Everything that happened last year in SWTOR in 2019, and everything we are expecting in 2020

Swtorista & Kid Lee go over everything that happened last year in 2019, what we think is coming in 2020, and our hopes for the next year’s updates to the game! This is a recording of a special livestream we hosted at the beginning of the year.

5.10 ~ December 2018 – Jedi Under Siege

  • New storyline on Ossus
  • Return to seperate Imperial & Republic storylines
  • Two world bosses & dailies
  • Master Mode Gods from the Machine Operation
  • Tier 5 Crafted Gear
  • Crisper, higher quality armor – started around 5.9.2 around same time as Rishi stronghold – Callous Conqeurer and Resilient Warden & ancient Sith Warblade

Guild Updates:

  • Guild Progression System
  • PvP Challenge System
  • Guild Logs
  • Guild Mail
  • Guild Legacy Ban
  • Increased number of ranks
  • Conquest Improvements

5.10.1 ~ February 2019 – The Wretched Hive

  • Geonosian Queen Lair Operation Boss

5.10.2 ~ February 2019 – Heralds of Victory

  • Guild Heraldry

April 2019

Star Wars celebration convention!

5.10.3 ~ June 2019 – The Dantooine Incursion

  • New planet: Dantooine
  • New In-game Event: The Pirate Incursion
  • New Planetary Transitions – Alderaan, Corellia, Hoth, Korriban, Tython
  • Nar Shaddaa Nightlife – The Nightlife event returns

5.10.4 ~ July 2019 – Free-to-play love

  • Free-to-play and Preferred Status changes – More hotbars, increased credit caps to 1 million credits unlimited medical probes, and unlimited quick travel for all F2P and Preferred status players!
  • ????? – There are reports of mysterious observers being spotted around the Odessen base…

6.0 ~ October 2019 – Onslaught

  • New Expansion: “Onslaught”
  • New storylines, separate stories Republic and Imperial side
  • Max cap now level 75 up from 70
  • New Planets: Onderon and Meksha & Onderon Dailies including history treasure hunt
  • New Flashpoint: Objective Meridian on Corellia
  • New Operation: Nature of Progress on Dxun
  • The new “Spoils of War” horizontal gear progression system
  • Current item-rating max is 306 – get free 268 set from ossus
  • New types of gearing items: tacticals and amplifiers
  • Many new Set Bonus options added for all classes!
  • New gearing: all lvl 75 armor legacy-bound
  • All players have been set to Renown Rank 0 – All Renown Ranks are now equal in value, they have the same Renown XP requirements to level and all Crates award gear relevant to your character’s currently selected Discipline and average item rating.
  • Heavy player testing on the PTS for the new gearing system, unsung heroes
  • Telekinetic Sages were bugged, but will will now receive Class, Advanced Class, and Role drops from all sources.
  • Kai Zykeen as a vendor
  • Discipline Utilities are now in 3 tiers of 8 utilities (previously 4 tiers of 6 utilities).
  • The lockout for Story Mode Operations is now 24 hours (previously a weekly reset on Tuesdays).
  • New Species: Nautolan
  • HK-55 % Shroud of Memory quest now available to purchase for all players
  • Changes to conquest (changes to personal goals and to amount of points gained, and level 75 players now receive a box of armor for completing conquest including potential set bonuses)
  • Change to crafting: legacy-wide materials bay 
  • Change to crafting: new max is 700, costs 500,000 to unlock
  • Changeto crafting: reverse engineer everything all the way to 306!
  • visual updates to the icons for vendors, mailboxes, storage, taxis, crew skill trainers, missions, and quick travel terminals.
  • Graphics update on fleet – lighting
  • All types of storage (Cargo Hold, Legacy Storage, Guild Bank) have been added to various sections of the fleet.
  • Free to play players now have access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan. This means the new F2P level cap is 60 (up from 50).
  • Free to play players can now play 10 Warzones per week (up from 5). 
  • Free to play players can now receive rewards from 10 Flashpoints per week (up from 3). 
  • Free to play players can now play 10 space PvE Missions per week (up from 5).
  • Negative: groupfinder got worse for fps for new players (opinion)

6.0.2 ~ December 2019 – little updates

  • Huge boost to players from: the new expansion, Fallen Order video game,  The Mandalorian tv show and The Rise of Skywalker movie
  • New Missions Mek-Sha – The Mek-Sha Tradehouse is looking for assistance acquiring goods from across the galaxy in a new series of daily quests available after completing the Onslaught Mek-Sha storyline.
  • Ranked PvP Season 12 – Today marks the beginning of Ranked PvP Season 12. All players who participated in Season 11 will find their rewards waiting in their mailboxes. 
  • Players who decline a queue pop or who leave a match early for a Ranked Warzone will now be unable to queue again for 15 minutes. 
  • Increased the Rating penalty received for declining a Ranked PvP queue or leaving a match early to 25 rating (up from 15 rating).
  • Report: During season 11 we took action against a total of 163 accounts for cheating, hacking, win trading, or exploiting in PvP, including 18 permanent account bans
  • Remove players: Starting with this season, we will also have the ability to remove cheating players from the Ranked PvP environment altogether. So in addition to all our previous actions, if an account is caught win trading, cheating, or exploiting in PvP, they will be removed from and unable to queue, join, or play ranked PvP for the rest of the season. If an account continues to be disruptive and problematic in other areas of the game, we absolutely reserve the right to permanently ban those accounts and we will do so if we feel it is warranted.
  • Life day- hug a wookiee
  • 8th year anniversary & free gifts
    • Eight Year Anniversary Date: December 17, 2019 – January 7, 2020
  • 8th anniversary developers shared memories
  • MAJOR updates to crafting including reduced material costs and better reverse engineer chances

What’s coming up?

  • On the Dev stream, they promised a roadmap coming in early 2020 as they get back from the holidays, possibly a livestream in January
  • Alderaan stronghold coming!! Started off revealed as a teaser with a terminal in the strongholds section of the fleet, then they previewed it in the developer stream – No timeline given but was previewed on the PTS in December 2019 – insurance is available for anything that might happen in thousands of years from now,  from the creative director of the game, only 2 million credits per month (joke)
  • (Companion Spoilers) As for companions, all companions are back except:
    • Tharan Cedrax made a cameo in Onslaught for Consulars, Bioware said, “His Alliance Alert recruitment will come in an upcoming patch” – (edit: Tharan Cedrax does have an Alliance recruitment mission now)
    • Zenith still missing, but the devs want to have him return eventually.
    • Tanno Vik, the trooper companion you meet early on in Asylum in KOTFE, will likely not be returning. His original voice actor, David Anthony Pizzuto passed away in 2012, and his later lines were voiced by Fred Tatasciore. In his honor, the creative director is not in a big hurry to bring him back, might if it makes sense in the story.
    • There’s also a potential companion missing from the Inquisitor storyline – spoiler free- , depending on what choices you made along the way. (Spoiler, highlight to view: Zash in Khem Val’s body)
  • What are the chances of some new old companion dialogue? “I don’t have a timeframe for you, but the chances are very good” – something that the creative director is taking as a priority in the coming couple years, to get new opportunities to chat with your old companions you haven’t seen in a while
  • Update 6.1 – includes a little bit of story, like hearts and minds, brief story update, check in with how your alliance is doing currently and some of the characters involved in that before we dive in to the bigger or crazier stuff that was foreshadowed at the end of onslaught (Major spoiler, highlight to see: Kira and Scourge stuff about the Emperor) – eta the main part of 6.1 will be on the PTS in January, so probably won’t be released January – going to continue putting things on the PTS and then launching when it is ready instead of promising release dates
  • Master Mode Dxun – coming? Yes! Not in 6.1 though – more details coming
  • Loadouts in 2020? (the ability to easily switch specs and armor sets) Based on a developer comment but forgot where
  • Jan 3 they released the ingame event schedule,
    • Life DayDate: December 17, 2019 – January 7, 2020
    • Bounty Contract WeekDate: December 31, 2019 – January 7, 2020
    • Pirate Incursionon Dantooine Date: January 14 – 21, 2020
    • Gree Event Date: January 28 – February 4, 2020
  • No baby yoda ingame lol, maybe soup sipping emote haha
  • The developers are already thinking and planning about SWTOR’s 10-year anniversary coming up


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