Corporate Communications CZ-198 Secret quest and CZ-W4 Observer Pet Guide

Do you like finding secrets hidden around the galaxy while questing and exploring? This secret scanning quest sends you all over the small planet of CZ-198 and rewards you with a droid pet for your character!

How to Start

The Corporate Communications secret quest on the planet of CZ-198 is only available for players who have gotten Macrobinoculars through the Macrobinoculars quest chain. This quest chain can either be started from astromechs on Makeb or near the elevators on the outer ring of your Fleet, but you must be far enough to use Macrobinoculars to pick up this little pet. These instructions work out to be the same for Republic AND Imperial players, even if the first four datapads are technically in different places – this is because the hallways and areas for both are mirrored.

Thank you player Zahk for all your help on this guide showing the locations so other players can find the pet!



If you complete the quest Corporate Communications you’ll automatically get the CZ-W4 Observer pet.

Datapad #1

First, from the landing area with your shuttle, head south to the hallway leading to the Reputation vendors. Before entering the building proper, the first secret datapad is on the table here. Use your macrobinoculars and check the datapad out for your first of eight.

Datapad #2

From the first datapad, head on in and go down the stairs. On this lower floor with the GTN, head north into a small cafe area. The table in the back has the next datapad.

Datapad #3

For the third, start heading into the daily area proper – the room with all the droid containers you break has this third one under/near the ramp you use to go down into it.

Datapad #4

From the third datapad, head through the southern hallway out of the droid room and then head into the side-room instead of continuing to the elevators. Past the container near the north wall is a desk with the next datapad.

Datapad #5

The next four datapads are all in the shared shipping area where republic and imperial meet, so you’ll truly scan the same ones now. The first will be the one directly underneath the Northern Ramp on the Republic (West) side of the shipping area, in the ditch with droids.

Datapad #6

After the fifth datapad, head to the center of the shipping area. On a box by itself will be the next datapad, almost directly in the center of the area.

Datapad #7

The from the center, head southeast to the very corner of the room, here underneath the Imperial starting balcony is the penultimate datapad.

Datapad #8

Finally, head up to the 2nd floor catwalks that are usually loaded with kolto containers. The control terminal in the center catwalk will have the datapad resting on top of its keypads.

Once you have them all, Corporate Communications should auto-complete, giving you the pet! Look for it in your inventory.