavers and worse crowd the streets. The city has a notorious murder and disappearance rate.

Although the Hutt Cartel prohibit open warfare, the Empire and the Republic both conduct espionage operations here, fighting among the dank shadows and superficial glitz for influence among the Galaxies criminal elements. As they spy on and sabotaging one another’s efforts from the shadows. the ultimate goal of both sides is an exclusive alliance with the powerful Hutt cartels.

LORE - The Hutt Cartel

Summary: The Hutt Cartel is coalition of powerful neutral gangsters. The Empire and Republic both seek the Cartel’s favour, knowing the value of their space lanes and criminal contacts.

The Hutt Cartel is a lose colaition of the most powerful and wealthy Hutt clans, wealthy and influential mobsters with a vested interest in maintaining the Republic/Imperial struggle as long as possible so they can profit from it. The clans realise that in peacetime, both factions would seek to control the Hutt clans but in distrust and war, both sides curry their favour and assure them a steady profit. Officially neutral, the Hutts play a dangerous game; pitting both sides against each other while continuing to vie amongst themselves and the larger criminal underworld for a bigger slice of the pie.

In possession of vital space lanes, vast resources and entire planets, along with valuable underworld contacts, the Hutts are coverted allies. Both the Republic and Empire realise that whichever side manages to gain the Hutts exclusive support will have a powerful advantage in the inevitable conflicts to come.

LORE - The Exchange

Summary: The Exchange is an immensely powerful Outer Rim crime syndicate and the tech-savy main rival to the Hutt Cartel.

The Exchange is an immensely powerful crime syndicate with a focus on high-tech and slicing. It operates mainly on the Outer Rim and the main rival of the Hutt Cartel. Functioning as a network of different gangs co-ordinated via the holonet, the Exchange operates with less centralization than the Cartel and spends more on slicing and research than some governments. The Exchange also manages large scale spice refinement operations on Nar Shaddaa and the traction they have gained is of some concern to the Hutts.

Centuries ago, the Exchange had a more traditional power structure and was arguably the most powerful criminal organization in the galaxy, but an internal struggle over the territory of murdered boss Davik Kang destroyed much of its influence. After many years, the Exchange reinveinted itself as the technology focused, distributed syndicate it is today.

In contrast to the Hutt Cartel who wish to maintain a neutral position and pit both sides against one another, the Exchange view the Empire in particualr as an untapped resource, and the Republic an unwitting sheild against Imperial reprisals.

A Crushing Blow | PLANET Quest

Summary: You begin the process of making an example out of the Exchange Boss Ukabi, who refuses to assist the Empire.

At Mezenti Spaceport, you are scanned by the astromech droid CN-94 who connects you with Maro Vizhen, head of special ops for the Imperial Diplomatic Service. She has been gathering allies on Nar Shaddaa from among its many corporate and criminal factions, including the Hutts. However, Ukabi, the local Exchange boss has refused the Empire’s entreaties, even torturing its messengers, and so must be made an example of. She wants him and his operations destroyed in an overwhelming show of force designed to stymie future resistance to Imperial proposals. His wealth is yours to keep.

You move through the Agrilat district of the Corellian Sector, destroying Ukabi’s arms caches and chemical refineries and defeating Exchange forces as you go to eliminate his presence in the streets (Undermining Ukabi | Bonus Quest) before reporting back to Maro in a nearby safehouse belonging to the Shadow Syndicate.

LORE - Ukabi

Summary: Ukabi is a human cyborg and an extremely powerful Exchange crime boss prominant in Nar Shaddaa’s Corellian Sector.

Ukabi is a male human cyborg who runs a powerful Exchange-allied criminal organization in Nar Shaddaa’s Corellian District. His main interests are arms dealing, chemical refining and cybernetic enhancement. He maintains a private army of chemically and cyber-augmented enhanced soldiers to defend his interests and is himself a powerful warrior.

He has consistantly refused Imperial attempts to form an alliance with the Exchange, even brazenly torturing its messengers, and his interests have now become a threat to the Empire.

The Call | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You travel to Nar Shaddaa.

On the trial of the lost artifacts of Tulak Hord, you travel to the Huttese moon of Nar Shaddaa, and contact Darth Zash for further instructions.

The Prophet Arrives | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: The artifact you seek belongs to Lord Paladius, who controls a cult of Nar Shaddaa’s most disadvantaged citizens. You work with two ex-members to undermine him.

Beneath the glittering towers of Nar Shaddaa lies a dark and poverty stricken network of slums. Zash bids you use the people’s hopelessness and desperation against them as leverage as you search for Tulak Hord’s artifact.

The artifact itself is called the Eye of Tulak and currently belongs to the Sith Lord Paladius. Paladius is a cunning Sith, who has created his own cult of zealous followers among Nar Shaddaa’s disadvantaged population. Zash has contacted Destris Veran and Rylee Dray, two former cultists who are willing to work against Paladius for the promise of taking over the cult for themselves.

You travel to Lucent Square on the Promenade and enter an Old Storefront to find Paladius himself berating Destris and Rylee via holo before setting his Screaming Blade cultists on them. You defend them and repell the attack. Destris is unimpressed but Rylee warns him to show due deference.

Destris explains that the key to toppling Paladius is to gain the support of the poor and disadvantaged citizens he exploits. Paladius gained this support by taking out the most vicious gang he could find, and the same method should work for you. Destris suggests taking down the powerful Krayt gang by killing its leader, Saben.

Rylee, on the other hand, suggests a different approach. A deadly plague called ‘the Rot’ is running rampent in the slums. Anyone who cures it will be seen as a prophet and a hero. This would involve stealing the cure from Tydis Neutronics and distributing it in the Corellian Sector.

You decide which approach to take.

INQUISITOR LORE - Destris Veram and Rylee Dray

Summary: Ex-members of Paladius’s cult, both Destris and Rylee are happy to help you undermine him.

Destris and slicer Rylee make an odd team. Destris imagines himself becoming the leader of his own cult while Rylee is shy and drawn to those in power. Nevertheless, they are both united in their dissilusionment of Paladius’s empty promises; they both left his Screaming Blade cult and were almost killed by him in retaliation. Both are happy to work with you to gain protection, revenge, and perhaps power of their own.


Summary: Lord Paladius is an overweight Sith Lord who runs a powerful cult on Nar Shaddaa.

A portly pureblood Sith, Lord Paladius has never been particularly interested in galactic conquest or dark side secrets. What he does have is a charismatic ability to manipulate those beneath him. By taking out some powerful gangs on Nar Shaddaa and declaring himself a protector of the weak, he has indulged his interests in art and antiquities by creating the zealous and profitable Cult of the Screaming Blade. His followers are fed a mishmash of false empowerment and Sith philosophy, told that they are the weapon and he is the warrior that wields it.

The Enemy of My Enemey | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You travel to Nar Shaddaa and begin the hunt for your next target, a legendary assassin called the Eidolon.

In orbit of Nar Shaddaa, Crystal Markon gives you the skinny on your next target, the Eidolon. The Eidolon is a highly regarded professional assassin with a mysterious background who used to work for the Hutt Cartel. She suggests you meet with a Twi’lek named Gele’ren who has a personal grudge against the Eidolon.

Mako reminisces about her youth on the streets of Nar Shaddaa and wishes Braden and Jory were returning with her. She warns you that Gele’ren has a reputation as a ruthless scumbag slaver. She tracks him down and you find him in the Roughneck Room in Slippery Slopes Cantina, Lower Promenade.

HUNTER LORE - The Eidolon

Summary: The Eidolon is an immensely skilled and feared assassin who once worked for the Hutts before founding his own security corporation.

The elusive and mysterious Eidolon is one of the most feared hired killers in known space. A silent and lethal assassin, all that is concretely known about him is that If you are his target, he will find you, and you will die. He worked for the Hutt Cartel for more than a decade yet no-one has ever met him in person or even seen his face.

At the height of his fame, he stopped taking personal contracts and founded the powerful and top rate Eidolon Security company which provides physical and data security for Nar Shaddaa’s corporate interests. This has earned him the enmity of his former employers, the Hutt Cartel, who have seen many corporations side with Eidolon Security in lieu of paying them protection money. Eidolon Security also supplies billions of credits worth of armaments every year to the Galactic Republic.

Terminal Injuries | HEROIC Quest

Summary: A pirate named Vomba has been rescued from Imperial custody by his crew. You clean them out of the Mezanti Spaceport where they are making a final stand.

Captain Heedley hails you inside Mezenti Spaceport. He was overseeing the prisoner transfer of the Weequay pirate Voba who used to hijack Imperial cruisers and was recently caught by bounty hunters. Vomba’s crew got wind of the transfer, hacked the spaceport security droids and freed Vomba. They are now holed up inside the spaceport making a final stand. An attempt at negotiation ended up with a dead Imperial diplomat so Heedley wants you to go in and clear the place out.

You enter Mezanti Plaza and decimate Vomba’s gang (Reclaim the Spaceport | Bonus Quest). You seek out 4 security droid consoles inside rooms off of the main plaza and reactivate the sliced droids, turning them against the pirates. Finally you breach the security door to the second level security office where Vomba himself is holed up and take him out along with his cutthroat guards. As the hunters who caught him died in the firefight, Heedley rewards you with the bounty that was placed on him in the first place.

Notes: Like all Heroic quests, the ending conversation has been removed.

LORE - Corellian Sector

Summary: The Corellian sector is a paradise for pro-Republic criminals, smugglers, bounty hunters and similar ilk. The Exchange run a large operation here.

The Corellian sector comproises housig, public mercantile areas and a large warehouse district and is known as a pro-Republic criminal’s paradise. Smugglers, pirates and the like will all find a home and a place to hide here. Bounty killings, illicit activity and contraband cargo are common and generally permitted here, though support for the Empire is not.

The sector is populated mainly by Corellian-descended humans and Republic veterans, but it is controlled largely by the Exchange crime syndicate who run a massive spice-refinement operation out of the lower levels. This has led to a turf war in the streets between the Exchange and the rival Shadow Syndicate as well as attracted the scrutiny of the Hutt Cartel, who are concerned by the Exchange’s presence on Nar Shaddaa.

Seek Your Contact | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: Baras’s compromised spy on Nar Shaddaa must die but has aquired the protection of rival Sith Lord Rathari. You begin the process of drawing them out.

You travel to Nar Shaddaa and contact Darth Baras. Your goal is to eliminate his comproised spy, Agent Dellocon. Unlike Rylon, Dellocon is not willing to die at Baras’s whim and has placed himself under the protection of the Sith Lord Rathari. Rathari is young and disrespectful towards Baras, but has dominion over Sith interests on the moon. As Baras cannot allow Rathari to possess Dellocon’s secrets, he orders you to destroy them both. You are to meet with a human woman, Halidrell Setsyn who runs Baras’s slaving operations on Nar Shaddaa and co-ordinate with her to track Rathari down.

You travel to Setsyn commodoties, her front business in the Corellian Sector to find Exchange thugs threatening to muscle in on Baras’s operations. After you kill them (and possibly after exchanging some flirtatious banter), Halidrell suggests that the best way to draw our Lord Rathari is to attack his business interests and wreck his power plays. Currently he and his apprentice Girik are strongarming the Cartel for some lucrative territories. If you burst in and disrupt the meeting you are bound to get his attention.

WARRIOR LORE - Halidrell Setsyn

Summary: Halidrell Setsyn is a quick witted flirt and the able leader of Darth Baras’s slaving operations on Nar Shaddaa.

Halidrell Setsyn runs Darth Baras’s slaving operation on Nar Shaddaa. Quick witter and not averse to employing her feminine wiles, she has a tendancy to overreach but usually talks her way out of trouble. She entered Baras’s service accidentally after she tricked his last operative out of credits and slaves. Before she could escape, Baras contacted her and offered her the same job.

WARRIOR LORE - Lord Rathari

Summary: Rathari is the young and ambitious Sith Lord in charge of Sith interests on Nar Shaddaa.

Lord Rathari oversees Sith interests in Nar Shaddaa by appointment of the Dark Council. Quiet, confident, young and ambitious, he has a reputation for strength over subtlety and is effective at making territorial and other gains for the Sith among the Hutt Cartel and other criminal interests on the moon, including the Galactic Republic.

He and Darth Baras are rivals, with Rathari seeing Baras as old and overrated, and Baras seeing Rathari as a disrespectful upstart.

The Krayt Gang / Curing the Rot | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You undermine Paladius’s power base among the disadvantaged by establishing your own reputation as their defender.

You travel to the Corellian sector and persue one of two actions designed to gain support among the poor.

Option 1: [The Krayt Gang] – You rampage through Krayt gang territory and enter the Krayt Den, where you eliminate Saben’s forces and kill him.

Option 2: [Curing the Rot] – You travel through Coronet Boulevard to the Tydis Neutronics Warehouse where you destroy the defense droids (Crush the Droids | Bonus Quest) and recover the cure to the Rot from a table. You move through the Corellian Sector administering the cure to diseased citizens.

Whichever route you take, Rylee contacts you to pledge her respect for your power and allows you to flirt with her if you wish. She has founded a headquarters in the Stress House, a building named after a famous charity worked named Daegin Strell. His name is honoured among the poor and she feels it’s association with yours may help.

Economic Boom | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: The Eidolon manages a large security firm that does business with the Republic. You attack his weapons shipments to place him in debt and draw him out.

Gele’ren is intreagued at the audacity of your task. The Eidolon used to work for him and his masters in the Hutt Cartel, though no-one ever met him face to face. At the height of his fame, the Eidolon decided to open a security company. Suddenly half of Nar Shaddaa’s corporations became his clients and stopped paying the Hutt Cartel protection money.

At this point a young man, Anuli walks in and is amazed to see Mako, who he knew growing up. Anuli is one of Gele’ren’s best slicers and a great fence.

Gele’ren believes the key is to draw the Eidolon out by destroying his business. His top client is the Republic, who recieve billions of credits of munitions from Eidolon Security every year. A shipment is waiting in a manufacturing facility right now and Gele’ren and Anuli suggest you blow it up with baradium charges, putting the Eidolon in debt.

You travel through the Corellian Sector to Eidolon Armaments and take on the security force (Making Them Pay | Bonus Quest). You find and open some blast resistant crates to expose the contents (Maximum Yield | Bonus Quest) and plant the explosives on power generators 1, 2 and 3 and the central computer. Before you blow the charges, you are confronted by a scientist who begs for time to evaculate the staff. If you are incredibly evil you can refuse and kill him.

You return to Gele’ren.

HUNTER LORE - Gele'ren and Anuli

Summary: Gele’ren is a ruthless and ambitious twi’lek slaver who hopes to improve his position in the Hutt Cartel. Anuli is a childhood friend of Mako who now serves Gele’ren as an expert slicer.

Gele’ren, unlike most twi’leks unfortunate enough to live in Hutt space, has never been a slave. Perhaps because of this, he lacks any moral issue with enslaving his own kind and has been willing to do any amount of distasteful tasks on his route to becoming a successful Hutt Cartel underboss. His ultimate goal is to become the first non-Hutt boss in galactic history and his ruthlessness may carry him through.

Anuli is a young human who assists Gele’ren’s operations. He is highly skilled slicer and expert fence, but is unhappy with his miserable life on Nar Shaddaa, where he is bullied and underappreciated. He is an old friend of Mako’s, with whom he grew up on the streets.

Closing the Deal | AGENT Class Quest

Summary: The terrorists are trying to aquire a dangerous stimulant called Cyclone. You meet the brilliant Watcher X, an ex-agent who was imprisoned on Nar Shaddaa when his intelligence became a threat, and obtain a Cyclone sample.

In orbit of Nar Shaddaa, you contact Watcher Two. Nar Shaddaa is a major criminal trade hub and the Eagle’s terrorists use it to produce and distribute weapons and technology. To help you root them out she has enlisted the aid of a former intelligence operative codenamed Watcher X who used to be one of the Empire’s most capable analysts.

Eventually he absorbed so much data that he began inferring conspiracies and connections where none existed. Judged unstable he was confined to Shadow Town, the Empire’s open prison on Nar Shaddaa. This is where the Empire confines people who know too to be set free, but who may be useful to it later.

You speak with Watched X in his cell the High Profile Ward of Shadow Town. He warns you to always be vigilant and trust nothing. Like all Shadow Town inmates, he has a bomb implanted in his head that will detonate should he attempt escape.

He has discovered that the Eagle’s terrorists are attempting to acquire mass quantities of a new genetic modification serum called Cyclone. Cyclone improves speed and focus but causes long term damage to the user. He wants you to purchase a sample of the drug from a shop in the Corellian Sector for analysis. In order to pose as a Cyclone user, he offers you an optional injection that will mimic the effects of long-term genetic damage but temporarily weaken you.

Once inside the Augmentation Shop off Coronet Boulevard, you speak to the owners, Nautolans Sabaya and Ekayn Liistot. They have clearly been manipulating desperate people with tales of fighting strength.

If you took the injection, they offer to fix your bad augmentations and genetic damage for a price. You ask them who makes the Cyclone; they deal with a middleman but they direct you to the last person who bought some, an Evocii who wanted to die gloriously fighting slavers. You find her corpse near the Exchange Headquarters and take a sample of her Cyclone-loaded blood.

Alternatively, if you threaten Sabaya and Ekayn directly or you did not take Watcher X’s injection, they and their clients attack you. After defeating them, they offer you the cyclone, as well as protection money and anything else you want to leave them in peace.

Watcher X contacts you. After admiring the world done in the Augmentation Shop, he asks you to analyse the blood sample at an abandoned medical laboratory in the Duros Sector.

AGENT LORE - Shadow Town

Summary: Shadow Town is a top secret prison where the Empire keeps those prisoners it considers too valuable to kill.

Shadow Town is a top secret high security Imperial prison. Superficially it resembles an ordinary slum and its ‘citizens’ are allowed a degree of autonomy and freedom within its confines. It is designed to hold individuals whom the Sith Empire considers a liability or a threat, but too useful or important to kill. Subsequently it contains scientists with too much knowledge of secret Imperial research, assassins, the results of various genetic experiments, and even ex-intelligence agents who know too much either to be killed or released.

Although co-operative prisoners live relatively ordinary lives here, most of them would flee given the chance. They are prevented from doing so by explosive cranial implants set to detonate should they leave the borders of Shadow Town. The Hutt Cartel is well paid by the Empire to assist in the management of the complex, despite the risk of guarding prisoners considered too dangerous to be held on Imperial territory.

AGENT LORE - Watcher X

Summary: Watcher X is an immensely intelligent and dangerous former intelligence agent imprisoned on Nar Shaddaa.

The watchers of Imperial Intelligence are a special breed. The result of selective breeding, early training and sometimes genetic enhancement, they are crafted to be the perfect analysts, with a much greater capacity for absorbing and processing information than an average human. The 42 year old Watcher X was the ultimate triumph of the program, genetically altered while still in the womb as part of a joint project with the Imperial Science Bereau. His strong mental and physical abilities had already manifested by adolescence.

Watcher X joined Imperial Intelligence age 21 and was designated Minder 5, and eventually Watcher 8, positions in which he excelled. After a covert operation codenamed Undertow ended in a bloody mess he was judged unstable and dangerous, percieved as over analysing data and finding conspiracies where none existed. Fearful of his immense intellect, but unable to destroy a prize asset, the Empire retired him, changed his designation to Watcher X and imprisoned him in Shadow Town.

He feels betrayed by the Empire and should not be considered a loyal operative. His intellect is always on overdrive, compulsively analysing everything around him and preparing for the most unlikely scenarios.

LORE - The Shadow Syndicate

Summary: The Shadow Syndicate is an alliance of criminals on Nar Shaddaa.

The Shadow Syndicate is one of the many competing criminal organizations thriving on Nar Shaddaa. Its leadership consists of Godoba the Hutt, owner of the famous Club Vertica Casino, Vaarko Tiyai, a Devaronian slaver and Cho’mash of the Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance, and DX-TX, the droid leader of the DX annihilator network.

The Exchange Death Squad / The Exchange Enhancement Facility | PLANET Quest

Summary: Ukabi is taking revenge on the Empire’s criminal allies, the Shadow Syndicate. To pacify them, you choose between defending their interests or attacking Ukabi directly.

Maro is meeting via holo with the Shadow Syndicate, a cabal of powerful crime lords: Godoba the Hutt, owner of the Club Vertica Casino and five city sectors including Mezanti Spaceport; Vaarko Tyai, Cho’mesh of the Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance and a powerful slaver; and DX-TX, primary hub of the DX annihilator network, a droid crime group. The Syndicate recently entered into an alliance with the Empire, following in the footsteps of Nem’ro the Hutt.

As Ukabi’s revenge is invariably devastating and he is now preparing for war against the Empire and all of its criminal allies, they are angry at Maro for provoking him. Reports tell of stim-enhanced killers, cybernetically linked assassins and detonite droids. Offworld death squads are moving through the casinos killing customers and Syndicate slaves. Attempting to salvage the Empire’s deal with the Shadow Syndicate, you offer your support.

You know have two choices which lead to differing mission objectives: You can choose to protect the city, the civilian population and the syndicate’s business interests, or you can go on the offensive, sacrificing lives to strike at Ukabi’s chemical enhancement facilities where he augments his army.

Option 1: [The Exchange Death Squad] – You travel to the Exchange Docks in the Corellian Sector where you intercept the death squads and destroy their dropships.

Option 2: [The Exchange Enhancement Facility] – You take Coronet Boulevard to the Exchange Soldier Facility, where you defeat the enhanced soldiers inside (Slay the Enhanced Soldiers | Bonus Quest). You also destroy the incubation tanks and defeat the super soldier prototypes as they emerge.

Tearing Apart the Foe | PLANET Quest

Summary: Despite being sold out to Ukabi by a member of the Shadow Syndicate, you kill him and eliminate the Exchange threat. The Shadow Syndicate reaffirms its commitment to the Empire.

You return to the Shadow Syndicate Safehouse where Ukabi is making threats via holo. Whichever actions you took, he is unconcerned, telling you he will have your head by dawn. Godoba continues to blame Maro Vizhen for the whole debacle. She claims to have a new strategy (you can express skepticism). From captured gangsters, she has learnt of an Exchange tunnel system beneath the sector and she advocates wiping them all out by using it to attack Ukabi’s base. The Shadow Syndicate approves, though Maro and Vaarko warn you that Ukabi’s inner circle is cybernetically enhanced and equal to a dozen Mandalorian warriors.

You defeat the Exchange forces inside Ukabi’s headquarters (The Final Assault | Bonus Quest), along with Ukabi’s four lieutenants; Tanith, Xandral, Shandar and Monkabi. You shoot the door controls to access Ukabi’s private chambers only to find them empty. Contacting Maro, you find her desperate; Ukabi is there and the Exchange is attacking the Shadow Syndicate safehouse.

You return to find that Godobba the Hutt has sold you out. Ukabi boasts about his cortosis skin grafts, intravenous kolto injection system and holographic targeting array and attacks. Despire his boasts, you kill him in combat.

Godobba reveals that entire Shadow Syndicate agreed to offer Maro Vizhen to Ukabi after her incompetence brought him down upon them. They collectively offer you a reward to kill her so that a more capable contact might take her place.

You can refuse and capture Godoba for the Empire as an example for the rest of the Syndicate. In this case, Maro Vizhen thanks you for your assistance before later sending you a mail informing you that the Syndicate is being restructured into a more Imperial-friendly configuration. Vaarko Tiyai has proved highly competent at giving the Empire a negotiating advantage while the DX annihilator network has already removed multiple targets. Godoba remains in Imperial custody and she sends you a gift from Vaarko’s private reserves.

Alternatively you can take the Syndicate’s offer and kill her, in which case the syndicate re-affirm their support for the Empire, promise to crush your mutual enemies, and anticipate the return of local Exchange activities.

Let the Vendor Beware | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You recover some stolen Imperial data and discover the Republic are involved.

In the Corellian sector you meet the neutral information broker Ghost, a Neimoidian who greets you with detailed knowledge of your dealings on Nar Shaddaa. He tells you that top secret Imperial intelligence reports have entered Nar Shaddaa’s information market and are about to be sold to the highest bidder. As he receives a broker’s fee from the Empire if the data is recovered, he tells you that it was stolen by a gang called the Krayts who have set up territory nearby; not the friendliest gang, they have nonetheless pulled some amazing jobs.

You head to the marketplace inside Krayt Gang Territory and kill gang brutes, goons and slicers (Slicing Through the Krayts | Bonus Quest), and recover the missing intel reports from the Krayt slicers. You deliver them to Officer Keeling of Imperial Intelligence in his listening post in the Chemical Refinement District. After thanking you, he finds something disturbing; the stolen reports bare the marks of slicing by the Republic’s Strategic Information Service.

Notes: Story continued in ‘The Walls Have Ears’.

The Walls Have Ears | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: An Imperial officer believes his wife has given top secret plans to a Republic spy. You confront the spy and retrieve the plans.

You recovered stolen Intel reports from the Krayt Gang for Officer Keeling who runs an Imperial listening post in the Corellian sector. He has detected marks indicating that Republic slicers are responsible for the theft. Probably the Republic have a listening post nearby that they don’t want the Empire to know about. Hence, they handed the data to Krayt slicers to obscure their involvement.

Keeling discovers the coordinates of the nearby Republic listening station in the SIS signatures embedded in the sliced data and sends you root out their operation. Although they know you’re coming, you enter the station, kill everyone there (Silence in the Listening Post | Bonus Quest) and destroy the signal monitoring equipment, rendering the facility useless. Keeling intercepts final transmissions made during your attack, containing both Republic secrets and the screams of the dying. He thanks you and returns to work. He also triples Imperial ecryption algorithms to prevent future silicing.

Notes: Story continued from ‘Let the Vendor Beware’.

Eyes and Ears | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You accept a bounty from the Hutt cartel and hunt some surveillance-implanted beasts used by the Echange to spy on the Corellian Sector.

The mission terminal outside Keeling’s Listening Post offers a bounty posted by Godoba the Hutt. The beasts that run wild in the Corellian sector have been implanted with surveillance technology by Exchange boss Ukabi and are feeding valuable intel to the Hutt Cartel’s greatest rival. You hunt down the Exchange cyber-beasts in the Chemical Refinement District and remove their surveillance implants, killing their handlers along the way (Handling the Situation | Bonus Quest) before returning to the terminal at the listening post and uploading the surveillance data.

The First Casualty | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You get word that a group of Republic veterans are teaming up with the Exchange to kill you. You gatecrash the meeting, kill everyone, and steal a dossier of Exchange assassins for Imperial Intelligence.

The astromech B9-D7 gets your attention at Keeling’s Listening Post. It introduces Colonel Siturn who tells you that a Republic-aligned group of Corellian war-veterans called the Star Dogs, who smuggle weapons to the enemies of the Empire, are preparing to strike at you personally. They are currently meeting with the Exchange to sign a contract and join forces.

You travel to the Exchange Headquarters in the Corellian Sector, and enter the Corellian warehouse where the Star Dogs – Exchange meeting is taking place. You kill everyone there (Putting Down the Stardogs | Bonus Quest) while recovering an Exchange dossier naming their assassins for Colonel Siturn. He informs you that both parties blame the other for the deaths of their negotiators and that the dossier you recovered should allow the Empire to track down and eliminate up and coming exchange hit-men and enforcers.

LORE - Duros Sector

Summary: One of the poorest slums on Nar Shaddaa, the Duros Sector is a place of refuge for those fleeing the Sith Empire, and consequently a hotbed of anti-Imperial sentiment.

The Duros sector comprises a majority of Duros and a mixed minority of displaced Evocii and other species. A mixture of recent immigrants desperate for work and residents who have lived here for generations, one thing the people of this sector have in common is a history of exploitation and poverty.

As Nar Shaddaa’s wealth has grown to fabulous hights under the Hutts liberal attitude towards criminal activity, none of it has trickled down here and the Duros sector remains one of the poorest sections of the moon. The simmering unreset created by such inequity has occasionally been exploited by charismatic leaders in the past, from Jedi Masters to would-be-warlords.

As the sector fills with alien war refugees escaping the expanding influence of the Sith Empire, it is also the location of much resistance to Imperial rule, a situation the Republic is making good use of.

Disrupt Negotiations | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: You gatecrash a meeting between Lord Rathari and the Hutts, undermining his business intererests and killing his apprentice.

You travel through the Duros Sector to the Hutt Cartel Safe House in Umbarra Plaza and gatecrash Apprentice Girik’s meeting with the Hutt Cartel. The Cartel representatives, Qitakka and Ybann the Hutt are not amused by your insolence and lack of proper etiquette. They agree to delay their business with Rathari if you can beat Girik and start to bet on the outcome. You now have two options – 1) Kill everyone in the room, including the Hutts or 2) Just kill Girik to impress the Hutts and regain their loyalty for the Empire.

If you spare the Hutts and attempt to heal Girik, he is so ashamed that he takes his own life. The Hutts are amused and agree to postpone their dealings with Rathari in the hope that you can kill him and remove him as a thorn in their side. You return to Halidrell Setsyn.

Manufacturing Miracles | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You arrange for a staged groundquake beneath the hall where Paladius is rallying his followers.

You head to your new base of operations at Stress House on the Promenade to be confronted by Gar Nok, a Weequay enforcer working for Paladius. Apparantly the people are calling you the Great Healer or the Great Dragon depending on your recent choices. He attacks and you easily dispatch him.

Destris introduces you to a Screaming Blade cultist who has defected to you and who presents you with a gift for your recent efforts (Cultist Praise | Reward). It seems you are beginning to form a cult of your own.

Paladius is holding a large meeting at a place called Meridian Hall in order to rally his cult. Rylee suggests that you attend the meeting and create a groundquake on demand to prove your power over Paladius. If you blow up the gas pipes beneath the hall, it should create the disired effect. On Destris’ suggestion you head to the Nar Shaddaa Works Administration offices in the Duros sector to meet with the engineer Gord Madel, who should be receptive to bribary.

Gord Madel concludes some under the table dealings with a gangster and asks what you want. Although he is not above taking bribes, he is very reluctant to blow up the pipes, an action that will bring the local gang leaders down on him and his family as well as destroy his career. You can persuade him in three different ways, with force lightning, with force persuasion, or with the promise that you will protect him and his family by allowing them to live in Strell House and benefit financially from your cult. He gives you a signalling device to use when you want the groundquake triggered and you head for Meridian Hall.

The Underdogs | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You eliminate your rival hunters, a clan of ughnaughts, from the Great Hunt.

Gele’ren pays you with Cartel funds out of gratitude for hurting the Eidolon’s business, but Anuli has more pressing information to share. Mako asked him to keep an eye out for your rivals in the Great Hunt and he has discovered strange orders for weapons, armor plating, shields and basters all being shipped to an abandoned warehouse in the Duros sector.

Mako puts two and two together and implicates the Zargnor Clan. The Zargnor Clan is a bizarre entry to the Great Hunt made up of a clan of ughnaughts riding inside a giant war droid. During a grant melee, the droid’s blaster canons overloaded and killed everyone except the ughnaghts themselves, making them the winners. You decide to eliminate them before continuing to persue the Eidolon.

You travel through Umbarra Plaza and enter the Ugnaught Clan Warehouse where Slatblath, Gornik and Ugmir are building their MK II droid. They are kind of cute and really disorganized. When they realise who you are, they are wiling leave the ‘big hunt’ as they call it before you kill them. If you threaten them, they set their droids on you but after you destroy them they agree to leave. Even after they agree, you can kill them all in cold blood if you wish before returning to the Slippery Slope.

Contract Negotiations | AGENT Class Quest

Summary: You put the screws on a company executive and discover the identity of the front corporation that the terrorists use to manufacture Cyclone.

You travel to the abandoned Mututech Labs in the Rana’Innuli District of the Duros Sector. After clearing out some anti-empire renegades who are squatting at the premises (Militant Looters | Bonus Quest), you use a bioscanner to analyse the Cyclone sample and contact Watcher X who traces its origin to Synchet Industries. Synchet industries manufactured droids, food supplements and medical supplies but went bankrupt 5 years ago. He tracks down a former executive for you to question. On his suggestion, you make an undetectable poison and its antidote from the supplies around you in order to blackmail him.

You travel all the way to the glitzy Star Cluster Casino where Jordel Tlan keeps his offices. His twi’lek secretary, Netula Pahn is arguing with a protocol droid, JT-02 about scheduled repairs and bemoans the state of Jordel’s technology. It seems Tlan bailed her out of some debt and takes good care of her. Here you have several choices:

Choice 1 – You can lie and say you are a maintenance engineer responding to complaints from the casino, or a Cartel agent doing a security check, or just that want to examine the serving droid with a view to buying one yourself. Either way, she will allow you to look closely at the droids and you take the opportunity to slip the poison into Tlan’s drink. Tlan contacts her via holo gasping for air and admonishes her secretary for not protecting him.

He tells you that Synchet was bankrupted during the war and was sold off to multiple parties. You give him the antidote and he continues – A group who paid in cash and used fake names bought a medical subsidiary of Synchet called Vervegen and seemed particularly interested in it’s genetic modification serums. He believes they are still in charge and that VerveGen’s headquarters are in the Upper Industrial Sector. He has no further knowledge or involvement so you let him go.

Choice 2 – You badger Netula to let you meet Tlan but do not use the poison. In this case you can extract the same information from him either by saying you work for the Empire, the Hutt Cartel or if you are female, by flirting with him.

Choice 3 – You don’t meet with Tlan at all, but rather flirt with Netula and take her for a drink in the Casino. Afterwards, you can convince her her boss is in trouble and ask her if Synchet ever had dealings with terrorists. She tells you that after the war, Tlan and his partners were strangely desperate to sell it and that one buyer in particular raised some flags. They had credits, but seemed shady. They were only interested in a medical subdivision of Synchet called VerveGen and Tlan has had no dealings with them since.

This all sounds like conclusive evidence that the terrorists are using the subdivision to manufacture Cyclone. You thank her for the help.

Watched X contacts you and compliments you on your exemplary field work. He wants you to slice into public access terminals near the VerveGen building so that he can spy on the company.

Privileged Information | PLANET Class Quest

Summary: You accept an invitation to assist the Empire in quelling an anti-Imperial uprising in the Duros Sector.

Travelling to the Duros sector transit hub, you find a datapad written in an Imperial cipher. Several rebel leaders have been uncovered and eliminated from among the refugees of the Duros sector as part of a program named ‘Outreach’. Unfortunately the Empire’s cover in the sector was blown in the process and resentment against Imperial presence is growing. Combat-ready personnel and allies are asked to report to the nearby Intelligence Post Drazaal. After checking in at the terminal there, you speak to Agent Madel Felth, who has heard of your success against Ukabi and the Exchange.

Dead Drop | PLANET Class Quest

Summary: The alien refugees of the Duros Sector have a new leader called ‘The Flame’ who is uniting them against the Empire. He has publically displayed the corpse of an Imperial operative. You destroy the corpse and retrieve his notes and intel.

Agent Felth explains that the alien refugees in the Duros Sector, many of whom have escaped from Imperial slavers, have a new leader known as ‘The Flame’ who has united them under a common purpose. The Empire believed him killed twice, but each time he has returned to fuel dreams of revolution.

Several days ago, an undercover Imperial operative in his gang was recently discovered and brutally killed and the corpse along with all of the agent’s notes and intel was put on public display in Rena Mas Square. Although bait for an obvious trap, Admiral Jefant Ange arrives to discuss the situation with the Hutts today, and Felth is worried for her job if the records are not recovered quickly. Multiple teams have failed so you are the best option.

You travel to Rana Mas Square in Umbarra Plaza and recover the records from the dead agent, destroying his body with a chemical torch given to you by Felth to prevent its use as a rallying point. You also quell the stirrings of an alien riot by defeating rioters in the plaza (Put Down the Riot | Bonus Quest). After surviving the inevitable ambush sprung by the Flame’s assassins, you return to Intelligence Post Drazaal.

The Flame | PLANET Quest

Summary: You end the threat posed by the Flame and his followers to the Empire’s operations on Nar Shaddaa, either by wiping them out or convincing them to leave the moon peacefully.

Felth discovers from the reports that the Flame is planning to attack Admiral Ange. She wants to hide this from him to protect her career, but Ange appears in person and admonishes her; he has already surmised that the Flame has been monitoring his communications and wants him dead. He wants you to accompany him to a meeting with the Hutts where your reputation should prove intimidating. He plans to give them an ultimatum: Either they deal with the Flame’s rebellion or the Empire withdraws billions of credits in business from the Nar Shaddaa.

You leave ahead of his motorcade to clear a path, killing the Flame’s alien riflemen, slicers and enforces in the Duros Slums (Snuff Out the Flame’s Forces | Bonus Quest) and lighting three beacons to show your progress before entering the Duros warehouse where the meeting is to take place. You discover that the Flame has overpowered the Imperial delegation and taken the Admiral prisoner. He is revealed to be a Gen’Dai, a member of a race whose homeworld and people were devestated by an unprovoked Imperial invasion led by Admiral Ange himself.

The Flame feels compelled to defeat the Empire and fight for the aliens of the Duros sector, many of whom have a similar story. Either you kill the Flame and his followers or you show mercy and allow them to leave Nar Shaddaa in peace to look for a new home, on the condition they never take up arms against the Empire again.

At Post Drazaal, Admiral Ange has already informed Agent Felth of your actions. She is pleased if you killed the flame and scattered the rebellion. After all, if the fate of every conquered planet were mourned, the Empire would never have been built. However, she is also surprisingly understanding if you spared him, admitting there are reasons why the Empire might be hated, and that perhaps second chances are warranted.

If you spared them, Intelligence reports indicate that the Flame and his followers relocate to the Outer Rim world of Garqi to become farmers. The Empire has no plans to pursue and even Admiral Ange is pleased. Your business here concluded one way or the other, she passes on word from General Kolvin of the Imperial Reclamation Service who wants your help in Nar Shadaa’s main industrial area.

LORE - Gen'Dai

Summary: Virtually indestructable and almost immortal, the peaceful Gen’Dai were almost wiped out in the vicious Imperial invasion of their homeworld.

Although Gen’Dai often inhabit bipedal armour for the sake of assuming a more workable shape, they are in fact a boneless, formless jumble of muscle fibers and nerve clusters with a humanoid head. Lacking a heart, lungs and virtually all other vital organs, they are able to completely regenerate lost limbs in only a few minutes. Their distributed nervous system also grants them incredible reflexes, senses and resistance to injury. Their lifespans can surpass seven millenia, but older Gen’Dai frequently develop violent psychosis. Many such individuals find work as bounty hunters or criminals, unfairly stereotyping the usually peaceful, philosophical species. Recently a devastating invasion of their homeworld by Imperial forces has all but destroyed their civilization and enslaved or scattered the survivors.

Deadly Droids | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You destroy some booby trapped astromech droids programmed to detonate near Imperial forces.

The mission terminal in Intelligence Post Drazaal informs you that saboteurs have booby-trapped Imperial astromech droids with explosives and programmed them to detonate near Imperial officials and loyal citizens.

You head to the nearby Rana’Inrull District and start destroying the anti-Empire militants (Absolute Terror | Bonus Quest (Stage 1)) and the rigged droids. You also destroy unused bomb parts lying around the area (Absolute Terror | Bonus Quest (Stage 2)) and recover a master detonator switch by finding and killing the rebels’ anti-Empire mastermind (Absolute Terror | Bonus Quest (Stage 3)). Breaking into the Rebel Slave stronghold, you defeat more anti-Empire forces and the renegade leader himself, before turning in the detonator switch and claiming your reward (Absolute Terror | Bonus Quest (Final Stage)).

Crushing the Jedi Freedom Fighters | HEROIC Quest

Summary: You kill some Jedi Knights who are stirring up anti-Imperial sentiment in the Duros Sector.

The mission terminal at Intelligence Post Drazaal offers a reward to anyone willing to kill some Jedi Knights who are in the Duros sector Rebel Refugee Zone lending support to the anti-Empire rioters. You take an elevator to the Zone where you decimate the rebel forces (Alien Rebel Scum | Bonus Quest), kill the Jedi leaders and destroy the rebel supplies before shutting down the rebel communications terminal and severing their link to the Republic. This alerts the Jedi rebel Commander, whom you kill.

Notes: Like all Heroic quests, the ending conversation has been removed.

LORE - Upper and Lower Industrial Sectors

Summary: Nar Shaddaa’s main industrial zones both contain centuries old infrastructure. The Upper Zone is a haven of Republic corporate manufacturing, and the Lower Zone contains Imperial front corporations and Hutt warehouses.

Nar Shaddaa’s main industrial zone is split into two sectors, the Upper Industrial Area and the Lower Industrial Area. Both were built many centuries ago by the Evocii, Hutta’s native race, who were used as slave labour to construct the city. Both contain a mixture of newer structures and facilities which, though hundreds of years old, continue to function, serving generations of tenants. The Upper Industrial Area is a Republic manufacturing center, and corporate interests stand shoulder to shoulder with enthusiastic startups. As the firms here share a common need for high security, the area is highly protected as a whole and therefore a choice location for investors.

The Lower Industrial Area is home to some of the oldest industrial infratructure on Nar Shaddaa. This area houses a number of front corporations for the Empire, used to acquire experimental weaponry, slaves and technologies at a discount rate. They also serve as a clearinghouse for items, people and money that need to be moved through non-Imperial space. The Hutt Cartel also own stockpiles of spice, adrenals and implants in this sector, locked up in heavily guarded warehouses, some even rumoured to contain the hidden special projects of individual Hutts.

An Army of One | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: You prevent Rathari from aquiring a key Republic base by killing his men, and procure the promise of a favor from the Republic Commander.

Halidrell Setsyn confirms that word of Rathari’s humiliation is spreading. If you killed the Hutts, no-one can trace their deaths to you or the Empire. You turn your attention to ruining another of his plans, taking over the Republic base of operations in the Upper Industrial Sector.

You travel to Republic Outpost Shylon in the Power Generation area of the Upper Industrial Sector. The base is under seige from Rathari’s forces so you attack from behind, destroying the Imperial rearguard (Bringing Up the Rear | Bonus Quest). Rathari’s Commander, General Klington, has orders to kill you on sight. After carving through him and his men, you break through a makeshift barracade and confront the Republic defenders. Commander Naughlen surrenders to you and asks for terms. You can kill everyone present, but a more interesting option is to ask for a future favour in exchange for letting them life. Naughlen promises to help you in any way that does not conflict with Republic interests.

Halidrell Setsyn contacts you via holocomm to inform you that Setsyn Commodoties is under attack from unknown forces. You race back.

Distress Call | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: Rathari has killed Halidrell Setsyn, your on world support, and challanged you to a duel in Network Access.

You discover that Imperial troops (who you kill (Operation Rescue | Bonus Quest)) have attacked Setsyn Commodoties and killed Halidrell Setsyn. On her corpse you find a holorecording of Lord Rathari killing her personally and challanging you to a duel to the death atop a satellite platform in Network Access.

Your companions suspect an ambush and suggest you might call in your favor with Republic Commander Naughlen. Naughlen (if you let him live) agrees to assist you.

The Big Show | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: By triggering a groundquake on demand, you steal the loyalty of most of Paladius’s cultists by demonstrating your divine power.

You enter the vast chamber of Meridian Hall, where Paladius, or rather his holographic image, is rallying his followers. You interrupt and Paladius tries to portray you as an agent of the weak and rich, come to break their strength. While you try to convince them that Paladius is using them, Gord Mandel is moving into position and when you bid the cultists witness your power, he triggers the groundquake.

At this demonstration, many of Paladius’s cultists flee in terror while you defeat the rest. A devotee approaches you and asks to serve you instead and asks for your wisdom. You can quote the Sith code, preach forgiveness and understanding, or, If you really want to play the cult leader, you can demand robes of solid gold from your new followers. Your cult is now becoming a significant force. You return to Strell House.

Catching Zees | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You track down a security expert and retrieve certain codes that will allow you to break into Eidolon Security’s records.

Gele’ren reveals why he is helping you take down the Eidolon. If you manage with his help, the Hutt Cartel will make him a boss with his own clan. Anuli also tells you that he is sick of being treated like garbage and that Mako has promised him safe passage to the next planet aboard your ship. Both she and Anuli are overjoyed if you agree, and Mako promises to return the favour. She is greatly dissapointed if you refuse despite Anuli’s help.

Anyway, the Eidolon is remaining quiet so you need to ramp up your provocation. Gele’ren suggests that you make Eidolon Security’s private records public, exposing his clients’ dealings and weaknesses. This would involve travelling to Network access and retrieving some codes from a Bith HoloNet security expert named Zee K’lin.

Zee works for Nebula Communications in the Upper Industrial Sector. You crash through the front door and take out the security (Causing Battle Fatigue | Bonus Quest). You subdue one of the guards by taking out his droid protection and he tells you Zee is making a run for Mezanti Spaceport. You decide whether to kill the guard or let him go before cutting Zee off in Docking Bay 27.

Zee gives you the codes, though he belivies in doing so he has doomed you both by invoking the Eidolon’s wrath. You kill him or let him leave and return to Gele’ren and Anuli.

Hostile Takeover | AGENT Class Quest

Summary: You infiltrate a highlevel meeting at VerveGen where the terrorists manufacture Cyclone, and kill several terrorist leaders, severely damaging their operations on Nar Shaddaa.

You travel to the Large Scale Production Facilities area of the Upper Industrial Zone and slice the North, Southeast and Southwest public terminals before returning to Watcher X in Shadow Town.

He explains that Imperial Intelligence fear him so much they will never offer him freedom in exchange for his help. He is compelled to help anyway because his mental conditioning causes headaches that last for days if he disobeys a superior.

Using the surveillance you arranged at VerveGen, he has confirmed that the terrorists are preparing a large quantity of serum for transport and distribution. The VerveGen staff are also preparing to beef up security in preparation for a visit from the owners. This means that terror cell leaders are gathering; a prime opportunity to attack.

Watcher X has a plan to disguise you holographically as a class-five droid, allowing you to slip into the meeting unnoticed. To do this, he needs your permission to implant you with cybernetic implants designed to mask your organic lifesigns. Reluctantly you agree and he performs the operation.

In your droid disguise, you enter the VerveGen building and make your way to the executive offices on level 2 where you listen in on the meeting. Several executives lead by Raythen Predot are reporting directly to the Eagle via holocomm about the progress made with Cyclone; no matter what they do, it is still fatal. The Eagle is unconcerned, remarking that any terrorists who use it understand the necessity of sacrifice. He commands VerveGen to use smugglers distribute it to other cells in the network.

You can either burst in during the conversation or wait for it to finish, at which point your disguise is detected anyway. If you burst in, the Eagle orders you killed. If you want to be nice, you can allow the VerveGen execs to leave before you start shooting terrorists. When the shooting stops, only a single terrorist remains alive, a cyborg named Aphel Jaarn.

Watcher X suggests you to route him into the cyborg’s cortical implant so that he can slice his brain for information on how to destroy the terrorist communication hub. This would severely hamper their ability to rebuild on Nar Shaddaa. Aphel begs you not to slice his brain and if you agree, tells you that the hub is in Network Acess, grid seven-alpha, module five, protected by droids. Afterwards you can kill him, let him try to leave on his own, or heal him first to his surprise.

If you allow Watcher X to slive Aphel Jaam’s brain he gives you Alphel’s life story – at 16 he came to Nar Shaddaa from Dantooine, earnt his cybernetics working for the Exchange. At 19 he was recruited by the Eagle’s terror cell on Nar Shaddaa. They connected him to the communications hub and gave him codes and patterns that now belong to Keeper. Alphel’s mind is severely damaged. You may kill him as an act of mercy, or let someone find him alive.

You head to Network Access to find the hub.

Ghosts of Nar Shaddaa | PLANET Quest

Summary: You report to General Kolvin in the Upper Industrial Center for your next assignment.

You follow Madel Felth’s instructions and report to General Kolvin of the Imperial Reclamation Service, who is stationed at the Imperial Special Ops Center in the Upper Industrial Sector.

Blackout | PLANET Quest

Summary: Centuries ago Darth Revan sealed slaves and cargo inside a mysterious complex in the Upper Industrial Sector. The Empire wants to discover its secrets and you disable several generators that power its security measures.

General Kolvin, stationed in the Upper Industrial Sector has been ordered to unravel the secrets of a mysterious ancient complex in the area, built centuries ago by the enigmatic Darth Revan. After sealing many alien slaves inside the compound with an unknown cargo, Revan set up extensive security measures including self-repairing defense turrets and a self-replicating army of assassin droids which still function, preventing anyone from approaching.

Over a thousand men and ten thousand probe droids have been lost in fruitless attacks over the last decade before Kolvin was placed in command. He has ascertained that the facility draws power from reactors across the sector, unbeknownst to their owners, and you must shut them down.

You travel to Exchange Factory Square, where you shut down the Exhange-owned reactor, killing many Exchange forces along the way (Break up the Exchage | Bonus Quest). You then travel to the Hutt Generator Tower in the Large Scale Production Facilities, where you kill many Cartel forces (Shut Down the Hutt Cartel | Bonus Quest) and shut down the Hutt Cartel-owned reactor,. Finally you head to the Republic Power Generation area where you kill many Republic Forces (Take Out Republic Forces) and shut down the Republic-owned generator.

The Infinite Engine | PLANET Quest

Summary: You explore Revan’s secret compound and find a shard of the Star Forge still worshipped by the descendents of his ongree followers.

For your assistance in disabling its security, General Kolvin allows you to be the first to enter Revan’s facility and recover its secrets.

You travel to the abandoned factory where lies Revan’s mysterious complex. Fighting through his army of droids (Stop the Moving Parts | Bonus Quest), you find three holographic recordings made by the Ongree servants Reven sealed inside. The first recording was made many centuries ago by an Ongree who knew Revan personally. He talks of Revan’s incredible power in the Force, and of something called the Infinite Engine. Apparently this device, whatever it does, is powered through the force by the feelings and thoughts of the Ongree themselves and even at this point they had become totally reliant on it to provide for their basic needs (Explore Revan’s Past | Bonus Quest (Stage 1).

The second recording was made centuries later by an Ongree who finds it hard to imagine his ancestors ever lived beyond the complex walls or away from the beneficence of the Infinite Engine. Each new Ongree child is dedicated to the machine which also absorbs the Ongree dead to produce more energy. This Ongree wonders if this would seem strange in a reality where they had not sworn service to Revan, but the point is moot (Explore Revan’s Past | Bonus Quest (Stage 2).

The final recording is of an Ongree imploring his brethren to keep faith and not to change their lifestyle before ‘the sign’; they have lived this way for 20 generations, believing that a great someone will come seeking the machine, an event which they prepare each new generation to confront (Explore Revan’s Past | Bonus Quest (Stage 3).

Exploring further you discover Revan’s own journal wherein he records the incredible power of the Star Forge, an ancient force powered space station built by the long-vanished Rakata capable of creating infinite legions of star ships (Explore Revan’s Past | Bonus Quest (Stage 4).

When the Star Forge was destroyed 300 years ago, Revan kept a single shard of its power which he planted on Nar Shaddaa. Though not capable of creating starships, the shard nonetheless feeds on the force to create air, life, food, clothing, tools, weapons, droids and more. Revan concludes with the thought, “Why bother with ships when one day we may create our own galaxies.”

In the heart of the facility, the living descendents of Revan’s Ongree servants still worship the Infinite Engine and await his return. Their leader, Azraj-Nug welcomes you. He tells you that the Infinite Engine was but the size of a fingernail when they first arrived and sustained few, but over the generations it has grown to the size of an Ongree and sustains many.

You can claim the device for the Empire, in which case he objects; in his mind only those who nurture the Engine and serve Revan may benefit from it. Furthermore, without the device to sustain them, the Ongree will die, having become totally dependent on it over the centuries. They are, however, willing to give you a seed. Like the one from which it grew, the seed will require generations of careful cultivation but will one day grow into an Infinite Engine of its own. You can agree to this deal and leave the Ongree in peace, in which case they take the Engine and the remnants of their people still deeper into the facility, or you can kill them all and take the Engine by force.

If you return with only the Infinite seed shard, Kolvin asks why you didn’t wipe out the slaves and take the whole thing. You can argue that the slaves are guarding a powerful weapon and should not be provoked, or simply that the mission orders were not that specific. You can also protect the Ongree by lying that the slaves were already dead, the shard is all you found and there is nothing more to be gained inside the complex. He is somewhat disappointed but glad to at least receive something from the operation and sends the shard to Dromund Kaas for study.

If you brought back the entire device, he is extremely pleased, doubly so if you eliminated loose ends by killing the slaves or leaving them to slowly perish, as he wants to occupy the compound. In this scenario, Kolvin later contacts you to say that the device has already begun to produce weapons of an unknown alien design and is expanding at a molecular level. You are asked to keep the entire mission confidential. Whatever you did, he passes on a request for help from his colleague Major Damarus in the Network Access sector and you leave.

LORE - The Star Forge

Summary: The Star Forge, now lost to history, was an unthinkably powerful dark side powered space station capable of creating limitless fleets of starships.

The Star Forge was a space station built by the long-vanished Rakata over twenty-five-thousand years ago. An unthinkably powerful device built with long-forgotten technology, it drew directly from the power of the force itself as well as the energy of a star to create limitless fleets of starships. It was with the power of the Star Forge, and similar devices, that the Rakatan Infinite Empire dominated the galaxy for millenia. It also allowed Darths Revan and Malek to come close to conquering the Republic 350 years ago before the station was destroyed and its technology lost forever.

Like much of Rakatan technology, the station was ultimately fueled by the power of the dark side, drawing on negative emotions and aggressive tendancies. It was party the overuse and reliance on such devices that eventually lead to and fall of their Inifinite Empire.

Bidding War | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You disrupt an arms deal between gangsters and the Republic and recover the designs for the Empire.

On the Main Production Boulevard in the Upper Industrial Sector you meet an Imperial negotiator called Factor Jarvus. Jarvus was sent to negotiate with the local Underspire gang to purchase several stolen armour designs for the Empire. The gangsters are demanding more credits than he is willing to pay and are in negotiations with the Republic SIS. He believes they are inflating the price to profit from the Imperial/Republic rivalry.

You gatecrash the meeting between the arms dealers and the SIS in the Old Lenstrum Market area, kill the SIS negotiators and recover the plans for the Empire. You also kill the arms dealers to send the message that dealing with the Republic carries consequences (No Deal | Bonus Quest). You report your success to Jarvus and receive his gratitude, and credits, for a job well done.

A Pound of Flesh | HEROIC Quest

Summary: You aid the Hutt Cartel in preventing the Exchange from dissecting its slaves for black market organs. In return, the Cartel pressures certain gangs not to aid the Republic.

On the Main Production Boulevard in the Upper Industrial Sector you talk with a Chagrian named Skav Mora, an agent of the Hutt Cartel. The Republic are securing the allegiance of Nar Shaddaa’s gangs by spreading rumours of hidden Impirial torture chambers, but the Hutt Cartel can pressure the gangs to remain neutral or serve the Empire… for a price.

The Exchange have been interrupting Cartel slave shipments; stealing the slaves and dissecting them for organs which they sell on the black market. The Cartel wants you to kill the organ sellers and destroy their shipments. You see no choice but to agree to this blackmail.

You travel to the Exchange Ganelon shipyard where you kill many Exchange gangsters, including shipyard chiefs (Tampered Packages | Bonus Quest (Stage 1)) and destroy the organ shipments. You also loot neurotoxins from bio-canisters in the area, and apply them to crates of Exchange combat-stims to poison their adrenals (Tampered Packages | Bonus Quest (Stage 2)). Finally you defeat the shipyard boss, take his encrypted datapad and shut down the Exchange refueling lines (Tampered Packages | Bonus Quest (Stage 3)) before returning the datapad to the mission dropbox (Tampered Packages | Bonus Quest (Final Stage)). Skav Mora promises to uphold the Cartel’s end of the bargain.

Notes: Like all Heroic quests, the ending conversation has been removed.

LORE - Network Access

Summary: Nar Shaddaa’s Network Acess district is a vital communications hub. The amount of information that flows through its computer systems make it a tempting target for slicers, but its security is state-of-the-art.

Nar Shaddaa’s Network Access district is a vital hub of the galactic holonet on which sector-wide communications depend. Billions of transactions and communications conducted throughout Hutt Space and beyond are processed here every second. Network Access is one of the most physically well guarded locations on Nar Shaddaa and one of the most secure computer systems in the galaxy. Its infiltration is a feat guaranteed to make the reputation of any slicer and there are certainly no shortage of clients willing to pay for the attempt.

To Kill a Sith Lord | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: You prevent Rathari from aquiring a key Republic base by killing his men, and procure the promise of a favor from the Republic Commander.

You confront Lord Rathari atop the satellite tower deep in Network Access, killing his apprentices and Imperial guards to reach him (Rathari’s Entourage | Bonus Quest). He arrives with Baras’s spy Agent Dellocon, who objects to being murdered by Baras just for reassurance. Rathari reneges on his promise of a duel and springs his elite guard upon you only to find them attacked by Commander Naughlen and his men. (If you never made your deal with the Commander, you kill them all yourself). With everything on the board, Rathari attacks you.

After an epic duel, you subdue Rathari and he yields to your greater power. He murders Dellocon, hoping that it may buy him the chance to serve you. He promises to assist you when the time comes for you to destroy Darth Baras. You can make him your minion, demand that he leave the Empire and never return, or kill him and be done with it.

Commander Naughlen asks if he and his men can leave. You agree with thanks, or murder him in front of his men, sending them home without him. Your companions look forward to leaving Nar Shaddaa for good and you return to your ship.

Darth Baras praises your work. Though he regrets the death of Halidrell Setsyn, power depends on seeing the big picture. With both of his compromised agents dead, he redirects your attention to the matter of Nomen Karr and his padawan. Apparantly your ship is being tracked and Baras has traced the signal to a spaceport near your location. During this conversation you can enrage him so much with impudent behavior that he almost force chokes you to death.

The Final Act | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: You finally defeat Lord Paladius and obtain the Eye of Tulak. You also leave Nar Shaddaa in control of a siezable cult of your own.

Destris is amazed at the number of followers you have aquired. One of your cultists appears with a communication from Lord Paladius who’s men threatened to kill him if he did not deliver it. You can kill him yourself for his cowardice if you wish.

Paladius claims to be willing to give up the artifact if you leave him in control of what remains of his cult. He suggests a meeting at his headquarters in Network Access and asks you to bring Rylee and Destris with you. Though no-one believes in his good will, Rylee convinces everyone this is a good chance to deal with him once and for all.

You travel to Paladius’s sanctuary in Network Access. He greets you cordially but it seems he has betrayed you and found a way to drain your connection to the force. Though your powers are diminished, you best him in lightsaber combat and drive him to his knees defeated.

He offers you the artifact in exchange for his life and asks to be allowed to manage your cult on your behalf. Destris and Rylee object, having been offered the leadership by Zash. He makes a good case that as Sith, he will obtain more power and influence for you than they ever could, but he is clearly untrustworthy. It’s your decision.

If you agree, Destris and Rylee are once again under Paladius’s control and you can even kill Destris for objecting. Paladius now controls the cult and reports to you.

If you disagree and keep to the original deal, then you kill Paladius and allow Destris and Rylee to control the cult in your name. Rylee is quite taken with you and hopes that you return soon.

You return to your ship and report to Darth Zash.

Industrial Espionage | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You discredit the Eidolon’s company by uploading his client’s records to the holonet, but in revenge he kills Mako’s friend Anuli.

Anuli vouches for the accuracy of Zee’s codes, and marks the ones that will disable security if uploaded to a tranceiver in the Eidolon Datacenter. Gele’ren gives you a HoloNet transmitter that will allow Anuli to upload the Eidolon’s files straight to the holonet once you compromise his main network.

In the Secured Systems district of Network Access, you enter the Eidolon Datacenter and shoot your way past his security (Industrial Insecurity | Bonus Quest). You upload Zee’s codes to the tranceiver, lowering the Eidolon’s security so that Mako can slice into his network. It’s a challange even for her. The Eidolon’s people know their stuff. When she gets inside, Anuli uploads his files to the holonet and you turn to leave, only to find the Eidolon Security Captain blocking your path. He confirms that Zee tried to sell you out but was killed anyway and attacks.

After you defeat his team, Anuli contacts you in a panic. The Roughneck room is under attack by the Eidolon. Even if you tell him to run, he is too terrified and stays on the line as he is killed. You return to find his body. Mako is distraught; all he wanted was a better life. Suddenly Eidolon assassin droids decloak and ambush you. After taking them out, you comfort (or dismiss) Mako, and activate a holocommunicator left by the Eidolon, who contacts you personally.

Professional Courtesy | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You finally confront and take down the Eidolon, deciding if he deserves an honourable death or if you will hand him over to the Hutt Cartel alive for torture. The Huntmaster’s Assistant asks you to travel to Dromund Kaas for a private meeting.

The Eidolon, a male zabrak, tells you Gele’ren is already dead and you are next. He offers to meet with you and sends you coordinates, planning to kill you as soon as you arrive.

You travel to his safe house near Shadow Town and kill his personal guard (Professional Killer | Bonus Quest). Eventually, in a large room, you find the Eidolon himself. He is impressed you still live and asks why you are hounding him. You can tell him for credits, for the challenge, or refuse to tell him at all. Either way he considers you a rare and precious opponent and regrets having to kill you. Just as you are about to fight, Mako receives a huge bounty offer from a Cartel Lieutenant named Solash for bringing in the Eidolon alive. You defeat him in an epic confrontation.

He asks you to kill him, and appeals to your sense of honour as an equel not to hand him over to the Cartel for torture. It’s up to you. You can also make Mako decide in which case she asks you to kill him; no-body deserves what the Cartel would do to him. You can also make her kill him herself, which she does, or reject her suggestion and freeze him for transport anyway.

If you agreed to take him alive, then you meet with Solash and hand him over. Solash is very impressed and tells you the Hutt Cartel will be watching your career with interest.

Back aboard your ship, Mako asks if you are no different to the Eidolon, killing people for money. You can claim to be different, only killing the bad guys, or agree you are the same. Mako hopes you are more that he was. You contact Crystal Markon to report back.

Instead of Crysta, you are put through to Huntmaster Assistant Lek. Your bounties on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa are complete. Your next two are on Alderaan and Tatooine. However, before you get started, he requests that you return to Dromund Kaas for a private discussion. Mako informs you this is extremely unusual and against protocol for the Huntmaster’s Assistant to communicate with a contestant.

Liquidation | AGENT Class Quest

Summary: You infiltrate a highlevel meeting at VerveGen where the terrorists manufacture Cyclone, and kill several terrorist leaders, severely damaging their operations on Nar Shaddaa.

You travel to the Terror Cell’s Communications Hub in Network Access and shoot your way past the White Wing terrorists inside (Ending the Terror Cycle | Bonus Quest). After taking out the terrorist leader, you destroy the hub and with it the terrorist’s ability to rebuilt their operations on Nar Shaddaa.

Watcher X calls to congratulate you but reveals that the destruction of the network hub also caused Shadow Town security to fail long enough for him to escape. He has used you to break free. He offers a deal; tell Watched Two that he remains imprisoned and he will share his secrets, everything Intelligence hides from its operatives, with you. Kaliyo, your companion, feels strongly that you should track him down and kill him to prevent him manipulating you.

Watcher Two contacts you and is aware of your work against VerveGen but is concerned about the possibility of Watcher X escaping. Here you make your choice:

Choice 1 – If you refuse his deal admit that he did, she orders you to the spaceport fast to cut him off, noting that she has no authority on Nar Shaddaa to delay departing ships. You race to docking bay 66 and find him there. He reluctantly fights you, but warns you that no-one makes it out of the spy game. Kaliyo expresses regret that he tried to manipulate you; his information could have been valuable. Watched Two calls for an update and is extremely relieved that you prevented Watcher X from escaping. She and him had almost the same training, and came from the same genetic enhancement program, but Watcher X was the better and the smarter. She understands well what he was capable of.

Choice 2 – If you accept his deal then you lie and tell her he is still in custody. She is relieved and apologises for making you work with him. If you do this, Kalyio is absolutely disgusted, to the point of threatening you. Watcher X occasionally sends you tidbits of information from now on.

You return to your ship.

Datacenter Raid | PLANET Quest

Summary: You report to Major Damarus at the Imperial Data Center in Network Access.

After your success helping General Kolvin explore Darth Revan’s secret compound, he asked that you answer a request for assistance from his colleague, Major Damarus, to whom you report in the Imperial Data Center in the Network Access District.

A Subtle Enemy | PLANET Quest

Summary: Someone has managed the near-impossible feat of breaching Network Access, a vital hub of the galactic holonet. The Empire and the Hutts send you to investigate.

You meet with Major Damarus, attached to the Imperial Ministry of War, and Kabbura the Hutt who is responsible for operating Network Access, the sector-wide hub for the Galactic HoloNet. Someone has gained core access to the Network, threatening the integrity of the entire HoloNet, not to mention Imperial security. Given the levels of security around Network Acess, this would seem to be an impossible feat and requires immediate investigation.

Moving through the Network Infrastructure District, you destroy the reprogrammed Hutt security droids that stand in your way (Sliced and Diced | Bonus Quest) and download the master access code followed by three additional time-sensitive codes from terminals Aurek, and, moving to the secured systems section, Besh and Garik. With all the codes collected, you head to the main datacenter and contact Damarus and Kabbura from the Coolant Overflow annex. Kabbura uses the codes to open the central data center door and Damarus orders you to find the saboteur and eliminate him.

Wiping the Slate | PLANET Quest

Summary: In the Network Access data core you find a being named Axis absorbing the galactic information flow. You may let him live in exchange for providing the Empire with secrets, or kill him to protect the integrity of the holonet.

You enter the Hutt data center and kill the remaining guard droids inside (Droid Wipe | Bonus Quest). When you open the security door that leads to the central core. you discover an Anomid named Axis in the center of the core, protected by a security forcefield.

Plugged directly into the dataflow, Axis is absorbing the Galaxy’s information (and secrets) and offers to relay everything he learns to the Empire in exchange for leaving him alone. He believes it would be illogical to refuse him and equally irrational for him not to honour the agreement, as you could reach him again if he reneged. However, the Hutts would object to his presence and so you must explosively overload the main generators in order to fake his death. The backup generator will remain operational to power his shields, ensuring his survival.

First, you activate the nearby security lockdown terminal, making sure that no-one gets in or out and that your ruse goes undetected. Then you systematically overload the three main generators in the data center, Do, Dopa and Duba. Finally, you access backup generator Fwanna. Here you have the choice of following Axis’ plan or really killing him, thereby protecting the Empire’s secrets at any cost.

If you kill him, Damarus tells you that the Hutt backup systems are coming online; the holonet survives and the Ministry of War will remember your assistance. If you agreed to Axis’s arrangement, Major Damarus has already been contacted by him and is impressed, having received the travel itineraries of every Republic senator for the next six months. The Hutts remain unaware of the arrangement.

Quality Assurance | EXPLORATION Quest

Summary: You help a mad Neimoidian Doctor test his experimental reflex booster by picking fights with gangsters implanted with it.

While travelling through the Network Infrastructure District, you encounter the eccentric Neimoidian Doctor Proh’ven. Proh’ven wants to use you as an experimental specimen. He can sense your power and wants to ‘hone you to a fine edge under his knife’, whatever that means. Mad as he appears, the Empire has nonetheless made him an offer for his latest experimental reflex booster.

He wants you to help him prove its effectiveness by attacking gangsters already implanted with the booster. He will record the combat data via a medical probe that you deploy before provoking fights with enhanced Street Skifter gunslingers and cutthroats. In the process you kill many other members of the Street Skifter gang (Gangland Violence | Bonus Quest). Proh-ven is pleased that his test subjects put up a fight, proving the worth of his booster and you get a reward.

Hunger of the Vrbithers | HEROIC Quest

Summary: You deal with an infestation of vblthers that threatenes the operation of a power station in Network Access.

At a mission terminal in the Network Infrastructure District, you accept a Hutt Cartel bounty on a large pack of savage vrblthers, four legged beasts, that have infested Network Access. They are threatening a nearby power station by killing anyone who gets close and damaging the energy conduits, risking the stability of the holonet and its data. Several security teams reported unusually large elders among the pack, before presumably being killed in action.

You take an elevator to the Network Access power station where you recover fasteners and housing from supply crates as well as power junction parts from Vrblther elders while battling the rest of the vrblther packs and malfunctioning power station droids (Exterminate The Vrblthers | Bonus Quest). After collecting enough parts, you use a nearby workstation to combine them into a tool that can repair the damaged energy conduits. After repairing four critical power junctions, you destroy the pipe leading to the vblther’s hive with a grenade. This provokes a giant vblther hive guardian to attack you. After killing it, your job is done.

Notes: Like all Heroic quests, the ending conversation has been removed.

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