Republic Decorations

Republic Decorations

If you’ve recently purchased a Coruscant Stronghold or a Republic Flagship, you might be seeking Republic-themed decorations to match. Republic decorations are often the whites and blues of the Republic flag, or the yellows and reds of Republic ships. Below is a curated list of Republic decorations – if you are seeking Jedi-themed decorations for force users, view the Jedi Decorations list.

Republic Propaganda

For the Republic! The Republic’s colors are blue, white and gold.

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Republic Furniture

The Republic sticks to functional styles and dull colors. They know their priorities lie in what they do, not how their equipment looks.


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Republic Technology (Republic Flagship)

Republic computers range from yellow to red, often looking dingy and outdated.


Republic Flagships Gallery

Here are some of the Republic decorations seen in SWTOR.