Patch Notes Update 7.2.1 – 64-bit and New Seasons!

News Date: March 27th Patch: 7.2.1 News Source

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Game Update 7.2.1 in SWTOR is coming out on March 28th!


  • PvP Season 2 – PvP Season 2 “Piercing the Veil” will begin March 28th! Learn more about the changes on PvP medals and new rewards in this article: PvP Season 2 “Piercing the Veil.”
  • Galactic Season 4 – The new Galactic Season 4: “A Passage of Peace” begins with Game Update 7.2.1. In this new season, players are joined by Amity, a Force user on a pilgrimage, to progress through the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track and earn new rewards such as the brand new Mek-Sha Hideout Stronghold!
  • Credit Economy Initiative – Our team implemented the first changes to correct some of our economic inflation. More details in this forum post.
  • 64-bit Game Client – The new 64-bit game client will be available to all players.


  • The game will automatically boot up in full screen windowed mode. This can be changed to the player’s preference in settings.
  • The “Very Low” Graphic Quality Preset has been removed.
  • For players who use laptops, the game will default to using the dedicated GPU.
  • The frame rate limiter has been fixed so players can request the max FPS through the graphics settings.
  • The “Critical Rate” for Crew Skills tasks in the Profession window is now properly upgraded when the “Legacy of Crafting” perks are unlocked.
  • Removed XP from Operations Profiteer guild perks as XP is no longer relevant to Operations Content.
  • The “Warzone Training Dummy” is only present on the ship if the Warzone Training Dummy perk is unlocked.
  • The Companion influence circle bar now correctly progresses on every level and displays the correct amount of points.
  • Helmet no longer reappears in cinematics when enabling the “hide helmet” option.
  • Excess credits will now remain in the mail if the amount puts players over the credit cap.
    • Players need to close and reopen the mail to see remaining credits.
  • Corrected several typos within the game.
  • Fixed several texture issues within the game.
  • Fixed several issues where buttons in windows are misaligned, misplaced, and cut off.
  • Planet Conquest popup now shows up on planet arrival.
  • There is now a banner indicating which guild won the Guild Invasion when travelling to Manaan.
  • Traveling from deep space to the Invasion Zone on Manaan now correctly shows the planet’s visuals and cinematics.
  • Mouse sensitivity has been lowered down for new players.
  • Players can now use the mouse wheel to adjust the minimap zoom.
  • Fixed several map issues throughout the game.
  • Hovering over the minimap now shows the player’s current location.
  • Map filters no longer appear outside of the mini-map window when in Maximal style.
  • The Overlay Map no longer vanishes if the Quick Travel window is closed by pressing the ESC button.
  • Enemies in combat are now correctly displayed on the Overlay Map.
  • Hotkeys for in and out Minimap zoom are now correctly working.
  • Tooltips are no longer outside of the screen area when placing the mini-map on the left side of the screen.
  • Players can now save different tooltip positions based on if the mini-map or the overlay map are enabled.
  • Quickslot page numbers are now correctly displayed.
  • All quickslot page keybinds now work with the keybinds that they are assigned to.
  • Fixed several zoom and texture issues when viewing decorations in the Preview window.
  • While in Stronghold edit mode, placed decorations are no longer blocking players from accessing the other neighboring hooks.
  • Removed the rewards section of Achievements that doesn’t have rewards in the Legacy window.
  • It is now possible to expand and collapse the Currency tab.
  • The outfit slots are now displayed in alphabetic order.
  • The Outfit Name no longer resets when checking and unchecking the “Show Gear as Outfit” option and unlocking a new slot.
  • Fixed an issue where Outfitter Slot names are reset when closing and opening the Outfitter window.
  • Fixed several issues where the player’s character is holding an invisible weapon in cinematics.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to transform into Aivela when using the Control Seat on Iokath.
  • Fixed several travel issues on Ruhnuk:
    • There is now a button on Ruhnuk for players to travel back to their ship.
    • Using the “Travel” button in the Activities now sends the player to the Ruhnuk dailies.
  • It is now possible to use mounts in the Mandalore’s Encampment area on Ruhnuk.
  • Turrets are no longer floating on Alderaan, Belsavis, Makeb, and Tatooine.
  • It is now possible to click through decorations in edit mode: players can now click on hooks covered by rugs.

Cartel Market

  • The Cartel Market description of the Reforged Mandalorian Hunter’s Armor Set now correctly lists the helmet.
  • The Cartel Market description for the Ball Toss Toy no longer incorrectly states that the item recovers health.

Items + Economy

  • Quick Travel now has a credit cost associated, with a minimum cost of 100 credits and a maximum cost of 5000. The cost to travel is dependent on the distance traveled.
  • Priority Transport Terminal now costs the original planet travel costs to transfer between daily areas.
  • Exiting from a Stronghold onto a planet that you did not originate from now costs the credits you would have paid to have traveled normally through the Galaxy Map. Returning to the planet you were on when you went to the Stronghold has no cost.
  • Repair cost formulas have been adjusted across the entirety of the game so that repair costs increase in relation to item level.
  • Durability of equipment should now be lost at a LOWER rate on death, but a slightly HIGHER rate in normal gameplay.
  • The Master’s Datacron now boosts players’ character to Level 80 (up from Level 70). The armor granted by the equipment bundle has been updated to relevant conquest armor. More details in this forum post.
  • The Mandalorian-Marked Package can now be purchased from the Galactic Season Rewards vendor if the player already completed the Ruhnuk storyline.
  • The Enlightened Spider Droid now correctly displays the visual effects when viewed in the Preview window.
  • The tooltip of the “Collector’s Edition Vendor Access” item now correctly mentions that it unlocks the access to the VIP Lounge.
  • Removed the mention of FP-1 Stabilizers from Supreme Decurion Upgrade Caches as they no longer drop this currency.
  • Thyrsian Gear Upgrade no longer drops duplicate 332 until all non-implants slots are at Level 332 or higher.
  • The following items now have dye slots:
    • Master Orr’s Boots
    • Master Orr’s Belt
  • Fixed several clipping and texture issues on the “Arrangement: Power Station Table (Large)” decoration.
  • Fixed the following issues on the Khem Val decoration:
    • Interacting with the decoration now correctly displays it names over the head and triggers conversations
    • The decoration becomes an holo projection when the companion is summoned
  • The visual effect of the Restorative Drive Gauntlets hologram now uses the correct green color instead of blue.
  • The “Exiled Revolutionary’s Goggles” no longer clips with the character’s head.
  • The “Outer Rim Drifter’s Chestpiece” no longer clips with the “Drifter’s Chestpiece Belt” when mounted and in combat stance.
  • The character’s hands are no longer clipping with the “Family of the First Seed Assault Cannon”.
  • Fixed stretching issues on the following items:
    • Cartel Combatant’s Pants
    • Cartel Prospect’s Chestplate
  • Fixed the following issues on the Ri’Kan’s Vibro-Axe:
    • The Laser Weapon tuning is now fully visible when equipped on the Ri’Kan’s Vibro Axe.
    • The Creep Weapon Tuning visual effect is no longer floating near the weapon.
  • Fixed the following issues on the Ri’Kan’s Armor Set:
    • The Ri’Kan’s Boots, Ri’Kan’s Belt, and Ri’Kan’s Wraps colors are now correctly changed when a dye module is applied.
    • There is no longer a gap in the wrists area when equipping the Ri’Kan’s Chestpiece on all Female Body Types.
    • The Ri’Kan’s Boots are no longer clipping in the ankle area.
  • Fixed the following issues on the Pyke Syndicate’s Armor Set:
    • The Pyke Syndicate Chestpiece and Pyke Syndicate Headgear are no longer stretching when equipped together.
    • There are no longer gaps in the wrists area and shoulder pads of the Pyke Syndicate Chestpiece.
    • There are no longer texture and gap issues on the Pyke Syndicate Headgear.
  • Fixed the visuals of the Ruhnukan Lambro (Style 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).
  • Fixed an issue where “Technological” decorations were not centered in the Preview window.
  • There is now a visual for the “Dune Umbrella” decoration in the Decoration window.
  • A previously selected Companion decorations from the personal decoration list no longer appears in the Preview window when another decoration is selected.
  • Qyzen Fess’ decoration displays the correct color of armor set (red instead of green) in the Preview window.
  • Items from the Personnel decoration category with drawn items are now correctly displayed when viewed in the Preview window.
  • The following Galactic Seasons decorations are now correctly holding a weapon when viewed in the Preview window:
    • Shadow Syndicate
    • Shadow Syndicate Enforcer
    • G.A.M.E. Security Officer
    • G.A.M.E. Authorized Pit Boss

Combat Styles


  • Fixed the visual effect of the drones of the Stealth Scan ability on Mercenary, Powertech, Vanguard, and Commando.
  • Added two new Codex Entries under Game Rules: “Special Conditions Glossary” and “Special Effects Glossary.”

Combat Styles


  • Tactics
    • The visual effect on the target of Thermal Detonator ability no longer persists if detonated by another effect.


  • Advanced Prototype
    • The visual effect on the target of Assault Plastique ability no longer persists if detonated by another effect.
  • Pyrotech
    • Fixed the visual effect of the Flaming Fist ability.


  • Fixed the issue where Commando receives Level 68 Abilities when log in for the first time in 7.2.


  • Fixed the issue where Mercenary receives Level 68 Abilities when log in for the first time in 7.2.


    • Fixed the visual effect of the Vital Shot ability.
  • Saboteur
    • Fixed the visual effect of Blazing Speed ability.


  • Marksmanship
    • Fixed an issue with Sniper Volley’s animation.


  • Serenity
    • Force Potency ability now has visual and sound effects when weapons are equipped.


    • Reorganized several passives to have effects be given in a more logical order and to shorten their tooltips.
  • Balance
    • Shifted Balance now correctly plays a visual effect on the target.


    • Reorganized several passives to have effects be given in a more logical order and to shorten their tooltips.
  • Madness
    • Updated the visual effect of the Death Brand ability to be appropriately sized.


    • Fixed an issue where the visual effect of Force Clarity ability was missing.
  • Watchman
    • Updated the tooltip for Melting Center mod to correctly mention 35% instead of 50%.
    • Fixed the visual effect of Blazing Ward passive ability.
  • Combat
    • Fixed the visual effect of Lance and Driving Lance abilities.
    • Fixed the visual effect of Ataru Form passive ability.


    • Fixed an issue where the visual effect of Furious Power ability was missing.
  • Annihilation
    • Updated the tooltip for Draining Center mod to correctly mention 35% instead of 50%.
  • Carnage
    • Fixed the visual effect of the Gore ability.


  • Vigilance
    • Fixed the visual effect of the Whirling Blade ability.


  • Vengeance
    • Fixed the visual effect of the Hew ability.


Blood Hunt

  • The encounter with Jos and Valk Beroya in Blood Hunt Flashpoint no longer resets when a companion is defeated.

Missions + NPCs

  • The following Shadow of Revan Story Missions now reward the appropriate mainhand and offhand weapons depending on the player’s class:
    • Fates Unsealed
    • The Devoted Ones
  • Players now correctly receive mails from allies after completing “Showdown on Ruhnuk” Mission.
  • Torian Cadera no longer appears in “Showdown on Ruhnuk” cutscenes if the player didn’t previously save him.
  • Fixed the following issues on Ruhnuk Mission “Relic Hunt: Self-Replenishing Stim”:
    • Corrected an issue that prevented players from advancing from the step “Locate the Beast’s Nest.”
    • Adjusted the map indicators for the “Retreat and Wait” step to better indicate the areas players need to enter to complete this step.
    • The following text is no longer displayed twice when grabbing the relic from the Scrabbler:
      • “… and grab the relic!”
  • Fixed the following issues on “[WEEKLY] Ruhnuk: Blaze of Glory” Mission:
    • The progression of the “[Weekly] Ruhnuk: Blaze of Glory” Mission is now correctly shared with all members of the group.
    • Kithrawl now properly despawns if dragged off the platform and onto the bridge on Ruhnuk.
    • Eligible group members of large groups now correctly receive Mission credits for defeating Kithrawl in “[WEEKLY] Ruhnuk: Blaze of Glory” Mission.
  • Valga Djenn no longer casts Sic ‘Em ability when Bark and Bite are both defeated in [HEROIC 4] Natural Resources Mission.
  • Imperial players no longer need to go through a Republic base on Ilum in “Death before Dishonor” Alliance Alert.
  • The step “Return to Commander Qrukk” of “A Conservative Proposal” Mission is now correctly displayed on the map.
  • The step “Complete Flashpoint: Taral Five” of the Republic Mission “Jedi Prisoner” is now correctly displayed.
  • Tasks are now correctly displayed for the following Missions:
    • [DAILY] Looking for Droids
    • [HEROIC 2+] A Droid Defiant
  • The bonus Mission “Treasure Hunt” on Ruhnuk now appears in the correct category in the Mission log.
  • The trick abilities of the following companions now appear as an active temporary ability bar while on the Fleet or in a Stronghold:
    • Akk Dog
    • Nexu
  • Pan Morri now dies when knocked off the bridge in the “[DAILY] Proving Our Strength” Mission.
  • Players are no longer stuck in the ship in the Imperial Mission on Nar Shaddaa [HEROIC 4] All the Pieces.
  • There are now options in the conversation between Bounty Hunter and Rass Ordo if Torian is dead in “A Rock and A Hard Place” Mission.
  • The correct animation is now played when the weapon is sheathed by an Assassin in the cinematic of ”Laying Waste” Mission.

Arenas + Warzones


  • Made adjustments to matchmaking to make it more likely that large groups are matched up against each other.
  • The PvP/Warzone button on the Utility bar now displays the correct message “You are in a queue for Warzone or Arenas” when the player who is not the leader of the group is in a queue.
  • Player’s discipline now correctly appears in the sent Battle Record window.
  • Updated the background image of “Warzones” and “Arenas” Achievements in the Legacy window.
  • Class buff no longer disappears when queued in a match group with at least 2 characters of the same Origin Story.
  • It is no longer possible to open the Galaxy Map during a PvP match.


Alderaan Civil War

  • Made the following adjustments to Alderaan Civil War to make earning attacker and defender points easier:
    • Increased size of the area around the nodes where attacker and defender points can be earned.
    • Increased the periodic points given for defending to 700 (up from 500).
    • Increased the attack or defense points given from kills to 500 (up from 250).


All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

  • There are now visuals in the Terminal Mission for the Blatant Beks Missions of the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally event.

Pirate Incursion

  • There is now a map marker to display the final step of the Dantooine Mission “While You’re Out There.”

Galactic Seasons


  • All players now correctly receive their unclaimed F2P track rewards via mail.
  • Galactic Seasons 2 weapons now appear under the correct categories in the Collection window.
  • PH4-LNX, Galactic Seasons 3 companion, now uses the “Time to double down” bark.

Season Objectives

  • Defeating the bonus boss of the following Flashpoints in Story Mode now correctly grants points for Season Objective ‘Legacies of Revan’:
    • Maelstrom Prison
    • Taral V
  • Completing Taral V Flashpoint without defeating the bonus boss is no longer completing the Season Objective ‘Legacies of Revan’.

PvP Seasons


  • Players who participate in the PvP during the Season starts are now receiving the unclaimed rewards in the in-game mail.
  • Adjusted the amount of medals needed in a match to earn full PvP season points to 7 (down from 8).
  • The requirements for the following Achievements have been reduced to 12 times (down from 25 times):
    • Arena Advocator
    • Warzone Warrior
  • “Hold the Line” medal is now awarded under the correct name instead of “Offense Medal”.
  • After completing 4 out of 6 objectives, the last 2 remaining objectives are now greyed out to warn players that they meet the objective cap count for that week.
  • Objectives now correctly appear in the PvP Season tab.
  • PvP Challenges are now working correctly.
  • The end of the PvP Season is now displayed in the PvP Season window.

PvP Season Objectives

  • The following PvP Weekly objectives now require earning 7 medals in a match to complete (down from 8):
    • Arenas: Decorated
    • Warzones: Decorated

The following issue has been previously fixed with an hotfix:

  • The “Convert Ship Requisition to Fleet Requisition” item has been removed from the Cartel Market as it is no longer functional.