Integrity of the G.A.M.E. Catch Cheating Gamblers Guide

Are you working on Galactic Seasons in SWTOR? Season 3 has an objective called Integrity of the G.A.M.E. that asks you to catch ten cheating gamblers.

You will need to have earned PH4-LNX first before you can work on this objective!

How to Catch Cheaters

  1. Head to a Cantina that has Gamblers in it (see list below)
  2. Be off your speeder, and have your companion PH4-LNX out with you. If you are in the right area, a red temporary ability will pop up near your abilities bar.
  3. Look for non-player characters with a green nameplate that says “Gambler” over their head, the will be standing in front of a slot machine somewhere in the cantina.
  4. Click the Gambler so they are selected.
  5. Watch the Gambler. They will be performing different activities much like an enemy can perform different casted abilities. You are watching for the ability called “Acting Suspicious”. You can see this as a castbar near their portrait at the bottom of your screen, and it also appears above their nameplate as a red icon when they are being suspicious.
  6. When they are actively Acting Suspicious, click the red icon in your temporary abilities bar to “catch” them!

Your goal is to find 10 cheating gamblers total – when you catch a gambler, they will be locked away in shackles and disappear. There may be more gamblers in your Cantina if you look around. The gamblers respawn about 3 minutes after they are caught. You can wait around for the ones in your Cantina to respawn, or try changing instances, or try Cantina hopping as there are over sixty hidden across the galaxy!

Cantinas with Cheaters

  • Ord Mantell: Fort Garnik, quicktravel to Avilatan’s Rest Cantina 1 in the upper room up the little stairs
  • Hutta: Poison Pit Cantina where you start (not in the Hutt palace) 2 in a back room
  • Korriban: Sith Academy, 2 in the cantina on the lower floor in the back
  • Tython: Yes, 1 in the cantina in the lower floor of the Jedi Temple
  • Dromund Kaas: 2 on each side o the stairs leading in
  • Coruscant: 1 in the cantina down the stairs in front of the Senate in the same room as you do PH4’s quest, but not recommended as its often crowded. None in the Silent Sun cantina. None in Dealer’s Den cantina either, even though there is lots of slot machines.
  • Taris (Imperial): 2 in the cantina in the Taxic Lake Garrison base, inside the bunker
  • Taris (Republic): 2 in the cantina outside the spaceport, downstairs in the main cantina area
  • Balmorra (Imperial): 2 in the Sunken Sarlacc Cantina in the main Imperial base area, on each side beside the stairs
  • Balmorra (Republic): 2 in the cantina in Bugtown inside the base
  • Nar Shaddaa (shared): 1 in the Slippery Slopes cantina near the giant golden Hutt in the Lower Promenade
  • Nar Shaddaa (shared): 2 or more on the floating gambling barge on the lower promenade walkway, its only the barge in the east
  • Nar Shaddaa (Republic): a bunch in Club Vertica, the High Roller Lounge that is halfway up the big ramp has 4 in the back, there’s also 2 in a small pocket room on the ground floor, best spot if no one else is there
  • Nar Shadda (Imperial): 2 in the Star Cluster Casino in the small pocket rooms on the outer edge of the lower floor
  • Tatooine (Imperial): 1 or 2 in the Siltshift cantina in the lower floor in a side room in the back
  • Tatooine (Imperial): 1 in Outpost Varath, the first taxi point from where you load in to Tatooine
  • Tatooine (Republic): 1 or 2 in the Anchorhead Cantina in the lower floor in a side room in the back
  • Tatooine (Republic): 1 in Dreviad Outpost Cantina called Tookreek Cantina, the first taxi point from where you load in to Tatooine
  • Alderaan (Republic): 2 in the back of cantina in the Organa palace called the Shining Star cantina AND 2 upstairs in the cantina in a side room
  • Alderaan (Imperial): None?
  • Quesh (Republic): 2 in the cantina that’s in a big warehouse in the main base, upstairs
  • Quesh (Imperial): 2 in the Imperial Officers Cantina in the basement of the bigger building outside in the Imperial Garrison
  • Hoth (Republic): 1 in the cantina underground
  • Hoth (Imperial): 1 in the cantina underground
  • Belsavis (Republic): None?
  • Belsavis (Imperial): 1 in the cantina in the commadn center bunker in the back
  • Voss (shared): 2 in Voss-Ka cantina across two bridges from where you land on the planet, the gamblers are not besides each other, one is in the back of the room
  • Corellia (Republic): 1 gambler in the cantina inside the spaceport, but the slot machine is invisible AND 4 in the Gilded Descent Cantina, which is the ruined casino that’s been turned into a Republic base
  • Corellia (Imperial): 1 gambler in the cantina inside the spaceport
  • Ilum (Imperial): 2 in the cantina on the basement lower floor of the Imperial base
  • Ilum (Republic): 2 in the small cantina in the base down the big elevator, near where you start the two Ilum flashpoints
  • Fleet: 2 on the bottom floor of the cantina in the center of the fleet, near the chairs and tables. None in the other cantina on the Operations ship. None in the Bazaar cantina. None in the VIP section.
  • Rishi: 2 in the basement of the Blaster Path Cantina
  • Zakuul: 2 in the Platform 6 Cantina, where you start the Eternal Championship
  • Mek-Sha: 3 in the Slugfall Cantina in the back on the ground floor
  • Oricon: None
  • Section X: None
  • Makeb: None
  • CZ-198: None
  • Yavin 4: None
  • Dantooine: None
  • Ossus: None
  • Onderon: None

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